Marisa Miller’s Blog: I’m Having a Boy!

07/26/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
On a nature walk at 21 weeks – Griffin Guess

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest celebrity blogger — Marisa Miller!

Throughout her career, the model and former Victoria’s Secret star has graced over 80 covers — including Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Shape and GQ — and is a spokesperson for the NFL as well as the face of Harley Davidson.

She can next be seen in the upcoming film R.I.P.D., costarring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges.

Miller, 33, married husband Griffin Guess, a music producer and talent manager, on April 15, 2006 and they’re expecting their first child — a boy! — in early December.

You can find Miller on Facebook and Twitter @MarisaMiller.

I was really excited when asked me to write a blog during my pregnancy. I’ve found such an amazing amount of support and feeling of community with other women going through the same things I am — I’ve learned so much already and I wanted to take the opportunity to share my experience as well.

I’m well into my second trimester and it’s already been such an adventure!

First off, a little intro.

ME: I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, Calif. It was the best place to grow up. We had horses, goats and spent a lot of time outside and at the beach. I also grew up playing sports, surfing and was definitely more of a tomboy then a girly-girl.

I’m very close with my parents and my two younger sisters. Both my sisters had babies this year and I will give birth in December, so it’s really exciting for us all to have babies in 2012!

MY HUSBAND: Griffin is my everything. We’ve been married for a little over six years now. He works in music and management and is extremely passionate about life. He surfs, loves motorcycles and doing anything outdoors.

MY PUP: Yes, Lula’s a dog but most definitely part of the family. She’s an Italian Greyhound and almost 2 years old. It has been great practice raising her. A puppy is not a child, but it’s definitely been helpful raising something together with Griffin.

Me and my little Lula – Kevin Rafferty

Griffin and I have spoken so much about having babies throughout our marriage. We already have enough names for three kids, haha! It’s always been a time we really looked forward to. I know you can’t plan everything in life, but I knew that I wanted to really enjoy my pregnancy and have time to revel in motherhood as well.

For so long, I really didn’t have more than a few days home at a time. I was on planes and in different cities every other day. The commitments for work would be so far in advance that it was really hard to have any personal time, and I missed most family functions.

I’m really happy that at that time, I was 100 percent focused on my career. I’m so thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had, but my lifestyle was just work. I knew it would be tough to balance my current schedule with having a baby.

Additionally, my career is so focused on the physical that I really didn’t want the pressure on or to have to worry about anything that happened to my body during that time. My priority was being as healthy as possible for the baby and whatever physical changes that happened, so be it!

Oh and let me tell you, there are a lot of changes! My first trimester I was so exhausted. I could sleep 10 hours, then wake up, look in the mirror and still have eyes like a hound dog! I felt like the life was sucked out of me, no matter how much sleep I got. It was obvious that my body was really busy doing something else and “beauty sleep” didn’t exist anymore!

I was also really dizzy and of course, nauseous. Then my skin started to break out like a teenager — really badly! The funny thing was, even as I was going through all this, I was still so happy. There was so much freedom in letting go of my appearance because the reason for all these symptoms was this miracle growing inside me. I really could care less about what I looked like.

After finding out I was pregnant, I threw out a lot of my beauty products and household cleaners. I am already pretty conscious about using mostly natural products, but I wasn’t sure exactly which ones were okay, so until I could really research it, I stopped using anything questionable. Now I really had to embrace my broken-out skin — no zit cream!

I started researching like crazy and trying to get as much info as possible. My mom is a nurse in labor and delivery and postpartum — how perfect is that?! My sisters also just went through pregnancy and they were a huge help in giving me some essential info right away.

I got the lowdown on nutrition and vitamins. Did you know you are supposed to get 80-100 grams of protein a day? That is hard when you’re nauseous! Some days, I was lucky just to find something to eat that didn’t make me sick. I’ve always been pretty good about eating healthy but being pregnant gave me a whole new motivation.

