Nick and Vanessa Lachey Bump It Up at Home

07/25/2012 at 07:00 PM ET

She’s getting close! With just weeks left in her pregnancy, Vanessa Lachey shares a bare bump shot on Twitter Wednesday. “My Happiness… My Family! Ahhh, My Boys!” the Wipeout host, 31, writes as husband Nick Lachey touches her belly.

With their son due in September, the couple already have a name picked out for their little boy.ย “We’ve been yelling it around the house. Nick and I love it,” she told PEOPLE recently. “We’re going to tell him first, and then introduce him to the world after he knows his name.”

Maybe Nick can warm up his pipes by singing the name as well — he’ll be performing with a newly-reunited 98ยฐ at MixTape Fest 2012 on Aug. 17 and 18.

Courtesy Vanessa Lachey

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Just Me on

She’s getting so big!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait for your baby Vanessa!! He’s gonna be adorable!

slb on

Wow pregnancy looks good on her!

Abby on

She looks amazing… They look so happy as they should ๐Ÿ™‚

mrsodell on

now that’s a baby bump and she’s all baby…God bless the Lacheys!

Anonymous on

She looks so beautiful!

Vivgo on

Looks like Vanessa is doing a great job of staying healthy and not gaining too much weight during her pregnancy (*cough cough* JS). She looks beautiful!

Crick on

Why get on JS about her pregnancy weight gain? Everyone’s bodies are different. How do you even know if Vanessa is being healthy? Oh that’s right, you don’t.

Guest on

Thank you for saying that. Jessica did nothing wrong.

TM on

She looks gorgeous!

bree on

Gorgeous picture, they will have an adorable baby!

sandra on

wow! simply beautiful. you can see the absolute love in Nick’s eyes. Good luck to them ๐Ÿ™‚

DI on

Congratulations Nick and Vanessa! They look so happy together, and Vanessa just glows!

alex on

She looks so huge but her face is the same. She must have a huge baby in there.

TG on

Aww They look fantastic! Can’t wait to see this little cutie!

Mary Beth on

COME ON everyone please stop being cruel to Jessica!

First of all, this has NOTHING to do with her. They are divorced, end of story.

Secondly as a mother of three I know that the last thing any woman needs is to feel bad about themselves and how they looked while carrying their baby! This is so petty! Jessica is SHORT and we all know that 5 pounds on someone who is 5’2 is much different than 5 pounds on someone who is 5’8.

Let’s be supportive of each other and celebrate this mama to be, we don’t need to tear Jessica down to do that!

Vanessa DOES look gorgeous, congrats to the Lacheys!

Tiffany on

Well said!!

Annafreitas on

Sweet picture. Vanessa is gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stephanie on

What a beautiful picture!

Amaryllis on

Blech. Why do people find a need to do that?

Tracy on


Crow on

Beautiful! Motherhood is such a blessing!

Heather on

Lovely! There’s nothing more BEAUTIFUL than a baby bump!

Suzy on

That is going to be one big and beautiful baby!

Chicken Little on

She is beautiful. Love Vanessa.

ace11 on

Go team Jessica

Jessica Simpson Forever

Cindy Alling on

I have to agree with Marybeth on this one. Leave Jessica Simpson out of it. Every pregnancy is different and every woman’s body reacts differently to pregnancy. Vanessa looks gorgeous and so did Jessica. I am happy for both of them and i know both families and both babies are going to be happy, loved, and beautiful. Congrats to mommies, daddies, and babies…..:-)

Melissa Rivera on

Congrats to Nick and Vanessa on the baby to be.

rojanah on

Gross! I took photos of the fundus when I was pregnant, but did I show them to, literally, MILLIONS of people? EW!!! Keep it to yourselves! We don’t care! Or if we do, we need therapy….

Lindsey on

First of all if you don’t like it don’t look at it 2nd of all it’s pregnancy pregnancy is a beautiful thing some people are insacure about themselfs during pregnancy and some plate very proud confident. So it’s not eww it’s amazing so congrats to them and god bless having kids is the most amazing thing you can do in your life. Xoxo

AO on

Um gross!

Max on

Still can’t stand either one of them.

mygirl on

Girl, how many babies have you got in there?!

