Kingston Rossdale Shows Off Another Blue ‘Do

07/26/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
FameFlynet; AKM-GSI

Kingston Rossdale is on a blue streak!

While cruising through LAX with mom Gwen Stefani on July 24, the 6-year-old cutie sported shades of blue in his long blonde locks. Call it déjà vu — last July, the hip tyke got patriotic with a shocking blue mohawk just before Independence Day.

We’ve seen celeb kids like Zahara Jolie-Pitt and Coco Arquette with rainbow-hued hair, but perhaps Kingston is kicking off the trend for boys. Should tots have free reign over their summertime, out-of-school tresses — or are conservative cuts cooler?

TELL US: What do you think of Kingston’s new hairstyle?

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colleen on


Vee on

Way too young to be dying his hair. I’ve always wondered if she bleaches it too. It had always looked bleached.

Shannon on

I blame the parents!

Janna on

Too young? Why, Vee? What do you think happens to people when they dye their hair young?

meghan on

Well, a while back there were pictures of him with brown hair, then two weeks later, bleach blonde, so yeah it’s bleached.

Amanda K on

I don’t like either of these looks. He’s a nice looking little boy but these styles do not flatter him.

Tiff on

Did this woman have kids so that she would have her very own life sized ken dolls? She’s so lame.

Fabulous on

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!………. HE IS NOT ANY OF YOU DIM WITS CHILD!!!!! Soooooooo no one cares what you think!!!!! Cute boy!!!! Great WASH out, playful color!!!! Great for Gwen and her husband for letting THEIR child have fun! NONE of you live with them OR friends with them so you DO NOT KNOW if his hair has ever been bleached. You are assuming… The word ASSUME… Broken down… ASS(U)not(ME)…. Get over your “PERFECT” selves **sarcasm**

Jaimi on


Sandra on

What is with this child and his crazy hairstyles and his crazy hair colours? Yes, I know that the colour comes out after a little bit but having his hair bleached and dyed is eventually going to ruin his hair! That will be the day that I would be bleaching my child’s hair at that age. That is crazy!!

Y on

I agree, he is such a cute boy…why mess up his hair like that? It doesn’t even look good.

Meep on

Well,, clearly it’s not permanent. She’s done it before to his hair so why is everyone so shocked this time? THIS IS NOT A NEW EVENT for this kid. What other people do with their children isn’t given a vote by the general public. She is not abusing him, harming him in any way and she seems to love and care for her kids. Dying his hair every now and then isn’t going to kill him or cause him any long term damage. Some people seem to take what others do with their kids much too personally.

drea on

It’s just hair! Right before summer vacation my 2 kids look forward to a tradition they stared 2 years ago and that is they get to bleach and color a part of their hair.

They get to make a decision about their appearance, exercise their individuality *and* they feel great about it and how they look. All positives to me.

Jaimi on

Why all the haters? ;). I have 3 little ones. Twins 4 and a 5 year old and I put color in their hair all the time! I buy the spray in stuff at Party City in the colors they want and after I do their hair they pick out a color. It harmless and washes out at the end of the day. Kids should be able to experiment with their individuality in fun ways and playing with hair color is innocent and fun.

MollyF on

The hair color isn’t permanent people. They make hair colors for kids and they wash out. As one person said here, a lot of you are ASSUMING that it’s hair dye.

I kind of like the color. Gwen and Gavin are raising good individual kids who will probably be great down to Earth adults. Enough with the hating.

meghan on

bleaching will damage it.

cn tower on

fabulous– your vitriolic rant says a lot more about you than the commenters that you are so riled up with. calm down…

JustSayin on

6 is probably a more appropriate age for blue hair than 16…he is having fun and there is no harm done. lay off

Paradise And Other Urban Legends on

FYI…you can buy vegan vegetable hair dye. It’s non toxic, it’s natural and it’s only semi-permanent.

My oldest daughter dyes her hair wild colors all the time and my 5 yr old grand-daughter wants her hair pink/purple what ever like her mommy’s. My daughter found the natural dye so that Lorelei can have dyed hair without it being dangerous to Lore or damaging Lore’s hair. Kids that are 3,4,5,6 hair opinions about what they like and want.

BTW…my daughter isn’t wild, isn’t a bad mom or anything like that…she is a full-time 27 yr old stay at home military wife and mom who enjoys being different and quirky and my beautiful 5 yr old grand-daughter is a lot like her mom. Nothing wrong with it.

Daniella on

If she’s using natural hair-dyes, then I wouldn’t say anything. But bleaching a young child’s hair? Not as good. It can do a lot of damage to a person’s hair & even their roots & I’ve heard hairdressers telling this to parents on at least a half-dozen occasions. If she wants to dye his hair funky colors with natural, non-damaging dyes, whatever. But bleach? No way. The blue dyes are pretty cool, but the bleached blond just makes me cringe when I think about the hair damage.

tlc on

His hair is blonde under that blue and he’s a natural dark brown. So obviously he was bleached BEFORE the “natural wash-out” blue dye was put on. So why use the wash out if you have to bleach his dark hair to use it? It’s redundant and dumb…

Gwen is going to ruin this kid’s hair before he’s a teen.

Leslie on

My only concern is in teaching children to put so much thought toward appearances. There is plenty of time for fashion in the future.

alicia on

Excellent point Leslie. Just like the Smith kids…it looks really lame and forced. More a reflection on the parents need to feel “in” and relevant.

Michelle on

It’s just hair, people. If it gets damaged – which kids hair usually does with all the sun and pool water – then you cut it. It grows back.

