Jennifer Garner: Yes, Ben Wants More Kids

08/07/2012 at 07:00 PM ET
Steve Granitz/WireImage

With son Samuel only five months old, his dad Ben Affleck is already hoping for an even newer addition to their brood.

“The fact that Ben wants another [baby] is true,” the actor’s wife Jennifer Garner told EXTRA Monday, adding that since giving birth to their third child earlier this year — they’re already parents to daughters Violet, 6Β½, and Seraphina, 3Β½ — it’s “been absolute chaos” in their home.

Given the apparent madness, it only makes sense that Garner, 40, is in disagreement with her hubby’s hopes.

“I can tell you that would be a pretty uphill battle with me,” she says. “I am not anticipating having any more kids!”

But she does appreciate how Affleck, 39, is there to help out when she’s busy with a movie role, including her most recent one, The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

“Ben took a break,” she says. “He came, he did the school drop-offs and pick-ups and bedtimes.”

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Tay on

i say Go for it, Ben! convince your wife LOL

they make such beautiful kids! and are a adorable family

Jess on

I totaly agree they are good Parents and a great family! It’s nice to see a celebrity family have such good morals and Dow to earth

MeredithM on

Either way they were blessed with three beautiful children.

Anonymous on

I hope Ben respects Jennifer’s wishes not to have more kids. After all, she’s the one that would have to be pregnant and give birth! Also, it seems like Miss Violet doesn’t like her glasses too much, as in some photos she’s wearing them but in others she isn’t. If she IS indeed putting up a fight about wearing them, I feel for Jen and Ben!

Tiffany on

They have a perfect family! Maybe down the road another baby. But Jen just had her little guy and that is the last question any women wants to hear right way! Thank God Ben is an awesome dad! Give it time and maybe one more willl happen:) boys are very different! My girls are 4 years apart and then my son is three years from middle sister. He is an awesome little guy. Just boys are busy, strong keep u on your toes kids! Enjoy! Love you both!

robinepowell on

Never say never Jennifer. In a couple of years from now, you might change your mind. πŸ˜‰

Chris on

Try adoption on for size.

Ros on

Good to hear not all stars are breaking up.

lovely123 on

We have two girls and one boy. To be honest if we had a nanny, maid and valet I still would not considering adding to our clan. We are blessed, and I wouldn’t want to risk asking for more than we can handle.

T J Davis on

This is something they really need to agree on. And I am sure they can afford a Nanny or Manny to help out. Maybe Jen just needs a break and then again she is 40. Times running out Ben!

muiltar on

She should not be forced to have more children. She is not a baby factory.

Sacha Laine on

I agree with you. Money or not, she’s the one who has to carry the child. It’s her body and she’s allowed to say no.

Jessica on

Honestly, it’s easier with 4 (or an even number). Go for it while you can, though it was the 4th pregnancy that was rough, lol.

Athina on

It sounds like Ben “helps out” but that isn’t exactly being an equal partner or even close to it so not sure why he would want more children when he’s away so much filming movies.. I can certainly understand why Jennifer wouldn’t want another baby.

eve garmback on

i don’t like uneven numbers middle child here go for 4

Misty on

Timothy Green was such a beautiful movie! Saw the preview of it last night.

I think 3 is a good number. Plus, she is 40, and pregnancy won’t get any easier for her. They do have a really nice family.

Catca on

My goodness people. She never said Ben was forcing her to have another child or that the decision was Ben’s with no input from her. Just because Ben wants more kids doesn’t mean they won’t be making a joint decision or Jen is getting forced into anything.

Maybe it’s because Jen is wearing her hair up in Kate Beckinsale’s go to style, but Jennifer looks an awful lot like Kate Beckinsale in this pic.

sherna on

Never say never

Nina on

I really like them as a couple. And I don’t think that he is forcing her in any way to have fourth child.

Laura on

He cheats on her and then wants more kids. that’s what wives are for! right, Ben?

Anonymous on


Lola on

It is too soon for her to decide. Samuel is only 5 months. Maybe she will change her mind or not. They certainly can afford one more.

Sonja on

Of course! with their salaries and 5 nanies!!!!

guestbb on

I like them. They seem so normal.

guestbb on

They seem so normal and nice. I wish nothing but the best for them.

