Drew Brees Welcomes Son Callen Christian

08/17/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Jim Smeal/BEImages

Looks like big brother Bowen Christopher got his wish!

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his wife Brittany welcomed their third son, Callen Christian Brees, on Wednesday, Aug. 15, the football star announced via Twitter.

“Brittany and I are proud to say that Callen Christian Brees was born yesterday evening in New Orleans,” Brees, 33, Tweeted. “Mama and baby boy are happy & healthy.”

After confirming in January that the couple — who in addition to Bowen, 22 months, are also parents to son Baylen Robert, 3½ — were expecting a “training camp baby,” Brees admitted both boys already had high hopes for the newest addition.

“Bowen wants a lil bro, Baylen a lil sis,” he admitted.

— Anya Leon

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Tee Tee on

I was wondering when this site was going to get around to announcing this! Congratulations to Drew and Brittany on yet another little boy! All of New Orleans is excited for you!

Marky on

3 boys in 3 years! Hope they are as close as my sister and I were; trips where fun, always had a friend to play with, and we had so much fun making up “clubs” and just using our imagination! They have so much enjoyment to look forward to! Nice name, too!

Anonymous on

what awful names!

CF98 on

This is just like the Mannings Saints QB with 3 boys

twk on

I kinda feel that if you start with a letter theme you should stick with it…. Callen will wonder why he didn’t get a ‘B’ name…

Wendy on

I have 2 Rs and a D. The D couldn’t care less. The 2 R names just happened to be names we liked and when we had our third we really wanted to avoid the matchy matchy thing and went with something else. No big deal.

jojo` on

Yay! congrats to the Brees family. they’ve brought so much joy and togetherness to a city and it’s good to see them get some of that back themselves. if you’ve never been in new orleans for a saints home game, you gotta make that happen for yourself! it’s the biggest street party that you will ever attend : )

Sapphire on

I don’t mind the name but agree that if they named the other two boys with B names, why did this one go differently? When looking up this name, one baby name website said that Callen was a boy’s name, the other said girl. I Could see it go either way.

Jamie on

No, Callen will NOT wonder why he didn’t get a B name. Most kids don’t care about such ridiculous things believe it or not. I am part of a 7 sibling set with a “J theme” and I think it’s ridiculous. There’s no reason why kids MUST have the same letter. It’s tacky.

Lauren on

Congrats to the Brees family! Love them! Go Saints 🙂

LoveMyCrazyLife on

Congrats!!!!!!!! I’m kinda surprised they didn’t go with another B name.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them! Love the name. Was expecting another ‘B’ name though. Maybe they’re planning to have another and go with another ‘C’ name so it’s equal! (I know it’s not a big deal, but I’ve always found it weird to start of with two of the same letter and then switch it!)

Lynda on

Congratulation to the Brees Family!! Who DAT! Greeze PLEASE STFU about Celebrities, what they name their children.

Maggie on

Those names sound like dogs names. And I agree that if you have everyone else with a “B” stick with it.

Everyone else in my family has an “A” name and it has bothered me that I’m the odd one out.

JR on

Why do people feel that they have a right to make negative comments about the names that people choose for their children.

I doubt that they had a “B” theme. They chose 2 names that happened to begin with the same letter. Oh, and their mom’s name does, too. Maybe Callen and Drew will team up to be the non-“B”s in the family.

Maybe the eldest, will wonder why his younger 2 brothers got middle names that start with “C” and he got “R’. Maybe the middle child will wonder why the youngest got a very similar name as him (Christopher & Christian).

Maybe they won’t wonder any of this….they’ll leave it up to the public to wonder and worry and say nasty things.

Enjoy your boys, your blessings.

boohoobytch on

awww, congratulations

Holiday on

Congrats! 3 boys so close in age will be a lot of work but a lot of fun! I wonder if they were hoping for a girl this time… I know I would be!

tgauden on

Love the name ~ all three of them~ Who cares if the baby has a “C” name instead of a “B” name…….do you really think he will care later? He’s a boy! I raised 4 boys and I can assure you that none of them would give a second thought as to why they were not names with a “B”……..Please people……

Montie on

Maybe their “theme” is the letters EN at the end of each boy’s name, not the first letter.

Bexx on

All three names are awful…what is wrong with nice traditional names that people can pronounce and spell? What is “Callen”…is it supposed to be like Jimmy “Fallen” with a “C”? And can you imagine growing up with the name Baylen Brees?! They should’ve switched their middle names with their first names. Christopher, Robert and Christian would’ve been much nicer.

sailor on

Love Drew but those are really terrible names. All 3 are just ugly sounding

Amy on

enjoy ur baby , i was reading some of the dum comments . Its u guys baby ! Grow up people!

Lady on

Surprised not another B name…Callen is cute but the other 2 not so much. Drew seems like a nice enough guy, but after the whole bounty thing…absolutely NO respect for anyone on that team.

Romy on

What a mouthful to say those three boys’ names together! Baylen and Callen are so close even though they have different sounds.

JustMe on

Well at least Mrs. Brees was ACTUALLY pregnant, and didn’t fake her pregnancy like Peyton Manning’s wife, Ashley Manning! So what she had to use a surrogate. Why be ashamed and lie?

Congrats to The Brees Family!

amy on

Bowen,Baylen and Callen? Hmmmm.

anon on

JustMe, why is it anyone’s business what any celebrity does. it’s not like Mrs. Manning owed anyone information about her personal life. she and peyton are both private about their personal lives and chose not to reveal that they were expecting. I don’t know where you get your information about them using a surrogate but as far as I know peyton and his wife have never acknowledged becoming parents or how they became parents. that is their right to keep their life private. who are you to decide what celebrities should share and how they share it.

unabashed on

they did stick with their stupid theme, all three have “-en” at the end of their names. Terrible terrible terrible. Stupid breeders!

