Natalie Hanson: We’re Having a Girl

07/25/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
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What’s in a name? For Taylor and Natalie Hanson — already parents to four children and expecting their fifth later this year — apparently, a lot.

So when the couple discovered they are awaiting the arrival of a daughter, the proud parents eagerly began a good round of the name game.

“Thinking back on all the children’s names has helped to give me a fresh perspective in choosing the name for the baby girl we are expecting in the fall,” Natalie writes in her blog for

“It has helped to remind me how the right name seems to come at the right time and how, no matter how ‘perfect’ the choice, it will only be a part of all this little person will become.”

However, the mom-to-be isn’t making any decisions on a moniker without taking a trip down memory lane. Naming their first born after his father (whose full name is Jordan Taylor), Jordan Ezra has managed to live up to the name’s “quirky” traits, says Natalie.

“This yin and yang is apparent in my first son’s name choice. I pictured a wise, quirky, old man and I was sold,” she jokes. “Ezra turns 10 in October and I am still in love with his name.”

After paying tribute to her own mother, Pamela, through daughter Penelope Anne‘s “whimsical and fun sounding” name, Natalie and Taylor ventured off the path when naming son River Samuel.

“I hesitated at first. Was it presidential enough?” Natalie shares. “When I mentioned the name to my grandfather, he immediately started singing ‘Ol’ Man River,’ย which I loved.”

But it wasn’t until the proud parents found out they were expecting their fourth child — another boy — that controversy surrounding their choice began floating around the family.

“I am not one of those who hides the name until delivery for fear of backlash. In fact, the stronger the reaction I get, the more I tend to like the name!” she says.

Announcing their third son would be called Viggo Moriah, Natalie made it clear their minds were made up — and there was no room for discussion.

“The Hansons have a large whiteboard in their kitchen where all family business is posted. I took a marker and wrote on the board, ‘TH Family baby number four will be named Viggo Moriah. That is the name. It will not be changed,'” she recalls.

“No one was so bold as to question it to our faces, but after Viggo was born, the truth came out that the name was definitely in hot debate when we weren’t around!”

— Anya Leon

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SV on

Here are some new names for you if you are looking:

Whit on

SV’s names….I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Can we PLEASE stop with Nevaeh?!!. It is NOT cute and NOT original. I agree with the previous posters that it sounds very white trash and every time I hear someone name their child that they seem to have this accomplished look on their face like THEY thought of it themselves and want credit it for spelling a word backwards. Barf. On to Natalie…perhaps an homage to your home state? Georgia, Savannah, etc. I like Georgia Daisy :o)

Anonymous on

Actually where Im from Neveah seems to b a mexican thing so enough w the white trash crap! Its a name so what Miss Thang!!!

Jen DC on

OMG, yes, please not “Nevaeh.” Go full bore & name the kid “Heaven,” but the reverse spelling is, yes, trashy. Not “white trashy” because a trashy name knows no race, and unfortunately, this one is making the rounds.

E.H on

Winter Grace Hanson

Ocean Mila Hanson
-or is it too clichรฉ to have a son named River, and a daughter named Ocean? I don’t know, but I think it’s a pretty name.

Aria Grace Hanson

Turqoise Yasmeen Hanson

October Grace Hanson

Charlotte Summer Hanson

Hope Samira Hanson

Rayanne Eleanor Hanson

Elizabeth Essma Hanson

-Really hope these help, these are the nicest names I could think of. (:
Love you both & I hope you have an easy, happy and healthy pregnancy .

Rebecca on

Enough with Neveah already….let’s just take any name and spell it backwards. Hmmm…I like Rose, let’s call her Esor. Neveah makes me think of low class.

donna on

all of the names are stupid…

Anne Allen on

Natasha Maria Hanson

leni on

Donna I agree. Sorry SV but that sounds like a trailer trash family. Have a little class.

DaisyMoon on

Fertile Myrtle…

Anonymous on

yeah those names suck and every ghetto girl in my town daughters name is navaeh sooo over that! How about pretty girl names people understand!!!

Jen on

Viggo Moriah??? Oh for the love of God…*eye roll*.

kristin on

omg 5 kids
he is the same age as me
and i only have one and feel half the time that im one temper tantrum away from knocking my head on the wall
lol what on earth am i doing wrong!?!?!

april ray on


JM on

i can only assume that SV was intentionally trying to be funny, because those are some of the most hideous, white-trashiest names i have ever seen. Nevaeh??? Really??? It just makes the parents sound like they have a seriously low IQ. anyway, like i said, she was probably kidding.

anyway, i hope they have a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby.

purplerain on

Paisley Winter

ashley on

Vega ( means star)

Chennyrae on

I also love Annelise !!! Always have ! And paisley ! My aunt just named her daughter Astrid .. It’s been growing on me ! Aria is always cute ! And I have loved Chayse for a girl forever !

april ray on

Anson Talie
Atalie Faith
elizabeth Marie
Rissa Rose

april ray on

Anson Talie
Atalie An
Alie Hannah

here are few very uncommon names

sue on

You want them to name their kid Anson Hanson? Are u high???

Kitty on

Anson Talie Hanson? Seriously?

Cinder Lou on

Throw all your Scrabble tiles in a hat, decide how many letters you want in her name, and pull out that many tiles. Sorry, other than that, I can’t top Viggo.