How is this any worse than having green hair from the chlorine while spending the entire summer in the pool?

Hair has got to be the most flexible way to express creativity without permanence. It’s not like he is out getting tattoos.

Natalie on

I love it

J on

Wow Fabulous, chill out…lol!

Michelle, many people have spent all summer in the pool and never gotten green hair as a result.

I really wonder if Kingston and the other son ask for all these crazy styles but whatever.

Daniella on

Michelle, I never thought much about bleach until I saw a young child at the hair salon with blisters & sores on his scalp from his mother bleaching his dark hair to an unnatural bleached blond. And the hair dresser said straight to her, “This is why children’s hair should NOT be bleached. Many of them have scalps that can’t handle the strong chemicals.” The funky-colored, natural dyes are pretty cool in my opinion, but ever since I saw that little boy’s blistered scalp at the salon, Kingston’s hair & bleach in general just makes me cringe.

Marie on

From another website ( that nailed it with their analysis…

“Mommy commenter people are not happy with Kingston’s blue hair. From one mother to another, let me say to those people: shut up.

Ya, that’s how it is. Because if you read the mean and ridiculous comments on the story, it’s demented how people take ownership of celebrity kids. One comment suggested that Kingston doesn’t even want blue hair, that Gwen forced it on him. Um, forcibly subjecting a 6-year-old to a dye-job would be so messy and so much work – it’s hard enough to give them a bath. But don’t you see: Gwen is just so intent on her kids being freaks that she just had to dye it. Just like Angelina forces Shilo to dress like a boy! It’s all one giant conspiracy to turn our kids into individuals. Watch out moms.

Kids have been dying their hair even since the first little genius slapped some Kool-Aid on in the tub and saw the results…

I will probably be a pretty strict mom (not Tiger Mom level, I don’t have the discipline). But being strict and being stifling are two different things, and I think it’s possible to be one and not another.

If I did say no, I’d have a valid reason (and not “boys don’t dye their hair”) and an age when he could ask me again. Maybe by that time he’d grow out of wanting it; I never did get that second earhole. But adults have tattoos and purple hair and those giant holes in their ears, so clearly the need to self-express on the body isn’t something that just goes away because parents say no.

All the people shouting that they would never dye their son’s hair blue also couldn’t rock a leopard jumpsuit like Gwen. And let’s be real: besides immediate family and moms in your social circle, no one would give a sh-t if you dyed your kid’s hair blue.

Kingston will not get teased for having blue hair; he hangs with the Jolie-Pitt kids and his parents are famous rock stars. Dyed hair is probably much more accepted than a Dora the Explorer t-shirt. Being a walking billboard for Nick Jr. is so not cool.”

Bottom line: he’s not your kid and is growing up in an environment with a very different lifestyle and values. Get over it.

lola on

I have always put small sections of bleached streaks in my girls hair.Especially during the summer.No big deal people! Now that I’m a Grandmother why would I do differently? It doesn’t hurt the child in ANY way! It also doesn’t cause much damage, as long as you use a good conditioner. They’re only kids once, choose your battles over what is really important. Good manners, doing well in school, being responsible and not judging others. 🙂

cn tower on

Copying and pasting someone’s opinion from a celebrity gossip blog to back up your own argument….interesting approach, but I don’t think their position is anymore compelling than what people have said on this site. Lainey’s Gossip blog is hardly the NY Times and Lainey & Company are not any better or worse than bloggers on People, et. al.

Catca on

I don’t think blue hair dye is physically harmful. I don’t see what the problem is with letting him have fun. As far as the comments that he’ll get made fun of, here’s a thought – how about teaching your kids not to bully others.

Michelle on

Ha ha – I have naturally blonde hair which was almost white as a child – and I love swimming in the pool, so by the end of the summer my hair always had a slight green tinge to it from the chlorine. I guess hat didn’t happen to brunette kiddos.

I am never suggesting someone bleach a child’s hair. I would never bleach my own. I have my hair colored by a professional. But I see nothing wrong with kid-friendly Kool-aid or vegetarian dyes. It’s just hair.

I do think kids should be old enough to ask for it a few times before you let them and it should be a privilege they “earn” but that is my parenting style. i don’t judge others.

Example: My BFF has two daughters, 9 and 12. They are really into colored streaks in their hair and have a few clip in pieces they can play in. They can’t have them in school (against policy) so their mom made a deal. If they got all As and Bs on their report card, they could have colored streaks dyed over the summer.

meghan on

catca, the problem isn’t blue dye. It’s the bleaching of his brown hair to platinum that people seem to have a problem with. If you had read the other posts you would have caught that.

Dina on

Oh boy, and then they wonder why celebrity kids do drugs…

Von on

Holey moley. Over here in Australia you wouldn’t be able to get into any school with hair like that.

A. on


Calm your shit. Seriously. You’re a moron if you don’t think they bleach that kids’ Last year there pictures of Kingston with very short hair that was brown. Every single picture of that kid until he was age 3 that appeared magazines and other media Kingston had dark brown hair. He had brown hair for the first three years of his life. Then out of nowhere he was bleach blonde. Remember, hair progressively gets lighter and doesn’t turn many shades blonder in a day. Google pictures of him over the years, I dare you.

Gwen is shallow and vain. Gavin is responsible for this too. She treats her children like they’re freaking accesories. Love her band’s music, can’t stand the woman.

lola on


You have no 1st hand experience to speak of how these people treat their children. Stop acting as though you know them! As for how you feel about this woman, I really don’t think she cares 🙂 Ask her yourself. I DARE YOU. Ha Ha!! What are you, 12??