Daya Vaidya Welcomes Twin Sons Jai Blue and Dev Eshaan

08/01/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Cindy Ord/Getty

It’s two boys for Daya Vaidya!

The former Unforgettable star and husband Don Wallace welcomed identical twin sons on Wednesday, July 25 in New York City, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Jai Blue Wallace arrived first at 10:49 p.m., weighing in at 5 lbs., 8 oz and measuring 19.5 inches long. His brother Dev Eshaan Wallace followed at 10:53 p.m., weighing in at 5 lbs., 3 oz. and measuring 19 inches long.

“Don and I are so thankful for our healthy and thriving boys,” Vaidya tells PEOPLE. “I was fortunate to follow through with my plan for a natural and unmedicated delivery.”

The twins join big sister Leela Grace, 3, who’s already getting to know her baby brothers.

“Leela can’t stop hugging and kissing them, we are all so in love,” says Vaidya. “Identical twins are incredible — we’re not getting any sleep, but that gives us more time to figure out who’s who!”

— Sarah Michaud

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Charli on

Awesome! Congrats!!!

bh on

Natural and unmedicated birth with 5 pound twins? You are my hero.

jackiecouraud on

Way to go girl! Thanks for including this info in your announcement of a natural, unmedicated birth. Gives me hope that I will be able to deliver this month in the same fashion at home! I agree with BH, you are my hero too! (Gisele has just now slipped into second place.) Makes you feel like Superwoman, and it should!

Elspeth on

Yes, because women haven’t been having natural unmedicated births since we evolved into people. It’s not a new thing.

Wendy on

It may not be new but it is rare seeing as how most women opt for an epidural or planned c section anymore. And she did it with twins which is even more unusual so quit being rude.

Traci on

Congratulations on the birth of Jai Blue and Dev Eshaan.

I can’t wait to see photos.

I know they’re just precious. Identical twins – how awesome.

Heather on

Congrats. I just had twins myself. They are the best.

Rhonda on

Congratulations! Babies are a blessing.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations on the twins! how very exciting please post pictures soon- We can’t wait to see their faces. We love the names you have chosen for the boys- Jai and Dev- very cool!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

deets on


Jai and Dev are hugely traditional South Asian names.

Beena on

My sons name is Jaidev, and I love his name so easy to pronounce Some of his friends call him Jai and some of his friends call him Dev. Also Jaidev means “God Of Victory”

Tee Tee on

Identical twins born naturally? That is seriously awesome! It saddens me greatly when people assume that multiples have to be born by section just because there are more than one in there!

Jackie, good luck on your upcoming delivery! Home birth is so special! (Midwife before becoming disabled.) I’ll be praying for a safe and happy birth!

Durtysouth on

“natural and unmedicated”…not impressed….epidurals, morphine, spinal blocks…my precious!

Elspeth on

Yes! Agree.

Amy on

Feelin a bit “less than” right now! I had my twins via c-section and not because my doctor insisted but because I was so scared my second little cutie was going to invert back into the breech position she so loved for 30 weeks of my pregnancy. My mom had my sister and me vaginally (I’m also a twin) and I was born breech (ouch!)-good thing she did have an epidural. C-sections are so advanced now, it just seemed safer to me…but that was my “birth plan”. Does anyone else find it a little wierd that these actresses feel the need to gloat about “natural birth”? I mean, there aren’t any gold stars being handed out here. The result is the same, you hold that (or those) sweet little babies in your arms afterwards no matter how they are brought into the world, I would prefer to do it a little numb down there…LOL! Good for her…here’s your gold star!

Tanya on

I had a surprise breech baby at home in my bathtub. It went fabulously. Why do women assume we are doing it for a “gold star”? Is that what motivates people? I did it because I felt it was the healthiest, safest decision for my baby and myself. 2 years later my gold star still hasnt come in the mail but I think i’ll be ok 😉

deets on

@amy “The result is the same,”

The contention is that the result isn’t always the same. Non-medically necessary C-sections result in higher complication rates and poorer birth outcomes than natural births. But the important qualification here is “non-medically necessary.” With twins there are generally plenty of medical reasons for a C-section.