Nicole on

Sable Marie ๐Ÿ™‚

Denise Green on

Rebecca, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but picking your childs’ name is a personal choice between two people. I have a granddaughter named Nevaeh and she is by no means low class. As a matter of fact she’s a beautiful 11 year old who is in the gifted and talented program at school. She participates in Cheer leading and plays the violin. She has dreams of becoming a chemical engineer, so I hope for her sake she never runs into someone like you who would consider her low class because of her name. Like she’s not “worthy”. Talk about judging a book….

Jen DC on

Hate to tell you, Demise, but hiring managers are biased when choosing resumes, and names are the first data they receive. In one sense, lucky for your little grand-Nevaeh that there are now so many, because its use will be normalized by the time it matters for her.

No one said Nevaeh herself was trashy. Just the name.

Liz on

People should not use the phrase white trash. It’s racist and classist.

E.H on

Winter Grace Hanson

Ocean Mila Hanson
-or is it too clichรฉ to have a son named River, and a daughter named Ocean? I don’t know, but I think it’s a pretty name.

Aria Grace Hanson

Turqoise Yasmeen Hanson

October Grace Hanson

Charlotte Summer Hanson

Hope Samira Hanson

Rayanne Eleanor Hanson

Elizabeth Essma Hanson

-Really hope these help, these are the nicest names I could think of. (:

LB on

Laila Marie

Erin on

Lucy….duh! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Miranda on

๐Ÿ˜‰ love it!

Molly on

How nauseating…

Carol on

ANSON HANSON? hello?? DUH, thats STUPID!!!

I think after River and Viggo they will go tradtional. Good luck in the name game.

inamommyseyes on

I put the first three kids’ names on Nymbler to see what suggestions I got, and there were the ones that seemed to fit most:


Lilly on

How About Nikita Sol Hanson? I love the TV character Nikita who is beautiful, sensitive, smart and kicks butt. And the name “Sol” means sun in Spanish, which to me is someone who is bright, upbeat and full of life! So Natalie, Taylor what do you think? Is it a winner? Lilly

Mom Of Twins on

Why not Taylor, if any of his other kids aren’t named that?

Rachel on

We have two daughters. One named Maya and the other one is Tessa. Both these names have great meaning behind them. Good luck!

dmi on


Anonymous on

I like the name Eden, and it would fit perfectly with the otehr kids names ๐Ÿ™‚

Shellby on

I find it kind of funny how rude some of you are toward SV’s choices. Not everyone has to have the same preferences and to start saying the names are white-trash and telling them to get some class… all I have to say is maybe you guys should practice what you preach. Get some class and be respectful of others.

Anonymous on


M on

Manna Sabelle Hanson. “manna” is the food that God sent to the Israelites daily when they were out in the wilderness. It’s a name meaning “sustenance”. I absolutely love it.

Vanessa on

Nevaeh = trashiest, low class name ever.

Doreen on

I like the names Morgan, Mattie and Dylan for a girls name’s. But I’m sure what ever you choose will be great

Justina on

Afton Elisabeth
Harper Sage
Kenna Leigh
Tatum Elise

Meghan on

I absolutely despise the name Nevaeh as well. I would like to know who started that trend, because I would like to punch them in the face. I am sorry if your granddaughter has that name, but it really is trashy. If you want to name your child “Na-vay-ah”, just spell it phoenetically.. And really, after naming their kids Penelope, River, Viggo and Jordan, I don’t think they’re going the “white trash” route – I’m thinking different bordering on weird. Hopefully they don’t name this one after a fruit or veg.

Pleased on

The article doesn’t explain how naming a daughter Penelope Anne is a tribute to her mother, Pamela. Is it just the initials that are the first 2 letters of Pamela? Did her mother pick the name? I don’t see the connection.

Sorry, SV, I also dislike all of your suggestions, especially Nevaeh, like several others. I wouldn’t think less of a child with any of your names; I would think less of the parents. Weird does not equal unique. Others WILL judge a child by their names. While I understand our culture is becoming more diverse everyday, I think there are lots of beautiful existing names from our melting pot society, without making new ones up by reversing the letters or taking words from everyday items (Brick, Blade, etc.).

Interestingly, I saw this yesterday on facebook. Check it out:

Jen on

who the heck are these people anyway??

Jen A. on

I like the home State ones, too. Also love River and Viggo. So – Georgia, Daisy, Rose (any variation thereof, Roseannah, Rosemarie, Rosalee, etc.) Faith, Lily, I like Laila, Sebella and do I open a can of worms? Sure, I like Dixie! Followills (sp?) named their little girl that.

Gloria on

if she Ivet
if child Tevi….

Gloria on

if she Ivet if child tevi

Mom of Nine on

I like that name Nataya, I actually knew a girl in high school with this name and loved it, and when I noticed Mr and Mrs. Hansons name I thought how appropriate, Natalie and Taylor. It would be a tribute to both of her parents. Congrats to them. There is such a blessing with having a large family, more love to multiply. Good luck to them finding a name too. My second choice would be Helayna, just because I think it’s really beautiful, but God blessed me with 7 sons and only two daughters so, I didn’t get to use my cute name bank, and my husband hated the name Helayna ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

MJ on

Hi Taylor and Natalie,
Your baby girl’s name is Zytta Rose. Blessings for a wonderful pregnancy and delivery!

Lindy on

It actually wouldn’t surprise me at all if they named her Georgia… they already have two kids named after Hanson songs, why not another?

Liz on

why not name her Taylor its also a girls name too

Liz on


anita on

how about Vanessa, Samantha, Kayla,or Marissa?

