Camila McConaughey: I Was Afraid My Pregnancy Might Cost Me a Job

07/27/2012 at 04:00 PM ET

Camila McConaughey: I Was Afraid My Pregnancy Might Cost Me a Job
Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Camila Alves McConaughey hoped her baby belly wouldn’t throw a wrench in her career — and thankfully, it hasn’t.

The model signed on as the face of Macy’s I.N.C. International Concepts’ campaign in April, and discovered shortly thereafter that she and husband Matthew McConaughey had their third child on the way.

“A week before we were supposed to have a photo shoot, I found out I was pregnant!” the Brazilian beauty, 29, tells PEOPLE.

“I was over the moon, but my first reaction was that it was going to be a deal-breaker for the campaign — that they wouldn’t want a pregnant mom — but we worked it out.”

The mom-to-be was joined by Matthew, 42, at a party celebrating the campaign, held Wednesday at No. 8 in New York City.

Her husband will portray an AIDS patient in his upcoming filmย The Dallas Buyer’s Club, which begins shooting in September, and the pounds he’s lost for the part have become noticeable, admits Camila.

“He’s losing weight for his new movie and he still has to lose more,” she explains. “But I’m very supportive. I’m usually the one right there saying, ‘You can’t eat this, you can’t eat that,’ but he’s very disciplined. He’s really great at it.”

— Lilly Workneh

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Kat on

Boo hoo Camilla, like you need the money!

Gillibean on

If you can’t say something nice don’t say it at all.

Lizzie on

MATTHEW & CAMILA are such a BEAUTIFUL couple & their Fam IS simply ADORABLE!! BlessingS alllll around 2 them & their upcoming baby!

Shannon on

Camila is pretty, pregnant or not, so they would be foolish to fire her because of the pregnancy.

Matthew truly does look ill. He must be dedicated to the role.

namelessgirl on

really kat? was the comment necessary? she chooses to work and you choose to be rude? and i’m betting that if she chose not work then you would flame her that…grow up

twenhertra on

They get Matthew for free hiring her. Ofcourse they would not let her go!

Shari on

thank goodness…there is an excuse as to why he’d been looking so gaunt lately. i was worried! i really wish these actors wouldn’t do this to themselves, just to play a movie role. but, i for one, was totally captured by the change in Jared Leto in the film Chapter 27. and, what about Christian Bale’s role in the Machinist. makes for great entertainment, but don’t lose focus of the fact that you are playing with your health just to play a role.

j on

eww. He usually tells her what to eat?

joan on

How would you pay your bills and feed your kids? You would have to go to a consignment shop to buy clothes! OH NO! The fear you must have felt!

Theresa on

I’m pregnant too with my first… Over the moon but super tired. More props to the mom who already has 2 to chase after AND works! I only work and I gotta tell ya… No energy here! Congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

Nancyq on

What job does she have?!? Go back to Brazil…..

Nancyq on

She looks like a black woman,,,,yuck…

sam on

Are you kidding me? That was absolutely brilliant and insightful…wow.

Danielle on

And so what if she was black? There’s nothing wrong with being black, white, latina, asian, or any other color. Get over yourself.

I'mblacksowhat on

I wished you would say that to my face you racist little pig. Since you wanna act big and bad behind the computer screen, I will be the bigger person and pray over your hatred. And I also hope your children bring home a half black child. Just to spite you.

les on

Black is beautiful… Always has been always will be! Best bodies, skin, hair.

Jenise on

Why would you say some thing like that, it was quite ignorant. Do you have a problem with people of color? She is gorgeous, are you mad cause he is not with a white women?

Stupidity on

You’re very ignorant – to say the least!!

Krysti on

Why is it whenever I read an article about a celebrity finding out they are pregnant, the term “Over the moon” is used? It’s getting really tired.

