Jessica Alba’s Parenting ‘Moment of Terror’

08/16/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy SELF

Jessica Alba tries her best to be a responsible parent, but she admits there was a moment where she questioned her skills.

“I found my daughter Honor sitting in her crib, eating these tiny beads from the inside of her diaper,” the actress, 31, tells SELF in its September issue. “They were all over her face. It was a moment of terror.”

Alba says luckily her little girl, now 4, was okay, but she still “felt guilty afterward,” explaining, “I worried that I’d poisoned my daughter.”

The incident became one of the defining moments that led the actress to found The Honest Company — a line of eco-friendly baby products — with Christopher Gavigan.

“It took me three-and-a-half years to launch. When things didn’t go smoothly, I’d get really upset. I worried that I was wasting so much time and money. It really does feel like this is my third baby,” she admits.

“It’s a deep passion of mine and I spend all my time at the office. I think it’s a nice balance to Hollywood because this is something that I could actually control. I could see [it through] from the beginning to the end and there’s something really wonderful and fulfilling about that. Especially when it was so hard to get it going for so long. For it to actually be here and exist is pretty cool.”

The mother of Honor and little sister Haven, 1, considers herself much more nurturing since becoming a parent.

“Before I got pregnant, it was all about my career,” Alba says. “Afterward, I slowed down and realized that life is living, connecting and sharing.”

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Jessica on

So she was horrified by the health concern associated with her daughter eating the diaper beads, but carries her daughter around in a car seat regularly. Doesn’t she know that the car seat isn’t healthy for babies 24/7?

sheila on

No parent is perfect… Just relax and enjoy them..

lovemyboys on

@Jessica…how often do you ‘see’ this person carrying her daughter in a car seat? oh wait, you see her in MAGAZINES! oh well then i guess it’s 24/7. Moron. and PS: if babies have reflux often it’s the best place for them.

Jen DC on

Good for her!

Carrying your baby in a car seat “regularly” doesn’t equate to having her in the carseat 24/7. Like most parents, I’m guessing JA lets Haven out of the carseat once they reach their final destination…

Plus it seems pretty clear by other posts that the baby also plays in the sand, in the ocean, at the park and is held… All outside the confines of the carseat. Get a grip.

lovemyboys on

@Jessica: do you know Jessica Alba personally? I wouldn’t make such judgey comments regarding someone’s parenting from what you see in magazines. For all you know, all those pictures could have been taken in 1 day! Also, her decision to have her kid in a car seat and a baby eating the insides of a diaper don’t really compare in safety issues.

Jamie on

Perhaps Jessica’s comment was judgmental, but to state that the best place for ANY baby, whether or not they suffer from reflux, is in a car seat is idiotic. The best place for a baby is it’s mother’s arms! You should watch who you’re calling a moron.

Melissa G on

I think instead of investing in an overpriced line of cleaners and products, she should have put more time investing in watching her own daughter who had the time to rip a hole in her diaper and eat the beads that form from being saturated with her own urine.

April on

Exactly! I have a 2 yo And a 5 yo have babysat a lot and have never seen those beads how on earth did she
Get it open and how embarrassing to admit that!

Lily on

I never let my daughter sit in an overly soaked diaper but once she started using size 1 in the pampers brand, little beads were all over her & I couldn’t get them off w/a wipe, & it took forever with a washcloth. I switched to huggies & never had that bead problem. So it’s possible that this could actually happen even to a good mom…

caity on

My scariest moment as a mom was when my 5 week old was sick, it took the doctors 2 weeks to figure out he had whooping cough. When he was finally admitted, they weren’t sure he’d live. Its been 3 years and he is healthy as ever. Oh, I didn’t realize transporting your child in a car seat was an issue. I was under the assumption it was a good thing.

Big Fan on

What was her moment of terror? Realizing it wasn’t all about her anymore LOL.

GeekLover on

Where in the heck was she for so long that the baby managed to get all these balls on her face yet alone have time to eat them…Shame on her really bad mom momment.

caity on

Is she supposed to strap her to her hip? Maybe she was in the shower. But I’m sure you couldn’t understand, with you being so perfect and all.

Anonymous on

melissa g,are you a parent ? if they are napping in another room you may not always know exactly when they wake up and they usually pee almost as soon as they wake up and sometimes when they are sleeping! if the child was silent when she woke up ,maybe early,she could have had the little bit of time to destroy her diaper before someone realized she was awake,, you shouldnt make assumptions on something you dont know

Lisa on

Ok.. 1 the diaper could have happen to any parent @ melissa g. A baby can rip a hole n a diaper at any time. Who is to say she didnt wske from a nap an do it b4 JA went to get her or while she was using the rest room. Get a grip!

