Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Welcome Son Camden Jack

08/08/2012 at 12:30 PM ET
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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler‘s little cub is here!

The reality star and her Chicago Bears quarterback fiancé welcomed a son early Wednesday, Aug. 8, the proud new mom Tweeted.

“We are thrilled to welcome Camden Jack Cutler into the world,” Cavallari, 25, writes. “He was born this morning weighing 7 lbs., 9 oz. Everyone is doing great!”

Shortly after reconciling following a brief split, the couple announced they were engaged and, in January, confirmed they were expecting their first child.

Although thrilled with their pending arrival, Cavallari admitted the pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned.

“We left it up to fate. I knew there was a possibility, but I was really excited,” she told Glamoholic. “Even if you are trying, just to see a positive result is shocking!”

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

“we left it up to fate” aka.. I didn’t take my birth control and Jay didn’t know. SURPRISE!!!

Pam on


Katie on

Why the heck would you say wait til u are married and then see what happens that’s mean and rude. How the hell would you feel?????

haveanothersonplease on

The woman looks trashy.

claire on

Congratulations on the birth of a happy, healthy child. I hope he brings them much joy in their lives

Janice on

Congratulations! Love the name! Glad everyone is doing well.

Sami on

I love the name! Congratulations.

Connie on

Happy for them. Love the name – very cute.

Emily Skidmore on


Erin on

you named your kid after the trashiest city in the united states….

yora puta on

Your face is trashy.

Juniper on

Camden is a beautiful city in south Carolina that hosts an annual horse race and Christmas lights show. If someone names their kid Sydney it doesn’t automatically mean Australia….. Geez RUDE

Anonymous on

that was a fast pregnancy… why did it seem like jessica simpson was preggo for 2 years?!? Congrats to Kristin though!!

Pam on

Because Jessica was massively huge and was constantly talking about the pregnancy and had pictures taken all the time. Kristen was a little more private about it. So it seemed like it went by quickly because we didn’t hear about it much.

JMO on

This name just reminds me of Camden New Jersey. A city with a large crime rate!!

jillian taylor on

the name is perfect! A better name couldn’t have suited their little cub better; congratulations to kristin and jay!

just a side note- to all the haters out there, at least kristin has the guts to admit that their son was an accidental blessing. This happens to everyone (celebs and ordinary people) everyday and at least she admitted it.

ace11 on

he should make sure it is his

Emry on

I know they have been back together for a while, but i thought she broke up with him because he was too controlling of her.

Mommy on

Another out of wedlock baby with a stupidly trendy name!!

Lauren on

Yeah te name is not trendy. It’s actually a better name that half these stupid actors name there kids like apple, Haven, honor and let’s not forget Bear

Shay on

“Admitting” her son was an accidental blessing is NOT the same as “I decided to get pregnant because I know the relationship is not going to last and I need a steady paycheck.”

Breanna on

Living in New Jersey, Camden has the most unpleasant connotation for me! Is it different for other Americans?

Geniads on

There will always be trash talkers. So happy for a healthy baby. Congratulations!!

Courtney on

That is my son’s name! Congratulations! I get nothing but compliments on my little guy’s name, so I hope she does as well.

Sam on

Our son is Camden too!

Calla Lily on

The trap worked! Well done, who needs a prenuptial agreement when you’ve got a baby. It shall suffice for at least the first 18 years.

Nina on

Enough with the hate! What’s wrong with you people?

Not a fan of a name,anyway congrats to a happy couple!

Anonymous on

Such a cute name!! Anyone else think her fiance is very unattractive?!?!

macey on


Denise on

Congratulations, love his name

nacho mamma on

they were engaged, broke up – got back together, had make up sex, and ut oh, I’m pregnant. Shi* happens. At least she had the guts to admit it.

Brooke on

Congrats on the healthy baby, but his name is awful! I am from New Jersey and all I can picture is the ghetto of Camden. Btw, leaving a pregnancy “up to fate” when you keep separating and then reconciling isn’t exactly the brightest idea, either.

Catca on

“Cam Cutler” is a great name. I don’t actually think of Camden NJ when I hear the name, perhaps because I’m not from NJ. Congratulations on your handsome new lil feller.

