BumpWatch: Jennifer Nettles Gets Shorty

07/31/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Larry Marano/Getty

Who wears short shorts? Jennifer Nettles, that’s who!

The mama-to-be debuted her baby belly on stage Sunday as she performed with Sugarland at Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Nettles topped her colorful look with some hot pink feather earrings – fun!

The singer, 37, and husband Justin Miller are expecting their first child in November, they recently announced to PEOPLE.

Earlier this month, Nettles and partner J Rome took it all the way to the top on Duets, winning the reality competition‘s first season.

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Ash on

You can’t even tell she’s pregnant….

Elena on

Ash, I completely agree with you.

avalyn on

Ash – in other pictures from the set you can. Straight ahead she doesn’t look it much unless she is wear her normally snug tank tops but turned to the sides she shows a lot more. She looks a good size for nearly six months along.

avalyn on

Also – here is a few more pictures from the set that show her stomach a bit more than this picture. Hope it’s okay that I posted them.


CaryDoggyMom on

People magazine, would you and the rest of the press PLEASE stop using that rude, gag-worthy term, “baby bump?” It needs to be banned from the English language.

Sonja Strickland on

Guess nobody took a picture of her Saturday in Valdosta, GA. She had on shorts and an airbrush sleeveless tshirt

Anonymous on

She looks great! You can’t really tell she’s pregnant…..but why was it so much speculation when Beyonce was pregnant and she too, carried a small belly?

dorothy blair on


Kathy on

She looks amazing!

Sugarfan23 on

You can definitely tell she is pregnant, just not by looking at this photo. There have been numerous photos taken at different angles from this same show, and it’s no question she is expecting when you look at those photos and some of the photos from other shows recently. She’s going to be 6 mo. along soon and getting pretty big. Btw, she’s one of the most beautiful mothers-to-be that I’ve seen! Can’t wait to see her at this Friday’s show. 🙂

Anonymous on

CaryDoggyMom- PEOPLE actually alternates between “baby bump” and “baby belly” in their articles about pregnant celebs. Considering some people probably don’t like the term “baby belly” either, I don’t know what more they can do. You can please all of the people sometimes, you can please some people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all the time!

Also, what’s offensive about the term “baby bump”. Techinically, that’s basically what it is a “bump” caused by the baby. 🙂

Randi on

I agree! What’s wrong with the word “bump”? What do you want it to be called? Get over it!

Grace2 on

She is the cutest thing (and incredibly talented). Love Sugarland.

Jill on

There is nothing wrong with the term baby bump. All celebrities use it. Are you going to tell them to stop using it too?

roostercall on

I hate the term ‘baby bump’ or when someone says, ‘waiting for baby’ instead of ‘waiting for the baby’. It sounds so cheesy.

Reesca on

She looks great! I’m also due in November and compared to her, I look like a whale. Can’t wait to see this little one!

Denise on

Love her. So talented. Best of Luck..

Jennifer on

She wore shorts in Tampa and Valdosta.

Jeanne on

Sorry, I hate the word “bump” in this context as well. I don’t know why exactly but it just grates on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard.

Lis on

I think “baby bump” is kind of endearing 🙂 I don’t understand what’s wrong with it or why commenters constantly complain about it… Someone always wants to take offense to something these days! sheesh!

J on

Endearing, lol! Alrighty then..

Kristen on

Loooooove this lady!

Jennifer on

You people will find anything to complain about. Belly Bump. Really? If that’s all you can find to gripe about, I’d say you live a pretty great life.

abbey on

She was very pregnant looking from the front row of the state fair 2 weeks ago!

Kristin on

I have always been a Sugarland fan, but I became a huge Jennifer fan after watching “Duets”. She can sing anything and make it sound beautiful. It actually shocked me. I did not realize she was THAT great of a singer. And J Rome was AMAZING. As for the baby, I am really excited for her and think she looks absolutely beautiful.

baby bump baby bump baby bump baby bump baby bump baby bump baby bump baby bump baby bump baby bump baby bump baby bump baby bump baby bump
now I feel better. lol

Kim on

I’m with you, CaryDoggyMom. HATE the term “baby bump”. It’s way over used and got old long ago. As for Jennifer..loved her on Duets!

KRS on

Can we please get some alternatives from those who are so opposed to “baby bump”. Seriously! What would you rather see used?

Grace2 on

KRS, my thoughts exactly! what else should it be called, pray tell? Maybe we can all vote on this important issue. I’ve come up with a few.

Abdominal outgrowth
Fetal fold
Uterine protrusion
Baby protuberance
Bundle bulge
Love lump

Are these any better 😉

KRS on

Grace, how about:

Embryo envelope?
Pouch ‘o’ love?
Abdominal extension?
Fetal incubator?

Come on people….baby bump or baby belly is just so harmless, I truly don’t understand why it rubs so many people the wrong way.

Joey on

What’s wrong with the term “baby bump”? First of all, it’s way trendy to say. Second, we’re not all 14-year-old girls – we can say “pregnant” without blushing or staring at our feet and kicking at the ground!