Matthew McConaughey: Levi and Vida ‘Danced and Sang’ at Baby News

07/24/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
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Nearly two weeks after debuting her baby bump, Camila Alves McConaughey, 29, once again bared her burgeoning belly in a form-fitting ensemble.

The mom-to-be, who announced she was expecting her third child just a month after marrying Matthew McConaughey, stunned in an I.N.C International Concepts bandage dress at a screening of Killer Joe, hosted by Cinema Society and Bally and held Monday evening at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in N.Y.C.

The couple’s new addition will join son Levi, 4, and daughter Vida, 2½.

“When Camila and I told them the news there was a lot of dancing and a lot of singing,” McConaughey, 42, tells PEOPLE.

“One of them wants a brother, the other one wants a sister and then they switch the next day.”

— Alison Schwartz with reporting by Alexandra Zaslow

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Catca on

Camilla looks adorable and I really love how much these two really seem to enjoy each other’s company. There were together for years before getting married, yet they still have that newlywed glow. It’s really sweet.

Dee on

So happy for them!

Anonymous on

Super cute family!

Kim on

that’s really cute…my kids also want a new baby in the family and they would be soooo excited if I got pregnant again..I’m so happy for them!!

sunniemonnie on

I bet they are a really nice loving family. Congrats to them.

Shannon on

Wow Camila is gorgeous.

Judi on

Has Matthew lost so much weight for a movie role?

Callie on

My problem with this couple is they have 2 children first and then have a big roman catholic wedding. Go figure!

ThatVooDooYouDo on

Yeah he looks too skinny gaunt like. Not a great look for him. I do hope it’s for a role and that his health is good otherwise.

Elisa on

she looks great and very happy! congratulations!

Leslie on

Matthew is looking manorexic.

mel on

Love this family , so happy for them!!!!

Shannon on

Matthew is losing weight for a role in which he plays an AIDS patient. Filming starts in September.

SHar on

There was an article the other day that said that Matthew has to lose a lot of weight for his next role in a film. Apparently he is playing the role of someone sick with some disease (cant remember if it was Aids) and so he has to look gaunt in the face like he does and very frail.

Glad I read it cause I was starting to think he was very ill too.

Becca on

Yes, Matthew is losing weight for a role. His goal is to lose another 15 pounds. He is losing the weight to play an HIV patient.

cynnchillahh on

They’re so cute together, i love how they are so committed with eachother, so much love and understanding! This is real, i can tell..

kate on

Hes looking rather strange these days

rockiingbilly on

“stunned”? Stunned whom? Doesn’t a person need a weapon of some kind in order to “stun”?

blessedwithboys on

I realy like this celeb family!

ladyofargonne on

20 years = Levi & Suri. Who’s with me?

Anonymous on

Shannon- Thank you for explaining that. I’m very relieved to know that the weight loss is just for a movie role and not because he’s sick. I also kind of hope that PEOPLE starts mentioning that in articles about this family (that his weight loss is due to a movie role) so that people can both stop worrying about him and stop critcizing him for his weight!

Anyway, love the story about Levi’s and Vida’s reaction to the news. And for some reason, I’m predicting another girl for them (Matthew and Camila, I mean, not Levi and Vida!)!

Amanda K on

I really like this couple. They seem so charming and down to earth. I enjoyed the article about their wedding too. Best of luck to them and their little ones.

Julianna on

@ladyofargonne, I’m rooting for a Levi & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt 😀

This family is adorable. I love the names Matt and Camila chose for their children and can’t wait to hear their next choice.

JM on

lovely family, i am glad they have proved all the naysayers wrong so far. they seem really happy and have the most adorable children! on

Matthew needs a shirt with a smaller collar size. His shirt is way too large. This is one reason he looks too thin in this photo along with looking gaunt in the face.

Sandy on

Man she looks fantasic! She should have many more children because it suits her.

Bexter on

People needs to fix her expectant due date. I think is much more than 16 weeks pregnant. I would have given her a Nov due date, not the first weeks of January 🙂

She looks fabulous though. Such a beautiful woman!!!!

Anonymous on

Bexter- Being it’s almost August, Camila would be almost six months along if she were due in November, and she doesn’t look nearly that far along to me (especially considering the fact that there’s virtually no sign of a baby bump in the photos from their wedding- and that was barely a month ago!).

Four months (16 weeks) actually seems about right to me. Also, I’m guessing that PEOPLE’s calculation of the due date is based on the fact that most celebrities seem to announce their pregnancies at around three or four months in.

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that this is Camila’s third child, and you tend to show sooner with each pregnancy.