Elizabeth Berkley Welcomes Son Sky Cole

07/30/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Jason Merritt/WireImage

It’s a boy for Elizabeth Berkley!

The actress and author delivered a son,Β Sky Cole Lauren, on Friday, July 20 in Los Angeles, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

He weighed in at 8 lbs.

Sky is the first child for Berkley and her husband,Β artist and designer Greg Lauren, whom she wed in 2003.

“The moment we both saw him it was love at first sight,” the couple tell PEOPLE.

“We are over the moon and grateful to start this amazing adventure together as a family.”

The former Saved By the Bell star told PEOPLE in May that she was busy getting ready for the “role of a lifetime.”

“I’m due this summer and there is a reason why they give you nine months to get ready!” Berkley joked at the time. “It does allow you to prepare.”

— Sarah Michaud

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sally on


Rebec on

Wow…they’re “over the moon” too? NEVER heard that one before. It’s the new celebrity catch phrase that has more than worn out its welcome. Makes me cringe every time I see it in print or hear it in an interview.

littlesprout26 on

Finally! Someone else who is tired of hearing/reading that worn out phrase as well! Do you think they or rep actually called People and said “the happy couple would like everyone to know that they are over the moon with this news. Did you get that? Make sure you print OVER THE MOON so everyone knows how thrilled we all are.” ….right.

Anyway, I am happy for them that they have a healthy child and mama made it through delivery with no complications. And dad apparently didn’t pass out out anything… At least, they aren’t reporting that. πŸ˜‰ I wish their family a lifetime of happiness and lots of love.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to this happy family- What wonderful news!

I like the name Sky very much!

Julianna on

Such a cute name! Congratulations!

jasmineflowerr on

Love the name Sky, and the whole name altogether. Congratulations!

heidi on

“over the moon” is the most annoying phrase ever

denise on

Congragulations. Beautiful name. Best wishes!!!

Misty on

Congrats to them!

jane says on

She’s just had her first child — at 40. I am quite certain they are indeed ‘over the moon’ with joy. It’s a pretty amazing thing, probably the most amazing and wonderful life event anyone who becomes a parent experiences. So what if that phrase is used a lot? It’s damn accurate!

Brooke on

She seemed pregnant forever! Cute name…

MJ on

Think about it – these are actors used to getting lines written and given to them, not having to come up with any words of their own. ‘Over the moon’ is in the script used by many others, so why bother describing your own feelings. It is okay though, ‘congratulations to the new parents’ is also clique, but appropriate. Best wishes!!!

Rosewillow on

“Over the moon” is a common UK/English expression. It just means “thrilled to bits.”

Cassie on

From what I read it took them awhile to get to this stage in their lives – so I think they can be as over the moon as they wish to be! What a funny thing to gripe about!

Jen on

Been married 9 years, wonder why they waited so long? She’s 40 this will be her only one at that age, I was in full blown meno at 41 my Dr. said this is becoming quite common the past few years. You want a baby, better do it in your 30’s! Greg Lauren is a gorgeous man, how has she kept him?!

Nicole on

Wow, Jen. Critical much?

meghan on

Jen, have you ever heard of fertility problems? Either way, it’s none of your business.

springbeanqueen on

Jen – have you ever heard of people not being able to get pregnant right away?

akp on

@Jen…get a LIFE! None of your business why they waited ‘so long’! Women can have children later in life if they want. Be happy or be quiet!

Tanya on

FINALLY!!!!!!!! Congrats to Liz and Greg on a baby Sky Cole! Good name;))

Betty on

Her husband must be Ralph Lauren’s son he looks like him. Cute name but it is rather girly. Maybe Cole Sky would have been better?


I knew it, she hasn’t been on her twitter acount since last week so I guessed it had to be that she had her baby. Great news, love Elizabeth and her husband Greg – Congrats:)

Becca on

I have a 21 year old and a 3 year old, Yes I am over 40. I had to wait 18 years to be able to enjoy another child in my life. I wouldnt have changed it for anything. If it was by chance or choice, it is and should be a “over the moon” experience!

Andrea on

I think that what you said epitomizes being a great parent. πŸ™‚

And to Elizabeth and Greg- Congrats on having your baby boy. I bet you guys really are over the moon!

Anonymous on

I have a 15 year old and 3 year old and I am 44. Didn’t think we could have more kids, blessed!

Julie on

Congratulations Elizabeth and Greg! Sky Cole is a beautiful name!

Michelle on

Betty – Greg Lauren is Ralph Lauren’s nephew, not son….

happy on

I’m impressed that they have been married 9 years…kudos because that is very rare these days.

jess on

Wow so many rude people. Over the mood might be common and I will admit I too use that word to say how I felt when I became a first time mother. So what if it is used a lot. A new mother feels so much love and happiness when their baby is born, there for it does make you feel as if you are over the moon. Congrats to them on the joy of their new beautiful baby boy Sky.