My Opinion on

Why can’t folks leave the Jessica comments out of the Lachey’s articles?? Enough already! Both former couples have moved on and are happy with their current partners. Move on people! On a different note, Vanessa is absolutely glowing and gorgeous! Congrats on the impending arrival!

Mina on

I agree Marybeth! My one friend is 4’11, about as short as Snookie, and she is a gym fanatic, totally healthy in food choices and activity (she chases her daughter around alot too). Needless to say…she looks fat! She only looks it…because she does eat and doesnt restrict her calories to an amazingly low level to “look good”. She is probably healthier than most Americans, yet it doesnt show. Height is a big factor in weight!

Bev on

Really people still on Jessica Simpson for actually gaining weight during her pregnancy and not feeding into hollywood standards of being anorexic. Come on haters time to give up making fun of her.

Cute pic of the Lacheys!! Congrats to them

BlueSkidoo on

She looks gorgeous. I love bare baby bumps, I wish people would lighten up and make it more socially acceptable to show them off. Why is a bare unpregnant belly ok but not one with a baby in it?

Rebecca on

Wow, now that is a baby bump – holy cow! And is it just me or does Nick look a little “green around the gills”! Best of luck to the Lachey’s as they await the arrival of their baby boy ๐Ÿ™‚

Donna on

I agree with Amaryllis.

Nothing is private anymore. These celebrities have to show everything.

Maybe the child won’t want to see that picture when he/she is 16 years old knowing it made all of the internet.

Jackie Robinson on

I can feel the love and happiness by just looking at this picture. Contrats to them!

Lol on

Jessica is 5’2 and carried a lot of fluid. Her fiancรฉ is 6’4 and around 240. Huge difference in genetics. Give vanessa another 7 weeks. The media creates a lot of this inhow they make there remarks and Jessica is always a target. Jessica gets a lot more hits then Vanessa so tabs help to create drama. Sad but true. Vanessa keeps trying though

Anonymous on

Mary Beth and Cindy Ailing- Amen! I don’t get why Jessica has to be brought up in every Nick and/or Vanessa post (and vice-versa, although to be fair Nick and Vanessa are only brought up in a handful of Jessica posts rather than practically every one).

Also, why do we always have to compare pregnancies on this site? Every woman carries differently!

me me on

She looks sooooo cute!

Stephani on

Who cares! Does she think she’s the only woman in the world to have a baby? Get over yourself already.

Kelly777 on

If she’s that big now and the baby’s not due until September, she may have a 10 pound baby, too. She looks like she’s ready to pop right now. But come on people. It’s only a baby bump in about the first trimester. You can’t keep calling it a baby bump when it gets that big. But she does look great. Congrats to them both!

Jen DC on

September…? Are you sure? Because that’s a pretty big bump for 7+ weeks to go! And she is ALL BUMP. My sister was like that; even moreso. One of those women you couldn’t tell was pregnant from behind, then she’d turn and BAM! Baby.

Thanks, Mary Beth, for saying what I was thinking: Jessica has nothing to do with this family other than she used to be married to Nick. I’m not a fan of hers, but gratuitous smack downs just aren’t necessary! Yes, she got big, but she also had a d!mn big baby. She’s happy in her life; Nick seems happy in his. Let’s be happy for everyone. If he doesn’t express any ill will, why should you?

martina on

Vanessa looks so beautiful. Healthy and glowing. Best of luck to them, they are a lovely couple.

Mama Bambi on

They look so happy… wishes to a whole new happy life. She looks amazing!

patty on

awww cute picture of the baby bump you two look so happy and proud. cant wait to see pictures when your baby is born.

good luck to you both and congrats

Steph on


patty on

congrats to you both you look so happy good luck with everything

bh on

Some pictures should be private – like this one. Gross.

cowgirl on

I hope that’s makeup on her belly and not a tan.

Elara on

Wow…I wonder if she is secretly carrying twins? She looks like she is ready to pop any day now..and if she has a few months to go yet…it doesn’t seem like an unusual possibility.

anon on

Yes, it has nothing to do with his ex, but because they were experiencing pregnancy at the same time, it’s hard not to draw a comparison. Given her penchant for ‘dutch ovens’ and eating uncontrollably, JS should embrace the BBW she is–more power to her. That said, I am sure Nick is a happy man today.

