Bill Hader Welcomes Daughter Harper

07/30/2012 at 11:30 AM ET
Michael N. Todaro/FilmMagic

Saturday nights are looking a whole lot livelier for Bill Hader.

The Saturday Night Live star, 34, and his wife Maggie welcomed a second baby girl on Saturday, July 28, his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Daughter Harper was born in New York City and joins big sister Hannah Kathryn, 2½.

Hader — who was recently nominated for an outstanding actor in a comedy series Emmy — says that when it comes to parenting, he can be more of a hinderance than a help to his filmmaker wife.

“[When Hannah] hit her head for the first time, she had that pause moment where she looks at you,” he explains, “and my wife is really good because she’s like, ‘Ohh, yay, it’s okay.'”

“She hit her head and I’m like, ‘NOOOO!’ And she’s like, ‘Wahhh!’ My wife [said], ‘Give her to me, just give her to me!'”

— Anya Leon

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JMO on

Harper Hader…that’s a mouthful!

Say it really fast and it sounds like Operator lol

Rebec on

The name Harper is starting to get over used. It’ll go the way of Ella back in 2000 and Lola around 2005 and start to disappear. Seems every 5 years or so, a name becomes super popular, then you never hear of it again. Harper Hader is a bit of a mouthfull. It sounds like you “hate” Harper when you say it out loud.

olive on

I agree w everyone who is sick of Harper now. Add olivia, grace, isabella, emily, emma, et al. To the list.

And I don’t need to lie down. Ha

Bill Hader is amazing though

Annie on

We assume you all have drugs and weapons

Jill on

Only the 100th celeb to name their child Harper. Gimme a break. REAL ORIGINAL.

Jill on

haha Oops..looks like people other than myself think Harper is being overused! Good call, everyone!!!!

Pamela on

Wow, either people are ripped for choosing unusual names or ripped for choosing common names. It’s a nice name and it’s a new child that is loved. Good God.

whateverhappenedto... on

Saying congratulations when someone has a baby? If you don’t like the name, don’t say anything at all!

Miriam Poulsen on

Agree with Pamela and Harper is an adorable name!

Cassie on

Hannah and Harper Hader – what mouthfuls!

Congrats on the new little one nonetheless! 🙂

Julianna on

What a cute name! I love it! Congratulations!

denise on


desilu on

anyone hating on the name Harper must have super common boring names! Get over it, it’s a cute name! What did you name your daughter’s? Emily, Jessica and Ashley? Blah!

Chelsea on

I have to admit to a huge crush on Bill!! Total genious in Superbad!! Congrats to Bill and his family 🙂

AmandaC on

Harper is a cute name but hollywood celeb’s have no original ideas anymore, seems as though everyone is naming their daughter Harper.

Becky on

I am with you Chelsea, i have a huge crush on him. Love it when he does that old man reporter guy, and of course Stefan from the news. Congrats!

Paula Stinnette on

wtf on what he named his child?!?!??! it’s a beautiful name and he is the greatest! seriously…how many jennifers, marys, ashleys, etc do you know? it’s all about what the parents want to name their child and harper is a “gawjus” name! how sweet does it go w/ Hader? love it and love you, Bill! what a talented person you are!

chels on

i think hannah hader is worse than harper

Boo girl on

I have an original name and so does my son. I’m sick of the name Harper, too. I remember I refused to give my son my first choice name because a co-worker had named her son that name around the time I found out I was pregnant. Granted it’s his child and he has every right to name her what he wants and I wish him the best. Doesn’t mean I not sick of the name Harper. I have 3 coworkers who named their daughters Harper before the Beckhams. Enough already.

Pammy on

Have yall ever thought that maybe they like the name Harper and that is why the choose it? I am 50 – and since I was a little girl I liked the names Harper and Olivia. All of my friends said they were horrible names, and I did not name either one of my daughters those names because of that. Now, I wish I had. A name becomes popular because people like it and use it. Why would you name your child something you didn’t like?

SoNotHollywood on

Overused, I agree. An old friend named her daughter Harper a few years ago, and it was cute. Then Beckhams name theirs Harper… Oh its popular… Now it’s like, pick another please!

Isabel on

If they like the name, they like the name. People bitch regardless and would do so even more if it was a unique choice. Oh well. I’m sure Bill and his wife couldn’t care less about the public’s opinion.

Ciera on

Harper isn’t a bad name, but common, yes. However, I don’t think it could possibly be more annoying than Jayden, Cayden, Brayden, Aiden, Hayden, and all the other ridiculous spellings I’ve seen for these names! I even know someone with a Zaiden! Get real pepole!

JMO on

We have Harper Beckham, Harper Spade, Harper Burtka-Harris, Harper Grohl, Harper Lockwood, Harper Rhimes, Harper Simon, Harper Smith Harper Vedder, and Harper Weyman.

