Daya Vaidya: Why I’m Excited to Have Twin Boys

07/23/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
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After welcoming daughter Leela Grace, Daya Vaidya knew she wanted to expand her family further — and soon the actress became a mom on a mission.

“We knew we wanted another child and sibling for Leela. I’m anal and a planner so I had my calendar out figuring when I could time a pregnancy with the hiatus of the show,” the former Unforgettable star, 39, tells Simply Real Moms.

It didn’t take long for Vaidya to become pregnant — and discover she and husband Don Wallace were expecting identical twin boys! — and she found herself logging long hours on set while battling severe morning sickness.

“One of the assistants literally saved me during this pregnancy. She was one of the only people I told because I knew someone had to help me when I was about to be ill every five minutes,” she shares.

“She had food, hard candies and a bucket ready at all times. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to get through it.”

Unfortunately, despite past experience with pregnancy, Vaidya — who stayed active while carrying her daughter — has had to learn new tricks for tackling her tiredness.

“With this twin pregnancy, it’s all about rest. I have to lie down throughout my day or my body feels wrecked,” she says, adding she has been stretching and learning spinning babies techniques.

“I have mono-di twins, which means they’re identical and share a placenta. This makes them a high-risk pregnancy, so I really have to take it easy and not push too hard. Boy, is that difficult for me!”

The couple “started right away” with preparing Leela for her role as big sister and, as the actress’s bump expands, it seems as if the 3-year-old’s excitement does, too!

“We’ve tried to make her feel included with every step of this process: taking her to my doctor’s appointments, showing her ultrasound pictures, letting her feel my belly,” Vaidya explains. “She’s a very affectionate little girl, so the bigger my belly grows, the more she’s begun hugging and kissing the babies.”

One special bond the siblings already share? The boys, whose names are being kept under wraps, will also be given Sanskrit monikers that pay tribute to their blended families.

“Leela is a Sanskrit name which means ‘divine or mischievous play of the universe.’ And let me tell you, Leela fits her name!” she laughs. “Don and I luckily have the same taste in names! We’re not announcing the boys’ names yet, but I will say that we are continuing the tradition of giving our children names that represent our family’s diversity.”

As she makes her final plans for the babies’ big debut this month, Vaidya admits she is most looking forward to finally having a few mama’s boys — to balance out her daddy’s girl!

“I’m not sure if this is because of gender, but my daughter definitely gives me a harder time than my husband. She tests me more; yet, with him she’s pretty angelic most of the time,” she says.

“With sons, I don’t know. They say boys are crazy about their mamas! So maybe this will be payback to my husband, who seems to have it real easy with our daughter.”

— Anya Leon

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AllisonJ on

That’s a cute story. I’m happy for them. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and two healthy baby boys!

ej on

yep boys sure do looooove their mum’s 😀

Shannon on

So exciting. Congrats!

Anonymous on

Based on what “spinning babies” is (click where it says that and it will take you to a website about it), it sounds like Daya is going to be attempting a vaginal delivery of twins! Go Daya!

Mimi3 on

Awwwwwe identical twins congrats to u

ThatVooDooYouDo on

WHO is this person? She’s a nobody!

Rebecca on

Ahhh the love of little boys for their mama is the best! Especially when they go through the mommy and only mommy will do stage. Oh the cuddles and kisses!

Rachel on

Lol boys love their moms until they are about 5 and then youre done…only daughterless mothers spread that around..sorry!

Kate on

identical twins at 39? I wonder if she used IVF and assisted hatching. I think it is pretty rare to conceive twins naturally at 39. But congrats to her and her family!

Liz on

IVF increases the chances of fraternal multiples for obvious reasons, but monozygotic (identical) twins have nothing to do with multiple embryos being implanted. They happen when a single fertilized egg splits early in development and becomes two fetuses. There’s no difference between natural conceptions and assisted methods as far as rates for identical multiples go.

Anonymous on

It’s not rare at all

fanofboardwalkempire on

a great story and wishing you well with the rest of your pregnancy.

How exciting to have twin boys. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Please rest and follow doctors instructions.

roostercall on

WHo is this person!? A nobody like someone else on here wrote

Christina on

For those saying “Who is this person??” Obviously she was somebody you cared enough about to not only click on the link, but to comment. It says right in the article that she was on the show “Unforgettable” so she’s an actress. No need to go on and on about how she’s a nobody. So rude!

Anyway… Congrats on the twins Daya and Don. May God bless you with healthy babies.

Mom of 5 on

I have no idea who this person is either, nor have I heard of her show. Anyways, congrats on the twins!!

Holly on

My advice is to get some good nannies because twins are soooo much work and even more work once they start crawling!

