Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford Welcome Son Leo James

08/10/2012 at 09:00 PM ET
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Superman has a son!

Partners star Brandon Routh and actress Courtney Ford welcomed their first child on Friday, Aug. 10, a rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Leo James Routh weighed 8 lbs. and measured 20Β½ inches.

“We’re in awe … we can’t take our eyes off him!” the proud new parents tell PEOPLE, with Routh adding his wife is a “rockstar.”

After weeks of trying to keep the news under wraps, the couple — who wed in 2007 — confirmed in March that they were expecting. “It’s been so hard keeping the news to ourselves,” Routh, 32, told PEOPLE.

Quipped Ford, 34, who is known for her roles onΒ True Blood andΒ Parenthood, “Flu and food poisoning excuses only work for so long!”

Routh’s new show, Partners, premieres Sept. 24 on CBS.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Lesley Messer

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Brandon and Courtney! Leo James is a great name.

Also can’t wait for Partners to start!

Bree on

Congrats!! Love the name Leo James!! My husband and I have actually choosen the reverse (James Leo) if we ever have a boy (I still say we are having all girls though lol)
Can’t wait to see pictures, I am sure he is a total doll πŸ™‚

pug_lover on

Leo James is such a great name! I’m trying to remember who she played on True Blood….

K on

And who exactly are these people? Never heard of them.

monica on


GSquared on

I am such a big fan of Brandon! Congratulations to the beautiful couple and their baby boy, I know they’ll be great parents! πŸ˜€

Julianna on

Congratulations to Brandon and Courtney!

@K, Brandon is a actor, he played Clark Kent/Superman in Superman Returns. He also had roles in Cold Case and Chuck.

Abby on

@ K, i really don’t understand why people feel the need to comment that they don’t know who the people featured in the article are. If you genuinely don’t know, you’re on the internet, Google it. If you’re being rude, obviously some people do know who they are otherwise they wouldn’t have an article written about them on People. By the way, it kind of says who they are in the article!

Abby on


Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

nunuk ceria on

Brandon & courtney,congratulation to both of you on arrival your son leo james routh.May joy and happiness always surround your family.

haveanothersonplease on

Oh Gawd.. Another case of the woman being older than the man. What is happening in Today’s society? Things are definitely changing for the worse. Poor child will have to grow up with a mother who is older than the father. And she looks it too!

Elspeth on

I know. Two years difference, too. I mean, I thought I had it bad because my mom is 10 months older than my dad. They need to drown that baby and lock the mom away forever. How dare she?? She needs to have a baby with a much older man like a good woman.

Kyra on

Thumbs up 4 you! πŸ™‚

agatha on

Tttssss! Now a days?? My mom is 64 and my dad 62 and they have been married for 40 years. Never a problem and started from nothing to a nice house, business and healthy kids.
If you think age matters, then you are immature and need to GROW up!

Andrea on

The best of wishes to the couple and baby. Great, strong name!

annie on


LoveMyCrazyLife on

Congrats! Cute name!

Kate on

This guy is a piece of ass.

a oliverlane on

He also used to be on Soap (ABC). OLTL, good on there,” be4 hollyweird”

Todd Smitts on

Pretty safe to say that kid (and any future siblings) will grow up insanely good looking. Now that’s a genetic lottery win if I ever saw one.

Mina on

Remember when she shot herself in the head on Dexter s4? Spoiler^

Natalie on

Awww! πŸ™‚ Congrats to Brandon and Courtney! Leo James is a fantastic name.

Cortney on

I just watched season 4 of Dexter…She was the crazy reporter! Love it! Congrats on the new baby and hottie hubby!

Nina on

I sort of don’t like her, because she was sooo bitchy on HIMYM, which actually means that she is great actress…yeah, I doubt that she is like that in real life πŸ˜‰


Marie on

Congratulations! πŸ™‚ love the name Leo! James is a nice middle name for Leo! Best wishes to the new parents!

yoyo on

Horrible name… Why do actors and famous people need to name their kids obscure names? lol

yoyo on

terrible name… Leo James. poor kid.

Holly on

Great name and far from obscure! Leo has been steadily climbing the charts and will probably be in the 100 most popular names within the next five years.

Rhonda on

I don’t understand why people are criticizing the baby’s name. It’s not YOUR child. It’s their baby and they chose the name they wanted. You will never have any part in their lives, so I’m sure they’re not losing sleep over the fact that you dislike their child’s name. Anyway, congratulations to this couple on the birth of their baby boy.

dirvish on

@haveanothersonplease- What exactly is your problem?? You think having the wife two years older than the husband is a problem. MY problem is having people apparently too stupid to walk upright roaming around this planet and contaminating others. Congrats to the beautiful couple!!