Guest on

Gross !!!!!!

jay on

Aaawww she’s gorgeous, may they live happy. God bless.

Sandy on

She looks exactly as a women should with only two weeks to go before delivery. I think a lot of women or maybe girls- who have not gone thru pregnancy post about which they know nothing. She looks GREAT, no stretch marks and totally the right size for nine months. Good luck to you both and enjoy every moment.

m on

That’s going to be one good looking kid.

Sandy on

anyone who would say “gross” in regards to a pregnant womens body should never be pregnant themselves. get a clue and grow up!!

Nicole on

Jessica is beautiful and whoever said she gained to much is a sick person and must not be a mother. Don’t put someone down for bringing a Miracle into this world! That is so disgusting!

Shannon on

She’s huge already. In the next 1-2 months she’ll blow up even more. Poor lady!

SuziQ on

Vanessa looks gorgeous! (I don’t know who coined the phrase “baby bump” but I really wish the media would stop using it!)

Romy on

She looks great, totally normal belly.

Rebecca on

I wonder if it’s really September. She looks like she’s going to go sooner. She is utterly GORGEOUS, but from the looks of it, it looks like she’s going sooner rather than later. Blessings to them both.

rachelleeelliott on

Wow, Nick is looking OLD and TIRED. She is looking adorable in the face but her belly is HUGE!

Lauren on

Beautiful even when pregnant!

Anna on

Ewwww please go put a blouse on. Why do famous people feel the need to do this? I guess for attention. Yes, pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but bare pregnancy is and should be a private thing. This is a good pic of her face though. Can’t believe she’s 31, usually looks 60 I’m not kidding she really does look like an old person.

LOL, I too despise the term “baby bump” and will be grateful for the day they come up with something else to use instead.

Cricket on

Why does every pregnant celebrity have to do the bare pre go bellie. There are some things that should remain private and that is one of them. Yes she is beautiful – but I like her better with all of her clothes on. Same goes for any celebrity prego woman.

Lola on

Vanessa looks stunning, their little boy is going to be gorgeous. Can’t wait to hear what they name him!!

Anna on

Why do some people keep saying that their child is going to be “a great looking kid” or “gorgeous”? Just because they are famous? That does not guarantee a great looking kid. Just because some fans think these two are good looking? That too does not guarantee a good looking kid. This kid could very well end up with an enormous nose on a little rat-face. Who are we to say? Even kids with two gorgeous movie star parents are not blessed with the gift of beauty. Some are, but very few. I’m sure we have all seen that many great looking celebs have very plain or even homely looking kids.

Tempe on

Isn’t it just shockingly amazing how much the human body can stretch? What a beautiful picture….wishing the best for them.

Melissa on

What a beautiful thing it is to bring a new life into this world. Congratulations to the Lacheys and for those who think it’s gross–shame on you. How do you think you got here?

I am happy for them and happy that they love each other as much as they will love their baby. Good for them!

meghan on

Yes, every woman’s pregnancy is different. But eating buttered pop tarts ensures that you will become a fat pig. Nicole, what kind of mother feeds her child buttered pop tarts?

Tracy on

Vanessa looks amazing and I bet she won’t have any trouble losing her baby weight because she is all belly. She has put on any weight all over like some other “exes” did. Good for her.!!

peace0830 on

she has to be my top fave 5 women to make pregnancy look beautiful!

Cinder Lou on

I’m going to agree with Amaryllis, Donna, Stephani and a few others and go against the tide. Sharing these kinds of photos with the world is completely unnecessary. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Anna on

We all know how we got here. Yes it’s a beautiful thing blah blah, but that doesn’t mean we want to see how it all happened now, does it. I don’t want to see her bare any more than I want to see it being conceived. Do you?, I mean is that where you are wanting this celeb craving attention thing to go? Because that would not surprise me at all. Just because they are famous, it would be a beautiful thing to watch them conceiving their kids? I say cover it up. I guess they don’t think they’d score an article on People if they were classy. Maybe they wouldn’t have. What’s he done lately? What has she done lately?