No one having a high risk birth (like twins) that ends in a C-section should feel bad.

A woman with a low risk birth who chooses to increase the risk of complications with a C-section just to avoid pain however…

Marky on

Amy, I think there is a bit much bragging going on these days in a way that seems designed to make those who have to have or choose to have, a c-section. You don’t have to choose a c-section based solely on twins, but when one is breech, there can be problems and that’s between you and your doctor. Do NOT feel less than. You did what you felt best; don’t waste one moment looking back with regret. Your babies are fine and that’s what matters!

Hooray for Daya! Glad she had a great delivery and the boys are fine. Love their names and best wishes to their whole family. We loved her in Unforgettable! on

I don’t believe she was gloating. She was simply happy she was able to stick with her plan. I’m so glad women have the option of choosing how to birth and the more we share these options and experiences with each other, the better informed we are.

essie on

i think it’s great when anyone brags about a natural, non-medicated birth…stars or not. and i think it’s sad when women chose to have a c-section…putting the baby and themselves at risk with an unnecessary surgery. we were meant to have babies the old fashioned yet being afraid of it? i don’t understand, then why have one? i have 4 kids, all naturally, all at home, no meds. it was just the natural thing to do. i couldn’t imagine having my kids in a dirty or sterile (depending on how you see it) hospital with strangers around. i’m not a hippy, i’m just a naturalist i guess. kudos to this “star” for bragging about her choice. she did good. i wish more women would. jmho.

Seriously on

Wow what an ignorant thing to say. Congrats pat yourself on the back. I also have four kids and the last three were c-section in that miserable thing called a hospital. If I had done what you did with my oldest son we would have been dead or one of us would have. Does that make me less of a women because I couldn’t do it naturally? No it does not. Some of you women who think less of moms who didn’t have them naturally need to think before you speak.

Gabbi on


Kasee on

Amy, you picked what worked best for you – nothing to feel badly about! Especially with twins 🙂

Lily on

What. the. hell?

Ellen on

Congrats! I am so happy that you have added to your lovig family. All will be loved and cared for. Congrats again!

Tanya on

Congrats to this beautiful family! Love all names of her 3 children;)

Reesca on

Birthing 5 pound babies is a breeze compared to other size babies out there. Three years ago my neighbor birthed 7.5 pound twins naturally – the biggest set of twins I have ever seen. She’s since gone on to birth a 10 pound baby recently. Not sure why Daya is considered a “hero” for doing something women have been doing since the dawn of time.

Terrible choice of baby names as well. No wonder I’m getting such strange looks for picking a normal, traditional name for this baby – people are trying way too hard to be “unique” and “different” that normal names are becoming a rarity.

Anne Marie on

Of course, she is gloating. She just rose several notches in the mommyhood social ladder. Natural AND unmedicated AND twins. She is not just a mother now. She is a little higher than mere mortals who may need temporary painkillers or have other reasons for a c-section. Bow down, everyone. You are in the presence of greatness.

It would have sufficed to say that she was well and the boys are (thankfully) healthy. But nooooo. Insert medal status early and you can bet, very often. Wait for the interviews over the next year.

Hooray for the cutthroat world of postfeminist reproductive elitism that women are exercising on each other with surgical precision.

Seriously on

Am I worthy enough to be a mother because I had a scetion because if I had him natuural it would have killed one or both of us? I guess to be a better mom I should have done that. I’m so sick of people like you that want to put me down because I didn’t have a baby you felt fit. Well my babies were big and my body couldn’t handle it. Get over yourself. Proud mom of a 8lb12oz 21 in girl, 11lb5oz 22 1/4 in boy, 9lb14oz 21 in girl, and a month early 8lb5oz 21 in boy. When you have babies my size come talk to me.

carla on

Reesca, Daya Vaidya is from Nepal. Jai and Dev are traditional, normal names in her culture. Even if there weren’t, no one needs to pick what others consider to be “normal” name for their child just so the masses can be happy.