Amanda on

Aww..congrats! I was just googling her yesterday to see if she’s had the baby. Cute name – I’m due Nov. and we are naming our baby Jack as well.

Swer on

Go Bears!!!!!!!!

Nikita on


Ashley on

That’s in my top 3 boy names! Congrats to the couple.

Tanya on

Congrats to Kristin & Jay on a baby Camden Jack!! Cute name;)

Andrea on

I’m happy for her. The name is cute, not something horrendous like Pilot Inspector or stupid crap like that. I don’t think of NJ when I hear the name either. It seemed like she was pregnant forever to me. Lol. I wish Kristen, Jay, and baby Camden the best of luck.

Sandy on

It’s obvious there aren’t a ton of Kristin fans out there…but it’s a baby, and he didn’t do anything. Let’s just be happy for them. 🙂

Michelle on

I think his name is cute! I think of Camden,Maine never knew there was a Camden NJ. Pretty cool that I share the same bday as Lil Cam Cutler 🙂 congrats to the family. Who cares if they left it up to fate. It was meant to be.

jessica on

finally, a normal name!

SoNotHollywood on

Another baby born out of wedlock… used to be shameful. Now it is the norm. Society is sad.

Anonymous on

what? she had her baby already? i swear she was like 3 months preg three months ago! she is so cute!

Amy on

Not a follower of hers – it probably seems like she had a shorter pregnancy because she’s barely a celebrity and Jessica Simpson is photographed everywhere she goes. This one? Not so much.

Love the name – reminds ME of the best ballpark in America, not a city in NJ. 🙂

Anonymous on

“We left it up to fate” No, you left it up to your irresponsible lazy selves when you didn’t try to prevent it. I don’t see this couple lasting long being they broke up and she popped up pregnant. When will women realize that children cannot be the glue that holds a man in a relationship.

Crystal on

I am so happy for them. I LOVE the name. Congrats Kristin and Jay. Welcome to the world Camden!!!!!

Tara on

We didn’t here about it because Kristin isn’t a celebrity and add that to the fact there are very few papparazzi’s in Chicago that is why we didn’t see her. Jay Cutler is a man who flipped off a 92 year old who wanted an autograph. He is known for being a jerk especially around Chicago. But I hope they find happiness at least within themselves and it doesn’t backfire on them.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them. I like the name.

tina on

CONGRATULATIONS on your new little Bear cub. Your life is going to be turned upside down but its well worth it.


It seems to be she was not pregnant 9 months…LOL…like she announced pregnancy “yesterday”

Julianna on

Congratulations to Kristin and Jack on the birth of their son. A baby is always a blessing and a source of joy for a family.

Mille on

Someone was asking about Camden’s across the US. The county south of mine is Camden County (GA) home of a naval base, quiet coastal town that is near Cumberland/Sapelo/Sea Islands.

Janie on

Never heard of Camden, NJ. I’m from California, though. I love the name, very cute!

R2D2 on

I bet they end up calling him CJ. I think the comments she made earlier this year are bizarre. I’ll paraphrase…. “No immediate wedding after we have the baby this summer. We would like to have a 2nd child quite soon after this baby and depending how that goes we’ll think about marriage.” Really?

Mia on

Great name – Cam Cutler! Future sports star for sure 🙂

However – her parents/mother especially is an idiot + irresponsible. You get married first – commit. THEN have kids – not have a few kids + see what happens……then get married.


Tricia on

I love Jay cutler, and as long as he is happy I am happy for him. Congrats on a healthy baby we love ya Jay cutler ❤

My Opinion on

The first thing I think about when I hear the name Camden is Camden Yard, home of the Baltimore Orioles! I love the name and wish them nothing but the best with their new little guy! Congratulations!

Kelli54 on

Congrats to the couple on their new baby! Whatever name you choose for your baby is fine as long as your’re content and it isn’t offensive. Ps. Who cares what her fiancé looks like…maybe she planned it that way to ward off potential “I crave attention” females and husband stealers!

weezer on


Janie757 on

I like the name also – I like when kids are named after places (i.e. Dallas, Austin, Bronx, Paris, etc.).