Danielle on

I was thinking the same thing! Lol

NIcole on

Wow People now you are allowing racist pigs to post hate on your site.

cammy on

guess us black girls are ugly…thanks nancyq

Theresa on

Ummm black women are beautiful Nancyq. I disgusts me that you think this way… there really isn’t any room for your racist, hateful thinking in this world, so I suggest you leave.

Lori on

Really Nancyq?

What are you jealous? Sounds like you are. You probably are one of those people who sit around trying to tan…and can’t!

Anonymous on

To Nancyq: How rude are you ? Racist much ? This world has enough of people like you . You judgemental people need to a be with your own kind . Go set off sail on a secluded island somewhere. What a Bi$&h you are.

Theresa on


colibrie101 on

LOL… You killed me.

Raissa on

@nancyq stop Being racist, that’s what’s ‘yuck’! idiot.

Rhonda on

Nancy you are an evil woman. You shall reap what you sow ma’am!

klutzy_girl on

Weren’t people just bashing her two posts ago for not working, but now she’s being bashed because she was worried she’d lose out a job that she wanted because the kids aren’t lacking in anything?


Anyway, she looks great and Matthew’s new movie sounds interesting.

tee on

@Nancyq….RACIST much!

You’re a disgrace to humanity.

She is a beautiful woman, regardless of race, ethniticty, nationality or whatever else you use to judge and comdemn people.

Jennifer on

Nancy,you are very rude and ignorant.

Deb on

If there is anyone ugly on this site it is Nancyq. And Nancyq, I have no idea what you look like on the outside, but inside sure sounds mean.

Vic79 on

Nancyq… really! you are an idiot!!!!

Norma on’s up with the racist remarks??!! sound like a hater too…I feel sorry for you..actually I don’t..LOL

Tearra on

Nancy go trolling off a cliff. She’s Brazilian so I’m sure she is a mixture of several different races black white Amerindian… which is what makes her so beautiful!

Reggie on

Really nancyq, your comment should have been deleted by the editors. So, does looking like a “Black Woman” insinuate a look that ALL NON-BLACKS seem to be trying desperately to copy….botox lips, butt injections, EXCESSIVE tanning sessions, etc…..need I say more???

Camila is a beautiful woman, with stunning features, and a skin tone that is geniune, unlike most of fake hollywood.

Jealous a bit are you???

Luna Love on

Cheers to you Reggie! The comment about Matthew’s Lady Love looking like a black woman and the “yuck” that followed is disgusting. Don’t hate, Camilla’s amazing, exotic beauty is a true testament to how today beauty is beauty no matter the skin color.

Christina on

I will never understand why people take the time to read, look at something or anything else, just to be mean and hateful. Grow up and remember that if you have kids that they too could be treated just like you treat others. So what if they have money or are afraid to lose their job just because they are pregnant, I’m sure you would be too if it were you. Get a life and try finding something wrong with yourself cause it sure does sound like there’s a lot.

Btw congratulations to the two of them on their new baby. Cause every child is a blessing.

Denise Smith on

First of all, she cannot be fired for being pregnant. It’s against the law and actress Hunter Tylo already sued and won a lawsuit against a film company that withdrew an acting gig when they found out she was pregnant.

Michelle on

Wow, I hope her unborn child reads that statement someday. What a nice mommy – cares more about getting a modeling gig than her child. What a revolting pig. And yea – like they NEED the money! She’s just a greedy sow.

Greensbrug on

To Michelle: I don’t think she was worried about a modeling gig. I mean it is her livelihood before she met Matthew . Not all Mother’s want to be stay at home mothers or a man to support them. I really don’t think she’s not wanting her pregnancy. You’re crazy for making these remarks. Good lord in heaven. Yes there famous and they want a family they can’t stop.

The media in there lives and even possibly or most likely mis-posting there comments.

Lisa B on

Is it just me, or does the picture of these 2 look too photoshopped. Matthew’s head seems disporportionate to his body!

