Spotted: Uma Thurman Steps Out with New Daughter

08/17/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Splash News Online

Meet Uma Thurman‘s new baby girl!

The actress stepped out with her 4-week-old daughter — whose name is yet to be released — after a doctor’s appointment Friday in New York City.

Born July 15, she is the first child together for Thurman, 42, and beau Arpad Busson, although they each have two children with prior partners.

She is mom to daughter Maya, 14, and son Levon, 10, with ex-husband Ethan Hawke, while the financier is dad to sons Flynn, 14, and Cy, 9ยฝ, with ex-fiancรฉe Elle MacPherson.

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Shadowcat on

So glad she had a new, healthy baby at her age. Very Inspiring.

agatha on

Why?? Woman 50 years ago did have babies over 40 all the time, my grandmother was 47 when she had child nr 10 (and actually nr 11)

meme on

Uma is such a snob. I saw her with her baby in a store in Woodstock and said “What a cute baby” to her and she ignored me. I say that to a lot of moms and they always smile and say thank you. Plus she was torturning the saleswoman.

agatha on

Ow I have that alot! I work in a warehouse and lots of mother do that, I think: seriously depressed or something..


Amanda on

The way Uma holds that beautiful little girl makes me wish I had another baby in the house!

Guest on

Tie your tubes. Too many kids in this country.

Lala on

Too bad your mom didn’t do that, before she had you…

Jeana on

Cute baby

Jeana on


Anonymous on

She looks haggard and old for 42! These women sure know how to seal the deal (have a baby) to snag these multimillionaires! Maybe it’s part of their retirement planning! They don’t even have to marry them!

Daria on

What a cruel and nasty (and troll-like) thing to say. She has a NEW BABY meaning she just went through the physical challenge of giving birth and likely is exhausted from a newborn that has yet to learn a sleep routine. And I’m pretty sure Uma has her own money and doesn’t need his. what happened to extending kindness?

Jennifer on

Thank gosh the baby is white.

Layla Armstrong on

What an ignorant comment! What does her race have to do with anything?!?!

Guest on


A on

What the F does that mean? You’re an idiot.

Kat on


Daria on

Did you really just write that? Ignorant, ignorant, ignorant.

Christina on

That is one ugly baby.

Lilly on

The baby looks annoyed.

Christina on

Wow. That is one ugly baby.

agatha on

Don’t know if it’s the same in English, but in The Netherlands we say something like this: Ugly in the Diaper, beautiful in a wedding dress (but it rhymes)

I think al baby’s are cute, when they are older and drooling.. Brrr!

Connie on

Nasty people saying this baby is ugly. She is 4 weeks old for goodness sake. And she looks annoyed because it looks like they just came out of a building into the sunlight. She was making a face at the bright light – geesh! Haters and nasty people who must have very little love in their lives.

Catty on

Well said!

Daria on

Couldn’t agree more, Connie!

Barbara on

For the rocket scientist who said she looks haggard and old–let’s see how fresh and peppy YOU look after giving birth and caring for a newborn within 4 weeks!

Catty on

Obviously the comment was made by someone who has never had children! The baby is precious and Uma looks like a “real” mother, not the photoshopped version we are brainwashed by the media to believe exists.

Daria on


Tracy on

Christina we read your stupid comment the first time. You ignorant, foolish woman. You must be so ugly and lonely.

tink on

She’s as much of a b* tch as Jennifer.

Guest on

Tracy you are the ugly one with no life and a husband who cheats on you.

Sadie on

She looks 62 years old and haggard looking too.The baby looks like an ordinary baby.

Daria on

Sadie, she IS an ordinary baby.

Juli on

Oh, those precioius little feet……you could just eat ’em!!!!