AKrietz on

Congrats, Jay and Kristin.

heychic1 on

Way to Go! Hope you kid lives upp to his namesake!
“Camden has been named the nation’s most-dangerous city, snatching the top spot from Detroit, according to a company’s annual ranking based on crime statistics. “

Priyanka on

Congratulations to Kristin and Jay! It’s a beautiful blessing to have a child & love how the middle name is after Jay’s dad. Beautiful healthy family and cute name!

jones on

I really like the name and am glad everyone is doing well. I still think she got pregnant on purpose to keep him.

brooke on

Aww he weighed the same as my little boy:) Congratulations!

Laura on

Why do people flip out about babies out of wedlock. Who cares if the parents are married. Isn’t the point of being a parent to raise a happy healthy child who will become a stable adult? As long as the kid is raised to be a responsible person who cares about marriage status?

anonymous on

i agree!!

Alissa on

Congrats Kristin and Jay! Camden is a really cute name! Blessings to you all!

she's a gold diggin bitch on

now she will have a steadt pay check she is so skanky no i dien’t trap him.

cmonppl on

Camden Cutler!?!?! too many “c” sounds

Natalie on

Yay! Such a cute name!! Love it. Congrats to Kristin and Jay on the birth of little Camden.

stacey on

Cute name!!! And to whoever said it’s too trendy?????? I’ve only heard of the name once, and that was 9 years ago. It sure as heck beats names like Zuma, Sparrow, Knox, Grier,Mabel, Hattie……….

Carrow on

I instantly thought of the New Jersey city! But the name is still very cute. Congrats K & J on baby Camden!

kira on

congrats…cute name!

tish on

How funny! I was just looking online last night to see if she had the baby yet LOL Congrats!

Kim on

Sad that there needs to be so nasty comments, congrats on your beautiful baby boy! Don’t let the haters bring you down!

crystal on

I agree with Kim…why so many rude people? It’s a precious new life and even if they don’t stay together they will be good parents.

Tiffany on

Hopefully he won’t leave her near the alter again. I think they got back together cause she was pregnant.

David on

Two of the worst people on earth. Only topped by Kim Kardashian and Kayne West.

guest on

congratulations to these two- now I’m off to Google to find out who the heck they are and why People cares that they had a baby (I always click on these stories to find out baby names!)

Charli Mabriel on

Women that get pregnant on the sly, IMO of course, no one will ever know but her, really irritate me. There are so many ways to be a mom on your own these days why do women still try to trap a man?

Regardless, glad the baby is healthy and I hope they can make it work.

Katie on

Umm if you aren’t on b/c and you don’t use a condom.. fate is going to give you a child most of the time.. LOL I love that response I think it’s hilarious.. A bit irresponsible but if she knows this is the man she is spending the rest of her life with go for it.

Christine on

An illegitimate baby is certainly nothing to offer congratulations on!

...... on

Every baby is a blessing regardless if the parents are married or not.

Nunyaz on

Shay hit the nail right on the head.

Samantha on

Congrats to them! I’m loving the name it’s a little different but not weird like Apple or Banjo. And if some people on here used their brain a little, they would know that having her baby today means she probably got pregnant mid november and they announced their engagement again around Thanksgiving last year so I’m almost certain they didn’t know she was pregnant that soon. Can’t wait to see the little guy! Go Bears 🙂

Ivy on

While some thing she named her son after a place in New Jersey..NOTE there is also Camden, NJ, Camden, DE, Camden, SC & Camden, NC. What ever the case…stop hating on this girl or her son who knows nothing about the ugly of the world let alone an adult bully

Sunny on

Why must we read all about the lives of “reality show” paritcipants-they are nether real nor “stars”. Really?

Tara on

To all you aholes bashing her saying she named her baby after the trashiest city in the US, theres more than one Camden- one in Maine happens to be one of my favorite places in the world. Google it- and stfu!!! Congrats Kristen and Jay- Im sure hes a cutie!!

Devon on

Wow, so many of you seem to think marriage = commitment. Statistics don’t lie, people. Regardless of how this baby came into the world, both parents seem thrilled and both parents are capable of supporting a child emotionally and financially. It’s much sadder that THAT is so often not the case than whether the parents are married. Stop attacking other people’s lives and choices — regardless of their “level” of celebrity — and maybe examine your own for a change? Congrats to the new family and may many blessings come your way!