Maureen on

Since they are apparently into uncommon names, I am sure Mary, Jennifer, and Emily are out of the picture. Hopefully, they won’t be too disappointed when they discover Penelope is growing in name popularity. Here are my suggestions based on names that are pleasant-sounding variants of more popular names, uncommon but acceptable names, or reflections of nature without being too off the wall:
Quinn (she will be their 5th born)
Wren (if they are into birds)

But something tells me they will come up with something much “better” on their own.

Lacey on


Names on my girl list.

Jessica on


Shannon on

How exciting to have a girl! I bet Penny is super excited! Absolutely love Hanson, their music is amazing. All the Hansons’ children have borderline weird names, but their actually pretty cool. Whatever they choose, I’m sure will fit in with the rest and be unique, but not overly so. I love Natalie! She’s so laid back and seems like a great mom ๐Ÿ™‚

LB on

Hey guys, maybe that is SV’s favorite names, there is nothing wrong with them having their own opinion. Ultimately The Hanson Family will decide anyway. Different and unusual names are what keep this world turning, otherwise everyone would be named Bob or Jane.

Julianna on

I think Natalie and Taylor are excited to finally have another girl. Plus Penny must be over the moon! In my opinion, they should look at his parents for inspiration. Diana and Walker have named all their children with classy, timeless names. Isabella, Talia, Melody, Aria, Cora… They’re all elegant, sophisticated names with a quirky side.

LB on

My daughter’s name is Taylor Chyann (another version of Cheyenne)so using Taylor would defintely fit in the Hanson family.

Beebop on

Word around the street in Tulsa is they’re considering the name Clementine and calling her Clemmy. Sounds horrible to me, so it’s probably true.

Anonymous on

Daisy Eden – perfect !!

TJ on

Do you all really think they will read this and see your suggestions?

Alissa on

Congrats on baby number 5!!!! So exiting for you and your children! Maybe you could ask the kids what they want to name the baby. You might not like their suggestions, but they may give you some inspiration. Several people have suggested lovely names: Nataya, Georgia, Laila, Sabelle, Paisley, Eden, etc. Good luck on the name, the pregnancy, the birth and all the years to come…God Bless!!!

Fan on

Way too many kids! Your whole life will revolve around your children. No couple time. What about when they are all in school? Good luck with that one! It’s so selfish to have that many kids. This world is overpopulated enough. 2 kids max; one to replace each parents.

kcl on

I think you should name her AMERICUS TAYLOR HANSON & Call her AMERI!

Kristina on

Sadie Rose
Samantha Rae
Tara Jane
Nicole Jade
Ava Faith
Anniston Nicole

kcl on

Name her Americus Taylor Hanson & call her Ameri!

Elaine on

How about Addison Grace?

lillydance on

I like the names:

Helen Bennett on

Summer Rayne
Norah Jayne

quita73 on

I think that before you comment on postings you should think about what you are going to say. Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backwards who are you guys to say that it is a White trashing name. Like really ? All of these stars name there children crazy names. Rocco, Apple ?

Ella on

How about Kia?

cam on

Personally, with a daughter already named Penelope Anne, I think Calliope Rose would be a great name.

soph on

Forget Nevaeh, check out ATALIE FAITH and RISSA ROSE. Yeah, let’s just take letters off of names, that makes them sooo yooneek!

bh on

I like John and Mary.

marlee on

I think the name “Shoshana” would be lovely with your other childrens’ names.

Nadine on


My Opinion on

I’m pretty certain these folks didn’t ask for our help naming their newest addition. Why is it that some people feel they can just offer up some names in case the Hansons need help. Give it a rest! Let them enjoy the whole process on their own.

Stacey on

As a teacher, if you could only see the what’s on our roll sheets, your head would explode. They are the weirdest spelled and pronounced names you could only imagine. Personally, I think you are setting your child up for a lifetime of failure with some of these dysfunctional names. I’m not saying they have to be named Bobby and Susie, but Faqcoin, Desheival, Pasanie, etc. just screams trash.

Lis on

I agree with whoever suggested Eden. ๐Ÿ™‚

Not a fan of any of the names except Penelope. I love, love, love the nickname they call her, Penny!!

But I also agree with Natalie: โ€œI am not one of those who hides the name until delivery for fear of backlash. In fact, the stronger the reaction I get, the more I tend to like the name!โ€ she says. – I feel the same way! hahahaha! Although I stick with more traditional names that are uncommon…not “weird” names…

Taylor is silly. My husband’s name is Ryan and I would never dream of naming my little girl that!

Also agree with the Naveah comments…I think of lower class as well, sorry. :/

Anonymous on

hayden seria hanson (sir-eye-a)

jj on

How about Anissa?

Amy on

Neveah does sound trashy, check any baby book that has lists. Denise they were saying the parents who put that name on their child reminded them of someone who is uneducated not their child. Thank goodness they can change it when their older. Neveah is on the same list as Destiny.

unknown on


julie on

We named our sons nice family names, which I adore: Samuel Miles, Lucas Matthew, and Julian Thomas. For girls, hmmm. We just had a friend name her daughter Harper Kate. adorable!

Jenna on

Reagan Elizabeth—it has always been my favorite girls name

Ariana Rose…

Whit on

Wow some very opinionated people here. I named my 4th daughter Nevaeh and I or my family most certainly are not white trash. In fact until someone suggested the name my family had never heard of this beautiful name. Anyway naming a child is a personal family matter and none of anyone else’s business. To many haters here.

MollyF on

Shanti (means peace)
Molly (hehehehe)
Jordan Marie
Caitlin Elizabeth

Whatever they name the baby it’s their choice and people shouldn’t judge them. How would you like if someone judged your child’s name? It’s a personal thing between a couple.

