Nick Lachey’s Baby Prep: Lots of Sleep

07/24/2012 at 08:00 PM ET
Yitzhak Dalal/Hilton Media Group

For soon-to-be dad Nick Lachey, getting ready for the birth of his first child doesn’t necessarily mean stocking up on diapers and pacifiers.

“I think the constant feedback is, ‘Get all the sleep you can now because you’re not going to get it once the baby gets here,'” Lachey, 38, whose wife Vanessa is due with a baby boy on Sept. 15, tells PEOPLE.

“I’ve definitely tried to take that to heart and get rest before he gets here.”

Extra shut-eye aside, he says, “I don’t think you can prepare yourself for this. I think you just have to know you want to do it and jump in with both feet, and you’ll be great.”

And as the due date approaches, Lachey, who’s paired with boxing champion Laila Ali in NBC’s upcoming Stars Earn Stripes military-style competition, says his wife-of-one year, 31, is feeling great.

“Her pregnancy’s been very smooth,” he says. “Fingers are crossed.”

— Allison Schwartz with reporting by Aaron Parsley

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Kresta on

This is the advice I give expectant parents too. I told my sister to listen to her midwife and doctor’s advice and get as much sleep as possible now as you will feel very tired when you have a new baby to look after. If you think you’ve had enough sleep, you haven’t. You will crave sleep soon enough.

jamtx on

You would never have enough sleep to cover the lack of sleep you will have with a baby. The best advice would be sleep when the baby sleeps. You could sleep 24/7 and when the baby gets here you will still be tired. The hard part is there is so much that you want to get done while the baby is sleeping…so learning to let that go and get some rest is the best solution.

Mimi on

You so traded up Nick! Congrats!

ace11 on

Who are they???

Emily on

Sept 15…..scheduled c-section?

Cesa on

I know this couple, Nick and Vanessa are excited about their baby but their 15 minutes have gone. Who cares about them, we want to read about real stars.

cox j on

Agree who are they lol

Nicie on

Help her out as much as you can once the baby is here. Don’t let her do everything. Give her “me time”.

boohoobytch on

Their baby is going to be so cute.

Big Fan on

My b-day is 9/14, my kid’s is 9/15. wicked

kim on

Sleep when baby sleeps. Best advice ever.

jat3916 on

Congrats to both of you. I wish your family all the best. (Nick, you definitely did MUCH better your 2nd time around). You guys are going to have a gorgeous baby. on

Happy for them – there is nothing like a baby coming into a home to liven things up! Enjoy!


Nick shouldn’t get himself run down before the baby comes but the “constant feedback” of getting all the sleep he can now is crap. People can’t store the rest they get now for later. Nick just needs to get a nap or two in when the baby sleeps because they will keep him feeling human and and in control of his fatigue. Good luck to him!

guest on

i put mine in a bassinet beside my bed and if she cried pulled her in bed with me and breast fed! love Nick and vanessa. She seemed to join his family very well. they seem like a good fit

fanofboardwalkempire on

This is such a exciting time before the baby boy Lachey arrives.
I don’t think you can bank extra sleep time although the idea sounds great- These two lovebirds are going to be just great at being parents and it is going to be a very cute and handsome baby boy for sure! You are in our thoughts and prayers!

Jaxand Rhythm on

I love Nick and Vanessa– They are the only down to earth couple in the celebrity world. Both of them will make fantastic parents!

Leslie on

Emily– Scheduled C-section??? because she has a due date? Everyone gets a due date when they’re pregnant. Just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean she isn’t planning on rocking out a natural labor. Don’t jump so far to conclusions.

missmoksha on

2 weird looking no-talent douchebags. wows, they are procreating. this is NEWS!

Lizzie on

BlessingS(SSS) alllllllll around to this ADORABLE couple as they await the arrival of their precious Baby Boy!! VANESSA looks SO
BEAUTIFUL, thank GOD, she hasn’t gained 500 pounds+~ugh!! Their sweet Baby, I’m sure will have DIMPLES galore!! 😀

Amanda Budziszewski on

Congrats to the both of you and sleep while you can.

Ashley on

I agree with Leslie. Every pregnant woman is given a due date by her doctor. Vanessa Lachey has expressed such excitement about her experience of becoming a mom. My guess would be that Vanessa Lachey, with Nick by her side, would opt to go through the full experience of giving birth naturally.

flamelesslove on

Sleep while you can. But once that baby boy is born (and boys are the best by the way), you won’t want to sleep in fear that you will miss something. His first smile, his first frown. The first time he rolls on his side or makes his cute little noises. Sleep while you can because when he is born, your life will be a billion times more amazing. They grow fast!!!

Traci on

ace11 – c’mon don’t tell me you have no idea who they are.

Traci on

Stop with all the negative comments. WTH?

Nick and Vanessa seem to be classy people so stop hating.

I wish them nothing but the best and I know deep in my heart that little boy will be loved so much.

Nick has wanted this for a very long time.

If you don’t like either one, then why are you reading this clip about them.

You’re the douchebag.

Anonymous on

My guess is that Vanessa will deliver the baby via c-section, if you´ve seen her in interviews lately she´s been saying that she will be working just a month after the birth! Nick also admitted that the baby is kinda big, but we all will see!