Jay DeMarcus ‘Went Into Panic Mode’ as Wife Prepared for Early Delivery

07/23/2012 at 07:00 PM ET
Tammie Arroyo/AFF-USA

Three days after the early arrival of his son, Jay DeMarcus is finally getting some quality cuddling time with his newest addition.

“It’s been a blur, to be honest,” the Rascal Flatts bassist, 41, tells PEOPLE of the three days since Dylan Jay‘s surprise delivery on Friday.

That morning, DeMarcus was in Detroit for a show when he got a call from his wife, CMT personality Allison, at home in Nashville.

Because of health concerns for the baby — who was due in August — she told him she would need to undergo a c-section that afternoon. “I immediately went into panic mode,” he recalls.

DeMarcus got to the hospital with just over an hour to spare, but was left with only 20 minutes to hold his newborn before flying back to Detroit to perform.

“My wife was still on the operating table so it was very, very hard to leave, but we had a sold-out show and four acts out with us. I wanted to keep my commitment and my wife gets that,” he explains.

“I had a police escort when I hit the ground and got there 30 minutes before we went on stage, so I just left my scrubs on. The crowd was very sweet and gave me a standing ovation!”

Assured by Allison, 35, that she and their son were doing well — the baby had fluid in his lungs, but it cleared out — DeMarcus went on to perform two more shows over the weekend before he could return home.

“I literally got back [Monday] morning and Dylan’s been in my arms all day,” he tells PEOPLE. “It’s made the stressful weekend worth it to come back and hold him. It’s finally sinking in that I’ve got a boy that’s going to carry on our family name and I’m so thrilled to have little Dylan in our lives.”

Nineteen-month-old big sister Madeline Leigh — who had her own early arrival — seemed pleased to meet her brother.

“I picked her up first and brought her over and it was the most amazing thing I ever witnessed,” DeMarcus says. “Ali was holding Dylan, and Maddy went, ‘Baby! Baby! Hi, Baby!’ and started waving at him. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and patted his little hand.”

“It was one of those moments I’ll never forget as long as I live,” he adds.

— Eileen Finan

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Anonymous on

AWWWWWW! I love hearing him talk about fatherhood, because you can tell he loves it. Also, I think it’s smart that they waited a few days before bringing Madeline to meet her new brother, especially since he was a bit premature. That way they could make sure he was healthy and mommy could get some rest. 🙂

Amanda T on

I would have promptly served him divorce papers the fact that he left her still on the operating table and then didn’t return for another couple of days. What a JERK!

Realistic on

Oh come on. Don’t be wound so tight. I’m a mother myself and if I was in her position when I gave birth I would have understood. He still has a job to do. He was there for the delivery he could not just abandon the show, all those fans and the like. Some people in the real world don’t get to be there for deliveries because of their jobs / careers. He wanted to be there but he couldn’t. Anyone who would divorce their husband because of that is heartless. Dont be so selfish.

Anonymous on

If you don’t understand those little things, than you will forever get an divorce!!! Baby and mom was fine. It was an sold out crowd, but he was still there for the birth. Some men never make it.

magnc84 on

Thats a terrible thing to say. I’m married to a Marine and have seen countless wives give birth without their husband. I was LUCKY the my husband was able to be there for all three of our kids births…the second he went back to work within an hour and the third left when the baby was 3 weeks old for 7 months…just like my husband, this father had to make a sacrifice to take care of his family and that is admirable not grounds for a divorce! That’s shameful to even suggest that.

victoriajordanblog on

Rascal Flats =/= Army/Navy/etc

That is a slap in the face comparison

Wendy on

Your most likely single.

torgster on

It just bugs me when people talk about wanting sons to carry on the family name. Daughters can do that too. This isn’t the dark ages anymore.

Lala on

Daughters can do that too… but it’s not likely they will.

Cortney on

^ Amanda she knew he was in one of the biggest bands in the world when she married him so no I doubt she would serve him divorce papers over that. … He is home now so whatever Im sure she had plenty of help for the 3 days he was working.

Susan Albert on

Congrats to the family. I am just happy to hear that everything turned out alright.

Catca on

Well Amanda T, make sure you marry someone with a regular 9 to 5 job that doesn’t have hundreds of people counting on him for their jobs as well as thousands who bought tickets to see his show. He was hardly a jerk by dropping everything, rushing to his wife and son’s side, being there for the delivery and holding his son, and making sure his wife and son were okay before flying off again.