Sue on

What guy tells a woman with a 6 and 1/2 year old, 3 and 1/2 year old, and 5 month old that he wants another baby? What are they — collector’s items? Slow down and raise well the children that you have. He should consider the fact that his wife is 40 years old now and is trying to maintain a career. Lastly, one of the saddest things is when families with oodles of kids break up — spend more time making sure your union is strong.

Anonymous on

She should just go ahead and get invitro or something so she can have 10 kids at once. LOL

FaithLynnette on

While they DO seem like hands-on/down-to-earth/dedicated /doting – parents…I *always* get a chuckle when these celebrities make statements like: “been absolute chaos” (in the house since they had their third child). I don’t deny it probably IS for them. But – *DUH*…try raising kids/running a household/holding down a job/etc…WITHOUT the luxury of a multi-million dollar income; nannies; chauffeurs; house keepers; maids; body guards; private tutors; vacation homes; private jets; etc… NOW *THAT’S* CHAOS!!

Shell on

Let him have them then. It’s easy for men because all they do is plant the seed.

Anonymous on

So happy for them being happy but……I wouldnt want to be 40 plus and preggo

NM on

I have 5, that’s uneven and my middle child is just fine!

Tiffany on

I have 3 and its not bad to have odd number in kids! U just find special times individualy and that works! My husband comes from 4 which is 2 boys 1 girl and then a boy. Really someone “girl” is left out still. Not the size of your family that counts! It the time and love put into your kids!

Tiffany on

They should adopt. I bet they would be awesome!

Riya on

In today’s world, three kids is enough to worry about

H. on

I have a 4yo, 3yo and 6mos old- “absolute chaos” sounds about right! Everybody keeps telling me that one you get past 3 kids, you can have 10 (no thanks)…or “after 3, one more is no big deal!”

Three kids is a lot of work! I can totally understand her feelings.

Sue on

I can’t believe there are 2 commments (there may be more I stopped reading) that 3 is uneven, go for 4!? At their age, twin chances increase. I had twins at 36 no fertility, then again, no nanny and millions. To each his own but she should tell him no, 3 is plenty.

Mommytoane on

I think the choice is completely up to them and no one else has a right to vote on it.

On the other hand, I think that Ben and Jen definitely make cute babies. Their little ones are adorable.

LOL to the comment with glasses…I noticed that as well. Violet seems to not really care if she’s wearing them. My DD was completely opposite. She’s barely taken her glasses off since day one….and its not that shes got a really strong prescription, its actually rather weak. But she loves how she looks adn she loves that she can see further…so they never leave her face. Glasses are so darn adorable these days. Definitely not the huge, black frames our parents (or grandparents) were forced to wear.

Csmile on

Triads create problems and some is always left out. 1 more and make it another boy.

Stacy on

As a mother of 2 I take joy in being a mom, but it us alot of work. No nanny or extra help aside from my husband. But personally I’m in no rush to have another. The recovery process on my new baby with postpartum sucked!!

vanessa kane on

haha. Ben “helps out”. Does he “babysit” to? Pathetic. Of course he wants more. He doesn’t parent – he “helps out!”

boston on

Over 40 is too old to continue having children. It’s one thing if you’ve never had a child, but remember that you have three healthy kids and those odds go WAY down after 40.

CS on

Just quit.

Daisy on

I’d go for it, nothing beats having kids!

HC on

Well, I have ONE and I still have a hard time understanding how anyone decides to have any more after the 1st one! LOL! Obviously, I’m joking… a little. But I say 3 is definitely enough. In my mind, once the woman says she’s done, there shouldn’t really be any more discussion about it. Luckily for me, my husband and I pretty much agreed about all this stuff from the get go.

Evelyne on

My ALIAS star plz, 3 are enough

Anonymous on

Of course he wants more kid’s, he isn’t the one who has to be pregnant and give birth. He’s selfish just like every other man on the planet. He should take a good look around and count the blessings hes been given instead of wanting more than he already has!

Steph on

the BEST Hollywood family!!

Delicious on

Ben just wants to keep her barefoot and pregnant because his career sucks.