ChillMom on

I would guess that her daughter was playing happily in her crib after nap time, or maybe even before. Seriously?!? What a bunch of parenting jerks. My kids were always happy waking up from a nap to some alone time in the crib. And if you all don’t know how fast kids can move, or how inventive they can be, then you’re either not parents, or your kids are as boring as rocks. A kid could rip a hole in a wet wipe in no time flat, whether the parent was 100 feet away or 10 feet away. Get a grip, people.

Lisa on

And Bout the carseat omg ppl. Everyone uses a carseat to carry a child around til it gets to heavy. Its easier to do appt and otherthings and its safe! Its not good to keep ur kid on ur hip all the time cause it leads to spoiledness and seperation issues. But there r times u dont need to use a carseat abd u carry them

lolazilla on

I wonder if when they grow up one girl will say to the other “Hey, how come your H is spoken and mine is silent?????” Or maybe Haven will tell people not to say her H…

And will Haven feel creeped out that she was named for an amniotic sac? Hey, it’s just a body part! At least she won’t be called “Horror” like the first daughter will (kids always find a way to tease about names). And their dad is named for legal tender (but does he earn any? I don’t know. Not that there’s anything wrong with that).

I applaud them for giving their kids unusual names. Oh wait, they don’t care about my opinion…..if they did I’d send my thoughts on hair dye and synthetic clothing and marriage…

Anonymous on

@Melissa G – you can’t watch a baby every single s3econd of the day. And it often takes about two seconds for them to get into things. Saying she should have had her eye on the baby in order to prevent her ripping open her own diaper is the equivalent of saying, “Why was she not holding on to her 24/7? Why do babies need sleep anyway? Why do moms need showers or to feed themselves?” Get a grip.

anonomous_sperm_donor on

Leave the Jessica person alone. Everyone reads magazines, I bet you do yourself. Those pictures I know were NOT taken on the same day. Jessica has healthy children. She may leave them dangerously in a carseat, but thats the style. But she’s a good enough mother to have set up the Honest Company. she has gorgeous children, like herself. And I wish her the best. xx

Karen on

I like that she saw a problem and has gone to great lengths to correct it. Well done, Mom!

Kelli54 on

My question is how long was the poor baby girl sitting in her wet diaper?? Those beads only develop after a diaper has been soaking wet for a while. That’s awful if that is the case. Pure negligence. Really sad to hear.

Robin on

My problem with Alba is that she MUST call the paps on a daily basis. She is always dressed and fully made up to be photographed and we see her out on a daily basis. She appears to be desparate to me, and why put her kids thru this? Does she even work anymore? She needs to stay out of the limelight for awhile….so sick of her.

Jamie on

Holding and tending to your babies needs does NOT lead to them being spoiled OR having separation issues! Quite the contrary! When you keep tour baby close to you they learn to trust, they learn that their feelings matter, they learn how to make sense of this big scary world from the safety of their parent’s arms! They gain the confidence they need to be independent and they learn that they can count on YOU when you hold them and are accessible to them often. If someone straps a baby in their carseat and goes to run errands, hours can go by without that baby experiencing any human touch! Multiply that by a few times a week. That’s heartbreaking! You can’t spoil a baby! That’s an antiquated theory. Please stop spreading that ignorance!

Crick on

The issue with the diaper is that those beads take awhile to form. I can leave my child in its diaper for overnight (12hrs) and those beads are just forming.

Jillian on

People need to get over it. Every real parent has had something they have done using their not best judgement. We learn from it, try not to repeat and move on. No need to call child welfare. NO ONE is perfect!

It happened to me on

Same thing happened to me just a month ago with my one year old! He was suppose to be napping and I go to check on him and he ripped his diaper and was eating the beads. Freaked out and called my mom and she said if was fine! Im a great mom and if can Happen to anyone. Love alba I think she is a great mom and keeps her kids out of the light unlike some other celebrites!

Jen DC on

It doesn’t take 12 hours for the beads to form – they are there from the beginning. That’s what makes absorbent diapers absorbent. The beads are very small when dry, then grow when the ABSORB urine.

Babies pee ALOT – primarily because their diets are mostly liquid until about 6 months. So if Honor peed immediately after she lay down to nap, then again upon awakening, the beads had probably absorbed their limit.