Personally, I would have been thrilled at the effort he went through to get to me and be with me for as long as possible and respected him for sense of responsibility for the other people counting on him.

Mel on

Amanda- It’s like marrying a soldier, you know what you are getting into when you sign up.

Torgster- I think it’s still pretty common in the South for women to take their husband’s name.

chris on

There’s nothing wrong with wanting their family name, which they’ve chosen to share, to be passed on. It has nothing to do with the Dark Ages. It’s honorable, and sweet.

Denise on

Best Wishes to everyone.

Kelli on

Amanda, his WIFE told him to go, she 100% agreed to it. I understand that and I would have done the same thing she did. That is his job, that is what supports their lifestyle. I think it shows he has an amazing work ethic.

And to be fair, he was only gone like 3 days, she was probably in the hospital the entire time.

Deana on

Police escort? I am sure there were no crimes being committed at that time anyway.

Tish on

Congrats to Jay and his wife on the arrival of their new baby! Awesome story!!

Nancy on

Wow…priorities here!

Sharon on

Amanda T…Grow up! Who are you to judge? These are very faithful and spiritual people and when you truly love and trust someone, you make sacrifices. They are both show business people so it’s understood. Kudos to both of them for being who they are!

Janice on

Amanda, it’s called a mature grown up relationship. Best to them.

Kassie on

Congrats to the family. And I don’t think Jay is a jerk for leaving when his wife told him to go. And there is nothing wrong with wanting a son to carry on the family name.

Just Me on

Amanda T, his wife knew what she was getting into when she married him. As mentioned earlier, hundreds of people depend on his band for their jobs. The world doesn’t stop because someone gives birth. He dropped everything and flew to her side.

I personally know a man who wouldn’t give up his tee time at the country club when his wife had to have an emergency c-section. His reasoning was he waited a very long time for that particular time, he was entertaining important clients, and his wife would be in surgery anyway. That’s the person who would get served with divorce papers if he were my husband, not Jay.

cn tower on

Deana –
I’m assuming/hoping it was an off-duty police officer(s) that he paid for himself….not many police forces would be able to take officers away from their duties to be a celebrity escort.

notsosure on

Weird how a beautiful woman like that, married a gay-blade looking guy like that. I like Rascal Flatts, but he looks like a flamer.

Emily on

Dude, DON’T PERFORM! What a jerk! This is just the kind of person who should have a baby-a ridiculous loser that doesn’t appreciate when something amazing is occurring. Poor kid.

Laura on

Wow Amanda you are a real piece of work. If you ever find someone stupid enough to actually marry you make sure it isn’t a soldier, fireman, doctor, police officer or a big entertainer. However I don’t think you will have to worry about any of that because your ugly shines through too well.

Deborahlynn forbes on

I would have understood that so Much More than what my ex did. My daughter was born at 6:20 am and within 1/2 hr he said I gotta go to _________ picnic see ya! That was that last he saw his daughter till late that night. If it had been job related I would have understood.

I’m sure she was glad that he flew back and at least made it for delivery. Heck she probably fell asleep after that anyway following c-section. I say he met both needs just fine

guest on

Amanda T u r a huge immature idiot…what was he gonna do there even if he stayed?!

May on

Fans are fickle, Family is forever. I’m sure someone could’ve stood in for him but he’d rather someone be a stand in for his wife and new baby. There will be more concerts but this baby will be born only once. He may be rich but he’s a loser in life.

Sarah on

Wow, it disgusts me that he left his wife on the operating table to go do a show. Great family values!

Tracy on

He likely had a contract to honour as well. You can’t just skip out on these things and I am sure his wife understands this. Like a previous poster indicated it is called a mature stable relationship.

Tracy on

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear that Mom and Baby are doing well!

kathy on

I cant believe anyone could even start to think that he was doing the right thing. His wife was still on the operating table and his son had fluid in his lungs. He clearly diodnt have his priorities in order. What would he have done if his wife had or son had taken a turn for the worst after he left?Im sure their adoring fans would have understood rescheduling the concert. this is a shame on him and his wife should not have to understand that he had a prior engagement. I will not be buying any more Rascal flatts music anytime soon…shame on you

Jenn on

I don’t often write comments here but I feel the need to write this one. What gives any of you the right to pass judgement on Jay and Allison’s life or choices. You have no idea what goes on in their private life so stay out of it. Jay has a job in which many people depend on him for their job. Allison knew what her husband did for a living before she married him, Trust me she gets it. I don’t beleive Jay made the decision to fly back for the concert lightly. As a matter of fact Gary and Joe Don were prepared to go on with the concert without him. Get all the facts before making rude and hurtful comments!!!!