...... on

No child in my eyes are considered a bastard when they have parents that love them. It shouldn’t matter whether you’re married or not!!!!

SaraR on

Jay is a jerk, and not exactly know for his fidelity as everyone in Chicago is well aware!!! We say him at the bar of a restaurant, long before he started dating her, and truthfully he’s not even that attractive and his demeanor is even more so. She’s only know for a reality series… and JMO but I think she got pregnant to hold onto him.. which is sad because all she’ll have is his DNA and a check for 18 years.. it won’t get her his heart or fidelity… but glad the baby is healthy and I like the name!!

JMO on

Well I didn’t say I didn’t like the name I just said that’s what it reminds me of! Nothing GOOD ever comes out of Camden NJ!! lol

Bristol Palin reminds me of Bristol, PA and Haven Warren I instantly think of New Haven, PA.

I think names after cities are kind of fun sometimes. But I personally wouldn’t name my kid Detroit or Bronx! Cam is cute if that’s what they decide to call him.

Emily on

My son’s name is Camden and we have received nothing but positives. Maybe the name doesn’t stand for anything! Maybe the name came from baby name book! (That’s where we found it).

Congrats to them. I wish nothing but the best for that baby.

S.u.n.n.y on

Camden – low income neighborhood in Sydney, Australia

Anonymous on

Happy for them! I bet their baby boy is beautiful.

jam on

Love the name! My nephew’s name is Camden 🙂 As previously posted Camden is also a wonderful town in SC. Congrats to the couple!

Catca on

I’m from Chicago and I’ve never heard anyone saying anything bad about Jay. The only thing I’ve heard is that he’s very good friends with the tight end (forgot his name).

Jen on

Congrats on their son. Ignore the hater trolls on this thread. They just can’t find a bridge to patrol.

jennieg on

She obviously has never been to N.J…..Camden, Nj…. safest town in the U.S…. not. Bleh!

cgale93 on

Being from New Jersey, I automatically think of Camden, NJ, which is NOT an area you’d want to be named after. However, I’m sure this name takes on different meaning in other places in the country. I do think that “Cam” is a cute nickname. Congrats to them!

KLO on

Wow! Lots of haters on here. Who cares that they aren’t married. My little boy is Camden too and we get a ton of compliments on his name. I’m from the West Coast and found the name in a baby name book (had no idea there was a Camden NJ, SC, NC and ME)…..maybe they did too?!?! Wishing them all the best.

Melissa on

Seriously, I don’t know why any of these morons are famous…………..who cares????????

Michelle on

Congratulations on baby Camden! Love the name, I have a 4 yr old boy myself whos name is Camden, boys are so much fun so enjoy!

Michelle on

Congrats, love the name, my boy is also Camden. Its a unique name that isnt over done so well done with not giving him a crazy trendy name.

Pippi on

I know someone who just had a Camden James! LOVE the name Camden!! And maybe because I’m not from New Jersey, I don’t think of the city.

suzy diamond on

She makes her relationship sound like a crap-shoot! Just don’t see this as a lasting relationship!

judilee325 on

congrats to kristin and jay….don’t listen to all the jealous haters on here! you’ll have a wonderful family and a great life together if you’re doing things for the right reasons and it sounds like you are! kristin, i admire you for doing the right thing and having your little bundle of joy. so many women murder their babies when it’s not perfect or convenient. best wishes for a long and happy life together. i always loved watching you on “laguna beach” even though you were quite the mean girl!

anonymous on

First of all, Camden is a pretty basic NORMAL name compared to apple blythe or something like that… secondly, Jack is Jay Cutler’s father’s name. If you don’t have anything better to do but to criticize their innocent newborn child and his name, then you obviously must not have anything better to do.

Paula on

I’m from Canada. Who cares Camden Compton Love the name love the fact momma is healthy. Babe was a good weight. Congratulations. Blessings 😊

Tink on

@S.U.N.N.Y- Camden, Sydney Australia is actually a high income area…its known for being the “birthplace of the nation’s wealth”. Very old-school, very ‘posh’ country folks…certainly not low income as you stated…

neža on

being from Europe, the only Camden crossing my mind is in London… a fun and vibrant area 🙂

BEC on

Congratulations for sure as all babies are a blessing and a joy, but I cannot help thinking that she will never marry this guy and this whole thing is just going to never work out. I wish them the best, but it just does not seem genuine on any level. When I look at the both of them together I shudder. I know it sounds crazy and I’m sorry for that, ladies!

