Pink Cries Daily over Daughter Willow

08/08/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

It seems as if the flood gates have yet to close for first-time mom, Pink.

Shortly after welcoming daughter Willow Sage, the new mama found herself in the middle of constant water works. And according to the songstress, the bucket loads of tears have yet to subside.

“I’m a perfectionist, I cry daily! I’m glad though, that the two things that have gone wrong were Dad [Carey Hart]’s fault!” Pink, 32, jokes with Entertainment Tonight Canada.

But in order to spare his wife, the new dad has no problem taking the blame when it comes to their 14-month-old baby girl. “The first time anything bad happened he was like, ‘Oh, I’m so glad it was me!'” she says. “I’m like, ‘Me too! I’m going to cry anyway though.'”

With Willow growing and changing daily — “It gradually comes about and then you realize one day, ‘Holy s—! She’s running away from me!'” admits Pink — the future is looking particularly bright for her proud parents. On Monday the bleach-blonde beauty was named the newest face of CoverGirl.

And while the news may have surprised her fans, no one was as shocked as the star herself.

“I thought they were kidding. My manager called and said, ‘CoverGirl got in touch,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, right. I’m busy! I’ve got to change a diaper,” Pink says with a laugh. “But then they were serious and I was flattered! Very honored. I like the team! I like the ladies that they use. Everyone is very different and powerful in their own right.”

— Anya Leon

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Jaxand Rhythm on

She is the coolest Mom ever!! Can’t wait to see this little Bambino grow up!

mdniteowl on

No offense—but I have thought Pink was always so homely!!!

Leigh on

I am so excited that pink is the new covergirl! She’s a beautiful woman, and Covergirl is so smart to keep branching out with different types of spokes-women!

Julianna on

My favorite mother-daughter duo! I love Pink, and Willow seems like such a bright, bubbly little lady!

jenna on

Wait til she turns two… you’ll be bawling your eyes out multiple times
a day 😉

Joyful on

LoL, Pink and Carey are like us with our daughter, I would cry and especially those first steps of running away from me when I call her name to come to me!!!

caitlyn on

She is so cute

courtney on

Im glad that Cover Girl picked Pink! She is so beautiful, edgy, and different. I wish I could look like her 🙂

Nikita on

Absolutely love this woman. Beautiful, edgy and honest. Willow is adorable! Happy for the family and wish nothing but continued positiveness in their lives ❤

anne on

Pink is AWESOME! What a REFRESHING role model! Oh, and my “baby” is 5 years old, and I still get choked up almost every day…a glance, a picture she draws…it’s all pretty crazy and magical.

Noneya on

ROCK ON Pink! Awesome mom with a great hubby and beautiful baby! You go girl!

chris on

Sounds like she is in need of an anit-depressant I mean seriously, this kid is going to be so screwed up!

J on

Dear mdniteowl: She makes the most of what she has, a lesson we all can learn from.

Beth on

That is how I am still. My son is 13 months old and I still cry about once a week. Last night it was because he is pulling away from nursing, so while it is a relief in some ways, it breaks my heart in far more!

Beth on

Lol, Chris are you a man? Crying over your child growing up is par for the course with most mothers. There is so many conflicting emotions! Joy that they are growing and thriving, and sadness over the loss of your little baby. They will never be that small again!

fanofboardwalkempire on

that Willow is a darling little girl! good on the Pink family!

Kimberly on

Pink you rock and your little girl is adorable!!! Youre from my hometown!!

Michelle on

@mdniteowl…that’s why she was so suprised. In various interviews, P!nk relates that she’s been told she’s ‘too ugly’ to be on the cover of many magazines, but Cosmo has put her there TWICE. She’s certainly not your conventional beauty, but she is GORGEOUS in her own way.

I adore her, and am so glad Cover Girl sees that beauty too. And Willow has done nothing but make her even MORE beautiful to me and her millions of fans.

Katie on

Always have loved Pink.. She does an amazing job juggling it all! Go Pink! 🙂

Kelli W on

For Pink & all those who can relate: It sounds like a mild form of postpartum depression. If you know you’re doing your best, but you’re still crying, just realize it’s completely normal… but, you may want to talk to your doctor. Diet & exercise is a great booster too.

angela on

That is the STUPIDEST thing I have ever read. I used to think she was pretty cool but I tell you she is a goof.

Marilyn M. on

Angela is an overweight goth w/no children who cuts herself.

Anonymous on

Best comment ever!!


Beth on

writing ” no offense” doesn’t make a hateful comment , less hateful.

Anonymous on

angela- You must not be a mother or have spent much time around women who are. What she describes is perfectly normal (and not at all stupid!) for first-time mothers!

mdniteowl- It’s inner beauty that’s the most important, and Pink has that in spades! Unfourtnately, I can’t say the same for you.

Presh on

Pink u rock u go girl

Stacy Thornhill on

If u cry now about her growing up lol wait til they all leave home. All six of mine are grown and I hate the empty nest. Im not famous or rich so i cant afford fact one agency laughed at me when i told her our yearly income. We raised six kids through to college and whatever else. They never wanted for anything and are great adults. God always provided. We are hoping to meet someone who must give up her child any age. Id love to be a parent again. Grandma is not the same. You stars that emotionally involved are gonna be awesome moms! GOODLUCK!

Anonymous on

Marilyn M.- Wow, way to make assumptions about someone you don’t even know based on literally two sentences posted on an Internet message board!

Mickey Purnell on

I wonder if she has considered post-partem depression? In some instances, it takes months before it develops.

Mickey Purnell on

I wonder if she has considered postpartum depression? In some instances, it does not occur until months later.

Mickey Purnell on

I wonder is she has considered that she may be suffering from postpartum depression? It can occur months after the birth of a child.

Mickey Purnell on

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

cloverlove on

Tooo bad covergirl tests on animals.

Ashley on

I’m astounded at the amount of people who seem to think they can diagnose a Mother with Postnatal Depression, based on a few sentences in an article written by someone else about her… seriously?

Did any of you for one second stop to consider that suggesting another person is going through PND is actually extremely rude? If you were the Mother ‘in question’ I’m sure you’d be whole heartedly offended!

As the mothers above have said – what Pink describes here is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL. Its not a sign of PND to be a little emotional and love your child!
Pink – your doing one hell of a job, and I’m sure your little girl is going to grow to become a strong, beautiful, intelligent & compassionate woman, so continue to be proud of the wonderful mum you are – and please ignore the haters!

Dianna Clark on

Wow, Pink, not only do we share birthdays, but I named my son Willow when he was born in 1998, after the hero in “Willow” a Ron Howard film.

crazydi on

Pink, as the mother of 3 (now adult) children, I used to cry at their accomplishments but now I cry when they call me to say I LOVE U MOM, you’re the BEST mom, or YOU’RE OFF YER MEDS MOM, you’re too old to wear daisy dukes mom, stop kissing me in public mom you’re embarassing me ….they know I dont give a rip!!! Keep up the GREAT job!!! God Bless

crazydi on

When she goes to school, thats when you’ll REALLY cry!!! You might park outside and wait for her to come out, lol, hope not but its hard to let them go!!