Nevertheless, congrats to the happy family and their upcoming arrival! ๐Ÿ™‚

girlygirl on

First off, I bet she makes tons of dough from her handbag line and whatever else she designs, etc. Plus she’s married to an A list actor. She wouldn’t be broke if she lost a gig due to a pregnancy. She’s ok looking, definitely thin with a great figure but I don’t think her face is all that. Probably implants and botox though. And tummy tucks. 3 kids. Definitely so plus personal trainers. She’s definitely not hurting for dough imho.

Greensbrug on

Live and let live ! Black , white , Orange, green , blue ! Or lgbt !! Congrats Matthew and Camilla.

Anonymous on

Nancyq, how rude. Even if I felt that way I can’t imagine being ignorant enough to post a comment like that.
Reggie, there is still freedom of speech, even for rude people like Nancyq.

sophie on

those of you applauding her for working- i’ve modeled before, it isn’t work. you get paid a ton of money to do next to nothing.

and it is frustrating to hear someone who doesn’t have to worry about money say that they are worried about losing “work” (an ad campaign) that they don’t need to support their family.

i am currently pregnant and worried about losing my job, but if i lose my job, we can’t pay our mortgage. that’s a different kind of stress about job loss due to pregnancy. i would love to be in her place and have it not make a difference financially. instead of fighting, just try to understand where the other posters are coming from on this topic.

Julia on

Glad to see that rich people have the same worries, well sort of, as us mere mortals.

Pat on

Hard to feel sympathyy when thousands in the USA and Canada have lost jobs and don”t have a millionaire partner to fall back on.

muiltar on

Camila is ugly.

muiltar on

Camila is ugly. The only reason she gets any attention is because she is married to matt.

Redz75 on

What’s sad is just because she’s a model she’s hated. No doubt she busted her ass to get there. No one knew of her until Magic Mike dated her.. Stop hating folks.. ANd for your racist quotes are offensive & disgusting!

Curious on

To Nancyq: “Yuck” because she looks BLACK??? Sounds like jealousy on your part(sad,sad,sad). With the comments you are making,it seems as if you were raised by the greatest of the “Grand-Wizards”!!!

soph on

Read a little slower, j. “I’M usually the one,” meaning she, Camila, is the one saying it.

melody1228 on

While you all are judging her for being worried, and calling her greedy, you’re all missing something very important. Women get fired for being pregnant all the time. No, legally, you can’t come out and say that’s why you’re doing it, so they pretend it’s something else. And it’s incredibly hard to prove it was about your pregnancy in a wrongful termination suit. Especially if you don’t have the money for a lawyer. It shouldn’t matter whether you are rich or poor — the desire to have children shouldn’t put your job at risk.

KP on

I am also worried about my (unplanned) pregnancy costing me a job. I teach 10 hours/week at a university, and my position is always temporary and part-time (zero benefits and low pay). My fiancรฉ is a full-time student and unemployed. My due date is in 5 weeks, and all I have is a used crib and a few items of baby clothing. Health insurance coverage and non-existant maternity & paternity laws in the U.S. need to change.

Sabrina on

Camilla is so beautiful inside and out….and Matthew choose her among al the other that he dated…..why….? because he fell in love with her… eat your heart out……envy is going to eat your soul……!

Rachael on

So, we have racist morons and jealous bitches posting today. Great representation of users!

Julianna on

Dear God, Matthew looks ugly.

teresa on

really people…i dont believe she was asking for sympathy!!!!!!she is not ugly..i think they make a beautiful couple and its their love for each other that makes them glow…congrats matthew and camilla

NM on

The woman is pregnant, she doesn’t have a disease for crying out loud. Although her career is fine, not hiring someone because they are pregnant, is descrimination.

NM on

I honestly don’t get what she see’s in this guy. He looks old and gaunt. He definitely needs help in the looks department, in my opinion.