Harlee on

Pruedence Wren
Chloe Maine
Katerine Neol
Taila Brooks

julie on

i like Norah, Emery, and Eden.

Leslie on

This is a public opinion board, Whit. Sorry about your daughter’s name.

Vanessa on

Isn’t heaven backwards… hell? just sayin’ haha

Sarah on


Olivia on

Naomi Alexa Hanson

Regina on

Natatlie I can Help you with that! Thats my Department! The Names I have are Mia, Madison, Kira or Madeline! Good Luck!

hannie on


Shannon on

Their oldest should name the next child.

Stella Bella on

Totally agree that Nevaeh sounds trashy. Similar to Destiny and Paris.

Raven on

I’ve always been fond of my own name, Raven. But I’ve always been fond of the names Piper and Salem.
Neveah doesn’t sound like a trashy name. I think it’s pretty. I’ve never even met someone with that name.

Mary on

Why would they name their daughter Jordan if they named their son Jordan? Did you even read the article?

Also, sorry, but the fourteen year old girl who lives two houses down from me named her daughter Nevaeh and every time someone names their daughter that I can’t help but think of white trash or a lower class of people. Just because it’s Heaven spelled backwards doesn’t make it more special. God spelled backwards is dog, but you don’t see people naming their child Dog and claiming it’s “special” and “unique” because it’s God spelled backwards. Also, it’s no longer unique if every other teen mother is naming their daughters that.

And as a teacher, I can agree that as a whole, Americans are picking more and more ridiculous names. The thing that gets me, though, is people trying to do “unique” spellings of names. Sorry, but Kristoffer is still Christopher, not matter how you spell it, it is still pronounced the same. The only thing parents gain by using these ridiculous “unique” spellings of names is 1) their child’s teachers will have the WORST time trying to pronounce their name, 2) everyone will most likely mispronounce it at least once or twice, and 3) your child will NEVER find their name on a mug or a magnet at Disney world. Christopher will be there, but definitely not Kristoffer.

sarah on

I so hope you’re not a teacher in my area, because you sound like a judgemental, condescending witch…just saying

PinkLamp on


* on


Gemma on

I really hope they don’t go too wild for this one but they could very well choose another song name like with Penny & River. Madeline, Lucy & Georgia could be contenders! I think Taylor Rose is beautiful (although highly doubt they’d name her that) as is Georgia Lily, I also love Faith Amber and Lauren Marie.

Anonymous on

Alessandra Catherine
Protector of mankind and pure one

A on

Alice Georgia Hanson

Manal from Jordan on


Guest on

Ok so what about Quinn but spell it KWINNE if you want to be different

katie on

Raylee Faith
cinderella michelle

DEE on

Ryleigh Hope….

pam on

LUBA means love in russian ๐Ÿ™‚ then you could add something else to it Blessings on a healthy daughter born in the fall. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sharon on

How about Mariah?

Sharon on


Roma on

Lilibeth Rhiannon

SM on

Everleigh Simone

Janolynn on


AmandaC on

I love the name “Autumn” & “Liberty”

Janolynn on

My name is Janolynn Rae G. I think I have a beautiful and unique name

PatA on

I have 3 Granddaughters and love all their names:

Rachel Breanna
Rowan Elizabeth
Caitlin Rae

Susanne on

London Autumn Hanson

kelli on

and my daughter is named Emmerson Zoe

Alicia on

Mary – in Scandinavia Kristoffer is the norm and Christopher is the “weird” spelling. Just saying, as far as yooneek spellings go, Kristoffer is pretty normal. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it unique, just a variation. Like Rebecca vs Rebekah, Sarah vs Sara, Lindsay vs Lindsey, Catherine vs Katherine vs Kathryn…

Gigee on

I love my 2 yr. old granddaughters name, its Sapphira Rose,the name is beautiful and so is she.

Good luck hope you have a wonderful healthy,happy baby. hugs Gigee

gina on

Sophia Isabella Hanson

Fran on

And these people are who????

Noelle on

You could name her after me lol just kidding. I like Violet for the name.

Lori on


Lynda on

I always love Emma Claire or Anna Claire!


i think EMILY ROSE would be a nice name for such a sweet little girl.

tiffany on

I have a Taylor Gabrielle, and I still love her name 12 years later. I also love London,Ella,Leighton,Georgia,Gracelyn,Elle,Emmalynn,Faith,Lyla and Stella. Hope this helps.

Marilyn Holland on

Nevaeh is a beautiful name. Since it is heaven spelled backwords it has great meaning. Good for you/

Heather on

My beautiful 11 yr old granddaughter is named Nevaeh Kristine. No one in our family is ghetto, trailer trash, or low income.

Congratulations to the Hansons.

Marilyn Holland on

I think Nevaeh is a beautiful name and hope you name her that. It had great meaning.

Ray on

Enough already! This world is already overpopulated. Limit yourselves to two kids. The rest of the world will appreciate it.

Callen on

Francesca Lenore

Audrey Lynne

Lucy on

Love the home state idea. Maybe Georgia Autumn since she’s due in the fall? I also love nostalgic musical names since the daddy is a musician like Presley or Lennon

Yvettte on

I like the name: Natalyn Michelle

Renee on

Autumn since she will be born in the fall

Hope on


ross on

I like the name Taylor for a boy OR a girl. It is classy & reminds me of my favorite shining star now at rest—Elizabeth.

winterjazz on


momto4 on

Sunnie Rae
Journey Brook

Shelly on

Star Couple?

