Mike Eli Welcomes Daughter Kline Olivia

07/31/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Courtesy Mike Eli

It’s a girl for Eli Young Band frontman Mike Eli!

The singer and his wifeย Kacey, a marketing director, welcomed their first child, daughterย Kline Olivia Diaz, on Monday, July 30, they confirm to PEOPLE exclusively.

The bouncing baby girl was born in Dallas and weighed in at 6 lbs., 15 oz. and is 20ยผ inches long.

“They tell you about this feeling that is beyond comparison … and the moment Kacey and I laid our eyes on little Kline we understood it’s absolutely the coolest thing ever!” the proud dad tells PEOPLE.

Eli won’t be able to be on diaper duty for too long though — his band, who recently scored their second No. 1 country hit with “Even If It Breaks Your Heart,” will rejoin the Rascal Flatts tour next Thursday in Charlotte, N.C.

— Danielle Anderson

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Tee Tee on

Ach, what a sweet picture!

RKF on

Kline? They choose a last name, Kline, while giving a beautiful middle name like Olivia? Sorry, but that “name” is horrendous.

Roxanne on

Olivia Kline Diaz has a much better ring. but that’s just me. congrats to them

Iris on

Beautiful baby girl but that is a tragic name….

Anonymous on

Iris is such a low end name.

Cortney on

WTH?? Why isnt the girls last name Eli?

Sarah on

Because his full name is michael Eli Diaz

Archo on

I’m sure they’re ‘over the moon’ about the baby too

CJ on

I would’ve loved to see Eli as the last name but I’m sure it was for a reason. Congrats from a Lubbock-ite! We love you(:

Lauren on

His last name isn’t really Eli, it’s Diaz.

Chris on

Cortney, his full name is Michael Eli Diaz

BK on

Congrats to the proud parents! Went to college with the Eli Young Band and so excited to see their success!

To the people wondering why the last name is Diaz…. well that’s because Mike’s actual name is Michael Eli (middle name Eli) Diaz.

F. on

Mike’s last name is actually Diaz.

Nickie Techmanski on

Really people you have to come on here make comments trashing the name they chose to name their beautiful baby girl?

emily on

Because Eli isn’t Mike’s last name, It’s his middle.

Lynn on

Mike’s last name isn’t actually Eli, that’s his middle name.

I think Klein means something like small and precious/dear?

Sandra on

What in the heck name is Kline for a first name, even a second name. It should be someone’s last name. Whatever works for you, she isn’t my child, but it is a horrible name. Yuck! She certainly is cute though!

Anonymous on

His last name IS Diaz….geez!!!!!!

Rose on

“Klein” (this spelling) means small/little in German.

It’s an unusual first name and it’s likely that it was done to honour someone. What’s her maiden name, his mother’s maiden name, etc.?

denise on

just beautiful. Best Wishes

Joey Beth on

I think Kline is a super cute name, and she is a super cute little girl! Congrats Mike!

donna b on

that poor child growin up with a name kline gezz !

Susan on

She looks like her Dad she is so cute . Congrats to both of you

Anonymous on

Guest- Excellent point! I agree that it’s very likely the name honors someone in their family. Anyway, congrats to them, and she is a cutie!

Anonymous on

I also want to point out that if Kline doesn’t like her first name when she’s older, she can always go by Olivia! ๐Ÿ™‚

iheartnames on

It’s THEIR decision what they name their baby. People seem to forget they don’t have a say in naming someone else’s kid.

Tammy Vogle on

Babys last name isn’t Eli cause Mikes last name isn’t Eli! And she’s perfect! I’m sure there’s a story behind the name, and I’d love to hear it one day! Congratulations to Mike & Kacey on your perfect little bundle of joy!! See you on the road!

marie on

Klein could be from a little town close to his hometown of Tomball, TX.

Kristen on

You women are truly vapid. Would any of you have the courage to walk up to her parents and comment on her name? No, because you are cowards who sit behind a computer. Have any one of you pieces of garbage given any thought to the idea that Kline may be a family name?

