Pram and Proper! 10 Super Strollers to Suit Every Style

07/23/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

When we spotted Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied strolling the streets of Paris with their son Aleph on June 18, we had to take note of their cool gear. The 1-year-old cutie hitched a ride in the 4moms Origami, a sleek power folding stroller with ultra modern features like headlights and an LCD screen.

The latest strollers have gone totally high tech, with solar-powered lights, ergonomic seats, easy folding features and other bells and whistles that make any trip with your tot as simple as a walk in the park. From sporty baby joggers to sleek twin buggies, check out our picks for the hottest wheels around!

VIEW THE GALLERY: Pram and Proper! 10 Super Strollers to Suit Every Style

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Michelle on

Sometimes i think celebrities try to look bad when they are out in public. I don’t expect them to be all dolled up for grocery store runs, but they always look unshowered.

Steph on

Well she obviously looks freshly showered, albeit uncombed….

Rachel on

Ick. I’m sorry but I just don’t understand paying $850 for something that daggone ugly. There were some nice strollers in the list (love the Bumbleride and some of the others… but strollers like this thing and the Quinny are just hideous.

Shannon on

That child looks just like neither parent. hmmm

Noelle on

Can someone please tell me how his (the baby) name is pronounced?

Jenny on

She has curly hair. It isn’t uncombed. My hair looks like that every single morning.

twk on

Pronounced: A-Lef (long ‘a’ sound + left with out the ‘t’)

Sailor Plump on

Noelle – i think you pronounce it Alef.

Reesca on

I cannot fathom paying $850 for a stroller. Headlights? Trip odometer? Phone charger? Really? Lets not forget that in my experience, strollers were not that difficult to fold either.

Catca on

I think Aleph is total cutie and looks just like mommy and daddy. He’s got mommy’s eyes and daddy’s mouth. 🙂

As far as the stroller goes, I think it’s pretty cool looking but I’m not sure about the bells and whistles. Why would you need headlights? Even if you take the baby for a walk at night, presumably you’d take him where there are already streetlights… And is the LCD screen so babies can watch videos (bad idea) or in the back so mommy and daddy can see the baby while they walk behind him (unnecessary feature in my opinion)?

Steph on

Yes, I can see that it is curly. My hair is curly too.

B.J. (the girl) on

Aleph is adorable!!

meme on

He has identical hair as my son. Same color, length, and curl. I comb my sons hair after a bath, but the moment it dries, it does its own wild thing! I love shaggy hair on a boy, it is cute, as is little Aleph.

cbaker on

i agree. but also, the celebs sometimes look picture ready while their children look like ragmuffins….old, faded, no match clothes, stringy hair that has never been brushed/combed.

you would think at least the nanny would make the kids presentable/public ready.

sat on

they look quite coordinated! i love Aleph’s reddish hair.

Anonymous on

Aww, baby Aleph looks like his mom–that frown/expression on his face is all Natalie Portman. He sure is a cutie though!

Stef on

Where did that red hair come from?