Camila McConaughey: Matthew Likes Me Makeup-Free

08/16/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Matthew and Camila McConaughey Welcome Son Livingston
Michael Buckner/Getty

Third time‘s a … challenge?

While her children — Levi, 4, and Vida, 2Ā½ — are giddy over the upcoming arrival of baby, an expectant Camila Alves McConaughey has been hit with a wide-range of endless emotions.

“This [pregnancy] has been a little … different,” the model, 29, told PEOPLE during Wednesday’s Nylon Guys‘ September cover party in Santa Monica, Calif.

“Anything you can feel in a pregnancy, I’m feeling in this one. So put it all in the pile, that’s how I’m feeling.”

One symptom that can’t be added to the bunch? Crazy cravings, which, according to Camila, have yet to impact her eating schedule — unlike husband Matthew‘s dieting plan for his upcoming movie role as an AIDS patient in The Dallas Buyer’s Club.

“We have gone the complete opposite direction eating wise, but we’re navigating it,” she explains. “But I don’t really have cravings yet.”

Fortunately for the new Macy’s I.N.C. International Concepts’ Campaign model, while maintaining her stylish appearance may be her day job, when it comes to kicking back at home with the family (or walking down the aisle), there’s nothingĀ the actor enjoys more than a fresh — and makeup-free! — face.

“He likes as simple as possible. Less makeup, less everything,” Camila admits. “I remember for the wedding he was like, ‘Don’t put any makeup on,’ and I was like, ‘It’s our wedding, [I’m going to] want to put makeup on!'”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Michelle Ward

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ImALadyToo on

This guy just really gives me the creeps.

srm8484 on

SLOW news day. I mean, really People…this is not News.

srm8484 on

SLOW news day. Cmon People. Don’t just post dumb stuff like this. This is not NEWS.

Ralph on

Hey srm8484 this is not CNN it’s not a NEWS site. It’s celebrity gossip! LOL

Manon on

Matthew is not looking well- WAY TOO THIN!

Zombie on

That’s cuz it says he’s playing an aids patient in his next movie.

Anonymous on

who cares

Shea on

Read the article, he looks thin because he’s preparing for playing the role of a man with AIDS.

Denise on

Can Matthew please start eating again? He looks incredibly scary, like he’s seriously ill or something.

Luciana on

Maybe you should read the article.

Jen on

Yuck….he looks hideous.

Johnny Q. on


Karen on

While you are entitled to your own opinion you must not be so damn rude, shame on you for being so shallow, true beauty is inside and they are two wonderful and beautiful people! SMH at how lame and so shallow people can be this is exactly what’s wrong with our society because of people like you judjing only from the outside instead of seeing their inner beauty!!! Wonder how you would look modeling I don’t see you posting pics of yourself or having modeling contracts like they both do!!!!

Anonymous on

Who cares!…she is not even famous!

Molly on

People ….READ!!!! He is on a special diet because he is playing an AIDS PATIENT. *sheesh* (First they can’t spell, then they can’t use proper grammar, then they can’t formulate a sentence, and now …no reading comprehension.)

doodlbeug on

Wow, she is stunning and yes, my husband prefers me without makeup. Of course I wear it when I want. Still my face. She wasn’t saying she doesn’t wear it, just stating his preference. So sorry she is having a rough third pregnancy. My third kicked my butt too. But she will have a beautiful baby in the end. God bless to them all.

TJ on

I hate when men try to control their women! If you want to wear make-up then by all means wear it!!! He’s afraid he might lose you!! You are gorgeous either way!! But take/maintain control!!

seila on

she is sooooooo ugly, i can’t understand what he sees on her

fanofboardwalkempire on

Camilla is fortunate to have a husband who like her make-up free-Matthew is that outdoorsy type. Good for her!

Wilhemina on

So nothing to talk about- wow… no news about no makeup ..