As we all well know, EVEN THE TAPE on the diaper can tear the outer lining, so why is it so shocking that a baby’s sharp fingernails would do the same? She poked a hole with her sharp little fingers, dug around a little and found fun toys to gnaw on. That’s probably why she was so quiet – she had entertainment!

The kid I nanny’d for did not cry or make noise after naps nor did he cry when wet or had crap in his diaper. It’s not unheard of.

Kathy on

Seriously..some of you people act like you are the most perfect parents..REALLY you’ve never had your baby EVER have a diaper a little bit fuller than normal..the child was taking a nap..get a clue..stop being so judgmental and’s an article..people like to over read things…geesh

Crick on

I am a perfect mom. Duh.

lory on

ugh no…from chicago suburbs and have never seen mom carrying their babies in carseats. Wow another celebrity mom who probably should only be allowed to have one child…just like unemployed black women who keep producing children.

lifeasahouse on

I love how judgmental we all are from our cushy seats in front of our computer. While we are at the computer, your child(ren) might be eating diaper beads or being ignored.

lory on

Sorry my son never had his diaper soaked so much that beads even formed and guess what “I didn’t have a nanny”.

Amazing if you just put your child before yourself!!

lory on

best place for babies with reflux – carseat? lovemyboys,you need to talk to your pediatrition cause you r way off! hope you dont think putting a pillow over your boys’s heads is a good idea too?

Tash on

Lory you’re an idiot. That’s all.

lory on

wow another celebrity who shouldn’t have had kids..just like most of you!

MRJ on

I’m guessing that the people commenting on the diaper thing aren’t parents. Because if you were you would know that those beads form as soon as liquid hits them. One handful is probably enough to put little beads around the childs mouth. I always carried my child in her car carrier from the house to the car and into where ever we were going. If it was shopping, I attached it to the cart as that’s much cleaner than throwing my baby into one of those carts. So a few snapshots have been taken of the baby in a carrier so that equates to “she’s in the carrier 24/7” So all you teens and beotches that haven’t given birth yet but like to judge those of us that have…STFU and mind your own business.

Juliet on

Jessica Alba bothers me because she started some eco-friendly company when the “eco” products already exist–namely cloth diapers. You will never, ever have synthetic, urine-filled beads when you use cloth. My mom used them, I use them, and I don’t have a nanny or a diaper service. There really isn’t any additional washing either, since, unless it’s a massive blowout, you can throw them in with other whites. Also, drying them in the sun whenever possible is awesome. No better bleaching agent than pure sunshine!

Hannah on

Here’s a little education for everyone who isn’t with it according to the comments here. The car seat is the place kids should be in the car when driving around to protect them if god forbid their is a car accident. A car seat is at a 45 degree angle. It doesn’t give them optimal air flow at all. But, it is best to protect the spine in cars. After that, kids should not be sitting in the car seat. They should not be toted around daily in it. They should not be let to sleep in it at home or left in it at the park. It is a CAR SEAT. It is 10-15 degrees warmer in the car seat than we feel so that is another reason why it isn’t good. Just because they make those ridiculous caddy things doesn’t make them good. That’s like saying well they make cigarettes so those must be good for you, which we all know is not the case.

Jessica Alba is ALWAYS seen with the kid in the car seat. I don’t care if it’s in magazine or if it’s online or on TMZ, she clearly does it more than most celebrities if I too have noticed this. She takes her daughter to the park in a car seat. Around NYC in a car seat. For walks in a car seat. It’s pure laziness. Put the kid in a proper stroller seat if you’re such a health guru. It wouldn’t be half as bad if her company wasn’t focused on healthier living for kids. She’s a walking contradiction. So, Jessica, the poster from the top, I do agree with you.

Alex on

Okay, I think Jessica Alba is great but… She totally contradicted herself in the above (although I’m aware the quotes may have been taken from different interviews):

1) “(The Honest Company is) a deep passion of mine and I spend all my time at the office.”
2) “Before I got pregnant, it was all about my career… Afterward, I slowed down and realized that life is living, connecting and sharing.”

Which is it? Do you spend all your time at the office or have you slowed down your career? I know mothers these days ‘can have it all’, but come on…

lovemyboys on

@Lori: please tell my GI at CHOP, the BEST children’s hospital in the country, you do not agree with the carseat helping my son’s reflux. SHUT YOUR IGNORANT MOUTH. you know NOTHING and to make a joke about putting a pillow over my children’s face is SICK

lovemyboys on

@Lory: you sound pretty dumb. i’d keep quiet if i were you.