Tami on

Vanessa looks beautiful, as did JS. Some women are just different in their pregnancies. No need to pick on Jessica and def no need for a comparison.

T in Texas on

He looks like he really doesn’t want to be touching her big belly . . lmbo !

sharon on

I love this couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks amazing and this little boy is going to be gorgeous!!!!!

I’m glad they both have finally found happiness! God Bless them!

Bob Stanley on

Where did this phrase “baby bump” originate? It was cute the first 25,000 times I read it. Now it is what my English teacher used to call at hackneyed expression—way overused. It’s so 2010—-so 5 minutes ago! With all the clever talent in the world can’t someone come up with another expression just as cute as this. It’s like a Kleenex that has been used too many times. By the way, congratulations to the parents to be.

Meg on

The only people making excuses for Jessica’s pregnancy are the fat moms of America. She didn’t get that fat because she’s short and her husband-to-be is tall, or because she carried “excess amniotic fluid”; she’s a heifer who simply couldn’t stop stuffing her face while pregnant, and she was obese even before she was pregnant. As for the Lacheys, best of luck. Vanessa is a natural beauty and looks how every pregnant woman should look: all baby belly, no excess fat.

Amanda K on

I’m due in Sept too but noway would I let anyone other than my husband see my bare belly. I just think somethings should be private and special between couples.

ruby on

Gross, I can’t stand bare baby bumps. Or bare midriffs for that matter. Cover it up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sandra Knol-Trounsell on

What a beautiful picture of Vanessa and Nick! What an exciting time this must be for them!:) God Bless them both & their precious new addition!:)

glee on

Stephani, I’m sure she knows she isn’t the only person in the world having a baby but she is the only person in the world having their baby. The picture is not obscene or pornographic. If all you people who don’t like to see pictures of a pregnant woman, quit clicking on the article. It’s not that difficult.

packer on

She looks like she is having twins.

JustMe2012 on

Honestly, I don’t know them.. only that they are in the tabloids….but I don’t think Nick looks happy at all. His smile looks forced and he is barely touching her belly. Vanessa…WOW.. HUGE… Someone that appeared tiny prior to pregnancy.. now looks like a COW….. Nicks heart will forever be with Jessica Simpson, I don’t care what anyone says!! Jessica is happy in her life, after all, she divorced Nick. Why, I don’t know.. he is so hot compared to anyone she has dated since the divorce… however, the babies just deserve happiness as they didn’t ask to be born, they were just lucky to be born into the silver spoon world!! Kudo’s to all of them!! Best of luck to Vanick and Ericca…..:)

cyndie on

some things should be kept private…..

MaryJane on

She looks amazing! and they look HAPPY!! I hope both of them are enjoying the pregnancy and can’t wait to see pictures!

Sunny on

That is going to be one big baby!

laura on

Wow she has some big hands—even bigger than his. And that’s a weird tan on her belly. Not attractive.

Marky on

Meg, you need to STHU! Sorry, but talking about JS at all on this thread is inappropriate, and ridiculous. She was NOT obese before she got pregnant, and she will lose the weight just like Kate Hudson did. Kate was enormous with her 2nd baby, and she didn’t half the flack that JS is getting. This is a thread about Vanessa and Nick, and if you can’t stay on topic, don’t talk at all. The rudeness and sheer venom is disgusting. Everyone defending J is not obese, and Vanessa is attractive in an average way. Really, she has flashed her belly in every direction, and that’s okay, but leave Jessica out of it.

Anonymous on

this is a picture of the lacheys NOT jessica simpson! all you heifers were fat when you were pregnant too!

JAD on

Wow, Nick found a real woman who watches her weight during pregnancy for her safety and the safety of the baby during a vaginal birth..good for her, good for him and I wish them all the best.

Nicole A. on

My goodness, does she ever look fabulous!
(gonna give me baby fever)

I think it’s only natural to compare her to Jessica Simpson, and I’m sure she’s used to it. We are all entitled to our own opinions, and mine is that she definitely carries her weight better than Jessica. But Jessica admitted to gorging herself on aweful, fattening, unhealthy foods.