All celebrity baby Harpers!!! That’s quite popular among celebs more so then I think any other name!

I don’t mind the name but I am def more into names that are not overly used and this def now is one of them!

carla on

Not that the names Rebecca, Sarah, Michelle, Amanda, Ashley etc. haven’t been used over and over and over. Please folks. Let people name their kids whatever they choose.

Mary on

I clicked on this out of sheer curiosity while waiting for my dinner to finish baking. I wanted to see which STAR the headling was referring to even though I know better. Have no idea who Bill Hader is but I like the names Harper and Hannah. Guess I’m out of the loop!

Marky on

Really? You are complaining about someone naming their child Harper because it’s so “common”, yet you complain about odd names, such as Apple because it’s too weird! You people just like to complain!

Congratulations to the Hader family on their lovely new baby, Harper!

ashley on

Such mean judgemental people on here. So sad. A big CONGRATS to the Hader family on welcoming another precious little life into this world and for naming her whatever the heck they wanted!!!

Lisa on

I love the names, they don’t match up with the last name though.

Guaranteed mistake on calling their names out at graduation for sure!

J.C. on

I think they chose the names because with the last name Hader the girls initials are ‘HaHa’

(HArper HAder and HAnnah HAder.) Just a thought. 🙂

kendrajoi on

He’s so freaking hilarious. Love him.

soph on

desilu…newsflash…Harper’s popularity will result in it becoming “super common boring.”

soph on

Do you need to lie down, Maid?

Anonymous on

Awww, congrats to them! And I personally like the name!

Michelle on

I don’t have a problem with the name Harper. It’s fine.

I think Harper Hader and Hannah Hader are a mouthful, but they are not my children so who am I to judge?

I do love Bill though. and I love his wife’s “Just give her to me”

JM on

Congrats to them and their little one. But yes, Harper is the new Ava, everyone i know who named their kid Ava a few years ago thought they were being so original and picking a name no one had heard of. As with Ava, i don’t even think it is a hugely attractive name (makes me think of ‘what are you harping on about?’) i think people just think it sounds trendy.

and btw, people are allowed to have opinions. do you really think these parents are so insecure that a group of internet strangers not liking their child’s name will in any way put a crimp in their day? get over yourselves. we don’t (yet) live under the thought police. people are allowed to have opinions, it doesn’t hurt anyone. i wouldn’t care at all if people didn’t like my children’s names. it’s their opinion….

Abbie on

I agree with Marky!!!!!!

JM on

too true olive. it may be, as i say, partly because all the friends i have who named their kids that and they ALWAYS tell you as if they are the ones who have discovered this ‘unusual’ name. it’s ok to give your kid a popular name, just own up to it, don’t pretend you are so unbelievably alternative because you put an ‘A’ in front of the name Eva instead of an ‘E’ etc. i mean if you named your son Tom that would be just as fine, but you wouldn’t walk around as if your son was the first boy ever to be called Tom would you?

levie on

Harper and Hannah are sweet names. Congratulations Bill.

Anonymous on

JM- Actually, some celebs DO read this blog and HAVE expressed being hurt and/or saddened by the horrible comments about their name choices. One of the most recent examples would be Jenna von Oy, who said it made her sad to see so many people criticizing her daughter’s name. Soleil Moon Frye also expressed hurt over the horrible things people said about her second daughter’s name when her birth was announced.

So don’t assume that celebs don’t care what a bunch of strangers say! I don’t think it’s about being “insecure” either. When you’ve thought so long and hard about what to you is a beautiful name, you’re bound to feel sad when so many people trash it!

JM on

Anonymous, i just think that you will never be able to please EVERYONE with your name choice, and yes, if someone in your family said something hurtful i can see how you wouldn’t have to be the most sensitive person in the world to be bothered by that.

but i just can’t imagine caring what a stranger on the internet says. i mean, why would i? in fact, if i told them my kids name and they didn’t like it, i would STILL agree with their right to say it and state their opinion. not everyone can have the same taste. and i’m ok with that.

Neighbor on

Maggie and Bill are really sweet people. They have an awesome family. I bet most people writing on this blog never had to name a child. I hope they don’t read blogs like this and if they do, that they don’t care about others’ opinions. Harper is a beautiful name. All the best to them!

Traci on

Harper’s a beautiful name even if we have:

Harper and Finley Lockwood (Lisa Marie Presley’s twin girls).
Harper (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen’s daughter) and
Harper Beckham.

These little girls are NOT ANY OF YOURS so lay off the derrogatory comments.

Don’t like then don’t read you bunch of idiotic morons.

soph on

Poor dumb Traci.

Telling a group of people to lay off the derogatory (one r, sweetie) comments and then calling them idiotic morons looks a bit silly, now don’t you think?