Hannah on

@lovemyboys I don’t agree with Lory’s presentation, however I would be happy to tell your Dr at CHOP that the advice given to you to keep your child in the car seat is HORRIFIC. New studies which your Dr should be up to date on are showing children are getting less oxygen to the brain during the infant months due to car seats being used outside the car. This can potentially be causing the children health issues which are being extensively researched. Can I suggest discussing with your Dr a Nap Nanny? When used properly that item has been known to really help children with reflux and still allows good air flow for them and no overheating.

angel on

Jessica Alba is a walking contradiction. I do not care that she is a celebrity – any mother (or father) who proudly states “I spend all my time at the office” has to get her (or his) priorities in order.

Also, I don’t buy her bs about being committed to the environment and health when there are many photos of her smoking, even after she had children. Stop polluting the air MY children breathe and then I’ll take you seriously.

Just Me on

No Jamie, you’re wrong. The safest place for a baby in a moving vehicle is in a car seat, the mother’s arms is one of the most dangerous places. Who’s the moron now?

Anonymous on

I agree with the majority about the diaper and carseat issues. Honor had most likely just woken up from a nap (or possibly from her nighttime sleep) and got into the diaper before Jessica or Cash (anyone else find it funny how Honor has TWO parents, yet only Jessica is getting blamed for the diaper incident?!) could get to her.

Also, at least Honor’s incident only involved a wet diaper! I’ve heard plenty of stories of babies getting into their diapers after messing them…and then playing with the contents (which could make them sick as ingested, where as urine is sterile unless there’s a urinary tract infection, and therefore- gross as it sounds!- safe to ingest.)!

As for the carseat issue, I’ve only seen a handful of pictures of Jessica carrying Haven in a carseat, and most of those were when she was a newborn.

Anonymous on

Jamie- Correction. The best place for a baby is in his or her mother’s or FATHER’S arms. Daddy-baby bonding time is just as important as mommy-baby bonding time!

Anonymous on

Sorry, meant to add that, although the best place for a baby is in the arms of a parent, it’s hardly feasible for a parent to be constantly holding their baby. Sometimes their arms need a break, or they need to use the bathroom or something. Plus, even babies get over-stimulated and need “alone” time.

That’s when things like carseats come in handy for babies who are extremely fussy due to things like reflux!

Anonymous on

Just Me- If you’d read the previous comments, you’d see that Jamie was clearly replying to the post who said that she puts her son in his carseat OUTSIDE the car to help with his reflux (therefore saying that the best place for babies OUTSIDE the car is in their mothers’ arms!)!

Hilary on

Car seats are meant for the car and should be left in the car. They are not meant to be used as regular baby carriers.

Lisa on

If she were really that passionate about eco-friendly products, she would promote cloth diapers.

This is just another slick attempt for publicity for her crappy, un-original product line.

Manomer on

Melissa g you are ridiculous. Do you stand in front of your child 24/7? does your child take a nap? Does she go to bed in a crib? Isn’t there a point when you walk in and they are awake already playing in their crib. Why are people so freaking ridiculous with their comments!!!

Jo on

@juliet and @lisa – thank you!!! Every time I read an article about Jessica alba and her passion for the environment and raising her babies as healthy as possible, I can’t help but wonder why she doesn’t cloth diaper!!! Such a poser.

elle on

i forget which brand of diaper it is, maybe H——, but i do remember reading on one of the packages that those beads are non-toxic, when my son was a newborn i took his sleeper off to change him and those beads had come out of his diaper on their own…shocked me a little too…

Steph on

Comments like these are the kind that make me wonder if I ever want to become a parent. All of you judging each other and insinuating that your parenting is superior to all others. It’s completely twisted.

Anonymous on

You hit the nail on the head!

Twins&5MonthOld on

The one thing I have learned about being a parent is there is NO SUCH THING as perfection… Babies don’t come with manuals, as crappy as it sounds, sometimes you learn from trial and error (esp with first borns)… To judge someone else is to find no fault in yourself, and that is just plain irresponsible

nic_oz79 on

wow! You people are all fools….if your baby sleeps all night, the nappy will get full. If it tears or the baby rips it off, then you get crystals everywhere. Stop pretending your all perfect parents. It went from a story about creating great baby products to being so judgemental! I have twins now 8. When they were babies i thought they were asleep. To my horror i walked into a room covered in faeces….and i mean everything. Curtains, beds, walls, carpet, their faces, hair, whole bodies!!! Wow so i am a terrible mother who should have never been able to have kids. Half of you have probably done alot worse than let a nappy get a little full!! Grow up!! As for the whole car seat thing…..yes im sure the baby is tied into it 24/7 because you all live with jessica alba and know everything!

