Inside Martha Stewart’s Grandchildren’s Playroom

08/01/2012 at 12:00 PM ET
Courtesy Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart is known for her refined taste — and judging by her grandchildren‘s playroom, it seems her daughter Alexis has inherited the design gene.

“[It’s] where we all spend the most time hanging out!” the mom of Jude, 17 months, and Truman, 5 months, says in the September issue of Martha Stewart Living. “I like that it’s both great for kids and pleasing to adults.”

Alexis — who welcomed both of her children via gestational carrier — had longed to be a mother for years, undergoing costly and emotionally-taxing fertility treatments for years.

“Getting Jude was lucky,” she told PEOPLE shortly after the birth. “I’m happy, but this has been rough.”

Now fully immersed in motherhood, Martha’s only child, 46, has converted her Manhattan home into a child’s wonderland, complete with a whimsical Arctic-themed mural in the nursery — a gift from grandma and her crafts editor Hosanna Houser. And spoiling her grandchildren is nothing new to Martha.

After Jude’s birth, “[Martha] brings this huge box from Bergdorf [Goodman],” Alexis said at the time.

“I open it up and I look inside and it’s full of baby clothes, all with embroidery, and I’m like, ‘Wow, I guess I’m going to be allowed to buy myself something pretty nice because all this stuff’s going back!'”

Not so much anymore.

Courtesy Martha Stewart Living

— Lesley Messer

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Carrie on

What a gorgeous, fun-filled room for those two much wanted, much loved children!! Having children isn’t as easy for some people, no matter how they come into the family, and when they finally come, it’s such a gift. Alexis has always had an edge to her, but I think she has softened since her children are her, at last. Sounds as if she has maybe even softened up toward Nana!

poppykai on

I love the playroom but I don’t understand the “arctic nursery” with two twin beds for a one year old and 5 month old; where is the crib? Also, no pun intended but the arctic theme has no warmth or inviting qualities to it. I know it isn’t their main room but I expected something more cozy and lush from Martha Stewart. This looks like IKEA.

Lisa on

Martha’s much-used word “understated” comes to mind. Perhaps under-understated would be appropriate? Hmmmm.

Mya on

I actually like the artic theme, and possibly the beds are for company?

Love the shelving!

Our play room has a twin bed in it for when company stays over. We don’t own a crib because baby sleeps with us.

Alissa on

Lovely! I am so happy for Alexis! Whether you like her, or her mother for that matter, you don’t want to see someone go thru years and years of torture, which is how I would describe her efforts to conceive. I’m happy she has her children, and I am especially happy the children have each other…always good to have that other person who can validate the memories of your life!

Mina on

TACK-Y! Not the least bit appealing!

And who names their beautiful little girl Jude?? That is a very boyish name, not even close to being ambi. Carmen, Taylor, etc….those names can be of either gender. Next we are going to see Bruce, Thomas, David, and Anthony all as little girls. UGH!

Jude on

My name is Jude and I am the biggest girly girl there is!! My parents were Beatles fans thats where it came from. Don’t criticize someone’s name that’s horrible.

Katie on

And who exactly makes you the police on naming a baby?

ClaireSamsmom on

yes…the playroom looks fun and inviting, but the arctic theme bedroom looks cold and icy. Do the babies sleep in there? Where are the cribs? And Alexis’ comment about sending back the embroidered clothing is kind of mean. Even if she wanted to, just hush….why even bring that up? I’m sure she didn’t want it to seem like the babies were indulged, but Hello…it’s Martha Stewarts grandchildren…

Hea on

@ poppykai – And what’s wrong with IKEA..?

Felice on

Beautiful – best wishes happy Mommy and proud Grandma!

Anonymous on

The play room looks lovely, but I have to agree with previous posters’ that the bedroom looks ‘cold’. It looks so plain, almost sterile, like a hospital room. I expected better from Martha!

stacey on

Can’t stand Martha’s daughter Alexis. I saw her on the Today show……I’ve never seen a human being more cold, hateful or rude. Feel VERY sorry for those kids. I hope they don’t turn out like her.