It’s simply Jessica that’ll pay in the end, and Vanessa will be the one having to work a whole lot less to get back to pre-baby form.

really? on

This article title says, The Lachey’s show off Vanessa’s BARE (get that) BARE baby bump. So for those of you who are SO grossed out about a bare baby belly perhaps you should find a different article to read. It’s really that simple.

michele on

They look really happy. Hope all goes well in the delivery room ๐Ÿ™‚

Jill on

There are a lot of people out there comparing Vanessa to Jessica, and that IS wrong!.. but I think the reason they do that, is because Jessica and Nick had a reality show together. They let us into their lives, and we “lived” with them. (I watched the show. was a huge fan.) So obviously, because of this people ARE going to relate anything to do with Nick with Jessica, and vice versa. Sucks, but they made the deal with the devil

KmC on

so beautiful!

Amanda on

In response to Meg- Why are you so snide and hateful? Why should anyones weight cause you to be so evil? Who are you to say how anyone should be? People like you are just sad. If weight defines you and everyone else then you must have a very dismal life.

Congratulations Nick and Vanessa!

Chrissy on

I can see the excitement and happiness in their eyes. They will be great parents. I wish them all the best and continued good health.

merry on

I can’t even begin to understand how can anyone say “gross” on pregnant belly. You have some serious issues. It’s magical, really, and Vanessa looks very pretty.

Hea on

cyndie – Do you say that about every woman out there wearing a bikini while taking a swim too?

Ann on

that is a big baby bump but she looks awesome so wish both the best of luck……

Shannon on

Anything for attention. If you’ve seen one “bump” you seen them all. I’m sure the parents-to-be are amazed at her body changing but it’s really not that unique.

Natalie on

Beautiful! I am always surprised at how big some belly’s are! Haha! She’s tiny, but all belly! And, no stretch marks?! Lucky girl! …SO happy for them!

jennifer on

I don’t understand why some people are disgusted with this picture! It was something they were willing to share with everyone instead of being chased around by photographers for a picture! This is what this magazine is about celebrities! So if you don`t want to see it or read about it maybe you should go to another site! Congrats to them!

Rita on

Everyone is pregrant in a different way we should not judge other women on how they look it is a very personal time and the body is going through lots of changes.People who judge or critize how problems they need to address. So leave Jessca alone and dont compare her to HER ex husband wife two different body types two total different women. God bless them both and there babies. Texas

Joyous on

Lovely photo, lovely couple.. lovely-lovely. Very happy for you guys – You are about to experience the best feeling on planet earth! All the best!

Ashley on

Vanessa looks happy and gorgeous. Nick looks happy but scared. ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy reading about the Lacheys.

Melanie on

Nick looks grossed out.

Tammy on

I find it amusing over the amount of people (mostly women…rather girls) that are spouting off about celebrity women baring their abdomens during pregnancy…like only famous women are doing it. Please shush long enough to do a google search on pregnancy and you will find that there are thousands of women showing their pregnant bellies. This is NOT exclusive to just being famous. You all are on a website devoted to CELEBRITY BABIES for crying out loud. Stop complaining over how they represent their pregnancies.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and should be shared however they feel like sharing.

Jen on

So happy for this family. And I love the belly! Teens and women show off their midriff all the time, especially in the summer. I don’t see why hers should be any different. In fact, hers is more important in that it’s doing the function it was built for, growing a baby.

KD on

Every woman carries differently so to compare (or trash) Jessica over Vanessa is just wrong. I wish I was one of those who only carried in the belly but I got pregnant every where..and..every woman takes a different amount of time to lose it. After 3 yrs I’m working on the last 15’s not easy.

Meg on

Amanda and Marky–you both need to jump off a cliff. I’m entitled to my opinion…if you don’t like negative comments, you shouldn’t read the boards…because not every comment is going to be positive. Simply don’t read if you’re so offended. It’s that simple. As for posting “venom”, what do you think you’re doing?

Kim on

They look so happy! And she looks beautiful! To those saying “gross” and complaining about them sharing this picture…why did you click on the story?? Just so you could be an a$$?