Nancyq on

LMAO, couldnt wait to see what kind of responses I would get….people are so predictable…..

Anonymous on

NM- Read the full article. At the end, Camila explains that Matthew is losing weight to play an AIDS patient in a movie, and that’s why he looks old and gaunt right now. And even if that weren’t the case and he looked like that all the time, maybe that wouldn’t matter to Camila. Maybe, just maybe, what she “sees” in him is how thoughtful he is or what a great father he is, rather than that he looks good!

Anonymous on

As for Nancyq, why are we wasting our time responding to her comment. She is clearly a troll and looking for attention (she even basically admitted as much in her latest post!). Let’s not give it to her!

Lisa K.B on

i just read alot of these comments and nancyq wtf? how rude are u? she is BEAUTIFUL! color dont matter! how dare u make a comment n saying black people are ugly! no they are not! they are just as beautiful as whites asians hispanics who ever! congrats on baby # 3 matt and camila ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Why are people getting mad about her working while she is pregnant? They say ” She doesn’t need the money” or “she is selfish.” As long as it is safe for her and her baby and her doctor approves it she can work while she is pregnant if she wants to. Also, the company cannot fire her because she is pregnant because that is discrimation. One actress sued the movie company who fired her because she was pregnant. She won.

NancyA on

Celebrities work, they get criticized. They don’t work, they get criticized. They gain weight, they get criticized. They lose weight weight, they get criticized. Why does it matter so much? Have our lives become so boring and desperate that the only outlet we have is to but our focus on the lives of celebrities?

Just leave them alone! Wish them well. And spend your time trying to make your world and the world at large a better place! It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 6 or 16; famous or not. The only thing that matters is that when you look in the mirror, you like what you see and are proud of who you are. If you’re not, take a few moments to figure out why and less time analyzing the lives of others. I promise you that you will feel better for it!

inkatesopinion on

Thank you NancyA! People spend way too much time criticizing celebrities instead of worrying about their own lives. Maybe she’s just a considerate person who likes to honor her word and didnt want to disappoint the company she had just signed a contract with because she is a professional!!!!

ladyofargonne on

Camila if I was you I would not be afraid of anything.

Crystal on

Camila is of African and Portuguese decent which is probably why she looks black. SHE IS BLACK!!!

@Nancy Q- Why were you waiting to see what type of responses you would get? “People are so predictable.” What were you expecting? It shocks me that there are people out there like you who say hurtful things on purpose in order to get a rise out of someone. Grow up and STFU!!!!

kimmie on

this page pretty much explains, why earth inhabitants were never contacted by aliens searching for intelligent life outside of their home planet

DivineByMe on

Theres ALOT of haters here. Half of you all WISHED you could look like that after being pregnant 3 times. Not to mention being a model which is really easy money, and having a rich husband. So dont hate the player, hate the game….:)

jannielynn on

Oh thank goodness she still has a job and can put good on the table!!! I was worried they might have to go on welfare.

Again? on

Are there literally NO moderators on this site anymore?

Angie on

Seriously and we wonder why people flip their sh** and do unthinkable acts. If they had to listen to some of what is posted here day in and day out. Last time I checked I am flawed in many ways and have room to work on myself. I am disgusted by some of you women, no wonder little girls are killing themselves. Do us all a favor and make sure you are on birthcontrol we really do not need more hatefilled women and men out there.

And to PEOPLE take action and moniter your site lets not promote hate to sell magazines. Be part of the solution not the problem. And yes its obvious that I have nothing better to do at the moment then to post something on PEOPLE so pls save any insults am fully aware that I should find a better hobbie ๐Ÿ™‚ So ladies be kind give love and change the world dont be the problem.

heatherkb85 on

@Kat: I know you probably don’t know this, but some women actually work because it gives them some fulfillment in life that isn’t monetary! Increases self-esteem! Bolsters self-identity! Very hard to understand, but I’m sure if you try real hard, you might get it ๐Ÿ™‚

Rebec on

I honestly never knew that she had a job or was employed by anyone.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I, too, have been tired of the term “over the moon” for months now. Time for a new phrase!