PAT on

Get real people. The bedroom is probably for two full time nannies, both night and day. The Bergdorf Goodman story is supposed to be a joke. You do not see the little ones’ faces nor the location of their cribs. Good for Alexis. Better safe than sorry even though your Mother is probably launching a new line for K-Mart.

debby on

I agree with previous posts, that arctic bedroom looks just like a hospital room, so sterile, drab and not happy. It is not baby oriented at all. The twin beds are definitely not for the 2 kids!

Sandy on

If I had that money- I would have bought out Potter Barn for kids!!! Room seems pretty sterile but I love the play room- so many colorful toys. Just remember, best thing you can do for your children is read to them- and provide lots and lots of books!

Shannon on

Cute playroom but that blue and white room looks like a hospice room.

Alexis…no comment.


Embroidered baby clothing from Bergdorf Goodman…Geee…I believe baby would not be able to survive without this

Just My Opinion on

@poppykai, do you really think she lets a 5 month old sleeps in one of those beds? May it’s for when Martha stays over? Artic could mean “all white”, “artic animals”. People read too much into descriptions. Who cares what you expected? You do your kids rooms the way you want, just like everyone else.

Lonnie on

One part is too cluttered and the other part is sterile. The mural is so cute, but it is funny because Alexis is so cold that it is appropriate.

Amanda on

I’m betting the twin beds are for the nannies. Lucky them, NOT!! it looks like military barracks. Oh well, to each their own.

Chris on

@ Mya — co-sleeping kills babies. Children belong in beds.

Sheryl on

I think the artic portion with the two beds are for when they outgrow their cribs, since they are so close in age. My friend has two daughters, and made one half of the bedroom with the crib (they have a 8 year age difference) , and the other half with 2 beds, one for each girl. Its not huge like this by any means, but I think the artic scene is great! Not for everyone, but I love it 🙂

trish on

Where are the cribs for both kids? They seem too young for twin beds already.

trish on

Shouldn’t they be sleeping in cribs vs twin beds? I’m confused!

Mary on

At first glance I thought the pic of the room was a hospital room! Yikes! Very cold looking. To each their own, I suppose 😉

MRJ on

co-sleeping does not kill babies. Many cultures do it.

Kate on

If Alexis ‘had longed to be a mother” for so many years WHY on earth did she wait until she was 40 or 41 to start trying?? This woman put her career and personal life first for so many years and that was mistake number one. It’s not like she was waiting around for Mr Right and was unable to afford children financially. She still prolonged motherhood and more than likely went through 35, 40 IVF treatments the last five years to get these children-completely ridiculous. Most women would have gone to donor eggs or turned to adoption after the first few failed attempts but Alexis’ ‘genetic superiority’ took precedence-now in her mid 40’s she’s ‘finally happy.’. And she has nannies and helpers raising her children-nice. I don’t knock her for wanting to be a mother, but I can knock her for waiting so long and for hiring all of this help when most of us are raising our children ourselves and doing a great job.

Kay on

I have never cared for Martha Stewart. I was elated when her show was cancelled. She is a very arrogant person. I have never bought any of her items and never will. I see the apple does not fall from the tree, her daughter is just as bad. And the name Jude for a girl…hmm not so much. I like the playroom, but the other room looks like a guest room or something worse. Not inviting at all. It looks very cold. Just like mother and daughter, so I guess it fits their personalities…

mrsdiva on

Co sleeping does not kill kids my kids slept wit and they are all to each his ow every parent i every parent is different just like ever i is different don’t judge someon and tell yo have have a living a day in the l I think the playr I think the playroom is cute isn’t my styl

Linda on

I could go to the supermarket and just look at the cover of her magazine to see what you published….

Linda on

I could look at the cover of the magazine while waiting on line at the supermarket…this article didn’t show anything!

Mina on

I never said I was the police…I was giving my opinion. Jude is a wonderful name….for a male. I have an uncle named Jude.

I just dont see why its acceptable to name girls something so dominantly male sounding when ANY boy who gets named Mary, Veronica, Janelle, Victoria, Elizabeth, Susan, Jessica, or Jennifer would be absolutly unacceptable.

I mean come on, I am all for being open minded, but there are boundaries and lines you have to draw SOMEWHERE.