J on

Bev, it’s one thing to eat and not follow “hollywood standards of a skinny pregnancy”, but Jessica ate poorly, she admitted and bragged about it many times. You are not eating for two adults, you are eating for you and a tiny person. Indulging once in a while is one thing, but making a pig of yourself and using the excuse that you are pregnant is no excuse to eat junk nonstop and brag about it.

lilmarie on

Why does everyone compare anything she does to Jessica Simpson. Her and Nick are divorced and they are not bitter to each other. WHy are people wanting to bash a person who has always had weight issues and compare pregnancy. I had 3 kids and I gained a lot of weight form the 1 and i did not eat bad foods. My 2nd 1 i did and gained less weight and the 3rd one all i ate was fruit and drank water so it all depends on the persons body type so please quit comparing Vanessa to Jessica, they are 2 completely different women and 2 completely different pregnancy

nicole on

wow she is BIG!!!!

Hope on

So happy for them. Vanessa looks great! However, no need for the nasty commnets about Jessica Simpson…she is beautiful too!!!

bh on


Just Me on

She is all belly, but it is huge for her first baby…looks like she’s due any day instead of two months from now!

Catherine on

Adorable! I am so happy for them. What an exciting time.

Stella Bella on

No way is she having that kid in September. They must have told the press a later due date to keep some privacy. But if they did that, why the heck would they post this photo? What the heck

Liz on

This takes me back to when I had my boys … and now I have a grandson who I will be seeing today … wanted children are such a joy!

Serika on

Awww at Vanessa I am so happy for her and Nick. Stop acting like Jessica Simpson fans don’t come in every Vanessa thread and talk crap. I am very happy for Nick and Vanessa and wish the best for their baby boy she looks amazing

Anonymous on

Holy huge!!! haha she looks extremely pregnant–and beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚ Best wishes to Nick, Vanessa, and baby boy!

Anon on

JustMe2012, are you serious?? What kind of ignorant jerk calls a pregnant woman, as beautiful as that, a cow?? You\โ€™re an idiot.

You confirmed that by saying, these babies didn\โ€™t ask to be born?? WHat does that even mean?? You can express your opinion without being outright rude. With all the things going on in this world, would it hurt to show a little kindness to one another? If you donโ€™t have something nice to say, maybe donโ€™t say it at all.

Congratulations and best of luck to them and and theyโ€™re growing family.

PS โ€“ No one is making you all look at a bare pregnant belly. If you donโ€™t like it, close your browser!!!

Amy on

Wow, to all the people commenting with “Ew” or “Gross” or “that’s unnecessary” – the title clearly said what the picture was going to be. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO LOOK if you have such a problem with the human body? There is nothing gross or inappropriate about this picture. WTF?

Ella on

Now that’s a beautiful mother to be. Sorry to compare, but what a difference between her, who obviously has looked after herself in her pregnancy and Jessica who binged on everything unhealthy.

Catca on

She could be due in September, I was that big this far out from my due date and simply had a large baby (22″ and 9 lb). She might be getting ready to give birth to a big healthy baby.

I have to say I think Vanessa looks stunningly beautiful in this photo.

Cesa on

Why would she put oil on her stomach to make it shine? No oil on her arms, just an oily stomach. Really?

dawn on

Made me smile just seeing that big ol’ bump! Nothing prettier than a mommy to be!

A, Heilbrunn on

What’s next Hollywood!!!! Showing your breasts while nursing.

heather on

oh boy, another one of those women who think they’re the first to ever have a baby. we get it, you’re pregnant!

Lexi on

I’m not usually a sucker for “bump” pictures, but I can almost feel the happiness coming out of my screen. How nice for them. I have a feeling that Sept. due date must be like Sept 1st, because she’s getting pretty big!

*Happy4U** on

Pregnancy definately agrees with her. She should grace the cover of a magazine with her baby bump. Congratulations and God bless!

Jen on

That’s a big baby!

Tina on

That belly is huge. Looks like it could pop. Due September? I don’t know….Vanessa is very cute. She’s one of those women that look good pregnant.

missy on

“Nessa”, a bit congrats from Charleston, SC….Go BEHS! You look wonderful and happy! Y’all are sooooo darn cute together!

janet on

What’s next? Spreading her legs? As if nobody has ever seen a pregnant belly or would WANT to see hers.

