Spotted: Sienna Miller Steps Out with Marlowe

08/09/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Pacific Coast News

Sneak peek!

Sienna Miller‘sĀ newborn daughter Marlowe Ottoline makes her public debut in London, stepping out for errands with the actress Wednesday, followed by a stroll around the neighborhood with mum and dad Tom Sturridge on Thursday.

The 4-week-old snuggled in a cozy wrap — sucking on Miller’s finger for comfort — for the first outing, and rode in style in the limited-edition Missoni Bugaboo stroller for the second.

Miller, 30, and Sturridge, 26, began dating last year.

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Farrah on

Marlowe sounds like something you would name your dog.

Tammie on

As does Farrah

Carrow on

Farrah really doesn’t sound like a dog name…

Joann on

Ewwww! That guy looks creepy.

Guest on

English men normally are

Leslie on

Love that she’s wearing her baby but Marlowe is too low. A rule to go by is you need to be able to kiss the top of your baby’s head.

guest on

who is she?..besides jude’s ex

LM on

She went from Jude Law to this guy?! I would stick with the hot cheater šŸ™‚

Sunny on

I don’t understand his hair.

Farrah on

@Tammie, I know you were going for a ‘good comeback’ but that wasn’t even close. Dry as shit. Try again.

Lisa on

Tom Sturridge was so adorable in the movie Pirate Radio. What the he#$ happened to him? Seriously unattractive.

Mindy on

Its lovely that she is baby wearing her daughter but she needs to have her higher up on her chest, she is far too low and unsupported. I would encourage her to lay her head above her breasts on her chest, froggy her legs and look into a woven wrap for more support later on.

Melodic Mom on

Funny, my dog’s name IS Farrah.

nicole on

@Lisa, I agree, Tom was so cute in pirate radio and in one scene he looks like friend and hottie Robert Pattinson. so what happened. sad man, sad

mandysandy on

I love that name

Vivian on

She’s a new mom and will figure it out soon how to wrap her baby. I’m happy to see her wearing her baby as I enjoyed doing the same with my own daughter. It took me a while too. Mindy, great advice! Thank you for sharing!

Julianna on

She looks skinny for someone who just gave birth.

Wendy on

Balthazar Getty cheated on his wife, with whom he has children, with Sienna Miller. How long do you think it’ll be before karma bites her in the ass?

Ariel on

Tom is Kristen Stewart’s co-star in her movie “On the Road”. He is Robert Pattinson’s bestfriend and apparently Rob and Kristen are Marlowe’s godparents.

Ariel on

Rob and Kristen are the godparents. Rob is bestfriends with Tom, who happens to be Kristen’s co-star in “On the Road”

abby on

That guy? what was she thinking? She looks as if she were his mother, he seems so immature, he really can’t be 26 and still look like that! and the name she chose for the baby is not a good choice at all.

S on

What kind of wrap is she wearing? Im looking for a good one too.

Chica on

It looks like a Moby wrap. They are wonderful! You can get them at Target or any baby store šŸ™‚

jane on

Looks like the wrap that used to be called “Sleepy Wrap” – it has a new name now, but it’s super comfy for mom and baby. We used ours all the time! It’s the best type of wrap/carrier for infants because it’s soft and holds them so close. Easy to use too. Month is fine, but long and thin, can’t use it longer than a few months. Sleepy is thicker and has awesome stretch recovery…

jane on


Guest on

Most obviously, starring in a few movies, dating the hideous CHEAT,JUDD LAW on and off, and having an average pretty face and skinny bod, doesn’t get her much, or brains. This is already on it’s way out….poor, poor Marlowe, handwriting is on the wall. Ick!

Jenny on

she looks fantastic!

Noelle on

Great for wanting to wear her baby, but someone needs to show her how to do it properly. That poor baby is sagging so low! Kissable head is the rule of any baby carrier, and she can not kiss the top of her little one.

myriam on

Woahh. Stop being mean people…

Lisa on


Kim on

Marlowe is a cute name. As for him maybe he is cute underneath the awful hair and the scruff on the face. I do not get what she sees in him, especially dating hottie Jude.

Anonymous on

Vivian- Very well said! This is Sienna’s first time being a mother, we need to cut her a little slack! Anyway, Marlowe is adorable, and I actually like her name. I’ll bet anything that her middle names, Ottoline and Layng (which I thought was “Laying” the first time I read it, and was like “Who the heck names their baby that?!”), honor family members (grandmothers’ maiden names, perhaps?). If so, what a sweet thing to do!

Jules on

Ottoline is a name that while not common, is heard of in England. Lady Ottoline Morrell was a rather famous literary patron who befriended authors like TS Eliot and DH Lawrence.

Lauren on

Everyone saying she should fix the wrap so she can “kiss the top of the baby’s head” is so judgmental it’s making me want to barf. Ooh, you’re so right, know it alls! She obviously doesn’t cherish the maternal experience like you.

Nannette Flowers on

To All The Haters:
Give the woman a break! First-time moms are insecure enough (and you KNOW Sienna is reading this right now…right!) she will figure it out in time. As for her choice of name, “Marlowe” has a lot of meaning behind it, in fact it was the name we chose for our daughter 10 years ago…a lovely way of honoring a dear family member. At least she’s not named after a piece of fruit!

Ava Jane on

Perhaps should have a report comment option for those who can’t seem to say anything nice

suzy diamond on

Is HE the father? Ewwwwww! Oh, c’mon. Seriously!

lovely123 on

Never judge a book by its cover. For all we know he might do some things really well… on

Bad choices all around (boyfriend, having a baby with this one, godparents.) The name is the least of the kid’s worries

ryna on

Congrats to Sienna and Tom. Marlowe is really cute. Hope she brings you a lot of happiness!