Huskerbookgirl on

No one has mentioned the safety factor of all those wooden toys layered high up on the wall, nor the climbing opportunity the shelving fixture provides. Hope those kids always have someone at hand when playing in the toyroom.

Great toys and pretty, but not little kid appropriate, imho.

LM on

In response to Kate: What’s wrong with putting your personal life first BEFORE starting a family. Maybe she wasn’t ready to be a mother when she was younger. Being financially ready and being emotionally ready are two very different things. Some women have children young and still put their personal lives and careers first. When she was finally ready to be a mother she had difficulty conceiving and after a few years of trying different methods, decided on a gestational carrier.

I don’t know if she actually has a nanny, but even if she does, who cares? There is nothing wrong with hiring help if you can afford it. My mother was a very frustrated stay-at- home mom and believe me I paid the price for it. I actually heard Martha Stewart say on her show that Alexis does not have a maid and cleans her entire house herself. You make many assumptions and are very judgmental.

Paradise And Other Urban Legends on

@Chris……my children are 27, 17 and 5 and none ever slept in a crib. All are alive and healthy. My 27 yr old now has a 5 yr old of her own and my grand-daughter never slept in a crib either.

Co-sleeping is only unsafe if the parent is intoxicated , medicated or severely obese.

LP on

Having a separate bed/bedroom for children is only the norm in wealthy countires like the U.S. and Canada. People co-sleep ALL THE TIME in places where the entire house consists of only a room or two.

M on

Alexis Stewart seems like a miserable person. I saw her on the Today Show interview – let’s hope she doesn’t pass on her lack of relationship skills to those children.

Rebecca Christiansen on

Well LM having kids is really not about the mom its about the kids – as a child who graduated from high school with a mom who was 61 I have to tell you its not great. I know life is all about personal fulfillment and personal goals and blah blah blah but guess what? Old age impacts a parent’s choices. I was All-state on my high school basketball team and my mom couldn’t go to the games because climbing those stairs hurt her knees and made her arthritis worse. And she complained to anyone within earshot. And having a nanny when you have more money than G*d and can conceivably raise your own kids that you tried so desperately to have seems a bit hypocritical. Sorry to dare and say something bad about Alexis but she’s kind of a witch with a B…I feel sorry for her kids. And as much as her choice of names is Truman a boy or a girl? If a boy, I’m really scared because Martha taught Alexis it was okay to hate her dad because her dad decided to leave Martha and all the hatred and control issues Martha has. Alexis doesn’t speak to her Dad – she’s more about Martha and the money. That’s nice. Maybe Grandma can bring one of editors from the magazine over to discuss peeing standing up.

Colleen on

A white carpet in a childs playroom is not practical..and the corners on the nightstand so close to the beds are not a good idea (if they do in fact sleep in them)..It just looks more like a pediatric hospital ward to me..To each his own I guess….

Helena on

@Mina, you dont seem like you don’t „care“. It seems like you truly loathe them.

For those who are saying things about the name Jude. Seriously? Jude may be a rising boys’ name but it’s also a diminutive of the name Judith, or a fresher spin on Judy or Judith. Stop picking on such absurd things. I think Jude sounds feminine, BTW. Who made you an expert on naming babies?

The choices are very lavish, but they are wealthy, so why not use the money? That would, in your eyes then make them tight-fisted and selfish. Is it envy, or malice that fuels your statements, I do not know, but I do know that this tenacious scrutinizing should well come to an end. Really? They just want the best for their children.

Ann Mac on

Hosanna Houser rocks! I love the arctic mural.

Barbara on

the actic nursery looks like an hospital room, actuallly kids’ hospial rooms are more colorfull. Again anotehr rich person with very little taste

Debbie on

I think the whole situation is summed up by the photo ..the baby girl is looking expectantly at Martha..whilst Martha is looking at the camera..need anyone say more.

Emily on

Children belong in their own beds. Co sleeping is a little weird, especially if a couple are in the bed. It’s not a playpen. NY

ecl on

Give me a break! You’re all just ripping on everything because you don’t like the people. Try a little harder to find something to complain about why don’t you? How about that god awful mural of the angel looking down on the crib in the room of JR Martinez’s room? No one criticized THAT monstrosity because you all like him. Both rooms here are cute and you have no way of telling if the room is sterile – you can only see a tiny part of it!