Roci on

Well i’m sure the person posting as ANNA is the same one because she sounds like a heartless jealous b*tch who did not have a child of her own.. I personally think the baby is going to be beautiful just like their parents!! I bet ANNA is an ugly person herself and feel the right to critize everyone just because she is FUGLY! Isn’t that right ANNA???

Rinaade on

Janet and all those other haters on this blog

Sorry your mothers were not too excited with being knocked up by your dead beat daddies. Nick and vanessa are excited and wanted to share their wonderful news and experience with all of us. If you guys did not like that, then why are you ignorant fools blogging about it?

congrats to nick and vanessa on this amazing journey. i’m a mother of two adorable children so I totally understand your joy.

Cocopuffs on

She has NO stretch marks, oh I so hate her. Happy delivery V.

J on

Who cares?!??!! Can’t stand either one of them………

Doreen on

WOW!! She got soooo big!!! She’s beautiful!! Really shines and just a natural beauty here!! Love! ๐Ÿ™‚ Jessica has NOTHING on Vanessa!! Beautiful.

Traci on

Love Nick and Vanessa.

Looks like her baby boy is going to be rather big.

Sandy on

SHE LOOKS FANTASTIC! Nice belly- no stretch marks ๐Ÿ™‚

Plus I love the top she is wearing. Every pregnant women is beautiful as they carry a new life. She looks right on target and they are both glowing and ready to welcome their son.

hb on

Pregnancy agrees with her, she looks beautiful.

Congrats to both of them. They seem like a very beautiful couple.

But WHY is her belly shiny???

Kelly on

She is definitely having a boy! I remember when I was pregnant with my son everyone knew I was having a boy because I looked like I swallowed a huge basketball. Vanessa looks beautiful too!!! Congrats!!

TJ on

They actually posed for this? I thought it would be a beach picture or something natural, but to pose and post it just makes it gross.

TJ on

Thought it would be a natural shot, on a beach or something. To pose and post it makes it kinda gross. And he looks nervous like he doesn’t want to be touching her tummy.

meghan on

@JustMe2012, perhaps you should get over his first marriage. He obviously has. His heart will always be with Jessica? Are you a mind reader? You know where his heart lies? Get over yourself.

Sara on

Why is it so shiny?

Alicia on

Did she rub that belly in Crisco…?

babylove on

I can’t believe people come here and say things about Jessica. That is just so mean and cruel. Just because she’s not thin like Vanessa, doesn’t mean she wasn’t a beautiful mommy-to-be. Vanessa is naturally thin. Jessica actually has to work to be thin. I am the same as Jessica… I gain weight very easily and that is why I am so scared to get pregnant because of mean and cruel people like some of you here! Congrats to Vanessa and Nick and congrats to Jessica and her beau as well.

jess on

U choose how much food u put in ur mouth. Put the fork down! Its bad for mother and baby. Every person decides what their body will look like during pregnancy by how often they shovel food into their mouths! Everyone needs to look at the facts and except it as fat pregnant woman happen because they simple lost control and over ate! Duh! I didnt over eat and i looked amazing and had a perfect pregnancy, so stop with the bs people. Stop making excuses for fatties! Lol

Katie on

She.Is.Huge. Is she sure her due date isn’t July 20th?

Sandy on

WHY is her belly so shiny? DUH, because she’s a smart women because she rubs it with coco butter or some other oil to keep from getting stretch marks. Looks like it’s working- she looks great.

A. on

Jessica didn’t look beautiful or glowing while pregnant. She just looked like a porker. She ate whatever she wanted. Pregnancy is not an excuse to eat like a pig. She had a poor pregnancy diet. I’m actually curious if she developed gestational diabetes. She talked about in interviews the foods she was eating. All of the foods were unhealthy. She should have been eating a lot more nutritiously and not pig out on food. Of course any expectant mother needs to eat for TWO. She ate like she was pregnant with five.

cc on

Ok now let’s see, fist you know this is about Vanessa and Nick”s baby. If you negative people dont have anything positive to say about this couple and this couple alone you sound not say anything. I have seen so many women walking around in SC with theirs bellys showing thinking they look good but some of them look UGLY. This is a beautiful photo of the couple. Good look on your baby and get plenty of sleep.