Anon on

Why are people making such negative comments? This couple just a had a child and it is a very happy time for them. Who cares about the name or they are not married, most celebrities now aren’t married when they have children. People seriously have nothing better to do then come on this site and just trash celebrities constantly.. If you don’t like them, then why read an article about them?? Congratulations to Kristin & Jay on their bundle of joy 🙂

Kat on

Congrats, but hopefully Cutler never gets traded to Philadelphia…. Then he might regret the name.

Jamie Brigham on

Camden is also the name of the Baltimore Orioles stadium. Camden Yards in Baltimore,MD

abbey on

CAM CUTLER HERE! son of douche and famewhore.

Jacki on

She’s pretty simple. They split before the baby, and will no doubt split later. Poor kid.


Congratulations to Kristin and Jay on their healthy baby boy. There are alot of haters on this feed who act like they are Mother Theresa and are perfect. Kristin you are a beautiful, strong girl and I wish the best of luck to you. Wish you could have been able to do DWTS all stars cause you were my favorite =].

KD on

Cute name..thankfully normal. I grew up in New Jersey but when I read Camden I immediately thought of Camden Yards….not everyone, including me, has a “how I got pregnant story” that ppl will relate to or agree with.

MiB on

I had to laugh when I read neža’s comment, I automatically pictured a guy named Jack from Camden, London, dressed in slim fit jeans and a checkered shirt and possibly a newsboy cap! 😀

LGriff on

Part of me worries about “accidental” pregnancies. With all of the effective birth control available (and sexually transmitted diseases and the need to protect yourself in this area, too), I worry that women still become pregnant by “accident.” While it is true that contraception methods all have failure rates, most failures are due to human error (i,e, forgetting to take pill, not using condom “one time”, etc.). It just worries me that if these parents are not even able to manage themselves enough to avoid pregnancy, what other things in life are they not that good at? Will those things affect their ability to be effective parents? Not certain if there is a correlation. Just wondering.

Rachel on


whatever on

@Tink- Yeah just ask anyone from Camden and they’ll tell you how posh they are lol. You are right in saying that it is not low income but Camden people are try hards they are hardly posh. They should get over themselves because they pretty much live in Campbelltown.

Archo on

Camden?! I instantly thought of that stupid show 7th Heaven. Still a dumb name nonetheless, doesn’t surprise me coming from an airhead like her. I hope the kid goes by Jack or Cam.

KPerry on

Can’t stand either one of these two!! But, I do like the name. Reminds me of Camden County, Georgia.

sara on

I love the name Camden and I hate that it’s getting more and more popular…ugh.

Leslie on

Give Kristin a break… She’s not the brightest and doesn’t know what she’s saying half the time. Her baby daddy choice is regrettable, but it’s not the poor baby’s fault. Welcome to the world Camden jack. You will have dozens of derelict hometowns around the world with your name. Hopefully you will go by Cam instead.

Tink on

@whatever- um, no actually Camden is not practically Campbelltown. Camden was established well before Ctown. Camden’s income is in fact higher so not sure where your ‘try- hard’ comment comes from. Camden is a country town, nothing like Campbelltown. As you would have noticed I put the word posh in ‘ ‘ therefore responding to other comments generalising places called Camden, not all Camdens are bad!

lynn on

All you jerks talking about the name Camden are idiots….my son’s name is Camden and I wish someone would come up to me and talk about his name…they would get the cuss-out of a life time. I’m from Texas and don’t anything about NJ, all I know is I love the name and love that I named my son Camden.

Sarah on

Everyone has the right to comment! We are a free country and yes, the trash talking will also be around and may not always be necessary; however, we are all entitled to our own opinions!

Sarah on

Lynn, don’t sweat the small things in life! I am sure there are names you don’t like either. Life is too short to worry about someone liking or disliking your child’s name!

Hula Hoops on

I hope he doesnt look like his dad. Just sayin…