Marky on

About 50% of the posters on this thread are either major bullies, or trash themselves and hardly recognize it. The fact that this is a “public opinion board” does NOT mean any poster should insult other people’s choice of names for their child(ren), nor does it mean a poster should try to do so in some obnoxious way, believing they are being clever while doing it.

People choose names based on family history, meaning of the name itself, or how it sounds to them, and how it sounds with their other children’s names. Would you REALLY walk up to someone and say, “Your child’s name sounds trashy, how could you do something so ridiculous!”? Would you? Why do you get behind a screen and do that? It just seems mind-boggling that many of you feel perfectly free to criticize people for how many children they do, or do not, have, and claim your child’s name is just adorable and their child(ren)’s name(s) are stupid, trashy, ugly, or whatever other rude thing you want to say.

Wow….. unbelievable! And yes, some celebs do read these columns and have felt really hurt by some of the posts, but I guess that was your goal, right?

Rebecca on

Well said! ๐Ÿ™‚

When I read how rude, cruel & judgmental people can be, my faith in the human race diminishes. Sad but true! This is a very prevalent problem on internet forums and comment sections all over the web.

Sher on

Larkins Rose

The name is beautiful. The person whose middle name was Larkins was beautiful, smart, kind and benevolent. She was my late daughter.

kimberly on


KZ on

I have laways loved the name Riley.

Kim Reilly on

Taylor Natalie or Natalie Taylor

They both work =0)

Sher on

Larkins Rose

My late daughter’s middle name was Larkins and she was one of the most amazing people I have ever known. She was smart, compassionate, beautiful (inside and out), benevolent and honest. She was a good person to all she came in contact with and she loved her middle name.

Kara on

Sorry, but I agree that Nevaeh has a trashy, low-income association. Terrible name, IMO.

Congrats to the Hanson family on baby #5. They are so blessed.

I’m sure they will pick a great name for her; one that will match her siblings names perfectly. ๐Ÿ™‚

Big Fan on

Like she’s gonna take ANY of our suggestions. Ha. She’s younger than me, with FIVE kids? Yikes

lisa on


Liz Shea on

Shayla and Charlene are my favorite; we have 5 girls

dawnjm on

I like the names….

and Georgia

Not everyones cup of tea but they are certainly some i like.

lisa on

Natalyn Marie

Cindy on

Maybe they could name her for the little girl, Veronica, who died in the shooting.

Cindy on

Name her Veronica, the girl who died in the shooting.

Regina Arrendell-McMahan on

My daughter so loved the group when she was young! We went to see you, in concert, twice! You could name her after a fan…Laura Marie!

Wendy D on

My favorite girls name is Daphne Rose. My 2nd favorite girls name is already taken “Penelope”.

Mary on

Certainly they will name their child a name perfect for them but the article makes me think about names — I love “Maria Delaney”. Nice. Sounds like a name for an interesting person. As for “heaven” spelled backwards – to each his own. Several years ago it was an unusual name and, although there is nothing wrong with it, it seems to have gone out of favor quickly.


I like Heidi Hanson

Denise on

No offense…but who are these people?

Amy on

Perfect name…OMEGA!!!

Katie on

Graci Rae is a cute name.

tana on

meredith grace charlotte or sadie

tana on

meredith grace,charlotte or sadie.

Cortney on

For people saying that only 2 of the Hanson kids are named after songs of Hansons they are wrong…Viggo Moriah translates to War Mountain and they have a song called Fire on the Mountain so he has a song name as well. Give it a listen… So I think they should go with it and name this little girl another song name!

Traci on

I personally like Savannah. I have a Savannah and I call her Savi.

I also like Paisley Winter as someone mentioned.

Good luck Taylor and Natalie with your new baby girl.


Rebecca on

Great choice! ๐Ÿ™‚ My daughter’s name is Savannah Leigh.

KmC on

I love the name Charlotte Grace. Since they already have an old-fashioned girl’s name like Penelope Rose (I’m assuming they call her Penny), I think Charlotte Grace would be perfect (though I’m biased since I have a Charlotte Grace hah). Call her Charlie maybe? Btw, to all the haters on this site, I think Viggo is a kick-butt name. God Bless Natalie!

Ava on

LOL at all the haters of the name “Navaeh.” But I wouldn’t be surprised if Nat and Tay name their child something that dumb. And they are white trash. Sorry, I LOVE Hanson, but it’s true.

Momoftwo95 on

Love the name Everlyn Grace for a little girl.

Ava on

I’d like to add that I was pleasantly surprised at how well Natalie can write for a high school only education!

ssmith on

What’s wrong with Memory Lane?

Monz on

So excited for baby number 5!!! Taylor and Natalie are obviously great parents and will find the right name that will suit their second daughter just fine. I like Harper, that’s a nice suggestion. Emily Rose? Reminds me of a scary movie. Rose is a common name in general, and Zac Hanson (the younger brother of Taylor Hanson) has a daughter with the middle name Rosa…so it would be too similar. Anyway, I’m sure this will be a lot of fun for the Hansons to come up with a new strong meaningful name! I am stoked to see what they’ll choose!

Anonymous on

Heaven backwards is the weirdest name ever. Name her something better like LaShonda… hahahahahahahaha

Boyname4agirl on

Marky couldn’t agree more with your post! Not sure why people feel the need to tell other people they should have 2 kids max that’s ridiculous. We have two and are planning on adopting one or two more. Anyway if we had had a girl she would have been. Cheyenne Nicole and our good friends have a Shaylea Ashlyn

Sandy on

How about Rayvn Elizabeth, or Phoenix Ashton, or Lilie Anabell, or Cassy Marie,or Mya Sue.