Elizabtheg on

Ok, I have 2 kids and some of the comments i have read are just ignorant and judgmental. First off, yes they are called “car seats” but there are different types of car seats, esp for infants called carriers. Hence the way they are made and to be used. Nobody can be expected to hold a baby 24/7 and having a toddler as well as a baby is hard enough to juggle at times. That does not mean I am condoning leaving a baby in the seat for long periods of time.

And lastly, about the diaper incident, it can happen and she was honest about it so GET OVER IT!! I swear who are some of you people? I would hate to be friends with some of you and be in constant fear of your judgemental and nasty comments.

Powerof1 on

Come on people! Does your day feel a tad bit better when you rip other people to shreds? What’s with all the parent bashing? Get a grip! I’m sure you all love your kids, feed them, clothe them, spend quality time with them…If you do, your kids are blessed, and I’m willing to bet you’re a good parent. Don’t get so hung up over the small things other moms do! Their kids are happy and healthy too…

cn tower on

Car seats are meant for the car and should be left in the car. They are not meant to be used as regular baby carriers—–So true @ Hilary. Personally, I either used an actual carrier, “wearing” the baby (e.g. Ergo) or a stroller and carseat stayed in the car. Better for everybody. How many of these women end up with back issues and other problems from carrying carseats around?

Hannah on

@elizabetheg Actually, you’re wrong. Car seats are NOT meant to carry kids around. They are not tested for that. Just because they have a handle and manufacturers call them that to get people to buy into it means nothing. Don’t buy the BS, do your own research. CAR SEATS are meant for cars no matter what they’re called. If health is so important to anyone then learn that.

erica on

Wow, can’t belive how sanctimonious some people are. Here’s idea… how about using your time for something positive like feeding homeless children or something useful rather than judging someone you will most likely never meet. Get a life. Yeesch…

Leslie on

Jessica alba also wrote a blog recently advocating that the Obama administration make a million new government jobs so college kids have guaranteed work when they graduate. Yes, a million. No where in the article did she explain where the money to pay for these free jobs should come from.

And her “honest company” is pretentious as hell. You can be Eco friendly by using common items such as vinegar and vodka to clean, and use cloth instead of disposable diapers… There was no need for jessica to create a whole line of new products and packaging to save the environment. It’s like people who buy a new Prius and pat themselves on the back for doing mother earth a big favor when their cars have just as many environmental issues as the rest.

AK on

When my daughter was about 19 months old I peeked into her room to see if she was still napping. Instead of snoozing, or even just sitting there playing, I found her covered head to toe in the contents of a very dirty diaper. I had been only 3 feet from her door the entire time and didn’t hear her at all. This type of thing could happen to anyone and I’m sure it really freaked her out. For me, I just wanted to be sick.

And I was also told by my doctor that the angle of the carseat really helps with reflux.

Juill Potts on

Why didn’t she just go out and buy some FuzziBunz or BumGenius diapers, then?! Whatev…

elysummers on

We’ve all been there. Parenting should come with instructions. And if you can’t read the book, you’re not qualified.

whatever on

So what you people are saying is that I can go for a 2 hour car ride with my baby in a car seat but I can’t go for a 10 minute drive and then a ten minute walk with the baby in the car seat?????? Lol some mother’s are the worst, any little sniff of imperfection and you will rip each other to shreds. Lucky I’ve never cared what anyone thinks of my parenting which shock horror included using a car seat with a handle.

Amanda on

Some of you need to be less judgemental. Diapers change. When I had my oldest I never saw the beads. I cloth diapered my second and third with disposables at night. Big reason being the chemicals in disposables. Anyways, with my third must have bought a bad pack because the first one practically exploded beads in his jammies overnight and it was only 10 hours. After it kept happening I tried one at nap time, same thing except only 3 hours. Bought a new pack and no issues.

Disposable diapers scare me, did you know there are chemicals in US diapers that are illegal in other countries. Yep, the companoes make diapers for those countries without them but us in the US get them still. Ick!