Leslie on

I like the name a lot… And sienna looks very calm and relaxed. Motherhood agrees with her. Lovely!

Cinder Lou on

Marlowe Ottoline Sturridge. Now there’s one for the high school yearbook. I hope she grows up loving that name.

Amber keefer on

Congrates on your baby

Anon on

Christ, does ANYONE have anything nice to say? Leave them alone! It’s THEIR child, not yours. And what does what he looks like have to do with ANYTHING? Shallow much?

liarlairpantsonfire on

is he wearing his hair in a bun?

Elyssa on

She is using a Boba Wrap (formerly named Sleepy Wrap) and they are wonderful! They are nice and stretchy so that you can get a nice snug wrap without feeling confined. It takes a little bit of practice knowing how tight you need it and realizing that you want it snug because you’ll have more support. They’re great for newborns, but you can wrap older babies and toddlers too! You definitely don’t need to switch to a woven wrap later on because you’ll still get all the support you need with this one with older babies/children. If you’re looking for a carrier they also make the Boba Carrier. I have both and absolutely LOVE them!!!

Elyssa on

@Lauren, the women saying the baby should be positioned so she can kiss the to of the baby’s head are not saying it because of that. Those who wrap their babies use that as a guide so they know that the baby is in the best position so you are able to easily check on them. It has nothing to do with being more maternal.

khadija on

u guys needa get lives n stop making a big deal bout names. Get over it

jmarsica84 on

S on August 9th, 2012

What kind of wrap is she wearing? Im looking for a good one too.

It looks like a boba wrap. I have a Moby and it’s great!!!

Dian on

Who the heck is she? Never heard of her before…..just sayin’

Dian on

WHO the heck are they? Maybe I can get my pic on People if they’re just taking everyday slobs.

Sadie on

I think that if you look at hte picture where she is wearing her baby, that her head is at the top…by Sienna’s right hand (the one that is being held up). I think that you can see a little bit of skin and baby hair. And that bump on her chest does not look like boob…LOL

Kristine on

Babywearing is fantastic – BUT, it has to be done SAFELY! This is why moms with wearing experience are making the point that “kiss the baby’s head” is the benchmark for wearing little ones. It’s especially important with very tiny babies to make sure they’re positioned correctly because they are susceptible to positional asphyxia. They can suffocate simply because they don’t have the neck strength to move their heads if needed. It’s not meant to be cutting or hurtful, it’s advice to provide the SAFEST experience for mom and baby. It has nothing to do with maternal instincts, it’s practice and experience. If a person was doing something potentially unsafe with a baby, wouldn’t you speak up?

huh on

Could care less about her personal life and choices, but I do care about baby’s safety in the position she’s being worn. Not the best, as previous posters have mentioned. Hopefully someone close to her and that knows about babywearing can help her out. Wonderful that she’s wearing her little girl, though!

Anonymous on

Beautiful family. Jeez some people are way too critical. Take a look in the mirror.

Anonymous on

I see a bundle and I see a stroller but I don’t see a baby !

haveanothersonplease on

I agree with Farrah. And Tammie btw, your name sounds trashy. Just saying.

I also agree with Joann. The guy does look creepy

Bethany on

That’s a Boba Wrap –

breezee on

I wouldn’t name my dog either Farrah or Tammie…they both sound like strippers and my dog is too classy for that

Kelli on

As far as the position of the baby in the wrap goes, I thought that maybe she was breastfeeding, or getting ready to.

haveanothersonplease on

So why can”t she learn to carry her baby properly in the sling? So lazy..

Vanessa on

I think he looks rather smart, he is wearing a suit…hehe

zee on

please tell me that baby is not sucking on one of her filthy fingers…so unsanitary.

jan on

She is lovely, but he looks like a freek. what must the baby look like? not like him i hope

jan on

She is dirty and he is loonie looking.What must the baby look like?


I can’t stand mother using their knucle or fingers for the baby as a pacifer. They are dirty and germy.

G on

I wonder if she’ll quit being a cheap sleep around now? And…that guy does not look like the type of guy she’s been known to date. He actually even looks a tad gay. What gives? Whew…you never can figure people…that’s for sure.

Sun on

That man need to get a good haircut!

Cassie on

I have the exact wrap she is using, I would leave the house with my son in the right position & by the time I would get home he would have moved super low in the wrap. I don’t know if it was because he was a big baby or because there was too much stretch. It was great for newborn stage, personally I have chosen to move on to a different carrier.

Pam on

Where is her daughter’s face? I can’t see it!

Hea on

Cute family šŸ™‚

Allison on

I miss the old site-before they sold it to People.

meghan on

You people are all stupid. The baby’s head is on her chest. And MAGGIE, I’m pretty sure she washes her hands.

Denise on

I like the name Marlowe…like marlo Thomas. Anyway, congratulations! The father does look gay, sorry, but he does. I’m sure there are other important facts about him that we surely don’t know of. I think she has rotten taste in men, including Jude Law!

Hea on

She has a rotten taste in men, you say…

I wonder what you all know about that? Tom man might just be the sweetest, the most entertaining, smart, caring and loving person she’s ever met. Do you all judge by appearance alone? Jude Law was probably a good guy until he cheated on her, Balthazar Getty made his own bed and laid down in it with her which is mainly his own fault and I don’t know the circumstances. If they are happy together then let them. If you can’t be happy for them then ignore them.

Janna on

Awww… good to see the hags are out in full force. Are you pigs so unhappy with your own lives that you would sit here and bash a woman you don’t know? Bash the looks of a man who might act like Prince Charming for all you know? And one even bashing the baby’s potential looks? Sick…. the whole lot of you.

Amanda K on

Would love to see a pic of the child’s face. She’s a pretty woman but what is up with her boyfriend’s hair? It looks awful!