Ashlee on

Most women who have C-Sections or unnatural births do it because they feel it’s best. Your child is only in as much distress as you are, so if you’re having an “unmedicated” birth, most likely you’re worse off than a mom who is relaxed and not in pain. Stop being so one-sided! Mother’s know what’s best for their situation.

Meghan on

Anne Marie, I totally agree with you. One of the best comments I have read on here!!!!

Katie on

Giving birth to identical twins?? WOW!!! Never been done before!!!!!! Congrats to her anyway!

Hea on

@Reesca – You do realize that we’re not all from the same cultures/countries? We don’t all consider the same names to be traditional? When I think of a traditional name I think about a traditional Swedish name for example.

annie on

Why can’t mothers stop being so defensive about their birth choices and congratulate ever mother on being able to have the birth she wanted? It is more and more clear to me from reading comments on this that many mothers who have drugged or c-section births aren’t comfortable with their decision and feel the need to put down those who go the natural route. Why not stop for a minute and ask yourself why you’re so negative about another woman rejoicing in the birth of her healthy children.

Emily on

Wow, some of you ladies need to chill out. She is NOT bragging or gloating, she’s sharing her experience and her happiness that it worked out the way she wanted it to. If you are reading more than that into Daya’s comments, you need to step back and take a look at yourself and figure out why your reaction to an innocuous statement is so defensive. It’s important for women to know that just because they have twins doesn’t necessarily mean they HAVE to have a c-section.

And Reesca, if you click the links in this article, she clearly explains her thought process when it comes to names.

“Leela is a Sanskrit name which means, ‘divine or mischievous play of the universe.’ And let me tell you, Leela fits her name! My late father was East Indian and a huge influence in my life. He always used to talk to me about the idea and concept of ‘leela.’ My name, Daya, is also Sanskrit and both my husband and I love Sanskrit names, so when I was only five weeks pregnant I told my husband about the concept of ‘leela,’ and asked him if we had a girl, what he thought of that name. He loved it! Leela’s first name honors my dad and her middle name, Grace, honors Don’s mother, who is Jamaican and named Grace. When it came to the twins, we decided on possible names pretty early again. Don and I luckily have the same taste in names! We’re not announcing the boys’ names yet, but I will say that we are continuing the tradition of giving our children names that represent our family’s diversity.”

Maybe take a little time to read up and learn before judging…

Alexandra on

@Emily I think that person was talking about the name choices for the boys, which was not explained in the article. Her daughter has a lovely name, but really, “Blue”? I don’t get the Hollywood color trend.

Emily on

Right, was just pasting that to show that the kid’s names were never going to be, say, John and Robert. She explained how they chose names to honor their heritage.

Tee Tee on

Seriously- My sister gave birth at home to babies as big as yours. Her last was over 11 pounds. Does that make her better than you? No, of course not. But don’t act like it’s not possible. It most certainly is.

Jen DC on

Oh, I bet they are as adorable as their sister! Leela is a beautiful little girl, and I love all their names. Lucky boys: Only three letters to learn to write for their first names!

The only reason there is “competition” between mothers is because women give into the idea that there *should be* competition. Innocuous statements like, “I got the birth I wanted!” are now greeted with scorn, bitterness, jealousy disguised as self-deprecation.

How could this woman be speaking personally to you, denigrating your choices, when she has NO IDEA YOU EXIST? If you feel as though you had to get a C-section, that that was the best medical decision you could have made for you, your baby and your family, what *difference* does it make that someone else made a different decision?! Completely baffling to me. Stop projecting what you feel to be your shortcomings, seeing criticism in every word. Jeez. Grow up and stop worrying about what other people think.

Leslie on

Why are all the women who had csections the only ones allowed to talk about their labor? If you can talk about your csection why can’t women talk about their natural births? Own your birth experience and let other women own theirs.

I’m really grateful that Daya mentioned that she had twins naturally because it gives me hope I can do the same. I’m due early next year with twins and my doctor is already pushing for planned csection although everything looks fine with no complications.. I’m researching my options and looking for a new OB.

