Nick Lachey: I’ve Wanted to Be a Dad for a ‘Long Time’

08/10/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
James Morgan

With the birth of Vanessa Lachey‘s son just about a month away,Β Nick Lachey couldn’t be more thrilled about the September arrival.

“I can’t even explain how excited I am,” Nick, 38, recently told PEOPLE. “For someone who has wanted a family for such a long time, I’ve looked forward to this moment. Now that it’s almost here, it’s awesome.”

NBC’s upcoming Stars Earn Stripes competitor, who says he probably wants to end up with three kids total, is “looking forward to everything” about fatherhood.

“Maybe it’s because this is my first, but I’m looking forward to the lack of sleep — everything,” he explains. “I don’t care. I’m excited to do the whole process.”

Make that almost everything. “I’m willing to change diapers,” Nick says. “But I’m not necessarily excited to change diapers.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Kristen on

My husband and I longed for a child for many years, so when our son finally arrived in 2010, we both were and still are very hands on. We can definitely relate to Nick and Vanessa. So very happy for the 2 of them!

Andrea on

I’m so happy for them! They seem so much in love and I think they’ll be fantastic parents!

denise on

They both will be fantastic parents. Good luck

KVA on

So happy for them!!!! I hope they have a safe delivery!!! πŸ™‚

Big Fan on

I was excited for EVERY aspect…because soon the diapers become walking…walking becomes running….running beomes ten years….etc….enjoy it all, because every second counts, it all goes way too fast!

Anonymous on

Isn`t that the absolute truth!

DaisyMoon on

Nothing better than a child who is really, truly wanted.

WAP on

Very true. Every child deserves to be wanted, loved and protected πŸ˜ƒ

otherguest on

How many times are they going to make this a top story? Ok, we get it, he’s excited. They treat evey hollywood pregnancy like it’s never happened before. Tons of people are having babies, all day, every day.

yea on

Then dont read it dummy. Problem.solved

Charli on

they seem like a lovely couple and I’m sure they will make great parents. congrats to them!!!

saal s on

Solid healthy couple – good role models and I wish them the best. There should be more couples like this in Hollywood as opposed to horrible families like the Kardashians who haveno values or morals.

WAP on

Hahahahaha….true. I feel sorry for Bruce Jenner sometimes…..

mandy on

Enough already! These celebrities, for whatever these two are famous for, really believe everyone is so interested in the birth of their children?

Kim on

I have always liked Nick he seems like a nice guy who truly loves the women in his life. I don’t blame him for the divorce Papa Joe probably played a huge role in that. Best of luck to Nick and Vanessa!

Kim on

Oh my GOD who cares. Please stop posting stories about these two and their effing pregnancy until the baby comes out. I could care less about some has-been and his D-list wife and every brainfart they have about their baby. You would think she was the first woman to give birth.

faithsmomma on

It’s not about being pregnant and bragging about it, it’s about how excited they are. while a lot of people have babies all the time when people are excited it’s nice to hear about a married couple excited about every aspect of having a child.

Kate on

To all the complainers out there, guess what? There is a reason People and other magazines/websites out there are so popular. Many people are interested in celebrity’s lives. For those of you who aren’t interested…don’t read the stories. There’s always that choice instead of being so nasty.

Fake on

Most new parents feel this way. Why is it so special that he says it? The press makes them seem so wonderful when they have issues (esp Vanessa) like the rest of us. Enough of the “I’m soo perfect” act.

Nicole on

I am so happy for these two. They will be fantastic parents and have a beautiful family, with more to come I’m sure. I wish them all the happiness, health, and good will all the days of there lives.

Guest on

Wait till the novelty wears off. Children are precious but they totally take over your life.

TG on

They are so adorable! I don’t know them, but they seem like a genuine couple and very happy =)

Doreen on

Well, Jessica messed up big time! She could’ve kept such a great hubby to treated her very well and she could’ve had Nick as a great Father for her child. Too bad Jess! Now, look at you! You’re HUGE, not married and with a child and Vanessa looks tons better than you did when you were pregnant! Go Vanessa & Nick!!