Feel free to add different middle or first name Of course when I had my first daughter I was going to name her Elizabeth Marie, but she had a ton of curly blood hair and a beautiful look to her so I named her Angelique Lynn Marie.

Hope she is healthy and you don’t have a difficult delivery.

Joyce on

Here are some names:


Deb Raposa on

Emma Rose

Alicia Lee

Sarah Jayne

Anonymous on


Ty on

Im not good with coming up names but my mom is. My name is Tabia Jamila and my sister is Diantรจ Mariรจ( pronounced french way, we from south louisiana). I just go by Ty cause most people pronounce it wrong but once they get it, they actually like it.

Helen Loftis on

I don’t know if any one else has this name Apache Wind or not, but you know its different. I thank it is a pretty name for a little girl’s name, or Elizabeth Sue, Steala Louis,Lillian Cennie,Florencie Abegale,Debby Lea,Betty Sue Ann. I thank the most inportant thing that mommy and daughter will be o.k., and I wish and family will have a joyous happyness forever best wishies. Please forgive me if I miispell any of the names.

JR on

Jorja Leigh Hanson

blaylack on

who are these people?

cathy on

Who are thses people and why does anyone give a S–T!

Rose on

Emma Isabelle
Isabella Rose
Lailanie Marie
Valerie Madison

aleighcat on

Autumn? (She *is* due in the fall!) Annabella? Kimberlyn? My guess is as good as anyone’s. She’ll take one look at that little face and let the name choose itself to fit, I think. Good luck to them. Five…wow.

Anonymous on

I think the prettiest Girls name is Savannah

Anonymous on

Pleased- Given that Natalie mentioned that Penelope’s name is “whimsical and fun” sounding, my guess is that that’s also the type of personality Natalie’s mom has, and that’s how the name is a tribute to her. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, Penelope must be absolutely ecstatic that she’s finally getting a little sister!

Carolyne on

Yay so nice for another girl!!!! Congrats guys

There’s a lot of amazing name out there and of course you guys will do the right choice ๐Ÿ™‚

But..I always loved the name “Isabella”

Sara on

Who is Natalie Hanson and why is she overpopulating the world?

wow on

I can not believe some of the absolutely hateful comments on this site! amazing how few people remember the saying ” if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it!”

Judy on

Autumn Rain

Elliette Marie

Elizabeth on

Sorry guys, Naveah is trashy no matter how you look at it.

I heard the name Aurora the other day, I think it’s beautiful.

Michele on

Deliah Mykal

janette allen on

Sophia Rose

meghan on


Shoshanna on

Here a couple of names that I adore.

Adora Catherine








Wishing you a happy,safe delivery…

meghan on

Ava, you are incredibly smug. She only has a high school education so Naatalie must be ignorant? Not one of my grandparents even graduated from high school because they had to work to support their families during the depression. They were four of the brightest people I have ever known and my maternal grandmother was an exceptional writer. So go take your attitude and go jump in a lake.

Linda Morgan on

how about georgia grace, or autumn breeze, Indian summer, cherish Amore,

Dawn on

One thing you need to remember is that this baby will be an adult someday. Therefore, be careful not to be too cutesy. I like the name Monroe Riley Hanson.

Shoshanna on



Shannea on

Shannea Rose

Shannea on

Shannea Sofia

Angie on

Nina Clarice

Charlene on

I’ve always liked Gillian. Middle name you could pick.

Amy on

@pam..ha my grand-dog (yes dog) is named Luba! And who says she is over populating the world??? Everyone here is meant to be…for someone!

SV on

Just so you all know, Nevaeh is a beautiful name and many people like it BECAUSE it is HEAVEN spelled backwards and SOUNDS beautiful, unlike if they named a baby Dog because it was God spelled backwards. That is not sound beautiful.

The meanings of the names I suggested are as follows:
Shailene–No Meaning (It is the name of a favorite actress of mine.)
Sabella–Consecrated to God
Cana–Name From Bible
Shelby (my name which is not heard of very often)–From the Town in the Hollow

Lola on


SV on

Shailene (As in Shailene Woodley)

JM on

Gennara Wren

abbey on

how about Scarlett Jo ?

abbey on

Really? No one else thought of it before me im so excited.

Scarlett Jo Hanson ๐Ÿ™‚
Hahahahaha there you go rofl


Aurora Bleu
Willow Elizabeth
Lyric Rose

Christine Frederick on

When my son and daughter-in-law were expecting their twin boys, they decided to give them entertaining initials and settled on RIF and RAF, now known as the RifRaf Boys. Their first names are Ryan and Riley. They are now 4 and mostly call each other “my brother”, They are such sweet boys, intelligent, and think their Rif Raf names are “cool”.

Maybe you could find some meaningful initials for your new daughter.

It’s sort of different.

Curly Fry on

Since he is in music Melody Paige is cute. Chord would be cute for a boy…i know its a girl but always better to be prepared.

Anonymous on

I love Emmaline Rose.

Anonymous on

Emmaline Rose.

Heather on

Elise or Bronwyn

Mia on

I could see them having a Violet – similar quirk as Penelope.

However, Olivia is my personal favorite.

Sun on

Here’s names for baby girl

Any names in your family tree that’s very unique and unsual.

mari on

These are some of the nastiest comments I have read in a long time.I hope all of you are attractive, wealthy, college graduates.For the person who called them white trash-its not right to reflect the way you feel about yourself on others.

mari on

I miss the old cbb.Ever since people mag took over it went to hell.