4mom on

All of these posts make me laugh. She never says he is making her have kids! Last time I checked it took two and she can just as easily use birth control as he can. We don’t live in the stone age people!

sally on

Isn’t it funny how guys want more kids? They wouldn’t if they had to carry them and deliver them! I do love Jen and Ben, they are such a cute couple!

haveanothersonplease on

I find it great that Ben loves his wife so much that he wants another kid. I’m sure he doesn’t mean ‘already’ quite literally. I do hope that they have another son. It would be kind of strange for that one male child to be surrounded by two older sisters and possibly a younger sister. They have the financial means, so they should seek the ‘gender selection’ method when going up to conceive again.

Anonymous on

Such and adorabe couple. I think if I would ever want to meet a movie star couple, it would be them. They just seem like the couple next door. They both seem so down to earth and have such an amazing couple. They compliment each other. They have matching winning smiles! It is so good to hear they help one another! With Ben being a good helper, maybe she’ll be more apt to have more kids! You just don’t see that all of the time. Love them both!

Laura2 on

Laura on August 8th, 2012

He cheats on her and then wants more kids. that’s what wives are for! right, Ben?

====== Yes, Laura , this is in your pathetic marriage..If your father, brother and your husband cheat, for you this is normal. So can you be angry alone , do not share.

Sun on

Go for it and you can afford it. You can have ten or more kids if you want to.

Mallory on

@Catca haha I was thinking the same thing reading all the comments,to be honest it sounds like it’s a new discussion and somehow word got out that he said that and she was asked about it and just confirming that he did say he wants more but that they havn’t really talked about it.

As for him being away more then her it seems to me that although all her movies havn’t been high profile recently that they trade off pretty fairly he’ll have a movie out and then like when it’s coming out on DVD you’ll hear about one for her coming out in theaters so that when ones working the others not.

Anonymous on

At 40, and with 3 kids already, including a tiny infant, I certainly can understand why she is reluctant to consider having a 4th. I know many people don’t agree with me, but for the sake of our overpopulated world, I really feel 2 children are the ideal- and they already have 3! I think it’s wonderful when people have the means to have larger families, but I think it’s especially nice if they adopt, thereby helping kids who otherwise might not have a chance!

Chrissy on

I love her. They’re an adorable couple and they have a charming little family. I think it’s an awful lot of pressure for the media/public and Ben Affleck to even be thinking about baby number 4 when she only just had baby number 3. You can’t give a true answer anyhow. You’re so exhausted you might think nope this is it, but then a few years down the line you think well I would love one more. It’s just too soon to wonder or ask and I hope that they just enjoy their newest bundle of joy without worrying about having more. They have 3 already, if they have more then God bless, if not well God bless the family they’ve got because it’s a cute one from a cursory glance. Sorry this was a little long lol.

meghan on

that’s interesting, Laura. you seem to say that like it’s a fact. Are you his mistress? No? Then shut up.

Deborah on

I have 2 boys (2nd son was a handful with his acid reflux when he was a newborn), 3 years apart and my household is chaos too! But I think if I had a nanny, house keeper, and a trainer (for after the baby) I would do it…but now I’m too old and tired at 43 to THINK about it, but there are days I wish for a baby in my arms again…but that’s only normal for ALL mothers.

Sophia on

I bet Ben would say, “Enough!” after the first one if it was him carrying the baby for 9 months and give birth.

(ps. Such a beautiful couple. Wish them all the best.)

Emry on

oh is he planning on pushing the next one out soo soon??? I wonder if he knows that it really does hurt giving birth, take ur wife into consideration before you decide u want another one soo soon.

Linda on

If I could have afforded it, I would have had a nanny in a hearbeat. Let’s face it, while most of child rearing is great, there is a lot of schlog and drag. Even with nannies, I don’t think they are the type to keep their children locked up in the nursery with the nanny and then brought to the living room each day for 10 minutes of family time. And a live in, consistent nanny is way better than having to take the kids to day care everyday.

Anonymous on

Wow! People has changed their wedsite! Interesting how you can’t reply to comments anymore.

alI on

Oh… You just hit reply in the bottom corner like I did. πŸ™‚

TG on

Love them! They are a great couple!