Nancyq, you have way too much time on your hands to post something so disgraceful and idiotic and then say it you wanted to see what kind of responses you’d get? The only thing you managed to achieve is to look like a pathetic moron. Why don’t YOU get a job??

Cher630 on

So because she is married to an A list actor and designs handbags, she can’t be worried about losing a job? If she DIDN’T work, everyone here would be complaining that she is a gold digger and only married MM for his money?

Can she get a break?! She has to take care of two kids, is pregnant, and WANTS to work. Just because she has money, doesn’t mean that she can’t worry. What is MM leaves her? She needs to be able to support herself. My parents always taught me to rely on myself and not on a MAN. I give her props for wanting to have a job.

abc on

What is happening to women? Why do we feel the need to bash each other? Why not stick up for one another? Camila had a career before Mr. McConaughey hooked up with her. Why shouldn’t she still want to work? Don’t we all want to work and keep our jobs? Sure she is wealthy but maybe she wasn’t while growing up. The wealthy pay their taxes too and they pay their agent, etc.

The lady, which Nancyq obviously is not, is a beautiful woman. Just a “woman” if only we could see each other in such a simple way one day…Man & Woman no color, creed, race whatever. People with narrow minds similar to Nancyq’s are what is dragging this country down.

Why not be positive? Life is tough for everyone. You do not have insight on what goes on in the celebrity life, you have a tiny piece of information and the information may not be truth. Deal with your own lives!

Rose on

Camilla is gorgeous, as are her children. Congrats on the new modelling gig and more importantly, blessings to your’ third child.

Lisa on

What a tacky thing to say publicly when so many people have legitimate financial concerns. Volunteer in a homeless shelter or a food bank, then see how valid your stupid whining sounds Camila.

Marky on

My daughter was fired for being pregnant and not married (bf left right away). She filed a complaint with the EEOC, and they found in her favor, instant settlement, no lawsuit, no attorney’s fees, as she found an attorney who would do it pro bono. She was in a field that meant no new job until the baby came, so she ended up filing for Medicare, which paid for the delivery, and she lived with us until she could get a job and have enough to move out. She used that time to further her education, helped out as needed here, and after the baby came she was on WIC for a year.

It was difficult, embarrassing, and nothing she cared to repeat, but she managed. Today she owns her own business, makes money, lives in a nice house drives a nice car, and her child is going off to college. She has a good business and does right by her employees through hard work, and never forgetting the help she had from us, the State, and how it felt to have gone through that. She had friends having babies with guys who loved them, married them, and supported them, and she didn’t resent their great lives because her’s wasn’t so great.

I would NEVER ridicule someone like Camilla for stating concern about losing a job because for one thing, in Camilla’s field (modeling) you must work while you can; your face may not be the “look” next year, something could happen and you can’t work anymore, and something no one ever says is that you have no idea whether or not your child will be born with some issue that means you need to be with him/her.

This couple raises their own children with little help, so honestly, get a grip, trolls, and go do something constructive. Trying to p**s everyone off is unbecoming to anyone, and irritating to everyone. If you’re having a bad day, go in your closet and figure out how to make it better without peeing in someone else’s cheerios!

Mary on

She almost looks like Kim K except for the nose. I like her. She’s a strong, independant family orientated Latin woman.

roostercall on

Oh God, this couple is so annoying. Boo hoo.

Ann on

And if you lose the “job” you will not be able to take care of your family??? I lost mine and it is not fine.

Shannon on

Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful!!!

DeeAnna on

Matt & Camila are 2 of the most beautiful people in Hollywood and they seem so down to earth. I’m sure Levi and Vida are going to knock outs when they are older.

Congrats on baby #3.


