Jennifer Aspen Introduces Daughter Charlotte Sofia

08/16/2012 at 07:00 PM ET

Meet Charlotte Sofia O’Donnell!

Jennifer Aspen and husband David O’Donnell introduce their new baby girl in a sweet set of images shared with PEOPLE.

Born June 10, Charlotte “takes our breath away and charms everyone who meets her,” the couple told PEOPLE upon the adoption’s completion.

“We have been waiting for her for a long time. We are so ecstatic she came to us.”

“We call her Jackpot Baby,” the actress — best known for her roles on GCB and Party of Five — adds.

“She is everything you could ever wish for: Healthy, gorgeous, calm, sweet [and] loving.”

Aspen, 38, and O’Donnell wed in September 2006.

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Jennifer on

Oh my lord, she is soooooooooooooooooooo sweet!

Amanda on

beautiful baby…and love the name!

kjr on

Never heard of either one. So why are they on

disfarrar on

Yea, I don’t know who they are either but that is a cute baby.

denise on

Beautiful. Best Wishes

MollyF on

Look at that head of hair on her head. She’s a very cute baby and LOVE the name. 😀

Barbara Wade Cox on

well, I know who they are and their baby is just an adorable precious angel. So happy for them..if you have ever watched GCB..she was the wife of the car salesman and she started her own ‘Jesus Catering Service’…sort of like Jenny Craig with a Baptist twist..

Tee Tee on

I’m not familiar with them either but that is one beautiful baby!

Bree on

Jennifer Aspen is one of the stars of GCB.

She is such a cutie pie!! Love both pictures, so adorable and such love 🙂

olive on

Get ready to make lots of barley water for the baby. Have to get the mind clear before her first auditing session!

DaisyMoon on

The absolute dumbest comment anyone can make on a public forum is, “who are these people”, “never heard of her/him” etc.

Kim on

Slow news day?

Cortney on

Adorable baby! Too bad its being raised in scientology…

Emily on

What do u know
About it ?!! Nothing obviously

Ava on

who in the world is Jennifer Aspen?

Marcus Coloma on

Beautiful baby, beautiful couple!!!

Misty on

I’m very happy for them! Loved Jennifer on GCB (and disliked her on Party of Five, lol). They seem truly grateful for their daughter, and I wish them lots of joy. 🙂

Sunny on

She is beautiful! Wish you guys all the best. I love both of your guys work! Congrats!

Sandra on

I don’t have a clue who these people are, but their baby is a little cutey pie!

Charli on

I have no idea who these people are but the baby is adorable.

Krista on

She is so cute!!!

Anonymous on

To those asking who they are…It says right in the post who Jennifer is (an actress who was on Party of 5 and GCB) and her husband, per the linked article about their wedding, is also an actor.

Also, if you’re really that curious about who people featured on this blog are, Google is your friend! 😉

Anyway, the baby is adorable!

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that I love that it’s David who’s holding the baby in the first picture. For some reason, I have a huge soft spot for fathers holding their babies (especially baby girls)!

Jennifer on

I’ve never heard of either one, but their baby sure is cute! The name Charlotte is making a pretty big comeback amongst the celebrity crowd. Had I know that 5 years ago when I named my daughter Charlotte….

Sunny on

kjr, Andy: You need to get out more and see the world.

This is one sweet baby.

gina on

WHO???????????? NEVER HEARD OF EM!

torgster on

Who in their right mind gives up their baby to Scientologists? Poor little thing.

Julie on

Beautiful baby, beautiful name. Of course I am bias as my oldest is named Charlotte. However, this woman is a Scientologist. How sad for the child that she may very well be raised in a cult.

Dafftygrams on

What a gorgeous baby!

If you aren’t familiar with the old tv show, Party of Five, then you don’t know her. She was the older brother, “Charlie” ‘s girlfriend.

JMQuinn on

According to IMDb (Internet Movie Database), they are Scientologists. The baby is adopted. I have read that the lower scientologists in Sea Org are convinced to give up their babies to be raised by wealthier Scientologists like Tom Cruise or Kirstie Alley who both adopted infants… Just saying.

I didn’t recognize her name but saw her in GCB a couple of times. She’s also was a spokeswoman for Kirstie’s weight loss plan…

Christina on


Anonymous on

I love Jennifer in GCB. Awesome show. Hope it comes back this fall. The baby is adorable. Love the classic name.

heather on

Have no idea who these two are.

denice on

SOOO happy for the two of them! They are going to be the most fun and loving parents!!

Doreen on

I, too, have no idea who these people are!! LOL Sweet looking baby though!! 🙂

Abbie on

That baby is so adorable, congrats AND i love the name Charlotte. One of my favorites!

Alisha on

Sweet their baby is so cute. At first I thought the dad was Patrick Dempsey before I read the article.

Carol on

I thought just like Alisha who posted…in profile, Jennifer’s husband looks a lot like Patrick Dempsey. Almost the same nose, eyes, and eyebrows.

Beautiful little girl though!

Harley on

Not exactly familiar with these two, but their little girl is absolutely precious!!! Many congratulations to the happy couple!

Chris on

Beautiful! Good on them. And scientology has wonderful techniques on raising children 🙂

Anonymous on

For those of you concerned about this baby growing up in Scientology (and even feeling sorry for her), I wouldn’t worry too much. Tom Cruise’s two older children seem to have turned out great (obviously it’s still a bit early to be able to tell how Suri’s going to turn out!) and John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s daughter Ella Bleu seems to be quite the decent young lady, too. 🙂

Maryann on

So happy for the parents and baby-kins!