Sure are a lot of nasty comments… does anyone call a baby ugly and how can anyone criticize a new mother. Shame on all of you!!!!!!

denise on

Precious, Best wishes

jesse on

I know Uma just had a baby, but she really let herself go!

jesse on

uma is looking rough these days!

kim on

looks like the top button of her pants is undone

momofsoontobe3 on

Damn yall are some rude ass bitches!!! Calling a newborn ugly?! I will remember to say that about yalls newborn when yall pop one out! And as for her pants she had a baby four weeks ago so she prob still has a baby gut. Yall are some hating rude ass mean old bitches

jess on

@ Jennifer on August 17th, 2012
Thank gosh the baby is white.

What a horrible thing to say. Does it really mater if the baby is white or black ? Could you sound more racist?

Sandy on

Oh Uma looks tired! And she should be as a mom to a newborn. Those that had difficult little buggers, we know all about sleepless nights. My son got up every 1 1/2. Yeah, I walked around in a fog. Good luck and enjoy your beautiful baby!!! Plus the older you are, the harder it is!

MichaelaQ on

Okay, I was only 29 when my baby was born, and I look back at pictures and thought I looked haggard those first few months! You aren’t getting sleep, so of course you look haggard! She looks like a normal mom out with her baby. Should she be dressed in heels and full makeup? Wow, you people are seriously harsh. As for those who say her baby is ugly, that is just sad. It is a newborn baby, and there is nothing sweeter.

Daria on

Totally agree!

Millie on

Why would the baby be black? Both Uma and her husband to be are white! That is such a ridiculous comment.

For all of those who say she looks bad you probably don’t have kids. How can you be so rude to judge the looks of a new mom, where did female solidarity go? Would you have her spend endless hours at hair saloons and gyms to look the way you expect and leave the newborn to the nanny?

Jacquelyn on

Good grief some of the nastiest comments come from reading Uma looks like any new mother who just gave birth four weeks ago with two other children in the house to take care of. So she is supposed to look beautiful every day because you wish it or deem it so?! Looks like she has her hair pulled back and it is coming down like most anyone else’s does and if she is taking the baby to the doctor is she really supposed to be happy about that?? Give me a break if you really have nothing good to say SHUT UP. Seriously YOU really know Uma, Jennifer or any of the stars you say are snobby yet you have the nerve to call the baby ugly or Uma haggard and ugly herself!! I guess they are supposed to be nice to petty people who have nothing good to say.

Daria on

Well said, Jacquelyn!

Sandy on

Christina below- sounds like the devil women- evil to the core. WHO would call a newborn ugly??? Obviously she’s young, naive and stupid!!

pollyhanaha on

She looks haggard. It’s amazing how such a tiny being can make even this most beautiful woman (IMO) look so worn out. Proof that she, like most new moms, is doing this with little help from others. ๐Ÿ™‚

KW on

CONGRATS Uma! She’s a beauty!

Anonymous on

Gosh, these folks exchange too many men in hollywood.

fanofboardwalkempire on

pretty picture and wishing them great happiness and health in the years ahead- New babies are just a blessing!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Great photo and wishing them great health and happiness in the years ahead- New babies bring such joy and love into a family.

Seriouslyfolks on

Any person who says she looks old, clearly has never had to care for a new born baby much less deliver one. No woman looks perky, smily, and perfect that soon after. Also, I hate to say, but 42 is not 22. What is everyone’s obsession with trying to look something they aren’t??

Uma is an example of how a lot of women look at that age, in fact, she looks pretty decent than some I’ve seen younger than her. THEN add the fact that she is blonde and blondes usually tend to age quicker than darker haired or darker skinned women. FYI to the person who complained about Uma not saying thank you to someone complimenting a baby…honestly, it’s kind of like having a complete stranger petting your belly while pregnant. NOT everyone is comfortable with it NOR do they have to be! She is just a mom with kids. I don’t care who she had them with as long as she’s happy.

And if you are trashing her for choosing to have a baby at her age, clearly you don’t understand biological clocks in a woman. Some people prefer some kids, some prefer lots, some prefer non. So everyone just smile at the picture and say aww. It’s a healthy baby. The only thing wrong with it is it was born in a world full of really bitter people.