Shannon on

Sky? Uh okay congrats.

jess on

– Stefani on July 30th, 2012

It’s a boy not a girl. Read the story. Lauren is the baby’s last name. -SMH-

meghan on

@Jess, I’m pretty sure Stefanie knows it’s a boy and she thinks she is funny. She is not.

CriticalPeople on

Wow. Such critical people on here. To those who say she is not pretty enough to keep him .. I am sad for you and hope you don’t have children. Beauty should come from the inside. Having things in common, being best friends, that is what sustains a marriage. Looks go, its inevitable.

I think it refreshing to see a couple together so long, still in love, and building their family. There is nothing wrong with enjoying being married before having children. Thank god not like the majority of celebrities who get pregnant, sometimes get married, then divorce. Nothing wrong with enjoying each other before your lives change. I love being a mommy but I am so glad I had 4 years with my hubby before we welcomed our first child.

JustMyThoughts on

Congrats to Greg & Elizabeth! I have had to honor to know Greg personally when I worked in the building of where he has his studio..I would see him daily, and he was ALWAYS a very polite and out-going gentleman!! One that “celebrity status” did not affect!! and I can tell you all; there’s no one more deserving then him.. I know they will BOTH be great parents to baby Sky Cole!

Emily on

To prepare? lol Spoken truly like a mother whose baby is only ten days old. πŸ™‚

myladyeve on

A big CONGRATS to the happy family!

Amy on

I bet he’s just beautiful with those two as his parents! Congrats to them. And what a great name!

Rhonda on

Why can’t people just be happy for this couple? Why be picky over her choice of words to describe the joy of having a baby? And another thing, none of us knows why she waited so many years to have a baby and it’s not any of our business. Having a child is a very personal decision and I am sure this couple gave it much thought before having a baby. Let’s congratulate them on the birth of their baby and for those who can’t say anything nice, please just don’t comment at all.

Meela on


What a bunch of wet blankets!

You are the same people who would find that one dark cloud on a sunny day!

If that is an emotion they are feeling let them have it, what is the big freaking deal about a few words.

cynthia on

he is ralph laurens nephew congrats what a beautiful name

stacey on

like the name!!!!!

Alissa on

Congrats to them both on the arrival of their sweet baby boy!

So…people complain about celebs getting pregnant before marriage and complain about celebs being married for 9 years before having children, and complain about the age of the mother, and complain about the looks of the new mother and father, and complain about the new babies name, and complain about the words used to express the parents feelings about having a new baby, and complain about the particular birth the mother has, and complain about the way the mother feeds her baby, and complain, and complain, and complain!

Marky on

Alissa, extremely well said!! Congrats to the lovely couple and the name is great. Sounds as if they are thrilled, and I think it’s great they had some time together to build their marriage before their baby came!

Lucymarie on

Sky Cole sounds like cycle to me.

olive on

so sad the baby won’t have his family’s real last name to use in his life.

Sara on

Marriage before baby. How refreshing!

notsosure on

Wow! Her husband is gorgeous. He could have done better, but congrats anyhow!

Momof2in1year on

@Jen– I am almost 47 and no sign of menopause here. I had 3rd trimester and late second trimester losses at 41 and 42 (my 3rd and 4th pregnancies). I have a couple of friends who had babies recently at 46. You just don’t know anyone else’s situation.

roostercall on

Such a horrible name. And ‘over the moon’? Please.. Learn to use proper phrases. We are not talking to first graders. The husband is gorgeous. This woman, um not so much. A ‘has been’ actress with an incredibly rich man.

Brooke on

Jen, you are precisely what is wrong with this world. Negative and stupid. Get a life!

jess on

@so sad the baby won’t have his family’s real last name to use in his life.

– olive on July 30th, 2012

That made no sense at all. Did you even read the story. The father’s last name is Lauren, there for the baby’s last name will be Lauren. Where do you get that he wont have his family’s last name? The baby’s name is Sky (First name) Cole ( Middle name) Lauren (Last name).

meghan on

Wow, roostercall, you managed to parrot every nasty word from every person who posted before you. And guess what? Not only are you unoriginal, you are also a petty d-bag.

Dave on

Get a life people. Who the hell are you to judge someones name? Who says they like your name..Get a Life

meghan on

The family name was Lipschitz, which was changed by Ralph’s older brother (and guardian), because it has a slang word for excrement in it. Ralph talked about it on Oprah, getting teased and why they changed it. Sorry no was going to buy Polo by Ralph Lipschitz.

@Olive, many entertainers and professionals have names that they use for professional purposes and legally change. Why is it sad that those children ‘don’t have their real name? A lot of people Americanized their names, doesn’t change what their family is.

just me on

What a ridiculous name for a boy. What the hell were they thinking?

Lily on

Sky. Cole. Lauren. Does. Not. Flow. (Sounds. Feminine. Too!)

Jo on

Congratulations!! I also gave birth to a little boy on July 20th, 2012…which just so happened to be my 33rd birthday. :0)

nancy on

She is beautiful. He is gorgeous. What a lucky child. Congrats and best wishes. THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT ARE HAPPY FOR YOU!