ThatVooDooYouDo on

This person doesn’t warrent a headline story in People Magazine when you have to click on the article to see who she is. People Mag, you still report on celebrities right? BTW, I still don’t who she is even after reading the article.

Sarah on

Omigosh, I can totally relate to everything you are saying! I have twin boys myself, and they are going to be one in two weeks! I love them so much and they are both mama’s boys! You’re right about little girls loving their daddies more, and little boys tugging at a mom’s heart strings! At first, I wanted twin girls, but now, lucky I have boys!! Good luck with your pregnancy! Nobody here understand how it feels to carry twin boys, but you and me!!

Congrats and wish you all the best, and your daughter is honestly the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen!!

Athina on

I had a baby by c-section in my 20’s and one in my late 30’s. I bounced back much quicker when I was younger. After the second one it took me a year to get back to normal after a long and tiring pregnancy. So for some at least, age plays a factor in how much energy you have.

lol on

Beautiful family! Congratulations on your impending bundles of joy!!

Liz on

Actually, Liz, IVF can increase the rates of multiples. Often times, two embryos are transferred and triplets are born b/c one embryo will split…or both can split resulting in quads. You should research it. I had two embies transferred and ended up with trips with a set of identicals and one fraternal.

Terri on

Congrats on the babies. I also had mono-di boys who were born a month early. They are now 28 years old; over 6 ft tall; weighing over 200 lbs! And they were tiny preemies!

Hope all goes well and one bit of advice….don’t give them “twin” names or rhyming names. They are separate people with different personalities. They will almost assuredly ‘twin up’ on their own so giving them their own names is a help as they grow up. I never dressed mine alike either. Tried it once when they started kindergarten and they begged for identical clothes….and then they NEVER wore them at the same time. Lol. What a waste of money.

Best wishes to your family!

Jen on

Congrats to mom! Twins rule. I had boy/girl twins when I was 37 turned 38 the next month, had them vaj and they were conceived the old fashioned way and unplanned. So, twins do happen later in life. My sister has triplet girls she got at 36, too, 4 months later.

Leslie on

IVF does not cause Identical twins. Fraternal twins, yes… but Identical, No. Splitting is a very rare occurrence, and it is not medically induced. Purely natural.

My mother had mono-di identical twin boys (my brothers) and she delivered them naturally in the 70s with no complications. During labor they were positioned on top of each other with their heartbeat in sync. After the first was born the doctor was preparing to leave when the nurses told him there was another one in there! Needless to say, everyone was very surprised.

They came about 3 weeks early, so they had a little colic because their digestive systems were still a bit immature, but other than that they were completely healthy.

Best of luck to Vaidya on a healthy, safe delivery of her boys!

Anonymous on

Actually, the IVF techinique that Kate mentioned, assisted hatching, DOES increase the chances of concieving identical twins. Here’s a site about it:

Liz on

Leslie, you are wrong, unfortunately. You should do a bit of research. It is not as rare as you think!

mel on

As the mom of 2 sets of twins, one of the things that our doctor told us was the older the mom, the higher chance of having twins. It’s one of those things that occur in nature.

From all the medical journals i’ve read, i have heard of IVF resulting in lots of fraternal twins but not so much identicle. That one is up to nature.

ej on

@rachel….what a ridiculous statement!!!

Anonymous on

mel- Being an older mother increases the chances of fraternal twins (due to the fact that women nearing menopause tend to release more of a certain hormone, which can “overstimulate” the ovaries and cause them to release two eggs at a time), not identicals. Other than that, I agree completely!

Liz on

Well, I am sure that you have read so many medical journals, mel, but according to my RE (reproductive endocrinologist) assisted hatching can and does cause an embie to split into identicals. Much more often than you would think! As I said, it happened to me. When it did, he told me that it is much more common than believed for ID twins to be born from IVF.

Cynthia on

Hey, “People” – how about giving PROPER credit to Laurel Smoke-Nelson, who conducted the actual interview for the blog “Simply Real Moms”? Show some journalistic integrity!

Leslie on

To anonymous… I clicked on your link and nowhere did it mention assisted hatching increasing the odds of identical twinning. So I looked up the subject and the only study on this shows that women over 35 using assisted hatching with younger women’s eggs had a 2% higher chance of identicals than if they were using their own eggs… However, if the mother is under 35 using her own eggs for IVF then the odds for identicals were the same.

And Liz, the rates of identical twinning are between .25-.5%. That’s pretty rare by medical standards. Just because you had identicals via ivf doesn’t mean it was because of that procedure… A very small number of eggs are more prone to split regardless of IVF.