Mia on

That baby is ADORABLE! Trust me, I just had a baby and that is looking GOOD for a 4 week old baby!!

Auspicious Kitten on

Wow, women trashing babies… a new low. I hope your mothers are proud of you.

notsosure on

That baby is CUTE, but the mom is fugly. Don’t know why they consider this woman beautiful!!

Cdyana on

Why even respond to Jennifer and Christina…it’s quite obvious they’re both immature & ignorant.

Catca on

I don’t know what you all see but I see a beautiful mother and child.

Congratulations on your beautiful new baby!

PS on

Let me guess – those of you who are calling the baby ugly and saying Uma’s let herself go are probably the same crowd that made nasty comments about Gabby Douglas’ hair while she won gold medals in the Olympics.

Lauren on

All babies are beautiful! I have no idea why so many people would say nasty things about an innocent sweet baby, shame on you.

tessa on

Anonymous, have you EVER had a newborn? Who doesn’t look haggard and tired at any age when they have a 4 week old. So rude!

nettrice on

It highly probable that the people who say that Uma and her beautiful daughter are ugly or fugly are worse looking than they are. Uma began her career as a fashion model at age 15 and was once on the cover of Vogue magazine. She has the credentials. Those commenters do not, so their opinions are just that. If they spent more time on themselves and less online, bashing celebrities and their babies they might get credentials, too.

Anonymous on

a cute baby and she looks good for having recently given birth. though given her fiance’s history it seems unlikely he will even marry her. he was with elle macpherson for years and had 2 kids with her yet no wedding.

Anonymous on

I wonder when she’ll release the baby’s name?

Holiday on

Most moms look tired a haggard when they have a newborn! I was 22 when I had my first and 26 with my second and even at 22 I look awful the first few weeks!

jen on

what a precious little baby! i remember when mine were that little. and those feet!! i just want to kiss those little toes!!

MomAt40 on

What a beautiful baby. Congrats to the family. And to the ones who are thrashing, please go look in the mirror EVERTYIME you go out and make sure you look perfect, we all would hate for you to look like you are “living life” instead of being kept up to high standards everyday.

Guest on

Yikes to them both!!!

Crick on

Goodness there are a lot of ugly people in this world.

A baby is born into a family who can provide for it and who will do good by it and all people can say is that she looks haggard and the baby is ugly.

Jesus Christ! And people say I’m a bitch.

mandysandy on

Aww…So sweet

Anonymous on

MichaelaQ- Exactly! And if she WERE in full make-up, heels, and looking fresh-faced, people would be trashing her for that, too! They’d be accusing her of caring about her appearence more than her baby and/or letting nannies take care of the baby instead of doing it herself!

SeriouslyFolks- Right on about Uma not saying thank you for the “what a cute baby” comment. I’d also like to add that for all we know, she could be suffering from the “baby blues” or even postpartum depression, both of which would explain her behavior.

I think calling her a “snob” when we don’t know anything about what being a new mom at her age has been like for her is a little harsh.

All of that being said, anyone remember how soon after the births of their previous children Uma and Arpad each waited before releasing their names? DId they wait awhile? Or announce them right away?

bea33 on

she looks like a lovely, new, real woman, mom of a small baby girl that by the way, is gorgeous! I hate pics of celebrities 1 week post baby all made up, unreal, pretending they are as fresh as cucumbers. AReal women who don’t have 100 make up artists to fuss about don’t look like that and are made to believe that those fake celebrities are real and that the real moms are losers for looking normal. So cudos to this one celebrity mom who is keeping it real for all of us! Love Uma!

Anonymous on

By the way, the baby is adorable, and Uma looks like any other tired new mommy to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mayura on

Wow – my first reaction to this pic was “wow she looks great!” I’m shocked at people’s comments. Although its so easy to hide behind online comments. I always tell my son – don’t say online what you wouldn’t say to a persons face. Clearly these people don’t get that! And they clearly don’t have kids and clearly have never had an average or below average picture taken of them. She looks gorgeous even tho she is not posing, no makeup, and likely no sleep.