Why aren’t any of you willing to offer up your children’s names so that we can let you know what we think of them?

anonymous on

Have some respect! Mike and his wife chose the name they liked, some people may think your name is “tragic” or “awful”. Honestly i think people need to keep your rotten opinions to yourself! Give a congratulations or kind words or keep your mouth shut. Im sure your mother didnt teach you to speak such trash. Apparently you cannot be a mother yourself or you wouldn’t be saying things about someones child or there choices for her. Idiots!

Lauren on

You people are so rude. They can name their baby whatever they like. Mike said that they were using a family name for her. Much better to give her a unique name with significance than to pick a name that every other girl she meets will have. Leave them alone. Congrats Mike and Kacey on the beautiful new baby girl!!

Jambo on

To everyone in the German and Dutch speaking world, her name will be ridiculous, as the pronunciation means ‘small’, and is never used as a name. If this poor dear ever takes a gap year to drink and party her way around Europe (as every American high school and college graduate seems to these days), she’ll have an interesting time with her introductions.

the germans on

I am sure they give a rat’s about the german world . I know I do..eye roll.

Anonymous on

Is your name really Jambo? I hope not! Your parents should be embarrassed. I’m sure Americans laugh at you often and that you have problems with your introduction

Amy on

I was so shocked when I read the baby’s name was Kline Olivia! Not because I don’t like the name, but my daughter has an 8 year old friend named Kline Olivia!! Kline’s name really fits her, she’s adorable and very sweet. She gets a few looks the first time adults hear her name, but to kids, it’s just another name, they don’t think anything of it. It’s a little different, but it’s not “out there” or a terrible name at all. I happen to like it. ๐Ÿ˜€ Big congrats to the family, and be assured there are other Klines out there!

BTW, my daughter’s name is Olivia, we adore it.

Ashley on

Congrats Mike and Kacie!!! You have a beautiful baby girl on your hands. Her name is perfect who cares what everyone else says about it, all that matters is you guys. And by the way EVERYONE his last name is Diaz not Eli

Sierra on

Kline..? What an adorable name! I about just fell in love with it. I’m really in to different names and this one is just plane precious. Congradulations to Mike and Kacey on their new bundle of joy!

As for the rest of the people who are hating on the little girl’s name.. why? I just don’t see the satisfaction in it at all.

Cassie on

I actually like it! It’s cute and spunky sounding ๐Ÿ™‚

In a world where so many people blend in with common names, she’ll stand out. Which in my opinion is not a bad thing at all!

Congrats in your daughter! She’s beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

Ally on

I wonder if Kline has something to do with Patsy Kline? Cute name, anyhow.

Rachel on

Maybe she’s named after Patsy Kline? Just a thought. ๐Ÿ™‚

the germans on

Ps. what a beautiful girl !!!!!!!!!!!

roostercall on

Once again, another celeb giving a HORRIBLE name to their baby. KLINE????? R u kidding me?

Sheila Whittle on

Thats a Beauitful Little Baby Girl ๐Ÿ™‚
Glad that everything went Well..
Kacey & Eli enjoy your sweet Angel .. ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’œ

Anonymous on

Beautiful girl, and it’s not a made up name. Klein Olivia is beautiful.

JM on

I love how everyone is like ‘Give her a last name? that’s ridiculous!’ and yet you coo over names like Harper, Harlow, McKenna etc. I think they are all ridiculous. But i do agree with the poster who mentioned that if she ever meets any German or Dutch speakers they will just think of ‘small’ when they hear her name. Think of it the other way round if you met a girl called Small you would find it weird wouldn’t you?

anyway, what do i care? not my name. not my kid. makes no difference. all the best to the family.

diana hazelwood on

What a beautiful picture of a beautiful baby and a very proud Papa. Congrats Eli and Kasey !

Amy on

I can’t stop looking at the picture she is just so cute! Congrats!