Thank you Daya for being my inspiration!! Congratulations of your new sons!

charityA on

I had my fraternal twins natural and I had to “fight” for it and found a new OB that wasn’t scared of letting me have my twins the “old fashioned” way. In my experience an unmedicated natural birth of multiples is something that has to be “fought” for it is something that not all Drs like to do. 60% of twins are born by cesarian so getting to birth them vaginally is some sort of accomplishment. SO good for her and congrats on her babies!

Cass on

I am appalled to hear criticism of mothers giving birth in a “dirty” or “sterile” hospital. The circumstances of your child’s birth are something that might be shared with your friends, but when shared with the media it does come across as “gloating” and as if it makes a mother who gives birth naturally or “the old fashioned way” is superwoman.

As a mother who gave birth in a hospital via induction – yes, with medications – in order to save my life and my baby’s life, I do find it offensive to hear people suggest that if women have been giving birth “naturally” for thousands of years, we all should be able to do so. If I did not have modern day interventions, I would be dead. My baby would have died. No question.

I don’t think a woman who was fortunate enough to have been able to follow her birth plan and deliver “naturally” or a woman who delivered via c-section or a mother who met her baby on the day the adoption papers were signed or any other woman is more or less of a mom than me. We are all mothers.

It doesn’t matter how we got here. That is why it would be nice if birth announcements could simply announce births and not praise or proclaim how it came about.

Meghan on


My co worker just had her twins vaginally in the hospital so yes it most certainly is possible 🙂 You might want to choose a new OB who is open and supportive of a vaginal birth. Good luck and I hope you have a happy and healthy birth experience

em on

Daya was born in Nepal but raised in Oakland, CA most of her life. Her late father was Indian, her mother is Caucasian. They are honoring Daya and her father’s culture with the names.

Daya and her husband met while working on the movie “Blue”. I am sure they wanted to keep that memory as part of one of their sons’ names.

Jen on

I have 8 year-old boy/girl twins and twins rock! Congrats to the family. @Charitay A. I did the same thing. I had to go out to a hospital in the sticks to go full term and deliver twins naturally. You may have to do some driving, but they are out there.

myladyeve on

Congrats to the happy family! I love her in Unforgetable.

Hea on

@ Seriously – Why act as if you’re under attack? I haven’t seen anyone attacking women who have c-sections. All people are saying is that not everyone wants or needs them?

meghan on

Some of you women are so damn defensive. “She’s bragging!” “She’s bashing c-sections!” Whenever a woman on here has a c-section there is a deluge of women bashing them too for ‘scheduling an unecessary surgical procedure’, like c-sections are always elective. The things people let themselves get worked up over…Grow up. Your children are probably more mature.

Anonymous on

Alexandra- I don’t think color names are a “Hollywood trend” per se. Violet, Olive (which, although it’s more commonly associated with the food, is also a shade of green) and Scarlette are just a few “color names” that “regular” people have been giving their kids for years!

Anonymous on

Also, why shouldn’t Daya be able to say that she’s happy she got the birth experience she wanted?

Marky on

Truthfully, this argument about vaginal vs. c-section comes up every time someone has a baby! Sadly, women cannot seem to get the idea that we need to support each other and stop being critical, stop feeling the need to ridicule (really, essie? Giving birth in a dirty OR sterile hospital? What does that even mean?). What on earth has gotten into women who feel it is perfectly all right to cause hurt to another woman?

Ann Marie, absolutely fantastic post and right on point!! Cass, you, too!!

Melissa E on

Ok, I’m noticing some self-imposed thoughts of inadequacy towards said birth outcomes from some of the ladies here… I don’t think you should feel bad about how ever you gave birth, we all do what we can.

With that said, it is damn hard to do what she did, why not acknowledge, it doesn’t take away from any of us!! That you feel she is asking for a gold star might be your own insecurities. There ARE added dangers to C-Sections, and epidurals. I’m happy someone shined the light on what has been done naturally for eons! and fyi, Daya, as some may know, is actually allergic to pain killers, which is why she wanted an un-medicated, natural birth.