Glojean on

My gosh people, think what a baby goes thru to get here! Her face is scrunched up from the sun!

I’m not a huge fan of Uma’s, but she just had a baby, so she is more concerned with taking care of the little one, instead of hair and makeup. I notice things that don’t matter, like why doesn’t the baby have socks on! ๐Ÿ™‚

torgster on

Sweet baby but Uma looks like hell.

jj on

She’s lovely.

Emily on

I am young but I still grew up when you couldn’t comment on everything on the Internet. Who calls a baby ugly, seriously?

macey on


Chrissy on

I think the baby is cute. Of course she looks haggard. She’s probably up half the night or more. I don’t expect her to be glamorous at the baby’s doctor appointment four weeks after having the baby.

Mari on

Maybe I have a soft spot because I have a five week old but these people that are saying she looks haggard and ugly have no absolutely no shame. After bathing, feeding, burping, spitting up, changing, washing (and repeat) you are lucky to get a few minutes to shower little less fIx your hair and makeup for small minded people who have nothing better to do but criticize. Her daughter is a precious blessing and I wish her all the best!

Colleen on

WOW U GUYS ARE BRUTAL. first off, I wish I looked that “bad” after having a four week old. In reality, her body looks amazing and omg, she is………dare we say, NORMAL? don’t u Moms out there remember how hard it was catching a night of sleep, a nap or a SHOWER for awhile after having your baby? Sadly, that phase for me lasted more then I would like to admit. She’s 42, not 22. I’m 35, and without my makeup on, yeah we can look our age!!!! She looks awesome and her baby is gorgeous. Rock on Uma.

guest on

This is the last time I visit this site. Scanning through the comments, one mentions relief that ‘the baby is white’, and a whole page of comments on how ‘ugly’ a 4 week old baby is. You people are messed up, and I have no time in my life for this horrible nonsense. I’m off to do something positive and constructive with my time. Bye!

Marky on

Honestly, I have no idea what the h__l is so wrong with most of you posting on the People baby site the last few days! I am so tired of reading posts about how ugly the baby is, how ugly the mom is, how old everyone looks, or whatever. This should be a fun site to come to and just talk about the cute baby, give congratulations, and make some civilized comments.

Many of you are making posts that make you seem like the biggest b*&^*#s on the planet. Who tells women they are ugly and that their baby is ugly?? It is not cute, funny or clever; it is nauseating to see women be so unsupportive of each other, and so cruel. In a world where we are appalled at the bullying we see children doing, we need to realize they are learning it in your homes!!!

Luis on

I guess the tired, worn out and ugly Uma can be comforted by the fact that she is not a pathetic person who trashes other people and their babies oh the internet. I know who I’d rather be.

Anonymous on

All newborns are ugly. They look like little old men. Wrinkled, pink, and bald. Not until they are about 6 months old and develop a personality do they get cute. No, I do not have kids, nor do I ever plan to. But i have a gorgeous niece and nephew, ages 2 and 6, who I love like I would my own. They went through ugly phases. Every kid does and every parent knows it. Just no one ever acknowledges it because, why would you?

mari1 on

People mag needs to get it together PRONTO! Where are moderators?? There are a bunch of lowlife nasty bigots po stingng.I do not consider People classy.Just a trashy website.

Bob on

this gut left Elle M for that!

Charli on

Wow!!! There are so many rude comments. She just had a baby. While she would look better in a sun dress (her pants are unbuttoned) and could use a hair brush, she just looks like a person without make up who might not be getting a lot of sleep because she has a new born!…PS there is no excuse for rude, mean comments about a baby. The baby is beautiful.

annette on

what the HELL happened to this woman?! What a hag, jeez. From Elle to Uma? She must have a red-hot secret.

