Mariah Carey’s Lazy Summer Days with Twins

08/14/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Dem babies are in demand! Per the request of her fans, Mariah Carey shared two new photos of her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, 15 months.

Relaxation is key for the singer in both shots — the singer is snuggled in bed “takin’ a little nap” with her son in the first shot, and enjoying a “lazy day” by the pool with her daughter in the second.

Courtesy Mariah Carey

She won’t be kicking back for long though — Carey, 43, is the newest judge on American Idol, premiering in January.Β “It’s gonna be so much fun,” Β she said recently. “As a singer-songwriter, I’m excited to help find and nurture new talent.”

Carey is reportedly being paid $18 million for the season.

Courtesy Mariah Carey

— Sarah Michaud

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Linda on

The twins and mommy look so cute. I hope she posts more I’d love to see a pic with the whole gorgeous family.

Anonymous on

I agree with Linda (below) want to see more pics of the babies!!

abby on

There’s nothing nicer than taking naps with your kids when they are little! I miss that now that they are older. Very nice photos!

boohoobytch on

so cute

bh on

It was nice of the nanny to let mommy have them for a little while.

Bcc on


Misty on

So cute!

KLP82 on

Those kids are so cute!! What sweet pictures. I wish I was loungin in that pool right now!

SA on

I know she gets a bad rap, but I really like Mariah, and it’s good to see her happy. I grew up with her!

Ms. lady on

The kids are beautiful

jojo on

i really resent when i see people make the nanny comments. i mean, don’t most working parents drop their kids off with a babysitter for more time in the day than they actually spend with them?? c’mon, get over yourselves!

tigergrl90 on

Yeah, what is daycare if not some place to leave your kids 8 hours a day

Kimberly on

hold up – is Mariah levitating over the water? Maybe I should get my specs out, but there is something wrong with this picture – look where her behind curves to her leg – it looks flat like its pressed onto something but there’s nothing there.

ali on

It looks suspicious but it’s just refraction… The light is bent through the water making it seem like some of her leg is either flat or missing. πŸ™‚

Marky on

Shut up with the nanny comments! If you work and have a baby-sitter, you’re no different; if you work and Grandma takes care of the baby, you’re no different. There is nothing wrong with being a working mom; are we back in the 1800’s and mom’s can’t work, if they choose? Mom can be SAHM or she can work; if she works she always has help, or the children get neglected, therefore….

The pics look great, and the children are adorable!

kc on

lol. that 2nd picture is hilarious. how in the world is she floating on the water? photoshop much?

tigergrl90 on

That is what you call a custom pool which like has steps in it. She is clearly sitting on one step, which is also what the baby is sitting on and her foot is flat on the second step.

pollyhanaha on

She has some seriously beautiful babies. Show us more Mariah!

Marky on

Kimberly, it is the angle of the photo. Mariah is sitting on an underwater shelf, which is difficult to see because of the angle and the fact it’s underwater. We have one in our pool, and it can look the same; it’s also influenced by the color of the inside of the pool. After we changed to a somewhat blue plaster instead of white, kid shelves looked different.

tara on


I thought the same thing, but if you look closely, the blue of the water is a different color. I think Mariah is on a part that is covered in glass.

lovely123 on

Always a photo op. for Mariah. I think she will always be dressing and acting like she is 21.

jimmy on

She is in a bikini at a pool, what do you expect her to wear there?

SLS on

Cute pictures! I miss my baby being that little!

Rose on

Mariah sleeps with a massive smile on her face? wtf?

Jeanine on

To Rose: she isn’t sleeping….her eyes are just shut! Please tell me you are smarter than that. And these photos aren’t altered she is sitting on a ledge in the pool! I grew up with Mariah and I love her and her music….it’s nice to see her so happy!

Gil on

POSED, publicity hound … no one sits next to their pool like that, it would kill the back. duhh…

Lollydoll on

@Marky- Exactly!! These self righteous, hypocritical people make me sick with their nanny comments. First of all, I am sure running after two fifteen month old twins is hard work, so if Mariah AND Nick want to hire nanny to assist them, what’s the problem? Especially when millions of women all over the world, park their kids at daycare, school, babysitters, or if you’re lucky, granny’s house, everyday when they go to work or just want to get out of the house. Please don’t act like if you had Mariah’s money, you wouldn’t have a nanny because that’s bull!!