Jessica on

I am so happy for Nick and Vanessa and I love how us fans can be a part of the whole experience Can’t wait for Baby Lachey to arrive and to find out his name πŸ™‚

katie on

so happy for them, he seems so excited! love nick!

Anonymous on

I hope he ran the “three kids” by his wife….

jessica jean on

I still miss him & Jessica Simpson together. They would have been such cute parents together.

Amanda on

Congrats to them..that’s gonna be one cute baby!

Anonymous on

With parents like that, the kid is going to be gorgeous! πŸ™‚

fanofboardwalkempire on

nice to see Nick so excited- this baby is gonna have a lot of love around him Wonderful to know!

Sherry on

Sweet! That’s going to be on beautiful baby!

Cortney on

Excited for them but she is so boring on Wipeout!

Mia on

Congratulations!!!!! Nick and Vanessa you two will be wonderful parents

fran on

Ahh… I love DaisyMoon’s comment. So true! No child is better than a child that was truely wanted……

Katie on

Congrats nick and Vanessa lachey

Jodie on

I love these two! And soon to be three!

heather on

congrats for both of you having a baby is the best gift you can ever have it will change your life for the better

Shopgirl on

This couple must have good publicists. There is a story on one or the other a minimum of once per week. Pretty good for D list celebs.

Anonymous on

Well he’s 38, it’s definitely time for him to be a Dad. It seems like her pregnancy went by really quickly like most of them do but it seems like Jessica Simpson was pregnant for 2 years! She must have been 20 minutes pregnant when she announced it!

Just My Opinion on

So very happy for them both.

ErpeeErp on

I’m glad he’s “willing” to change diapers; it’s so kind of him.

Liz on

He sounds very sweet, nice to hear a man say those things.

lol on

amazes me how the media pushes this couple.. They really ahve no following or much public interest but the media.. GO back & look few people ever comment alone when its just this.. not to say I don’t wish them well & a healthy baby but honestly who cares.

boohoobytch on

he’ll be a great dad and I’m sure she’ll be a great mom

Connie on

They seem really excited about being parents and I wish them well. And like many people have been saying, enjoy it because it goes so fast! It seems like mine were babies just yesterday and now my youngest in in Jr Hi and my oldest in HS. Enjoy all the moments – children a blessing and joy.

crystal20 on

Who cares they are nobody special!

crystal20 on

They are loosers.

Ashley on

So happy for Nick and Vanessa. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of baby boy Lachey and the family of three.

Joann on

These two are desperately trying to grab onto any vestige of fame and it’s pathetic. What’s the dumb show she hosts? Is that the best she can do?

loveblue2 on

I’m really happy for both of them – especially Nick. The way Jessica walked out on their marriage was pretty cold. She just kind of blindsided the poor guy. I think Nick and Vanessa are a much better match than Nick was with Jessica. Wishing them all the happiness in the world with this baby.

Iza Wazio on

Please stop hating. Thisstory is much better than reading about how Miley Cyrus thinks she and her boyfriend are a lot deeper than normal people. There is depth in something like this that we could all stop and reflect upon. I’m wishing them ll the best and that they do make it together.

Anonymous on

LOL- Who cares? Well, obviously you do or you wouldn’t have bothered commenting!

Also, to those of you saying you’re sick of the media treating every celebrity pregnancy like it’s the first time someone’s been pregnant, why in the world are you on a blog devoted to celebrity pregnancies and births in the first place?!

Anonymous on

Anon- If you click on where it says “three kids”, it takes you to a tweet from Vanessa, where she expresses the same desire. So it’s all good! πŸ™‚

shelly on

Must have been a D-list writer who wrote this post about these two D-list actors. Wouldn’t “With the birth of their son just a month away…” have sufficed as the first sentence instead of the idiotic one that was used? Who the heck writes about a husband and wife like that?