Karen D on

I think his wife and baby were very lucky to have him there for that special time even if it was only a short time. Some familys like ones who are in the military sometime dont get to be there to see their babys come onto the world or they get there to late.

My husband is a fireman and I would 100% support him if he had to be at a fire to save someones home or someones life. It’s the same with Jay his job is to share is music with millions of fans who pay hundreds of dollars to see him play. His wife is a very lucky woman to have a husband who would go to the ends of the earth for her and his children.

Chrissy on

His wife is an country reporter for CMT she has her own show so she understands. She was still in the hospital from her c section when he came home.

Amanda on

Kathy- fluid on the lungs is pretty expected with csection babies. They don’t get it squeezed out in the birth canal like vaginally delivered babies.

The comments on this thread make me shake my head. Nobody takes marriage seriously anymore. It’s a commitment and you have to work together, no room for temper tantrums. I’m glad Jay and his wife are smart and know he”ll have plenty of time with his son given his career as long as he keeps his fans.

Lily on

Congratulations to them…what a neat story! Loved that he performed in his scrubs.

The remark about “a boy to carry on the family name” rubs me the wrong way. It’s not 1960 any more.

AL on

Congratulations!, but my husband wouldn’t have left me and his newborn for any reason in the world. Disappointed to hear Jay did that. To each their own.

Sandy on

NO Lily it’s not the 1960’s any more, although I’m not sure why you picked that year as the time people cared about caring on their family name??!!! Family trees have been around since the beginning of time and it is important. My son is the only one to carry on my husbands name. Everyone else had girls and this would of been the end of the line. Needless to say- grandpa is thrilled and so is my husband. There is nothing wrong with wanting your name to continue on your branch of the family tree.

Aimee on

I’m sorry if Jay was a police officer, firemen, police officer, or other emergency services personnel I could understand his actions. My husband is military so I do understand him and others like him being away when something this amazing happens. But Jay is an entertainer, he was not rushing away to perform a heroic duty he was going to stand on stage and play an instrument which like a previous poster said there was already a standby musician waiting to step in and cover for him. So the concert would not have been cancelled if he did not want to be there. No one would have lost their jobs and the show would have gone on. There ARE more important things in life than making a buck!

T in Texas on

My question is . . . What the hell or who the hell is he trying to look like in those clothes and with that look on his face ? fugly

Hea on

@ Cortney – Rascal Flatts are not one of the biggest bands in the world. They’re pretty big for a country band and certainly big in the US but not THAT big. They’ve never done a world tour and I doubt they play many stray gigs outside of the US even.

Congrats to them. While I understand his profession I doubt I’d have been so cool about my man leaving me on the operating table and leaving our kid with fluid in his lungs.

I do, however, understand that the consequences if he decided to opt out could have been expensive. Most big bands do have competent musicians who can stand in if needed though. His bass tech perhaps?

Aimee on

I am glad that his wife is the understanding sort. If your husband/partner is a solider, emergency services personnel (cop, firefighter, EMT, etc.) I would understand him/her either missing the birth or leaving very soon afterwards, his/her job is important!

Jay is an entertainer and while his job is not trivial it is also not life saving. Since a previous poster did mention that his bandmates were understanding and willing to go on without him and use a backup musician I do not understand the need to hurry up and get back. Since a replacement was available, the concert would not have been cancelled and not one fan would have been disappointed especially if the birth was announced to them and no one would have lost their jobs.

Also there more than likely is a clause in any contract he currently has exempting him for such occassions.

I on the other hand would not have been understanding for any other reason than the ones I listed above for my husband to miss any of my labor, delivery or immediately following the birth of our children.

Aimee on

magnc84- I am very happy for you that your husband was able to see the birth of his children. He is a Marine and that is something to be so very proud of. If he had to miss any of them because he was deployed that would be totally understandable, He’s a US Marine, not a country western singer. My husband is ex-military I have weathered many a deployment, it is not a choice when you are military. Being a country western singer is a choice and they employ backup musicians for such instances.

Jason on

Very happy for him and his family. Congratulations!

As for Amanda………grow some balls!

Anonymous on

Very sweet! And I totally get that he had work commitments. It was an emergency c-section and the baby wasn’t due until August! I’m sure he had his schedule cleared around the baby’s due date but these things can’t be helped and he did have work commitments to honor. I would have said “go” too! And he did make a very valiant effort to be there for the birth! His daughter is so sweet with the boy too. I remember those days – such special times!