Kim on

A Stupid breeder would possibly be a person who who has no $, drug influenced, who purposely goes out and gets pregnant, just for the heck of it… Not for choosing baby names that others have to make nasty judgements about.

Anonymous on

The funnest part of welcoming a new baby, is having the honor of picking out a name for them. They are an awesome family and set a great example. Congrats!

Anonymous on


Laila on

The middle names are better, but umm, congrats!

rosie on

Gotta say I hate the trend of modern, made-up names no one’s ever heard of before. Add to that the -en ending, and I think these names are all just awful. Give me an old-fashioned, tried and true first name that’s recognized as a first name any day!

torgster on

Too bad it was another boy – maybe they could do a better job of picking a decent name for a girl, as they’ve had three chances on boys and they aren’t getting any better! Good God.

Kim on

Brittabny- let-them eat cake-Brees, gotta NOT love her.

Anonymous on

anon- You are correct. Peyton and his wife have never publically discussed their twins or what method they used to have them (as if that’s anyone’s business anyway!). How that equates to lying is beyond me!

But anyway, congrats to Drew and his wife! Anyone have any idea how Callen is pronouced? Is it like Baylen with a C? Or Fallen with a C? Or like calling without the g?

jojo` on

There is nothing wrong with these names. Baylen and Callen (prounounced Cal-lyn since someone mentioned it) are unique, but not out there. Bowen, I’m not personally crazy about, but it’s not entirely bad. It could be worse. It’s not. The Brees’s have chosen wonderful names and, more importantly, take the time to spend with and love on the little ones that they have. Don’t tear it apart.

The bounty scandal has been blown out of proportion. That’s why the league is having trouble answering hard questions in lawsuits. oh and @justme- peyton manning’s wife was absolutely pregnant. I’ve seen them in new orleans around the new family restaurant several times during her pregnancy.

Kim on

Seriously? With all the problems in the world, people are going to stress over names??? No wonder bullying is such a huge issue in our society today. Adults can’t be respectful, children are certainly going to have difficulties learning it. Three healthy baby boys, nothing else matters!

dudley doright on

those 3 first names are horrible, the 3 middle names are better.

trixierix on


Let’s Geaux Saints!

Shenae on

I bet she wanted a girl.

bethany on

I bet they watch NCIS LA… could be where they got Callen from

Anonymous on

lol, you people are ridiculous. When you have a child than you can name him/her anything you want but until then…let them name THEIR child anything they like. Congrats to them on their new family member.

Anonymous on

Well, they get the award for worst baby names.

Anonymous on

Kim- Very well said! It irks me to no end when people call someone with only three kids a “stupid breeder” or a “baby factory”!

Anonymous on

Shenae- Or maybe HE wanted a girl! Men can want girls, too! 🙂

Jen on

Hey Drew, I had three boys before I got my pricess but I adore boys, God bless your family.

Isabel on

Great news! I have three sons who are close in age and watching them grow and interact with one another has been so much fun.

Volforlife on

Justme is correct. Why would a woman hide her pregnancy? Having a child is a miracle and a blessing and she acts like it is the end of the world. So weird.

Derya on

What a lovely name!!!
My brother’s name is Callen too!
He turned 16 last month!
Love the name…

Anonymous on

volforlife- How is Peyton’s wife acting like having a baby is “the end of the world” when she hasn’t even discussed it publically?! Like another poster said, they’ve never even confirmed the birth of their twins, let alone any other details about how they became parents!

Also someone else mentioned that she saw her during her pregnancy a few times, so she obviously wasn’t hiding it. Sports stars don’t tend to get followed by the paparazzi much (unless they happen to be married to another celeb, like Tom Brady), so it’s not really that shocking that there are no pap photos of Mrs. Manning during her pregnancy.

Anonymous on

Also, if you were referring to the Mannings’ reluctance to talk about the pregnancy or their children, I fail to see how that’s acting like pregnancy is end of the world. All it means is that they prefer to keep their private lives private!

susan on

Ahhhh… another “try for the girl” goes awry! The burning ? – will she go for the quad and hope against hope??? Will she pull a Victoria Beckham and FINALLY see pink???? Stay tuned, those of you with no lives of yor own…!

Heather R. Moseley on

Love to know where they got the name. I had my son July 2010 and his name is Callen Christian, he`s now 2 yrs old. It kind of stinks his name is no longer original. Name theives!


Ashley Manning was most certainly NOT PREGNANT! She was seen in Chicago out celebrating her wedding anniversary with Peyton. The Chicago Tribune took a picture of them going to see The Memphis Quartet. This pic was taken less than a week before the babies were born. She wasn’t pregnant with one baby, let alone two! She looked great, super skinny. I’m assuming the person that was seen in the Manning family restaurant was Eli Manning’s wife, Abby. She was pregnant around the same time Ashley and Peyton’s twins were born.Ashley Manning also attended the St. Vincent Gala with Peyton that March. She was NOT PREGNANT!

nomercy2012 on

I really don’t get the “stupid breeders” remark. The stupid breeders are the ones that keep having children that they can’t afford to take care of on their own. I don’t have a problem with anyone having as many kids as they want as long as they can afford to take care of them.

By all accounts the Breeses are a very loving couple who are living the dream. Drew is doing a job that he loves and is very successful at, his wife is able to stay home and take care of their children. Stop hatin’.