Ava on

Congratulations, Elizabeth! One of the sweetest actresses I’ve met. I wish you and your hubby and your precious new bundle all the best! Love the name πŸ™‚

Marky on

So, sprout, you have been waiting with bated breath for someone to say they were sick of the phrase, “over the moon”? Really? What kind of life do you have, anyway? I may not like the expression, any more than I like the term “baby bump”, and (shudder) the word “preggers” (absolutely stupid sounding), but there’s too much venom on here for the fact that someone used it to express their joy at having had their first child. As for whether Elizabeth is “pretty enough” for her husband? Seriously, who are you people??

Anonymous on

Jen- How do you know Sky will be Elizabeth’s only child? Plenty of celebrites (and “regular” people too, for that matter!) have had more than one child in their 40s. It can happen naturally sometimes, and celebs have the money to utilize other resources (IVF, donor eggs, surrogacy, adoption, etc.) if it doesn’t.

CriticalPeople- Very well said! I remember Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddie Prinze Jr. being critcized for waiting seven years after marrying to have their first child, too, and I just don’t get it! People complain when celebs have children relatively quickly after marrying, but yet they also critcize them when they wait several years before having children. You can’t have it both ways, people!

As the daughter of a couple who struggled with infertility for seven years before finally succeeding in having a child, I also wish people would realize that waiting several years after marriage to hae children isn’t always a choice.

Anonymous on

With all of that off my chest, congrats to Elizabeth and Greg! And for what it’s worth, I like the baby’s name AND find the phrase “over the moon” cute! πŸ™‚

Michelle on

@ Jen – As someone who will be 39 when my twins are born, and who struggled with infertility, can I please ask you to think about the things you say before you actually say them? As i turns out, my problem wasn’t old, crappy eggs. I have the eggs of a 20-something. It will be a while before I hit menopause thankyouverymuch.

@ Whoever mentioned not having a family name – Lauren is their family name. It may have been legally changed to this at one point in time, but Greg lauren’s last name was never Lipschitz. He was born a Lauren and so was his child. And what a legacy that name carries.

While the name Sky is not my choice and the last name of Lauren lends to a more feminine sound, I think it is fine. It is a legitimate name, spelled properly. And it is their choice.

Personally, I am over the moon for them!

Harley Gal on

Don’t ever tell your son you did the movie Showgirls. He will be broken hearted to know all those pervs saw his mommy’s naked body.

Harley Gal on

Don’t tell your son you done the movie Show Girls. He would be sad.

sara on

she is just a slut….her child will be too. hahahahahahah!!!

Ana on

It’s funny. I looked at the picture which was linked through Huffington Post and wondered who these people were. Congrats!

Daffygrams on

Right on, well said, Anonymous!

Love the name. Gorgeous couple, too.

“Over the moon” is a great phrase….most appropriate one I can think of when I became a mom and grandma!

Jen on

@Jen – wow your name is my name, too! Well, us old chicks have babies, too. I had twins at 37 and turned 38 the next month which I delivered and conceived the old fashioned way and my sister had triplets at 36 and it does not run in our family. Just our bodies getting rid of eggs as we age. Congrats to Liz, best wishes, and God bless.

olive on

Congratulations to the Lipschitzes! Now, a bris so cute!

meghan on

Olive the family name was changed when Ralph and his brothers were teenagers. Greg has never had any name but Lauren. Why do you care. LET IT GO!

PEOPLE Magazine Reader on

Sky King [oops, Cole] Lauren…I know a beautiful little girl named Sky & her sister is Soleil. Hope their daughter will be Penny.

Amanda on

Shouldn’t it be “former actress”? She was passable as a teen on SWTB but Showgirls proved the girl should NOT act. Congrats on the baby hopefully you do better playing mom.lol

Cassie on

Oh the comment section of people.com, the underbelly of society … you all must be so proud. Get off social assistance and get a job already. You clearly have WAY too much time on your hands!

ang on

when you are a boy and your last name is lauren calling him sky is damn confusing. honestly…..

MollyF on

This is great news. πŸ™‚

My cousin had her first baby last year and she and her husband have been married tor nine years. They wanted to settle down in their lives before having kids. She’s only 33, but still, sometime couples want to wait for a few years before having kids to save up money or they want to do other things.

Shannon on

Sky Lauren. Oy vey!

sharon on

I HATE the phrase over the moon!! First of all it’s dumb, second of all it’s overused on this website. I’m pretty sure not every celebrity couple uses that phrase…how bout thrilled, excited, estatic… Anyway, congrats to them on their baby boy. I love the name. I was “over the moon” to hear the news!

Jess on

All of you shut up about the phrase over the moon, plenty of people use it and not just celebrities so get over yourselves already. There’s nothing wrong with the name Sky, it is both a boy and girl’s name. Congrats to Liz and her hubby. And she is still an actress, she was on CSI Miami not too long ago, she played Julia Horatio Caine’s ex girlfriend and mother of Kyle, his son.

Gina on

Congrats to the parents. Love the name Sky πŸ™‚