Sweetfury on

There is something to be said for the older names. Especially the unusual ones. Here are a few I tossed around. Not all are old but are nice girls names.


Sharon Smith on

I have a daughter and no one else has her name it is Kheli Mishon it is pronounced like Kelly. No matter what you pick for your newborn baby girl she will be very lucky to have such wonderful and lucky parents. I also like Tagon for a girl also. By the way Kheli is 43 years old. Good luck and God bless.

Richard on

Star couple? LOL, that’s rich. His 15mins of fame expired years ago. Continue to make your babies though, I’m sure you both make good, devoted parents.

Sharon Johnson on

I wanted a different name for my daughter and was having a hard time finding one. I was reading an article in Self magazine and it talked about walking down to the beaches of Deya and I thought this is it. I researched the name and it is indeed a very small coastal village off the Spanish island of Majorca/Mallorca. I found the village is also spelled Deia but I liked Deya better. I saved the article for my daughter who is now 33 years old.

Sharon Johnson on

I wanted a different name for my daughter and was having a hard time finding one. I was reading an article in Self magazine and it talked about walking down to the beaches of Deya and I thought this is it. I researched the name and it is indeed a very small coastal village off the Spanish island of Majorca/Mallorca. I found the village is also spelled Deia but I liked Deya better. I saved the article for my daughter who is now 33 years old. I wanted to add it is pronounced DAYA, the opposite of nighta. I have always said that to her and she would get mad at me. I have never heard of anyone else having the name. For her middle name I used both her grandmother’s name, Deya Joyce Ann

MiB on

I don’t think they are looking for uniquely spelled or invented names, after all, you can find every one of their names in any baby names book in English (though you may need to go to the bible to find Moriah), and they all have a traditional spelling. Viggo is actually not an uncommon name in Scandinavia (in case you wondered).

And Mary, Kristoffer is actually the Scandinavian way of spelling Christopher, Christoph/Christoff is the traditional German version, Christophe the traditional French and Krystof the traditional Polish. Don’t diss traditional spellings from other languages. My name, for example, can be spelled at least 8 different ways depending on where in the world you are from.

Anonymous on

OK, that girl that posted about Scarlett Jo Hanson, you totally made me LOL for like 10 minutes, lol. ๐Ÿ˜€

I love more old-fashioned names myself… Elizabeth has pretty much always been my favourite girls name. I have some older somewhat quirky names, but they would definitely fit in with what Natalie seems to like:

~ Georgiana(tribute to Natalie’s home state?), or even Georgina
~ Gemma
~ Lily
~ Cora
~ Audrey
~ Autumn
~ Pippa
~ Prudence

elish76 on

Colleen ๐Ÿ™‚

Daisy on

Reading through the comments, I think these are the most suitable/most likely (in the highly unlikely scenario N&T picked from here) –


Lena on

I like:


Ava on

Poop de Doop

Lena on

Evangeline (and call her Eva or Eve or Evie)

amy on

I have some names Autumn Danielle,Iva Ruby,Emerald Jayde Ciara Sloane

LuvBigCity on

I don’t see her asking for help naming her kid…..

Anonymous on

Where in her blog does she ask for help with the name? I’m pretty sure they can come up with a great name on their own.

Amy on

I have to be on the side of those that believe the name Navaeh to be trashy. It’s a very popular porn star name now. And how many kids do you see on the Maury Povich show along with their moms and potenial dad #5 getting the results of a dna test?

Look online it has a very negative following. How mean to do that to a child? It’s a fly by night name that thank God won’t be around much in the years to come.

By the way the meaning of the name is not Heaven it’s meaning is simply heaven spelled backwards. Dog is God spelled backwards but a dog doesn’t mean God. Seriously!

There is a baby name book out I think it’s beyond Jennifer and Jason, Madison and Montana. There’s a list featured in the book and my favorite is what moms with less education would name their daughters.

Navaeh tops the list.

There are so many beautiful names out there than to use one like that.

Penny on

Why not name her Natalie after her mother? They named their son Jordan afer his father. Why honor him that way and not her??? Sexist.

Are they mormon?? Just curious.

LMAO @ Scarlet Jo Hanson. That made me almost pee laughing.

Jennifer on

Layla Jayne.

Jennifer on

How about Layla Jayne?

carolhitz on

I think they should name her LINDSAY. I love this name.
Or Carolina. It’s another beautiful one (:
Or maybe Madeline, since thereโ€™s already a Penny and a River in this familyโ€ฆ why not try one more song? (:
I even thought they could name her MMMBOPโ€ฆ but I just founf out it\โ€™d be more interesting if it was a boy, soโ€ฆ no.

(and EVERYBODY knows she didn’t ask anyone for oppinions. But I bet she’ll have fun if she gets to read the bullshit people are posting here.)

Lily on

Talia Angel (Got some Taylor and Natalie in there and threw in part of a Hanson song.)

Georgia Sky (Parts of two Hanson songs.)

Windy Blue (Yes, parts of two Hanson songs.)

They obviously like naming their kids after their songs (hello, Penny and Me – aka Penelope – and River, one of their songs, and Moriah, which means hill/mountain…yes another song however it’s a girl’s name they gave to their little boy and Ezra means “helper” which could have come from any number of their songs) and my suggestions don’t suck any worse than some of their other choices. I’m not saying I LIKE these names…I just thought I would help them compile their songs so they can name yet another kid after one of them.

anniegrey on


lene on

a lovely name is

alissa j on

I always get compliments on my daughter’s name
Kiona (Kee Oh nah) Autumn Rose
Other names I love are
Rhiannon Destiny
Loralei Sage
Nataleigh Daisy

Leslie on

Marky, You show up on nearly every post tisk-tisking other commenters like you’re the hall monitor or something.