Griffin and I after surfing at Privates Beach in Santa Cruz – Steven Lippman

The first trimester is a little nerve-racking because you hear a lot about what can go wrong at the beginning. I felt like I was holding my breath until I had my first ultrasound appointment and could see the baby and the heartbeat. I wanted to know that the baby was okay and that this was all really happening!

After my first doctor’s appointment and ultrasound at nine weeks, I got to see this tiny head and body and see the baby’s heart beating! It was so amazing to actually have a visual of what was happening inside me! After that, my symptoms started to get better and food was becoming enjoyable again — maybe a little too enjoyable!!

My husband and I had another appointment this week and we got some really exciting news. We just found out that we are having a … BOY!!! We would be excited either way, but it was amazing to know for sure.

We did have a little heads-up early on though. During our 12-week ultrasound, the doctor was going over everything and asked, “Do you want to know the sex?” We replied, “Yes, but isn’t it too early?” He told us that it was really early, but that it seemed “pretty obvious” to both him and the ultrasound technician, and that their guess was a boy.

Griffin said that if it turned out to be true, this would be a great story to tell our son one day — “It was so obvious that you were a boy — you had a penis before you had eyes.” Haha!

Now that we know we’re having a son, I’ve started thinking about my next step: bikinis. Griffin and I are going on a babymoon soon, and one of the upcoming tasks is trying on all my bathing suits to see if any of them work with my new body — eek!

Wish me luck,

— Marisa Miller

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Steph on

Marisa Miller has always been a huge inspiration to me. I’m not an aspiring model but her down to earth attitude and sincerity always drew me to her. Many other celebrities, especially in the supermodel world seem fake and greedy and only smile for the cameras. It’s inspiring to hear her story in her own words and boy can she write. Looking forward to many more blogposts. Thank you

Louella on

Congrats to Marisa & her husband! I’m sure baby will be beautiful like Momma.

K on

I have always been a fan of Marisa Miller since she was a model in J. Crew. I hope she and her husband enjoy this special time and have a happy and healthy little boy this winter.

Steph on

Beautiful voice Marisa. Congrats to you and your hubby and Lula. You’ll see he will change your life and turn your world upside down! I am very happy for you.

Pam on

I am from Santa Cruz and have always loved her because she’s from here. I love how she says her childhood was great here. I love it here and can’t wait to raise my own kids here.

Congratulations Marisa, you are going to be a wonderful mother. God bless you and your beautiful family. From another Santa Cruzian, much love.

Ashley on

Congrats! Found out we’re having a girl at the end of December! Can’t wait to read more about your experience with your first baby 🙂

Nicole on

I love MM! She is such an inspiration! I have looked up to her over the years and I love how down to earth and sincere she seems. I am thrilled for her and her hubby to have a precious baby boy! I can’t wait to hear more updates and follow her pregnancy!

Ava on

She is going to be a great mom. Her dog is so cute!

BBB on

hahaha “babymoon” that’s cute

Lara on

I love Marisa and her laid back down to earth personality. I am excited to hear about her journey into motherhood.

Amanda K on

congrats! Very lovely pictures too. A Babymoon sounds great! Too late for me now as I’m in the homestretch. Went on a trip during first trimester and pretty well slept the whole time! haha. Best of luck with everything to come 🙂 I will look forward to the upcoming blog posts.

laurel on

Big congrats!

Love your HD promotion.

I ride 2 wheels too. Bet your boy will also, what fun!

torgster on

Worrying about her bathing suits not working on her new body? As if she could look anything but gorgeous. With the beautiful face she has, people wouldn’t even notice what’s going on below her neck lol.

Becky on

Don’t know that much about Marisa, but based on this blog, she sounds like a really good person..Congrats on the new baby..Hope that all goes well for you, your husband and Lula…:)

April on

Congratulations! Babies are amazing – you will be amazed at how life changes after baby. In a wonderful way! Enjoy the journey :-))))

K on

Jojoba oil for your acne! Gorgeous photos.

Alyssa on

Privates Beach is just down the street from me, they also filmed the new Maverick’s movie with Gerard Butler near that location last Oct.

olimpia on

I always found her so pretty… She has a better body than the others Victoria secret models… You can tell she is a great person… Congratulations!