Mina on

Helena, Jude does not sound female in the least bit. Thats why they have the names Judy and Judith…for the FEMALE version of Jude!

If you are so high and mighty with not caring then by all means, name your first born son Elizabeth…I DARE you. Fat chance huh.

Lizzie on

I noticed how ole HAG martha is NOT holding her Grandchild,MAYBE she is inside the mag or maybe NOT, also I wonder if her Granddaughter
ALWAYS has 2 LOOK UP 2 the ole HAG!! Is the ole HAG martha teasing the baby girl with this toy??!! From what I read the ole HAG
martha was a VERY COLD & UNEMOTIONAL mother 2 her own daughter!!
About the white carpet, I’m wondering if the children are indeed able to play w/ play dough, use paints et. al. OR IF the do, at least 1 or 2 of the 54 MAIDS come a running at ole HAG marth’s
YELLING, “Get over her and clean up, NOW!!” BUT, the ole HAG marth, is barking her do this, do that alllllllll the way 2 the bank, isn’t she…

Kim on

Alexis gambled with her biological clock, I think thats what Kate is saying. You don’t want to put off child-bearing until you’re 40, 45. A million dollars later, Alexis has two kids. She could have ‘been happy’ and not went thru grueling and emotional fertility treatments. And I don’t think Martha was the most loving and attentive mother and it definitely shows through Alexis.

Ashleigh on

“Getting Jude was lucky,” she told PEOPLE shortly after the birth.

What an odd way to put it. Is Jude a puppy or a new toy? “Getting” wasn’t really the best choice of words.

Tee on

Let’s remember people….the cover and the artic room were staged for the photoshoot. Most photoshoots a professional photographer shows up, someone else to stage the room, for several different shots (50 or more would be a good guess) so they have many to look at to chose for the article. The artic room does seem appropriate, considering both Martha and her daughter are not considered the warmest, chummiest women. I don’t care for it, but they have the big money to change/redo it whenever they want.

lovely123 on

I thought I saw jail bars on the windows in the first picture! ha ha!

Bella on

BLOWN by these judgemental comments. Seriously people….

Why did she wait so long to have kids? Because it was HER CHOICE.

Why are there twin beds? Becasue its HER CHOICE.

Why is it cluttered and why did she name the baby Jude? Because it was HER CHOICE.

imagine the concept…….whos rules did YOU follow when you hadf kids?
Just sayin’……..

Dorothea Horowitz on

I have always been a critic of that monster. She is RUDE, she is COLD, she is ARROGANT and I feel SO BAD for those two children that have to be in her company. And from what I saw so far, she doesn’t have the greatest parenting skills. I noticed a few pics on her blog. She lets that little girl run barefoot in the dirty, filthy streets of NYC. And my LORD, I have a feeling the ole nanny has to take care of the children so she can obsess with her cooking and baking. Not sure about all of the concoctions she comes up with, but she so better she focused on the children. I will give her credit though, they are beautiful children. Just hope they don’t grow up like her!

Dorothea Horowitz on

She is RUDE, she is ARROGANT and she is COLD. And from what I saw, she doesn’t have the greatest parenting skills either from her blog photos! She let’s that little girl run barefoot in the dirty parks of NYC! How nasty!

nursenanny on

I have a great-grandson in the cemetary from co-sleeping. At least 5 kids from this area are dead from co-sleeping. It has been the worst year of my life and the police and child welfare workers don’t agree that babies should co-sleep. They were somewhat cruel and it was in the paper and people were horrified that people would do this. They acted like only poor or ignorant people would co-sleep. My grandson is neither poor nor ignorant, but were sleepy from the little one crying at night and it only took one time with him in their bed and now he is gone forever and they will never get over it.

Mina on

Bella its also a persons CHOICE to commit a crime. Just because people have freedom of choices, doesnt make them RIGHT.

Sam on

@ Mya — co-sleeping kills babies. Children belong in beds.

– Chris on August 2nd, 2012


where they can still die from cot death – good reasoning, NOT!

Kayleigh Roberts on

It was wonderful..i loved it i am intrested to learn more.