Rass on

What? Now that she’s married she has to alter herself to his liking? She wore makeup before and she should be able to wear makeup whenever the he ll she wants to. Control Freak all the way.

mel on

B**** please, if she weren’t attractive and he were with her for just personality he’d be telling her to fix herself up. So sick of pretty people saying oh he likes me natural. pfft w/e

Emily on

She’s one of those rare women that looks beautiful without make-up on. Right after she gave birth to their second child, they took a picture together and she didn’t have any make-up on and she looked gorgeous. It was impressive!!!

Anna on

She certainly has the type of looks that she’s gorgeous with or without makeup.

Joplin on

She wears lots of makeup. No wonder he prefers her with none

Julie on

She is so damn pretty it doesn’t matter.

Nic on

I love it when people comment on celebrity news not being news when it’s posted on or These are celebrity gossip sites, not hard hitting news sites. Anyway, she looks great and he looks like the role he’s preparing to play as an individual with HIV.

Ewww on

What’s with Matthew. He looks terrible. He is wayyyyy to thin!! Poor bugger! Gain some weight Matthew. Where is the 6 pack?

Eve on

I would bet that most men, when asked, would say the same thing, I cannot imagine how gross it must be to try to kiss something covered in cosmetic goo. Natural is soooo much better, just because the cosmetic industry (whose goal is to make obscene profits after all), is brainwashing y’all into thinking you don’t look good enough without product covering your face, doesn’t make that the truth. Think for yourselves and love yourselves as is. And kudos to Camila and Matt.

Anonymous on

it’s not the role. he’s looked bad for a long time. i think he had some bad plastic surgery or something.

Ceci on


Well he’s no prize either. Just look at him. Actually she’s too pretty for him!

Dafftygrams on

Am I supposed to care? No? Good because I don’t.

anonymous on

I don’t think she is very attractive.

MRJ on

Did getting married make her more talkative? Never heard from her before then.

myshadozmerlin on

people … he is dieting to play the role of an AIDS patient. It therefore follows that he is going to look thin and sickly!!!


Seila and Anonymous

I guess if she was white blonde, skinny, fake boobs, lots of makeup, injectable lips and botox face that will be consider beautiful.

I will like to see the faces of you two cowardly toad.

P.S The next time you judge someone by their looks, take a look at yourself, go out into the world and make a difference in someone else’s life like Matthew and his family do. Beauty comes in all shapes, race, sizes etc.

Karen on

Beutifully said!!! Couldn’t agree with you more!! Wish people would see that real beauty is inside! People here calling her ugly and loos like a Gorilla then take a damn good look at yourself!!! I don’t see you being picked up as a model like she is, Camilla is a gorgeous, smart and a very attractive young lady don’t hate!!!!

Dawn Cutler on

I don’t find her particularly attractive. I know that she is a model, but she just always looks so plain to me. I always thought that he was rather attractive with a charming personality. I don’t know.

mountainmiss on

The only news here is the explanation as to why Matthew is looking like he does.

Anonymous on

She keeps getting pregnant so he won’t run away.. This is make up free? Bullshit.. She is having make up on more then I ever did..

Gladiola on

What an amazing discovery……majority of men like their women with a natural look rather than all that gunk smeared on their face. But I guess this is major news!

Kat on

She’s still young and less is more at this age. Wonder if he’ll feel the same when she’s 45 lol!

sophia on

He is not good looking either in my opinion. They are good for each other.

Beth on

Hey Johnny Q,
you’re delusional. Post a pic of you and we will rate it.

Lonnie on

Is he sick or doing drugs? He’s looking bad.

Nica on

Wow…the level of stupidity in the comments is off the charts today. So mean-spirited & juvenile. These are not complex articles yet the reading comprehension level seems to linger around grade 2.

If they don’t care for the subject matter, I can’t imagine why anyone would bother to read and then also comment on how uneventful the post is or make rude and childish comments. I guess maturity & class are not so common anymore.