Let’s all spend a little more time loving ourselves rather than hating others.

lovely123 on

“Natural and unmedicated birth with 5 pound twins? You are my hero”. Seriously folks, HERO?! She gave birth, she didn’t come back from a tour overseas. Babies are great (I have four), but comparing delivery to heroism is a little over the top.

lovely123 on

Wait, no “over the moon comment”? How will I continue to move on with my life!

Amanda on

Reesca- I’ve given birth to babies ranging from 5.5 to 7.5lbs (4 kids, all single births, all natural and unmedicated) and they all hurt the same coming out, the only difference was my 5.5lb baby came the fastest. She was baby #2 so who knows if it was just chance and all of them came fast so ‘fastest’ was only by about an hour and a half. I’ve heard the same from a friend who’s delivered a 3 kids ranging from 7.5 to 10lbs…it’s all the same, she actually needed stitches with the 7.5lber and not the 10lber (epidural with the 7.5lber, unmedicated with the 10lber).

Congratulations to Daya and her husband!

JJ on

It’s funny, cause I’m not reading anywhere in this article where she states that she is now better than every other woman who has had a baby because she had them naturally. She was just stating what happened. I can imagine, had she not mentioned how she gave birth, the people on here would be saying ‘Oh I guess she had a c-section then’ and pulling her apart for that. She couldn’t win either way.

It’s pathetic how women treat each other.

Leslie on

Congratulations Daya!!! Hope you have a smooth transition into being a mom of three! I’m sure Jai and Dev are beautiful!

And Marky, I’m confused by your post because you say we should support other women and not be judgmental about what kind of birth they have, but in the next breath you compliment the two posters that both accuse Daya of “gloating.” Sounds like you need to take some of your own advice.

Anonymous on

Leslie- Anne Marie ended her comment with “Hooray for the cutthroat world of postfeminist reproductive elitism that women are exercising on each other with surgical precision.” while Cass mentioned this in her post: “I don’t think a woman who was fortunate enough to have been able to follow her birth plan and deliver “naturally” or a woman who delivered via c-section or a mother who met her baby on the day the adoption papers were signed or any other woman is more or less of a mom than me. We are all mothers.”

I’m guessing it was those things Marky was agreeing on, not the parts about them thinking Daya was gloating!

Anonymous on

JJ- Right on! Daya didn’t claim that she’s a better mother for having a natural birth, or that all women should give birth without pain meds. All she said was that she’s fortunate that she was able to have the birth experience she wanted. Not the best type of birth, or the type of birth everyone should have, but the type of birth SHE WANTED!

MiB on

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every woman in the world was given the birth experience and outcome that she wanted? Daya expressed gratitude for her vishes and hopes being fulfilled, she wanted healthy babies and she hoped for a vaginal and medfree delivery. Should we deny people hopes and wishes because they don’t come true for everyone? Should we deny people to talk about their experiences because other people have other experiences? Should we only allow mothers to tell stories about scares, agonies and things that went horribly wrong?

That is not a world I would want to live in, and neither would you, I would think. Women must be allowed both to express grief for things that didn’t go as they had hoped for, and gratitude for things that did and neither should deminish the other. We are all different and have different experiences. In fact, even two people going through exactly the same thing have different experiences.

Anyways,congratulations to Daya, Don and Leela on the additions to their family! Love the names Jai and Dev!

Ladyfoxx on

Lovely! No twin postings in awhile. Can’t wait for the pics.

liarlairpantsonfire on

what in the world is a “natural birth”? pretty sure they are all natural, lol. anyone have an unnatural birth??

Janna on

“I was fortunate to follow through with my plan for a natural and unmedicated delivery.”

That doesn’t sound like “bragging” to anyone with a brain and the tiniest bit of self-esteem. I’m constantly amazed at how defensive you all become whenever someone chooses to birth their children a certain way and then follows through with that plan.

Get. Over. Yourselves. It’s not about YOU.