NikkiS on

Wow – who are all of you to judge what their family agreed on?

@ Hea..are you an expert on Rascal Flatts? I’m not but I know they are extremely popular and tour a lot of places.

Your comment “Most big bands do have competent musicians who can stand in if needed though. His bass tech perhaps?” Really?

Maybe local hometown bands but not big name bands like that.

Again, it was their choice and they are good with it.

As far as carrying on the family name – odviously for them that is the traditonal way, a son carries on the name, again that is their preference. Most daughters get married and take the husbands name.

If you don’t that is your choice, just like this is theirs.

All of your rude comments and sayin not gonna buy his music anymore will not have any affect on thier lives @ all.

Terry on

I personally think that a responsible committed husband is sexy. He sounds like a man that is trying to balance his family and his career the best he can. Now, if he would have chosen to not go to the hospital that would have shown that his priorities were out of whack. There are many professions that force people to miss out on major life events such as sports players, medical professionals, military.

Amanda V on

WOW it amazes me how so many people judge other people and how they live their lives. If his wife was ok with it that who are we to say what is right or wrong. My ex was on the phone listening when our 2nd son was born because he was in the military and they wouldnt let him come home until the baby was born, he stayed for a week and then we didnt see him again for about 4 months and I understood. He was supporting our family, it was his job. Congrats to the family…any baby is a blessing!

gloria on

OMG. . .some of these comments are down right rude and ugly. He was there for the delivery and that’s ALL that matters. Dylan was early and its not like Jay planned for that to happen. Fluid in the lungs isn’t serious. My God ppl. . .stop being so quick to judge this man because u guys don’t understand what he does for a living. If Allison doesn’t have a problem with him leaving then ppl who don’t even know him need to mind their owm damn business!!!

TalkingToMyselfAgain on

I am married to a musician and the same thing happened to me when both of our kids were born. My hubby had to leave when my 1st was a day old (I too was still in the hospital) and 2 days (just a few hours after getting home) with my 2nd. I knew this when I married him. It’s all part the deal.

Rascal Flatts is not just a band. They are huge company with bills to pay. Do you think that then when the CEO of Yahoo of has her kid, Yahoo will shut down? No, you have to keep on working whether you like it or not. It’s called being a responsible employer and human.

With that said, Congrats to Jay, Allison, and little Maddie.

SJ on

I normally don’t respond with comments to these things, however, I feel the need to write this. It amazes me the ugliness that comes out of people when they disagree with how someone conducts themselves.

Ultimately, it’s between them how they handle the birth of their children and the circumstances that surround it. He made the extra effort to be there the moment his son entered this world and took his first breath. For many, that doesn’t happen.

It’s not for any of us to determine what is right or wrong about it. I can’t understand why, behind a computer, it’s so easy to be judgemental about someone, but pretend our own lives are so perfect.

Lori on

I commend him for being there for the birth. If he was a jerk like some of you make him out to be, he wouldn’t have been there at all. I’m sure it was a very hard decision for him to leave, but she is a understanding wife and she told him to go. Like what was said in previous comments, she knew what his career was when she married him. It’s called compromise.

His family is very important to him, not to mention he is a very nice guy. So if you don’t know what is going on between him and Allison, you have no right to judge! For all you know, they might have discussed it previously what they would do if a emergency came up. You don’t live at their house, so you have no right to say anything.

Kaycee on

My husband left me to go to work an hour after our first child was born, but his job is how we have food on our table, clothes on our back, insurance and are able to maintain extras for our children. Jay is no different than my husband……God bless the DeMarcus family and congratulations on your newest addition.

carla on

Aimee, since the military draft ended in the US in 1973, being a Marine is just as much of a choice as being a country western singer. Both my brother and brother in law are currently away serving their country in the military and this was a career choice for both of them.

I don’t understand all of the hoopla and negative comments over the choices that THIS family made for themselves. Both Jay and his wife seemed to have been on the same page about him returning to the band to play in the concert so what does it matter what the rest of you would have done if it were your husband? Bottom line is, mother and baby are healthy.