Anonymous on

whatever- Exactly! I’ve never gotten how it’s perfectly okay to take a two-hour or longer car ride with your baby obviously in a carseat, but yet when you take the carseat out of the car after a very short trip to the grocery store or wherever and carry your child in the carseat for five or ten minutes, the seat is suddenly dangerous for the baby!

Obviously leaving your baby in a carseat for extremely long periods of time outside the car isn’t a good idea, but most people (at least that I’ve noticed) don’t do that. Most of the time, the baby is only in the carseat for a few minutes while being taken from point a to point b.

Also, clearly those of you who think it’s so horrible to carry a baby in a carseat, even for a few minutes, have never been around a baby who’s just had his/her naptime interrupted (babies often fall asleep in the car, even on short trips!)!

When it comes to choosing whether to leave the baby in the carseat to take him or her into where they’re going or removing him/her from the carseat first, therefore likely waking him/her and ending up with a very cranky baby, most parents are going to choose the former!

micaki on

Forget the beads & the diaper! WTH is wrong w/ her butt? Photoshop much?

Jessica on

I love how everyone who comments here has an excuse for everything. “It’s easier to carry your baby. My dr said it’s good for reflux. You can drive with it so you can carry it around. It’s meant to do that.” Everyone wants to justify their actions. Human nature. Perhaps kids in the car seat are not ideal. We get it, everyone does what’s easier for them and then justifies it to make themselves feel like they’re still doing great as a parent. Maybe it would be better for everyone to educate themselves a little more on the subject. And make less excuses? 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there over a year or more add up pretty quickly. More time with kids laying flay and getting more oxygen and the ability to stretch and move, the better for their development. new studies are linking autism to the lack of oxygen container babies are getting in early months. It’s obviously only in research stages, but I’ll hedge my bet and not take my chances just in case. All of you, keep making excuses and carry your kids around in a container.

SMiaVS on

The claim that those beads are “non-toxic” is ridiculous. They haven’t been around long enough to have undergone sufficient testing as to their long-term effects. It’s appalling how many people here are more worried about the idea of a child ingesting urine (typically sterile) than ingesting potentially harmful chemicals.

Anonymous on

Jessica- Okay, we get it. You’re a perfect mom who has never done anything that even has a remote possibility of having the slightest negative effect on your children!

whatever on

So Jessica do you drive a car because surely if carseats are evil then you shouldn’t use one at all. My point was we have to use them to drive so if I drive 2 hours and my baby is asleep and I have to get gas I will be using the car seat for those extra two minutes. No one is suggesting that we should use them all the time. Unfortuntely cars were invented and unfortunately if you are in an accident cars can be dangerous, that is why carseats were invented. It is not ideal to be in a car seat but it is needed for safety. There are lots of things in our modern society that are not ideal for our health but we have to live with it because humans created them for convenience (pollution anyone???) You don’t like it? Become Amish.

Anonymous on

Seriously? Stay on topic. No one is claiming perfection. Just pointing out a specific issue and how people make excuses and get defensive instead of saying wow, that’s valuable info, I should look into that. And you’re an idiot of you are trying to say don’t drive. It’s not reasonable and car seat positions are best for car accidents. I’m just saying regularly carrying kids around in them is lazy and not good for the child. Jessica alba does this very very often yet claims herself as a baby health guru.

straightup on

When my twin daughters were about 1 1/2 I put them in their cribs for their naps, about an hour later I heard them on the baby monitor I went to their room to get them and they were throwing poop at each other and smearing it all over themselves and their cribs. Maybe to some people they might say I’m weird but I laughed because the looks on their faces were like they were both thinking ” oh, oh, now we’re going to get it”. Even though I had one hell of a mess to clean up I was still laughing just because of the expressions on their faces.

beeks on

Jessica Albas comment about the beads is pure BS. She made that up to try to get some attention for her struggling company. Shes just trying the scare tactic on moms but it wont work cause if we wanted 100 percent safe, we just use cloth diapers. To see that many beads, u would have 2 leave ur child soaked for 2 days. Those that r saying it happened to them r hired by Alba.

Clover on

I’m super tired of hearing (mostly from herself) what a awesome mom Jessica Alba is. I have never seen so many posed shots or heard so much about a product line (her own) from another celebrity. Nobody knows what happens behind closed doors so why the hostile debate? We are only seen and told what has been “approved” of by JA and her team. You’re all jumping down each others throats and why? To defend somebody you DO NOT know and her supposed wonderful life.