I think Camila looks fantastic, a natural beauty and I agree with Matthew, less is more.

Unkown on

Wow. How STUPID can she be?

Guest on

Great. Who cares!

Gina on

Matthew is a great actor and obviously a good husband to Camila and her children. Camila is stunning!

Lotus on

She’s gorgeous and has youth on her side. Very few darker skinned women actually need makeup, no offense.

SoNotHollywood on


matthew mcconaughey on

she looks like she stinks..

Athina on

It’s up to her. A face looks better with a a little makeup, if only a bit of lipstick to go out. It’s not up to Matthew to dictate whether his wife wears makeup or not. It’s a subtle form of control.

belle on

it pisses me off when guys say “you don’t need makeup”… it’s not their choice. if it makes your significant other feel better about herself.. then be quiet.

Kelli W on


Yet, you commented twice.

ELC on

What’s so magnificient about him?Come on he tells her to be make-up free. Matthew has become way too full of himself and if she likes to have him make decisions for her than so be it. Its there marriage. As far as this article is concerned-I think there is more important things to write about than Camila wearing or not wearing make-up. I’m also not interested in her pregnancy-this is the 3rd-get over yourselves.

ELC on

What happened to Matthew-he used to be a better looking guy?He’s nothing to rave about. As for her, if she wants to or doesn’t want to wear make-up it should be her business. I guess she likes having him make all her decisions-I would think this would be something she would have any opinion about. Then again, maybe he likes playing King of The Castle and she’s happy going along with his demands.

Elizabeth on

He’s starting to look like Fire Marshall Bill!

Stephanie on

Ok so matthew’s the insecure one in the relationship. Good to know!!!!

Marky on

You posters have lost your freaking minds today! Camilla is lovely, as usual, and her comments regarding makeup are hardly stating that Matthew demands she go makeup free; she simply stated he likes her without makeup. This family leads a fairly simple life, and that is just one facet.

Are you people so demented you don’t read the article before you post?? Matt looks bad, because he has a role to play, not because he is sick, or dieting for fun, or any other reason! Do you have any common sense at all? Half these posts are either flat-out mean for absolutely no reason, or they are obviously made by people who don’t know what they are talking about something ignorant and insulting. Most of you need a manners check in a big hurry!

10z3r on

… while he uses wig or get sometimes hair grafts. Isn’t that hypocrisy????


Well, if you are preparing for a role as an AIDS patient, he looks the part. Why are poeple so up in arms about this? She is gorgeous! Not everyone can pull the no make up thing off..

lovely123 on

And I was like, and he was like, and we all were like…zzzzzzzzzzz.

Anonymous on

Thanks for the laugh guys!!! I guess we all have too much time on our hands!

Roxanne on

He is actually a rude person!!!!!

J on

Denise, he’s playing a seriously ill patient for a role.

I wonder if she likes his without deodorant since he has talked manytimes about going without for some reason.

Annia on

Yep, if I’m that gorgeous, I will not be wearing any make up either. When I do wear it, I never piled it on. Just light on everything, so my mother won’t think I’m coming down with something for being so colorless. LOL.

whatever on

Lol stupid people are funny. Ok here it is for the slow ones:

1. I doubt Camilla cares if you think she’s ugly her multi millionare movie star husband likes her even with her makeup off

2. She hardly says that Matthew beats her with a stick if she wears makeup, he simply prefers her without it


4. And this is the most important one because this is my absolute pet peeve. IF CELEBRITIES DO NOT INTEREST YOU PLEASE FOR HEAVENS SAKES GET OFF THE CELEBRITY GOSSIP SITE. If one particular story/person doesn’t interest me I have device on my computer called a SCROLL BAR I don’t take the time to read it, then click continue reading story and then take the time to leave a comment about how boring the story is.

Thank you for listening now grow a brain.

Mia on

I prefer the natural look myself!