Anonymous on

Does anyone else find this article to be stupid? I’m a Hanson fan and even I’m looking at this going “Why the H*LL do we care?”. It’s the fifth kid, they already have a girl and I feel like this is just an article to get attention. You didn’t see Zac/Kate or Ike/Nikki announcing the sex of their kids when they were expecting. I maintain that Natalie (and Taylor) are attention whores and this just proved it.

Anonymous on

Ghislaine is one of my favorites ๐Ÿ™‚ Seeing it in your list made me smile since it is not very well-known.I always think about possible nicknames. So far I was able to come up with Gigi and Lainey, but I keep thinking ๐Ÿ™‚

Abi on

We were going to do Amanda Noelle b/c our daughter was conceived at Christmas or Elizabeth Rose after both of our paternal grandmas, we ended up with something else entirely but both of those names are classical and normal.

annie on


Kim on


bingkoi on

destiny tyler hanson?

mary beth?

amber on

I named my daughter Kordelia, it is an old name but it is beautiful and quirky. Which suits her very well. We call her Kordie.

Soqui on

Congrats on the newest addition! Here are my picks:

Chloe Ann
Jocelyn Zoe
Eliza Anne

Of course, you can just look at that beautiful newborn’s face, close your eyes, take a deep breath and you’ll know what her name will be.

Jude on

Jennifer, really?!! Who would call their daughter that? There are trillions of Jennifers out there. I don’t need out-of-space names or city names or season names, but a lil’ different does your child good!

Jude on

I could NOT stop laughing at Fertile Myrtle!!!! Fantastic!

tg on

Name it Hymen.

Hymen Hanson.

A. on

Caven (Had a teacher in grade school who named her son that.)
Shenaenae (I had a girl I used to hang with in one of college classes with this name. She was a cool person though.)
Schwanette (I met someone with this name, I kid you not. I had to hold back from laughing.)
Maconium (I had a friend who worked with expectant parents and they wanted to name their kid this. I’m sure anyone who has a baby knows what Maconium is. TERRIBLE.)
Javen (I have a relative who named her kids this.)

A. on

Forgot to proofread. It’s Meconium, not Maconium. Sorry.

Leslie on

I’ve read Natalie’s blog and I found the process in which they decided on their four older kids’ names interesting. I’m not a big fan of Viggo Moriah, but at least he and his siblings have real names – none of this ‘Naveah’ and ‘Pilot’ or ‘Audio Science’ crap. To go with her big sister Penelope’s name I’m hoping Natalie and Taylor call their younger daughter Chloe Grace. It’s a pretty name that is also Biblical and comes from Greek like Penelope. Hoping for a healthy baby and an easy pregnancy for Natalie.

Anonymous on

I think you should name her Marlowe Savannah or Isabella Jocelyn.

Katie on

I think name girl name Sophia Maria Hanson. Congratulations Natalie and Taylor!

dee on


Wendy on

We are pregnant at the moment also,and wanted something different for our little girl. We have come up with Zana Alazne.

anatheduckknight on


Liz on

Pandora Elizabeth

gusire on

eden rose

Allison on

NEVAEH?? Good GOD! Could we stop naming children white trash names…

crescentmoon on

Even though I really wanted to use this as one of 2 middle names for my oldest (and it was, until 2 weeks before she was born) I have ALWAYS loved the name Kynthia. I think it would be an awesome name for their little girl. But it’s all up to them…

Lisa on

Marina is a beautiful name!

Anonymous on

just name the kid ashley.

@April Ray on

You do realize that naming their daughter “Anson Talie” would make her named Anson Hanson, right?!

KJH on

My cousin named her daughter Cortlin. Different but not weird.

Mon on

Some of these name suggestions are absolutely ridiculous… Halloween?? Generation? Really? I have to say that I agree with some of the other posters here, can we please just quit now with Nevaeh and Destiny? I vote for Scarlet Jo… that made me laugh!

jennifer b on

how names like delanie jaiden or paisley jayla or even kenlee jalia all cute different girl names and then they all could have nickname either dj or pj or kj……

Linda on

Julia Elizabeth

Annita Rose

Mary Elizabeth

Tordis Marit

Taylor Louise

Madalene Taylor Maddie

Lorelai Ann

Rebecca Louise

Anonymous on

ashley or ashlee. might as well.

Beth on

Congratulations you two! Scarlett Jo was unexpected while reading through the comments, but had me laughing my butt off! ๐Ÿ™‚ While we are throwing suggestions out there, how about:

Sloan Elizabeth
Gracie Katherine or
Callie Rose

Beth on

Congratulations you two! Scrolling through the comments, Scarlett Jo took me by surprise! I laughed my butt off for a couple of minutes ๐Ÿ™‚
Since everyone else has some ideas, I thought I would put two cents into the pot.

Sloan Elizabeth
Gracie Katherine or
Callie Rose

Krissy on

wow… not everyone that has the name Nevaeh is white trash or low class, my niece’s middle name is Nevaeh, she’s a very bright 5 year old girl who is a whole lot smarter than most kids her age, so quit judging people by a name… I honestly think its a beautiful name, but then again I am biased because of my niece… so, if you don’t like it, then that’s all you have to say, otherwise keep your rude comments to yourself… Congrats to the Hanson family on a little girl on the way!! Can’t wait to see what they name this little girl ๐Ÿ™‚