Look for Less: Suri Cruise’s Fun Florals

07/24/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto

She’s a flower child!

Stepping out for a sweet treat with mom Katie Holmes at Sundaes and Cones in New York City on July 3, Suri Cruise looked oh-so cute in her floral print frock and bright red flats while indulging in an ice-cream cone.

For her little lady style, the 6-year-old mini fashionista paired Milly MinisPoppy Field-Print Dress ($175) with Roger Vivier Jeune Fille’ Leather Ballet Flats ($312).

Love Suri’s blooming fashions? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $14!

Courtesy Macy’s


From the pretty liberty print to the pink polka-dot sash, Jayne Copeland‘s Multi-Floral Dress ($14) is perfect for your princess’ summer soirees.

Courtesy Target


Glitter and glitz! Your little girl will love clicking her heels in Xhilaration‘s Hummingbird Sparkle Flats ($7.50).

— Anya Leon

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Manal from Jordan on

Beautiful little girl!

lifeasahouse on

I know she’s rich and everything, but $300 shoes for a 6 year old?

Jen DC on

Think of it this way, lifeasahouse: Someone shopping at Goodwill will score a huge bargain for their kid later.

Lau on

The $14 dress is so much prettier!

tlc on

At least Suri will have her shoes for awhile. What about the ones who put their less-than-year-olds in 500 dollar shoes? (coughAngenlinaVictoriaBeckhamcough!)

Suri is a beautiful girl.

JRW on

I’ve bought my 2 year old $70 shoes and her dad is not Tom Cruise… does that make me crazy? No. I can afford it so I buy it. This family can afford to dress their daughter in what they want. Not sure what the problem is??

Mira on

Poor rich girl, she looks so unhappy. She’s quite average looking too…

Vanessa on

I too prefer the cheaper dress. Much cuter.

Sorry but Suri is a spoilt little brat.

Marky on

I am no Tom Cruise fan, or Katie Holmes fan, but Mira and Vanessa, it is NOT clever, funny, okay, interesting, or any other positive world, to ridicule or criticize the appearance of a child or to insult a child in any way. Grow up, both of you!!

Amy on

Yes Jen…that is a problem. Maybe you should think of other things your child could use other than a pair of expensive shoes they will out grow in a month. I mean, trust funds, charity etc. or heck, just common sense! It’s no crime to buy cheaper shoes for little ones. I mean, to me, you sound really shallow and this is probably starting your child off to a negative start by making them think they can only wear expensive items. I mean, I know this lady, her kids ended up not even wanting blinds for their windows from Wal-Mart!! Shallow, unappreciative brats!!! yup…and you don’t see a problem? Money or not, sometimes things are just freakin ridiculous!

Jen DC on

Really, Amy? Jen’s “spoiled” because she can afford $70 shoes? Maybe she’s got a great job. Maybe her husband has a great job. Maybe they both have great jobs and are trust fund babies themselves. Doesn’t make them bad people.

Or, like many others, maybe she buys fewer, better quality items that last longer and from which you can get more use.

Kids don’t know the price of things or the significance of labels unless adults make a big deal out of it or they’re watching too much TV. And frankly, teaching children the value of things is less about income and more about how to make the income you have work best for you.

I, too, don’t want blinds from WalMart. I’m ok with that as a life choice.

Julianna on

Suri looks so much like her daddy it’s crazy.

lolli on

I bought my little cousin those red shoes from Target and paid less because they were clearance items. I also bought the same style in silver at the same clearance price. Both pair were less than $7.50. I love a good deal!!

Noelle on

Wow, I bought my 3 year old $100 Ugg boots….someone arrest me and haul me away right now…I must be mental. And the damage it’s going to cause my daughter later one…poor child will be just as mentally unstable and crazy as me.


tlc on

Vanessa? How do you KNOW Suri is spoiled? (spoilt??? Really??) You see snippets of her life in photos and have come to the conclusion that she is A) a Brat? and B) spoiled. Do you KNOW her? DO you SEE her on a daily basis? No…didn’t think so…

Mina, how big you must feel insulting a 6 year old girl…wow..you win!

Gerry on

I am a grandmother who raised two wonderful human beings who are now raising four kids between them. I would like to mention that there are other reasons for refusing to buy things at Walmart than being a snob. The biggest one is that they keep their prices so low by paying wretched salaries to the people here and abroad who work for them. I believe we might all pay a little bit more to encourage them to pay just salaries to their employees.