PUH-LEASE. Her first, last, and only means of income after some modeling and hosting was being a baby making factory for a rich movie star. To even begin to pretend like she would lose a “job” over her number one means of income is ridiculous. There are many women out here that have to actually fear for there ONLY source of income in the military, school districts, hospitals, law firms, municipalities, etc. I have no sympathy for the baby mama turned wife of a wealthy movie star. If all else fails and you need to drum up some extra cash you could sell some baby photos or strike up a deal with some corporation that shills crap to the masses. Shut up you baby factory!

CC on

She wouldnt have those “jobs” if it wasnt for being with Matthew. She acts like she has some type of career. Her real “jo”b is being a baby factory to a rich movie star.

Anonymous on

CC- She was a succesfull model long before she ever married Matthew, so there goes that theory.

PLEASE- So having three children automatically makes someone a baby factory?! And exactly what kind of income would she get from having babies?!

GHK on

Cleaning houses?

CC on

Anonymous–No one knew about her until she hooked up with Matt. She was never a top model by any means. She is getting those tv gigs cause of being Matt’s baby mamma.

Susan Albert on

I also thought Matthew was looking kind of thin. I also thought it was because of a movie he was going to star in. To Nancy. She is a model, and quite beautiful. Also, your racist remarks were quite uncalled for. If you can’t find anything nice to say about anybody, don’t say it at all.

meghan on

I never heard of her before she started dating Matthew. She may have been working, but I doubt she was setting the modeling world on fire. And she certainly wasn’t getting hosting gigs, no one knew her name. And if she loses a gig, it sucks, but it won’t throw her life into a financial tailspin that she will struggle to recover from like so many others have experienced.

SMiaVS on

I’m guessing the poster who said modeling doesn’t count as work never actually made it very far in her modeling career. Enough with the whole women-bashing-women nonsense. You all sound like idiots….

Anonymous on

CC- And how is she a baby mama if she’s married to Matthew?

Anonymous on

I keep meaning to say that we have no idea what Matthew and Camila’s finanical status is like. All the cases we’ve seen recently of big-name celebs filing for bankruptcy and dying broke or almost broke should be plenty of proof that being super-famous doesn’t always mean you’re financially secure, or always will be.

Anonymous on

Oh, and one other thing. Just because Camila wasn’t well-known before she married Matthew doesn’t mean she wasn’t succesful. The two are not mutually exclusive!

AnyPenny on

To everyone making snide remarks but her ‘not needing the money’ and ‘being concerned that her 3rd pregnancy would cost her her jobs’ must have missed reading the part of the article where it states that she had signed the job contracts PRIOR to learning she was pregnant.

Whether she needs the money or not is a non-issue. She signed a contract, committing her to photo-shoots, promotional appearances, etc. and she was concerned that her pregnancy (and the lovely belly that comes with it) would be an issue. If she had signed a contract to be a swimsuit company’s spokes-model, a burgeoning pregnancy bump may have been a serious issue (even with the frequent use of photo-shop).

It comes down more on being concerned that her pregnancy may have prevented her from being the ‘type’ of spokes-model they were looking for. She was relieved because she did not need to break a business contract. There is nothing negative there. You are simply looking way too hard.

A. on

Gosh, a great deal of the people in this thread are either really dumb or ignorant/both. I’m actually surprised with all these comments bashing Camila about not wanting to lose a job. A lot of people in this thread are thinking in too simplistic and narrow ways. It seems like people aren’t considering that she MAYBE has more complex reasons for working than to get a paycheck.

Of course she’s got the monetary means! It seems like no one has considered that maybe Camila wanted the job because she likes actually working. It could also be she works because she wants to have a separate identity from being a mom & wife. People can have different reasons for wanting to work. What is so wrong with wanting to be a working mother and independent? Who are we to criticize her?

Reesca on

Don’t worry Cammy.. you are.

cammy on

im what..ugly?!!!!