Wendy on

I love that she isn’t dressed to the nines and looking glamorous! Makes me like her more…like she a regular woman with a newborn and not putting on a show for any camera. Let her enjoy those sleepless nights with that beautiful baby. People that make ugly comments have no life.

Julie on

Frankly I think she looks great! She looks like any other mother who just gave birth 4 weeks ago, sleep deprived, muffin top and all…not your typical “hollywood mom” who cares more about getting her appearance back fast than her new baby. Congrats Uma! YOU GO GIRL!

wiki on

the baby looks like her dad and yeah these celebrities change partners a lot and she is no beauty?

Olivia on

@Jennifer What? What a racist comment! How can you say that it’s better that the baby is white? I cannot even begin to understand your chain of thoughts.

Mary on

Wow. No wonder bullying will never go away when we have adults picking on a four week old baby. So sad that people have to put down a helpless child to make themselves feel better.

Your lives must be extremely pathetic.

Olivia on

@Jennifer How on earth can you say ‘Thank gosh the baby is white.’??? What are you, a white supremacist? You should’ve been tought that every person is the same no matter their skin colour. Would you like to be discriminated over some characteristic only you have? Think before you act.

ME on

Do I live in a dream world? Because I’m thinking it would be so nice to meet a HUSBAND before a lovely little child.

ME on

Just wondering why my post didn’t post.

CJ on

It always amazes me how people think it’s the woman who ‘tricks’ the man by getting pregnant yet, the man obviously is doing the deed without any protection so…………….how does a woman ‘trick’ a man really, if he didn’t want kids he should take care of it himself!

lynreil on

Considering her fiance’s ex is ELLE MACPHERSON, Uma might want to brush her hair…..just sayin’…….

Kelly on

I think Uma looks amazing for having a 4-week old baby. The baby is adorable and I love how she has a full head of hair.

Dawn on

Lol, if you were sweet here…very nice. If you made a trashy comment…shame on you.

The baby is a little drop of heaven, as all are. And Uma, well..she looks just fine, since we are all used to seeing her made up and dressed to the 9’s for her career. She looks completely every day woman–which is just perfect.

Congrats Uma and Arpad.

Anonymous on

WTF is wrong with people? commenting on a baby looks being ugly is totally off limits. Even if you really think that you shouldn’t say it or write it. That’s just like saying to retarded person “youre retarded” its just something you dont do. GET SOME CLASS.

Anonymous on

Don’t get angry at ignorant people. They are nasty cause they dont have the b**** to say this to anybody’s face

Laura Johnson on

I wish I looked that “ugly” at 42 and just having had a baby….GEEEEZ!!!

Anonymous on

I’m sure you would all look super four weeks after having a baby

Traxie on

She doesn’t look that bad – I think she looks pretty good for 42

Bugs on

I’m actually glad there are celebrities like Uma Thurman (snob or not) who doesn’t mind going outside looking like a perfectly normal human being who had a baby 4 weeks ago. Some of you nasty people want the fantasy of fake looking women like Victoria Beckham who doesn’t let the light of the day see her unless she’s perfectly unrealistically looking.

And wtf with the racist comment up there? Up yours lady.

Anonymous on

Anonymous (the one who commented about all newborns looking ugly)- Personally, I find newborns who look like old men to be the cutest of babies! ๐Ÿ™‚

CJ- I feel the same way! Anytime you have sex, even if you do use birth control, there’s ALWAYS a possibility that a baby will result (unless, of course, one of the partners is sterile or the partners are older and the woman has gone through menopause)! So if a man (or a woman, for that matter!) doesn’t want a child, he shouldn’t do the deed! Period!

That being said, after reading all these comments I completely understand why most celebs opt to put on make-up, style their hair, etc. before stepping out for the first time post-baby!

Maelle on

Wow people can say what they want and judge… They’re juste jealous! Congrats Uma! What a precious little baby =)