Abbie on

I love her name and she is too cute!!! I don’t understand what makes people on here think they have the authority on naming children. Get over yourselves. A name like Kline isn’t popular now, but it can always become popular and who cares anyways? Why be like everyone else???? ANDDDDD I have to laugh at people who leave comments about a child getting picked on for their name, because they are the adults teaching their children that there is something wrong with a child’s name in the first place, you rude ignorant people are creating bully’s!!!! So sad.

Lisa on

What a sweet picture! She is a beautiful baby.. Her name might have special meaning behind it.. Did anyone ever think of that?

Kudos to Mom and Dad! Precious!!

Marcia on

She is ADORABLE!!!

meghan on

I don’t think children making fun of her name will be her biggest problem. Little kids on a playground have nothing on the alleged adults on this website. Don’t act like you’re worried about this precious little girl when you are nastier than any little kid could ever be.

JJ on

No idea who they are but I quite like the name. Cute baby too.

Mary on

Congratulations too you both. She is a beautiful baby girl.

Cassie on

Ditto Abbie and Meaghan.

Perhaps you wouldn’t have to worry about your children being mean bullies if you didn’t teach them to be just that.

All of you picking on a little girl should be ashamed of yourselves. Sad, pathetic excuses for women. Just disgusting.

Nat on

My son’s name is Klein and we named in honor of someone we love. Perhaps they chose their Kline for the same reason? We get compliments on his name constantly and have not once stopped to care if anyone else disapproved. I’m sure this family could care less about what all of you judgemental people think… She’s a gorgeous girl!

Sarah on

Beautiful baby! Terrible name. Maybe they will wise up and start calling her Olivia.

stacey on

I’ve never heard of this name. But if I had to pick, I’d say it sounds more for a boy than for a girl.

Nickie Techmanski on

roostercall – RKF – stacey – Sarah -Jambo – donna b and the rest of you douche bags!! How can you be so horribly mean! Bully’s all of you should be ashamed of yourself!! However from your crass ass comments you have no shame – shallow ass efftards!

Anonymous on

I agree, it is a name , it’s not just a whole bunch of constanants and one vowel put to get her with a hyphen or apostrophe. She has two great parents to take care of her and if SHE doesn’t like her name she can go by Olivia or legally change it as did my mom that named her the same as a cigar company.

Jeremy on

Congrats to Mike and Kacey!! I think it’s awesome they chose a unique name for their daughter. They obviously chose it for a reason and it has meaning to them, so get over it. Best of luck to them both!!

carolinagirl on

It’s a Southern thing to name babies (even girls) with the mother’s maiden name or the last name of the grandparents or great-grandparents. I grew up with girls named Spruill, Wortley, Reston, and Stewart. I now have friends with baby girls named Smith, Hadley, Brewer, and Palmer. It’s not that big of a deal.

Liz on

The baby is adorable and congrats to them!

But I have to say, sometimes the last names as first can work well on girls (Hadley, Leighton, McKenna), other times-(KLINE, Spruill, Wortley, Collins, etc…), not so much. I would detest being a girl and carrying around those clunkers. Kline sounds and looks awful to me, just my opinion. Here’s hoping they’ll start calling her Olivia.

meghan on

Liz, Sarah, there are going to be a good five or six Olivias in her class, why would she want to be common?

carolinagirl on

I would say it tends to be about 25% what sounds good and 75% tradition. Most people I know are named the 1st and last name of a female relative to honor them (usually the maternal grandmother). The baby is then called by her middle name (the last name of her grandmother). My friend’s mother is named Elizabeth Clark. She is going to name her baby Elizabeth Clark Taylor and will call her Clark. They are called by names that may sound ‘clunky’ (ie Wortley) but it’s not unusual because that’s what everyone has done for years.

Olivia Klein on

Your daughter has the same name as me but backwards (: I hope you have a great life taking care of her !

Amy on

I absolutely love the name. Notice how everyone that bashed the name hid their name and the ones that revealed are boring as all get out. Enjoy your bundle of joy!!!!