TEXAS13 on

They have 3 beautiful children now that he should be thankful for & respect Jennifers wishes not to have another.

Tracy B on

Im sure part of her reasoning is her age. She is 40, and more complications come with older pregnancies. I’m not saying ALL, just there are some caused by age.

Amy on

I had no idea she was 40! I love it when fathers just ‘help out’. Hope that’s not true and that he’s an EQUAL parent who shares responsibility.

Ladybug on

She looks great!

jaci on

go for it! nice to see 2 peeps w/their heads on straight raising children — not enough of those in the world! hollywood or otherwise!

ali on

He took a break to help her? What did he take a break from? Grooming his nasty beard?

Marky on

Anonymous, if you have not adopted, don’t tell others what to do to build their family. Not everyone is suited to adoption, or to taking a child who is several years old and making them a real part of the family, giving the child what they deserve. I am an adoptive parent, and I have bio children as well, and I’m just saying, you have to have a certain type personality for it to be successful; not better, you understand, just a certain way of looking at parenting.

Why do 90% of posters jump on the “well, of course, you know they have 3 maids, a chef, 5 nannies, and 2 personal trainers , so they can ………. (fill in the blank)? Not every celeb has any help, and many who do, have about the same kind of help all the rest of you do; part-time and/or family, both parents sharing responsibility, and by the way, why is there such an attitude of jumping on the way a mom simply says, “_______ is so much help”, or “______ helped out with school carpools, and stepped in to do what was needed”.? Why does that bug you so much? It’s just the way she put it; it doesn’t mean he leaves her on her own to do everything all the time unless she is working, then he’ll break down and actually help with his own kids.

I wonder what all the talk about how hard pregnancy is and how terribly difficult it is to “push that baby out” is all about? What the heck? I was pregnant several time, and thought is was fantastic, I felt great, and when it came time to have those babies, I didn’t think labor was all that bad even though my first labor was more than 40 hours (the doctor saw me Thurs. and said I was in labor, and the baby was born Sunday at noon.) It never reached the point where I even raised my voice, and no, I didn’t have an epidural or spinal. I was walking up and down the halls and feeling fine within 2 hours, with my makeup on and my hair combed. My DIL did the same. I know some people have problems and #3 was high risk, for me, but all pregnancies are not a nightmare, and if natural childbirth is going to break you into pieces, get an epidural. Just sayin’

The whole thing is, if Ben was the primary caregiver, many of you would be b*&%$g that her priorities were wrong and she wasn’t being a real mother. What do people want? Both mom and dad to take off the first 2 years of each child’s life and devote every moment to their new child? Unrealistic! Every couple decides what works for them, and if they are happy, why is it anyone else’s business??

Anonymous on

Can’t believe how naive y’all are, thinking Ben Affleck is a devoted husband and father. It’s a one-sided relationship with Jennifer Garner loving him 100x more than he does her. Poor Jen.

Bet he’ll never divorce her though. Ben’s handlers/management team/PR team know it’s career suicide to do so, what with Jen being the devoted wife and mom and all. She has the Minivan Majority solidly behind her.

Mikaylah on

I do not understand all the Ben hate and snide comments. Yes, there have been rumors, but that is all they are. Ben and Jennifer seem like a solid couple (still hold hands, have date nights), and devoted parents (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of a nanny or entourage with them and the kids). Of course Ben isn’t going to force her into having more kids, and she may very well feel differently once her youngest is older.

Tanja on

Uhm…why were there so many pics of this family when their daughters were born,but we barely see pics from Samuel?oO

Anonymous on

Tanja- Actually, we didn’t see Violet or Seraphina until they were a few months old, either. Jen and Ben have always waited awhile before introducing their babies to the public.

Also, the activities we’ve seen them do when they’re photographed without Samuel tend to be classes and things like that for the girls….not really stuff a baby needs to tag along for!

Josie on

I’m a little surprised Jen would voice her marital problems to the world since they are usually pretty private. Him wanting kids, her not wanting them. Him “helping out” instead of, you know, parenting them. Jen needs to keep that chatter to her friends and put on a happy face to the public or she’ll increase the gossip about their marriage failing.