Anna on

I think readers have every right to comment here about the baby’s name. These people are celebrities and it is put out there whether they like it or not. If anyone does not like the fact that there is a comments section, then take it up with

Ari on

Aw! Congrats to the new parents! I’m sure that is one beautiful baby!

Sadie on

K, she’s the daughter of the Trinity killer and he’s Superman.

soph on

yoyo, seriously? Leo James a terrible name? Okay.

linn on

Absolutely love the name Leo James!

Congratulations to whole family.

Bree on

@haveanothersonplease what is so wrong with the mother being older than the father?? Especially when she is only two years older?? I would much rather see two parents that love each other and their child that have years between the parents than two parents where the Dad is older but they don’t love each other and aren’t devoted to their child. Furthermore couples where the woman is older is not exactly new, it has been happening for thousands and probably millions of years.

You have some serious problems if you view a woman being two years older than her husband as a problem for anyone especially their child!!

Anonymous on

He’s a very nice person. He’s from the town I live in. When our school got a new performing arts center, he came for the grand opening (his mother is a teacher here) and he also acted as Grand Marshall of the 4th of July parade last year. So happy for him and his wife. I’m sure he’s a beautiful baby. There is nothing wrong with the name. Leo may not be on the top 10 list but who cares. Wish them all the best!

osheana on

Who in the hell names there baby that that is horrible and no one has ever had an uguly babt like that bitch

lelee on

Congrats to Brandon and Courtney.

Leo is a well – known name worldwide. Even in Switzerland there are some boys called Leo. It’s a pretty normal name, nothing weird.

They gave him obviously the middle name of James because of Brandon. Brandons birth name is Brandon James Routh – so Leo was given the middle name James in honor of his father ;).

jjjj on

Not sure if the people that say ‘who is this person’ are trying to make a joke or not. But if you are it is not very original or funny. If you really don’t know who they are then just look it up, that is what the internet is for.

haveanothersonplease on

terrible name

Anonymous on

congrats to both from Australia, am huge fan of both.. Brandon can{t believe they chose a new superman me and my hubby hate it!! anywayssss better things for you 3 coming up :):) many blessings!!!

Just Me on


Anonymous on

Why the sudden critcism of the name Leo? No one critcized Penelope Cruz when she named her son that!

honestly on

He was a terrible Superman. I’m glad he has moved on to different stuff now.

honestly on

Why would he put out a press release about this? He has always seemed to have a swelled head. His ego-tripping response to getting fired from that soap remains a classic. LOL.

Michael Lawrence on

Amused by this line: “After weeks of trying to keep the news under wraps, the couple β€” who wed in 2007 β€” confirmed in March that they were expecting.”

It’s not like they weren’t trying to get out the news. It’s just that no one know who the hell either of them are. Seriously, they issued news releases, took out billboards, I think there were even some ad buys. Still, the news remained “under wraps.”

PS on

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Superman! Sounds like a very healthy baby πŸ™‚

snappy18 on

I am NINE years older than my husband and we have an amazing marriage! A loving, honest, fun and caring relationship. Our age difference has never been an issue between us and that is all that matters. Ignorant opinons on our age difference is just that. Congrats to the new parents! It must really suck to always have something negative to say than sending positive blessings to someone. Have fun being a grump!

CelebrityCulture on

No one knows these people, but bound for People Magazine (online) to pretend they are profoundly important.

Anonymous on

Kind of love da name . Congrats . Take good care of him .

meghan on

@honestly, why does any performer announce a birth? Who are you to decide whether someone is famous enough to warrant a post on this site? If you don’t like who gets covered on this site, go away.

Anonymous on

honestly- Because he’s a celeb and that’s what most celebs do when they have a baby!

Kat on

Oh God. I am 54 weeks older than my husband. I dread the amount of teasing our children will get at school for having a cradle-snatching cougar mother.

It must be because my own mother is six months older than my dad. It’s a genetic fault. I should have been sterilised to avoid this catastrophe.

Austin on

@osheana You’re calling her a Bitch. have you seen your fucking comment why don’t you do the world a favor and jump off the tallest building you can find KTHNXBYE

Anonymous on

CelebrityCulture- Obviously some people know who Brandon and Courtney are, or they wouldn’t be on this site. This is a site about celebrities, not about people know one knows. πŸ˜‰

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them both. I love the name.

Doodlepeanut on

Should I be worried? I am 1 year and 11 months older than my husband, AND my baby boy is named Leo. According to some of you ignoramuses, I should be crucified and then burned at the stake. I pray for you idiots while I take my young husband and toddler for a pony ride at the Fair. Hugs and kisses, y’all

Anonymous on

congrats really really

qasim on


kayla on

Thats so great, cute name!
She was not in true blood, she was in Dexter as Trinitys daughter.

Maggie on

Actually Kayla, she plays Portia on True Blood as well.