Hea on

@ – NikkiS – No, I’m not an expert on Rascal Flatts. That would be silly. I’m just saying they’re not really that big internationally. They don’t tour the world and, as far as I know, they never have and they aren’t planning on it? That is something one of the “biggest bands in the world” (as the poster claimed they are) would simply have to do and quite often too. Metallica, U2, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Coldplay, Muse, Kiss, Foo Fighters, AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen… now those are world class acts and huge pretty much all around the western music listening globe and then some. AND they all do world tours.

I know several big musicians who have had their trusty techs help them out in a crisis. Hell, there are plenty of techs out there more competent playing the instruments than the stars themselves. 🙂

carla on

Wendy if you were referring to me I am a happily married, mother of three children. Not sure what my, or anyone else’s marital status has to do with the purposes of this conversation. Furthermore, people need to realize just because YOU would do things differently doesn’t mean everyone else should take heed and jump on board to follow your lead.

Heather on

I am not the type of person who could have dealt with that, especially after undergoing surgery. As a fan of Rascal Flatts, I would not have enjoyed the show one bit knowing he had just left his wife and newborn. To me it seems the priorities weren’t straight. Nothing is more important to me than my family. My husband is my partner and I need him and want him there. However, if it works for them, to each their own!

Ariel on

Chances are he probably had no say in performing or not. The powers higher than him do. Regardless if the band is willing/ready to go on with a temp. If the higher powers say no, that means no and he would be in breach of his contract.

He’s not the first musician to make these kind of choices and he certainly won’t be last. I know of musicians who have left their families for months almost a year to go on tour (families with a pregnancy or newborn included) Is it hard? Probably, but it’s sacrifices those families are willing to make.

Don’t want to be in that situation or make those kind of sacrifices than you have two choices: don’t enter that kind of work or don’t marry someone in that line of work. But don’t judge the choices of others. This family has made it work for them and see no problem with it. So what’s the problem?

Valg247 on

Seriously people on here who are gettin all butt hurt about Jay leavin is really stupid overall..c’mon let’s be mature about this he had to do what he has committed to and that’s honorable in my book!! I would totally understand becuz I know who I’m married to..he made it for the baby to be born..damn get over it and let’s look at the whole picture…that’s why long relationships don’t exist anymore becuz people are so selfish. This couple seems to be doin well supporting each other.. Enough said.

Leslie on

Being with your wife and premature baby after emergency surgery is very important… more important than playing a show in a country band. Things can go south very quickly and he is lucky that they didn’t have complications.

By the way, girls can carry on the family name these days too… and I know many women who are doing just that. Boys are not more valuable because only they can keep the family name. Ah, patriarchy.

Marli on

Congrats, but I hope she didn’t wear the TEN POUNDS OF BLACK EYE-MAKE-UP to deliver little Dylan!!! It clashes with her bleached blond hair-
a cheap look!!

Jen DC on

Aw, congratulations! Glad he was able to be delivered safely with Dad in the room.

Luckily most of us will never have to know what it is like for our multimillion dollar entertainer husbands to leave our bedsides to fulfill contractual obligations. Also lucky that it is between the husband and wife in question, because she seems to be understanding!

If she’s ok with it, why are folks getting so irate? It’s one thing to say “not my husband,” but I think it’s going too far to question his priorities. His priorities were correct – he flew home immediately, arranged (or had his manager arrange) for a police escort and was there for the most important moment: THE BIRTH.

As others have stated, the complication mentioned for the baby was common for c-sections and his wife “gave permission” for him to depart. Eh, not worth getting panties in a bunch.

Here’s the thing, ladies: So long as the partners are honest with each other – as long as you’re not saying something is ok and want your husband to divine out of thin air that whatever he is asking is not ok – then let the man go! And go yourself!

Marriage is not “I’m going to stay by your side 24/7 no matter what”; it’s a promise (at least to me) to communicate needs honestly. If she were honest with him that she didn’t think she needed him, and this is the basis for *their* relationship, I am ecstatic for them. They communicate effectively!

I would have let my husband go as well. What is he going to do with us at the hospital other than make a nuisance of himself? Once visiting hours are over for me and the baby, what’s the point of his presence? Just to “know” that he’s around? Psht. I don’t need that.

If an additional emergency had arisen with the baby, he could have done the exact same thing: Charter a flight home to get there. It’s not like his presence is *stopping* things from happening, and being there doesn’t make anything go faster. Don’t make mountains outta molehills.

Anonymous on

Hey man enjoy your new addition! Congrats just ignore all these people who are being selfish! At least you took the time to rush over to the hospital to be there for your wife! And shes understanding and knows this is your job and its what brings the money in! CONGRATS MAN I LOVE YALL MUSIC!