As for “dem babies”, they are too adorable. Something tells me that Ms. Monroe is going to be a handful when she gets older! πŸ˜‰

KB on

That second photo is the poorest photoshop job I’ve ever seen. Even if you ignore the fact that “she” is wearing a cover-up in the pool, look closely at those legs. Those legs are laying on a lounge chair in their original photo – not levitating on water.

Nina on

LOL-they are both adorable but lil’ Roc looks like he’s trying to slip the finger in that picture!! LOL

deb on

Its nice to see she can take a down to earth picture without having tons of make up on..she looks like a normal mom in the first picture..nice to see that she don’t always have to be fully made up for every single picture..I think she’s grown up alot and its easy to think because she’s a celebrity she has 100 nannies and does nothing (maybe she does and maybe she doesnt..) but we don’t know the situation and how hands on she is/isn’t..but she sure has beautiful kids..Go Mariah!! I don’t always like her behavior but lets hope she’s grown up a bit and i appreciate her honesty in interviews..she never tries to sugar coat everything..refreshing from other celebs who rant how “perfect” everything is 24/7 and they end up divorced. Go Mariah!

kica on

Dem babies are soooo darn cute!! I’m happy for this family.

lilly on

Kimberly, you need to check your eyes , you can see the part you are missing, under the water

twinmom on

My twins are going to be 16yrs old and most of us twin parents are completely amazed by the people that have no idea what its like to carry give birth to or raise twins while having how many jobs. I didnt have a nanny but my mom helped a lot early on. And if youve ever seen the pics of Mariahs place you would know her pool has shelfs. You can also see in the picture with her son shes pretending to sleep like a lot of mommys pretend to do being silly. Theres a lot of jealous ignorant hypocritical people out there.I agree with LollyDoll! And unless you were there which i doubt you were you cant say it was photoshopped. Geez! Cute pics Mariah!

Jennifer on

I love Mariah, Love “Dem babies” and HATE all the nasty comments people make about her and the nanny situation. Like you don’t have daycare services! And wouldn’t it be nice if we could all stay at home with our children? Those kids will have everything they ever wanted and she has never looked happier. She grew up without a father in her life, went through a hellish divorce/1st marriage, obviously had issues conceiving and has had a mental break down- She’s human. Like you (the one’s making negative comments) aren’t! And if she wants to dress young, then why not? I will until my kids tell me no more! I don’t dress inappropriately, I don’t think she does either, but if she wants to wear bikini’s and form fitting dresses and clothes, then what business is it of yours?! I am expecting twins and there is no shame in asking for help- especially when you work.

kathy on

I thought she lost some weight……… does not look like it !!!!

Gina on

The twins are anything but cute! I suggest you all buy a pair of prescription glasses.

Gina u r so jealous on

You my dear sound like a bitter jealous spinster, what’s wrong no one wants you. You must be around those children’s age. Those are babies you are talking about.

Lollydoll on

Well please show the “Best In Show” contenders that your children are undoubtedly are and I will make sure to bring out the Puppy Chow!

Anonymous on

How sweet!!

casual observer on

This photo has some serious PhotoShop issues. The color of the water is different. Her arm is resting on top of the water. Plus you can see the edge of her ‘image’ that was placed in the picture. Baby is adorable but not too sure that is really its mother.

Vanessa on

Super cute!! πŸ™‚

fancypants on

The nanny comments are ridiculous. MILLIONS OF WOMEN get help with their kids! Ever heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child”? It exists for a reason. My aunt is a nurse and a single mom of a 2 yr old and a 2 month old. She DOESN’T have millions of dollars, and she has a nanny during the week! Women aren’t superheroes. How is a woman supposed to work to earn a living if she doesn’t get some help with her kids every now and then? Is EVERY woman supposed to be a stay at home mom??

J on

Hey, BH. She carried two babies and nursed a critically ill husband. Can’t you just be happy for her? With all her money, at the end of the day this is the family that she has created. I think she has done a great job, with or without nannies.