Anyway, I agree with most of the sentiments here about these two getting so many posts. This blog has gone to crap lately. There are way too many D-listers being featured here. Most of the time, I scroll through and barely read anything. Can you please start posting about real CELEBRITIES?

Texas Tornado on

So happy that they are one of the few movie star couples who got married first, then pregnant second. Unlike Nick’s ex-wife, Jessica. Best wishes to Nick and Vanessa! An adorable couple!

Ashley on

“To Overmoonandpreggogagme” this obviously a very early picture of pregnant Vanessa. She is in her last month and in all of Vanessa’s recent pictures she has been wearing maxi dresses. PEOPLE just used a picture that they had of Vanessa and Nick together since the article is about Nick’s comments.

marley on

changing diapers is enjoyable. If you use cotton. I love the feel and smell of cotton. I still have my son’s cotton diapers, and he will be 20 this year! They are really practical for so many things!

Lack of sleep, though, no; it’s brutal. Really exhausting. I think each baby needs three parents, so there can be three eight-hour shifts. It is so tiring.

I think it’s so creepy when people know the name and sex of a baby before it’s even a baby. Shudder.

me on

I would have had his babies LONG ago, he didn’t have to.wait.for Vanessa πŸ˜‰

haveanothersonplease on

Nick is so fake and wimpy looking to me. And as far as talents, what special skills do these two possess?

Lizzie on

I LOVE this couple, they seem soooooo in LOVE with each other and now they will be able to DEVOTE alllll their care & LOVE to their new Baby!! VANESSA is absolely BEAUTIFUL, thank God she has gained 500 pounds, ahhhh oops did I say that?????!! BlessingS(SSSSSSSSSS) to this DELIGHTFUL & FAB couple and their Baby!!!!!

Anonymous on

loveblue2- I know it seems like Jessica just “walked out” on Nick, but I have a feeling there’s way more to the story of the end of that marriage than any of us will ever know.

That being said, I DO agree that Vanessa and Nick seem to be a much better fit than Nick and Jessica were. πŸ™‚

Mina on

Nick is an idiot! Why? Because he only married Jessica Simpson because she was a hot virgin. Once he realized that was she was a “dumb blonde” he wanted out. Then he moves on to someone else who is super hot. If he wanted to be a dad for a long time, there are alot of average looking, good, non-celeb women out there who he could have dated. But no, he wanted someone hot and famous. He is superficial.

WAP on

Yes…..he wanted to be a dad for a long time…..perhaps the time wasn’t right till now. It good when people plan something as ‘huge’ in ur life like a baby! You sound bitter😝

Anonymous on

Can we please leave Jessica out of this? She and Nick have been divorced for almost SEVEN years now, and both moved on long ago. If you ask me, it’s high time we did the same!

Also, what is it with the obsession about bringing these two up on posts about eachother anyway? Maybe it’s just me, but you don’t seem to see any other celebrity ex couple constantly brought up in posts on each other’s families (unless they have children together, of course)!

Mom on

So happy for them…best wishes..may they have a blessed delivery …..

paulette on

awwww pffffft, they will be in divorce court in no time, with another baby ruined by it

insomniaticcat on

So happy for them both, they’re so adorable together. Wish them nothing but joy and happiness.

Anonymous on

Mina- And you know so much about Nick’s personal life how?! Also, don’t most celebrites date/marry other celebs?

Anonymous on

Mina- I also meant to say that it was Jessica, not Nick, who ended their marriage (and he was reportadly blindsided). So much for your theory that it was he who “wanted out”!

Anonymous on

Sorry, one other thing: How exactly is Nick supposed to control who he falls in love with?!

Ashley on

Nick and Vanessa were together as sweethearts longer than his first marriage before they got engaged and married. I think this celebrity marriage will go all the way to old age like some of the Hollywood devoted couple. Great celebrity couple.

Patricia on

Congrates Nick and Vanessa! They are going to be great parents!