Kristin Davis Is Learning to Balance Baby and Broadway

08/07/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Zarbee’s

Mother by day, actress by night!

Currently starring in Broadway’s The Best Man, Kristin Davis is learning to walk the fine line between baby — she adopted daughter Gemma Rose last summer — and her busy career.

“The show is at night most of the days, so I spend all morning and all day with her then I go do the show at night,” Davis, 47, told PEOPLE during the Friday launch of Zarbee‘s all-natural, extra-strength cough product line at The Kimberly Hotel in New York City.

“It’s actually [a] really great schedule for a mom. I’m able to be with her and have a job, which is rare and wonderful.”

Logging long hours with her little one has allowed Davis to witness any major milestones, including watching her baby girl wobble her way toward taking her first few steps.

“She’s trying to walk — she hasn’t walked totally alone, but she walks with furniture,” explains Davis. “She’s doing great. I’m not trying to push her.”

“Especially as a single mom, you have to be really on your toes. Once they start moving around as well, you can’t be foggy,” she adds. “There are so many things that can happen, so it gives me such peace of mind to know that there’s something I can take that’s healthy. Zarbee’s coats my throat gently, doesn’t affect my performance and doesn’t affect me getting up at 6 a.m. with my baby.”

She’s still mastering her walk, but Gemma already knows where she’s headed — to her storybooks.

“In L.A. we have a big bin of books and a big bin of toys and in the morning, when we go to play, she goes for the book bin,” Davis shares. “I’m very proud of her.”

— Anya Leon and Mabel Martinez

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MJ on

What a sweet name, Gemma! God bless you with many happy years of bonding, growing and precious memories!

kyliekoo on

Really?? what is so rare about working and spending time with your child. I’ve raised 3 children as a single parent, working, so I don’t know what she is bragging about. Who watched the baby when she works on Broadway.. a high-priced nanny? Can’t stand listening to these Hollywood actresses talk about raising children. They have no idea how “normal” people do it every day, year after year, with no help.

Nicole on

@kyliekoo – I think she is likely referring to the fact that she has a job as an ACTRESS while she is raising her daughter on her own. That’s not an easy field to be in even when you have help. And her having a nanny in the evenings while she goes to work is no different than any “normal” mother taking their child to daycare, hiring a sitter or having Grandma come over to look after them.

Being a “celebrity” and being a working actress/mother are two entirely different things. Yes, there are some additional perks in her field but trying to work and raise a child (or children) is a juggling act for more than just “normal” people.

jane tyler on

She is not bragging about anything-she is saying how she makes it work for her. She has worked a long time in the business and if she makes alot of money, so be it. It is called success. It is not Kristen’s fault you are a single mother or if you don’t have a high income. When you have children, you have a responsibility to care for them and if you have to go it alone for whatever reason, that is your deal-not the fault of an actress you know nothing about on a personal level.

Lisa on

How wonderful that she’s able to spend lots of quality time with her baby girl! I love that Gemma goes for the book bin over the toy bin, as I’m a book nerd and have always encouraged my own kids to get lost in reading!!

Tasha on

@ Nicole……I couldn’t have said it better….

Someone You Know on

I wonder how many of these celebrity adoptions are open, semi-open or closed.

trixie on

Hey kyliekoo…back off. Her experience is not a brag, it’s just hers, and I assume she was asked about it and you read about it.

From a mom who also worked nights to pay the bills, looking back, I often wonder when I slept. But I was very thankful for the ability to work late shifts and be energetic enough to parent all day (with no nannies or a much involved father).

Don’t underestimate the power of motherhood.

Hushababy on

Fantastic Kristin. I too am a single working mom of twins aged 2.5 years, and we are strong! You can have it all! I’m so happy for you and your gorgeous baby girl. There is nothing more precious than your baby and you are doing a great job!

Stormy Fireriver on

This interview sounds more like a commercial.

Anonymous on

kyliekoo- Nothing’s rare about working and spending time with your child. What IS rare is working and being able to spend as much time with your child as Kristin does. She has the luxury of being able to work only a few hours each night and spend the rest of her time with her bay. Most working parents don’t have that option.

So yes, her situation IS somewhat rare.

Anonymous on

kyliekoo- Also meant to say that if you don’t like listening to “Hollywood actresses” talk about raising children, then you’re probably on the wrong site. 😉

Nicole- Exactly! I will never get why so many people act as though having a nanny is a terrible thing. As you said, it’s no different than other working parents putting their kids in daycare, hiring a baby-sitter, or having grandma, grandpa, or another relative watch their child.

Also, people seem to forget that plenty of “regular” people have nannies, too! Bottomline: As long as the nanny isn’t actually raising the child or children, I don’t see the problem!

sara on

Oh please! This woman spends no time with her child! I know het nanny and I am sick of these so called stars acting like they take care of there children . Trust me this nanny does it all!

Kim on

kyliekoo and Sara, who took a whiz in your corn flakes this morning? If you don’t like articles like this I suggest you skip reading them. Or maybe you just enjoy b!tching about your own miserable lives……

Marky on

Sara, please go away! I am so tired of people getting on these threads and flippin out on the celebs of any kind because they aren’t putting their children through the misery of raising themselves while mom sleeps on the sofa and complains about how terrible her life is! Close your legs until you are ready to be a real parent, and that MAY include hiring help if you are a single parent. Sheesh! The complaining about celebs is just so irritating. Enjoy the site, or move on!!

Anonymous on

Marky- Don’t bother responding to Sara. She’s more than likely a troll (at any rate, she almost certainly doesn’t know Kristin’s nanny, as I’m sure Kristin had the nanny- if she even has one- sign a confidentiality agreement before she started working for her), and we all know trolls do what they do for one reason and one reason only: to get attention.

Anonymous on

Why is everyone assuming Kristin has a nanny? Obviously she has someone watch her child while she works, but that person could be a family member or friend, too. It doesn’t neccesarily have to be a nanny.