Gina u r so jealous on

You are so right. she does seem happy and has a beautiful family. I’m not a big fan of her singing but I am really happy for her personally seems like she went thru a lot. Good for her!!

tlc on

As a photographer, I can honestly say that this photo IS a chop job. It’s is SO badly photoshopped!!! Her leg is not on a shelf, it’s not even wet! Her arm is at an awkward angle like in the original photo, she was holding something and by the look of the hand, it was a glass.

Photoshopping is fine but why not just use the original photo of her by the pool? If she posted the one of her in bed, which is not chopped as far as I can see, then why not the other?

Also, it’s fine to use a nanny, but remember most of these celebs have LIVE IN nannies…regular folks use sitters or Grandma but when they get home after work, it’s them alone. I’m sure Mariah’s nanny lives in…it’s common practice in Hollyweird.

Lollydoll on

So what if Roc and Row’s nanny is live in?! The average person doesn’t have a live in nanny simply because they can’t afford it, not because they are against it!! They are just acting as if they are appalled because they know that a live in nanny is not realistic for them.

The sad thing is that some of you who are on here being so mean and nasty about these two sweet pictures, could certainly use a live in nanny! Maybe then your kids won’t pick up your snotty ways! We certainly don’t need even more negative people in the world.

Keep posting pics of those cute babies, Mariah! I love seeing them!

tlc on

Oh and just to add as well. The person in the pool photo could be ANYONE for all we know..she doesn’t show her face at all.

Ronda Reed on

They are really cute babies! Looks like fun!!! “:)

cj on

she went through so much crap in the past. its great to see her have a happily ever after πŸ™‚

meghan on

There are some seriously mean people on this thread. And stupid ones at that. And if TLC is a photographer, I’m the Queen of England,

Anonymous on

…and you wonder why celebs don’t post private and intimate photos of themselves and their families. they try to do something nice, yet the pics get ridicule and it starts up a whole lot of non-sense discussions, smh.

Dorothy Moore on

Beautiful Family … God Bless all…

Cass on

I can just hear Maria saying “here put the baby next to me while I pose”…(nanny puts baby in floaty, snaps the pic)

Rona on

The twins are adorable.

Nick and Mariah have dedicated a website to them – – you can see plenty of pictures there.

I think it’s very smart and probably keeps them from being hounded by Paparrazzi. Other celebs should follow suit I think.

Ellen on

The twins are adorable β™₯

tina on

Her thigh looks HUGE!!

tina on


Noonah on

Ah please. I am NOT a fan of Mariah Carey, but really, what’s up with all the hate? Nanny-snanny… as if none of you ever left your kids with a neighbour, grandma, babysitter, etc. My kids all went through the daycare system, so what?
Kids are cute, Mariah seems happy – good for them!

Sara on

Yeah that’s how I remember my mom hanging out beside the pool when I was a kid. What the heck is with that pose? She NEEDS to realize she is NOT sexy.

sat on


Anonymous on

Very beautiful babies

Jennifer Higgi on

Soo Cute!! My twins are 16. Time really passes- enjoy them!!

jayne on

How do you know that’s her in the pool? Maybe it’s the nanny….ha ha!

James Sevell on

don’t you people have your own lives? Or are you so pathetic that you have to live through other peoples’ lives?? Get off your ass and do something!

mkbjon on

You can try to rationalize it whichever way you like, but one thing I have learned is that truly happy people don’t take one minute out of their happy lives to say something negative out of the blue. Tearing someone down is the last thing on your mind when you are joyful. LOL, some of these commenters are practically screaming about how miserable their lives are.

Sharlene on

And when are you “fans” going to wake up and see how you are being manipulated into her narcissistic circle?? I bet these babies don’t even know her! They never look particularly comfortable around her and she always seems to just be using them for photo ops. She is a pathetic, insecure yet full of herself diva. And her husband is just an overgrown child. Get over yourselves you “fans”!

Nota on

Nice to see a photo of M where her ‘front’ is almost falling out and seams are straining to stay together…

lovely123 on

James, calling the kettle black are we? You actually took the time to post something regarding these comments. I will get up when you do. Enjoy!

Sherry on

WOW–they are super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sharon on

Mariah is so fake…her entire life is a pose for the media.

Anonymous on

Awesome picz mom and her cute baby