Ann on

I was there on Friday at DTE. When Gary announced it, the place went crazy. And in honor of the birth, they played a couple of snippets of songs that weren’t part of the show. Jay didn’t have to be there, one of the other guys from Eden’s Edge, Eli Young Band, or Little Big Town could have taken his place. I think he just didn’t want to disappoint the crowd. I would have understood and hopefully all of the other people in that crowd.

Aimee on

Carla- I was not referring to being in the military as a career a choice. I was referring to being deployed or away on training as not being a choice. I have never known one solider who could refuse a deployment or training assignment. I perfectly understand that joining the military is a choice. Nice way to take what I said completely out of context.

Anonymous on

Apparently all of you who are saying “What if there had been more complications” missed this part: “Assured by Allison, 35, that she and their son were doing well — the baby had fluid in his lungs, but it cleared out — DeMarcus went on to perform two more shows over the weekend before he could return home.”

That right there says loud and clear, at least in my opinion, that if further complications HAD arisen with either his wife or the baby, he would have flown straight back home and not done the other shows. So it seems to me that he was balancing his family ad work commitments as best he could.

Also, it’s not like he left her alone at home with a newborn and a toddler. Women are generally kept in the hospital for four days following a C-section, so as other posters have said, Allison and Dylan probably hadn’t even left the hospital by the time Jay got back (in fact, his comment about picking Madeline up before going to see Dylan and Allison strongly suggests that!).

Marky on

If you slammed my choices in theses same circumstances, I would tell you to file it under “Who Gives a Damn!”; what kind of marriages do you people have if you can’t function for 2 minutes unless your husband is right there every second?

Not everyone’s life is so unencumbered that they can just drop everything no matter what is going on; he was there for the delivery and back before she was discharged.

When I had #3, my husband was home taking care of the other children who were under 4, and, frankly, I hardly saw him after delivery, until he came to get me and the baby. It was okay, not ideal, but okay.

Amanda T on

Funny I did marry a man that is in law enforcement and we have THREE beautiful girls. I wouldn’t tolerate my husband leaving me in the hospital mid c section to leave for a concert. No way no how and he wouldn’t leave me there either in fact he wouldn’t ever consider leaving his wife and child at that moment PERIOD! So glad that others like to jump to conclusions. I chose a husband that has his priorities straight family and self first and others second.

Anonymous on

Amanda T- Leaving in the middle of the C-section would have meant he left before his son was born, which he didn’t. He left AFTER the C-section!

Anonymous on

Amanda T- Also, that’s how YOU feel and what “having his priorites straight” means to YOU. Obviously it means something different to Allison. Every couple is different, and every couple has different views on situations like this!

Anonymous on

One more thing, Amanda T. You say your husband would never consider leaving his wife and child during or right after birth in any circumstance. Well, what if your law-enforcment official husband had gotten called out on an emergency during one of your births? Would you have demanded that he not leave you to go do his job (a job where lives could be at stake if he didn’t do it)?!

Hea on

Amanda – Well, he didn’t leave to go to a concert. He left to go do his job. It’s different.

Valg247 on

Wow it trips me out that these ladies are way to dependent on their husbands if u can’t even handle the fact Jay had to go! Who fricken cares I don’t need my man to hold my hand..I’m a woman who can handle this on my own. Which in fact she didn’t he was there! Shoot I would have been just as grateful to have him there for that short time then not at all. It’s amazin to read how many women are angry at the fact he left.. Damn it is what it is jay does what he does and the fans got to enjoy the concert with jay there and after it was all said and done he went home. No matter how much u bitch about this bottom line jay and Alison are at home enjoyin there new edition and still married lol

carla on

Aimee, but men and women choose to join the military knowing that they can, and most likely, will be away from their families for extended periods of time. So yes, it is a choice. It’s a choice and sacrifice that our soldiers make and that their families understand. Jay’s wife Allison, who is also in the entertainment business, knows the ups and downs of her husband’s career. They did what was the best for them and their family. Why everyone else is getting upset or questioning his dedication is beyond me.

Ronda Reed on

Congrats to the family–I don’t think I would have left my wife and newborn baby in that situation, either. However, I suppose they had to do what was needed to honor commitments to fans at his concert. Hoping mom and baby are doing well!

flamelesslove on

So sweet. I love Rascal Flatts. Jay’s wife and I share the same story. Emergency c-section. Scary place to be when you are worrying about your little kiddo. So glad it all turned out alright!