It’ll Be a Boy for Sarah Michelle and Freddie

07/19/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Denis Castro/Beverly News

Charlotte Grace has a baby brother on the way!

Currently expecting their second child, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are set to welcome a son, PEOPLE confirms.

“They are thrilled that Charlotte will have a little brother,” a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE.

“They love their little girl more than anything in the world and know that love will only multiply.”

Gellar, 35, wed Prinze, 36, in September 2002 in Mexico. Seven years later, the actors welcomed their first child — Charlotte turns 3 in September.

— Sarah Michaud

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klutzy_girl on

Aw, yay! I’m glad they get one of each. And really can’t wait to find out his name, since Charlotte Grace is a great name.

Patty on

Congrats Sarah, Freddie, and Charlotte! Many blessings to your family on the impending arrival of your new son/brother! ❤

Jordan ! on

Yay!! I think its cute how Alyson Hannigan have their children a couple of months apart. Charlotte looks just like her daddy in this picture.

cris on

I love this couple….they seem to have themselves together..Congrats on your pending addition…

Tamara on

congrats to Sarah, Freddie and Charlotte!

Anonymous on

Congrats to all. Very sweet together couple!

Sarah on

It’s great that they’ll have one of each! I have a brother who is three years younger than me.

I hope that give him his own name and not after his dad and granddad. It’s not personal, but it’s hard to live up to sometimes.

foxychic32 on

Congratulations Prinze family!

Cinder Lou on

Wow, happy 10th anniversary (a little early). And congrats to all FOUR of you on your new little one on the way.

bh on

I bet he will be named Freddie Prinze the Third.

Mb on

What a lovely couple!!

Rhonda on

I’m so happy for them. They are a great couple.

Ava on

love it, a nice married couple welcoming a baby, nice change from all these unwed people having babies

Mary Beth on

Loved her on Swans Crossing!

fanofboardwalkempire on

What great news! it is wonderful to be adding a baby boy to the mix of the family and I am just thrilled for them all.
Wonderful news!

Dee on

So happy for them.

who knows on

Charlotte looks just like her Daddy…. cute cute cute!

Julie on

Ava, you had to be the person to be negative….was so far very positive postings in the comment section.. But one overly conservative, holier than thou person always has to bring up the marriage thing. 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. There are tons of different kind of famililies — two moms, two dads, single moms etc etc. What’s important is love. Judge lest not thou be judged. Get your head out of the sand it’s 2012.

Elara on

I wonder if they will name him after his father…Freddie III or break the tradition?

Amanda on

I’m very happy for them. They seem like a great couple and I’m sure their new son will be adorable.

And Julie, you realize that your stat works both ways right? 50% of marriages fail but that also means 50% succeed.

Anonymous on

To everyone wondering if they’ll name this boy Freddie III…Freddie said a few years back (I think it was shortly after Charlotte’s birth) that he wouldn’t name a boy Freddie III. I forget the exact reason, but I think it was something along the lines of that he’s never really been that fond of his name.

Anyway, congrats to the Prinze family on having one of each!

mel on

Ava’s comment was not negative. It’s totally less complicated when you bring children into the world as married people.

mel on

Always liked this couple as they have their priorities in order. Good luck to them.

Amanda K on

Aw, that’s so sweet. They’re a cute couple and their little girl is probably going to adore her little brother!

mileysucks on

Awwww! Great news! Congrats! This is such a sweet family!

Susan Albert on

Congrats to the happy couple.

Easyup on

Ava’s comment was not negative. She only made a general observation that happens to be very true.

Congratulations and much deserved happiness to the Prinze Family.

kendrajoi on

If I had a million dollars, I think I would bet on what his name will be. Love this family!

Amit on

I was just wondering why Michelle and Freddie are hardly ever photographed together (I can only recall one day at the park a while back)- only see her with Charlotte. Of course it doesn’t have to mean anything, but I hope their relationship is OK.

Debs on

Congrats to Sarah Michelle, Freddie and beautiful little Charlotte!

Cassie on

Why so defensive, Julie?

What Ava said was merely an observation. But you went on a name calling rant. Sounds like someone isn’t happy with their choice and are assuming others are attacking them when they are simply referring to the couple in the story.

kate on

yay 🙂 i still miss Ringer 😦

Kim on

My 6 year old is Charlotte Grace also.

Tams on

I agree with Ava’s observation, it’s nice to say a married couple bring a child into the world. Really refreshing now a days considering the latest trend. I am ok with couples having children out of wedlock but I think marriage strengthens that family bond.

carla on

While Ava’s comment was not mean, it gets old seeing it in EVERY SINGLE THREAD. If a couple is not married it, “Another baby born out of wedlock. Shame on them.” If the couple if married it’s either, “They only got married because he knocked her up,” or “Thank God this couple did things the right way unlike others…” Good Grief. It’s like Groundhog Day.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

How exciting, one of each. Icing on the cake! I have a son and daughter, and although I’d have been happy with another boy as found boys are great (son nice to mum, more sensitive, and lower maintenance in my case lol), once my daughter arrived (safely, being the main priority) I realised the benefits of one of each too, a bonus really.

When Freya was a baby I’d get comments along the lines of ‘lucky you’ having ‘pigeon pair’, which I can imagine annoy people of kids of the same gender, as you love who/what you have of course! It’s esp more fun baby clothes shopping for a little girl! Spoke to another mum at our sons’ soccer game this morning and she is hoping for a daughter with 4 baby due in a few mths – after 3 sons she’s open about hoping for a girl, and shallow as it may sound, would be nice for her to shop at opposite side of the kids clothes department!

Anonymous on

Amit- If I’m remembering correctly, Freddie simply doesn’t like being photographed much. He’s a very private man (and always has been, even before he met Sarah, if memory serves), and he and Sarah are a very private couple (we don’t really see that much of Sarah or Charlotte either, when you think about it. We’ve seen a bit more of them recently, but I’m guessing that’s mostly due to the pregnancy and the media’s interest in that. I would bet dollars to donuts that we’ll be seeing them a lot less once the baby is born- and we see his first photos- and the media interest in them dies down again!).

Anonymous on

Also, I wonder if baby boy Prinze will look more like Sarah, since Charlotte’s pretty much a clone of Freddie?!

Marky on

I am very happy for this couple! They are so cute together and seem to “be in it for the long haul”, as they say. They seem so down to earth, and Charlotte is cute as can be!

I would love to see Freddie playing the same character again in “Psych”; he was so funny and was great with the regular cast. I know people who are still commenting on the great job he did in the show. Look forward to hearing about their new baby boy, and can hardly wait to hear his name–hope it’s as good as Charlotte Grace’s name!

Anonymous on

aww ❤

Lou on

Have they actually confirmed it is a boy? It says People confirmed with a “source close to the couple.” It seems weird that a couple as private as Sarah Michelle and Freddie would announce the sex of their child.

Misty on

I love this couple! Congrats to them.

Lizzie on

CONGRATS!!!! BlessingS(SSSS) allllllll the way around 4 this ADORABLE Fam & the addition of ther Baby Boy! It’s so rare to read that a couple has been married (in Hollywood) for such a length of time, CONGRATS to that, too!!!! 😀

Mia on

Excited for them + nice to see them also do it the right way! They seem to take their commitment + family life seriously.

Were together for a while…married and then waited to have kids.

I also don’t think he will do F3 – for the same reason above + I also would think he is quite mad about his father’s suicide @ such a young age….

Happy + Healthy pregnancy! 🙂