Victoria Beckham Guides Harper’s Sweet Steps

07/18/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Caroline Kennedy

Look who’s walking!

Victoria Beckham stepped out with her daughter, Harper Seven, 1, in Dublin on Wednesday.

Excitedly hobbling alongside her fashionable mom, Harper smiled in a blue dress and black shoes as she made her public walking debut at Brown Thomas, a Dublin department store.

Caroline Kennedy, the managing director of Kennedy PR, captured what may be Harper’s first steps in public.

“There’s a very small girl called Harper in the house!” she shared on Twitter.

As Beckham, 38, prepared to reveal her fall line with an in-house fashion show, Harper strutted her stuff, thrilled to be walking.

During her time in Dublin, Beckham also greeted young fans, tweeting “Super young fashionistas in Dublin!! X vb.”

— Maggie Coughlan

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Jen DC on

OH, soooo cuuuuuuuute!

Brooke on

Oh, Harper is so precious!! I love that age when babies start walking and have a permasmile on their faces.

Shannon on

She probably saw an outfit she liked on the other side of the store. Like mother, like daughter. πŸ™‚

AllisonJ on

aww…she’s walking now. How sweet! Such a pretty little girl.

Alexandra on

She is so cute!

christa on

What a precious little girl

Devon on

Harper is so adorable!

DeeAnna on

A sweet picture of Victoria. Looking on lovingly as her little angel walks hand in hand with her mommy.

OKLetsTryThisOne on

Could Victoria’s skirt be any shorter?

Mia on

Oh she is so stinkin’ cute! Just precious!

Guest on

She is so freaking cute!

Sal on

WTF? Can’t the kid ever wear anything other than black?

Eliza on

How absolutely adorable!

sara on

That is probably the cutest photo ever. They had one beautiful baby girl

Schae on

That picture is priceless! Victoria even looks like to have a smile on her face watching her little girl walking!

So adorable on

What a gorgeous little girl. She is following in Moms shoes already. She will be the best dressed little girl ever. What a terrific family.

Ava on

Adorable! Take notice Katie Holmes! Victoria Beckham’s 1 year-old can walk on her own two feet, how come your 6 year-old can’t?

Kate on

awwww πŸ™‚

Sara on

Harper is so adorable. Victoria and David must be very proud of their angel walking.

VEO on

@Ava-Victoria looks to be in a closed off space, probably with limited people and no paparazzi inside. I can’t blame Katie. Paparazzi swarm her like crazy and she probably just wants to keep Suri safe and comforted.

PKMom on

WTF? Can’t the kid ever wear anything other than black?

– Sal on July 18th, 2012

Did you even read the article??!?? It states she is in a blue dress!! She looks adorable!!

boohoobytch on

such a doll

Big Fan on

Who cares? This is news?

bh on

Cute little girl with such an awful name.

jrath on

this family sure does know how to make babies

D on


donna on

never to young to start retail therapy…:)

Lynne on

Um News flash ‘Big Fan’ – you are on a celeb website in the mommies and babies blog, wtf do you expect to read about?

Cristina on

Time really flies

kitty62862 on

Precious picture, beautiful child.

Please tell me I need new glasses, and that little girl isn’t wearing makeup?!

(I don’t think Victoria is that foolish, but that is what the picture looks like)

Somebody tell me I’m wrong.

L ANN on

Chubby little babies are darling. You just want to pinch their cheeks.

Lizzie on

HARPER is absolutely ADORABLE,CUTE & “alllll that”!!! πŸ˜€

Laura on

Hehehe so cute so pudgy! I love it!

txlady on

Saw a picture recently of her daddy holding her and he looked as though he could just burst with pride…she is surely adored by her family, especially the men…lol. Precious.

Judy on

Watch calling her pudgy, skeletor will put her on a diet.

Lonnie on

I love the way she dresses that baby! Suri who?

Megan on

I think this is the most “tender” picture of VB we’ve ever seen

jasmineflowerr on

omg she is so cute. she looks like she’s straight out of the 1800s with that outfit. adorable. awww.

elle on

She’s so small & chubby & CUTE! πŸ˜€

joselyn on

LOVE IT! she is soo adorable, and as I sit here at works it makes me miss my own little princess.

ANA on

What a cutie! Perfect model for her mommie’s baby clothes line.

Anonymous on

Harper is beautiful and deliciously chubby. Poor thing, her mom will very likely give her body issues by the time she’s five. Victoria, please get help for your anorexia asap.

kica on

Very cute and I’m just happy Harper at least SMILES…she should teach her mom!

cookie on

It’s kind of bittersweet when they start walking.They start to really grow up fast.Enjoy the baby Victoria,soon she’ll be off to kindergarten.She really is a cutie.

Sandy on

Wow to be a mom of four and always look so pulled together. I wish I had some of her clothes.

CB on

Suri Cruise take note. Walking is fun!

stacey on

Ava, I think it is perfectly fine that Katie still carries Suri around quite a bit. My daughter was extremely petite and i carried her around until she was 8 years old. No lasting harm done-she is a perfectly adjusted 11 year old. Some parents just can’t get enough of their little ones!

gina on

She is sooo sweet!

Greg on

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen Victoria ever ever have a smile on that Pug looking of a face it almost looks like she’s always mad at something or that she never gets any at home…

lindsay on

she is the cutest thing….harper looks so adorable!!!!

Athina on

Tiny girls walking is always really cute. This is no exception.

jenny on

Sal, I thought the same thing. She is always in dull dreary colors!! And Judy, thats funny!

Sam on

WOW! Look at mom’s LEGS!

Gina on

Cute little girl!

Guest on

She is the cutest baby!!! OMG every time I see her she gets cuter!

JE on

Aww, she is an absolute doll! I love the way they dress her.

powerrangersfan1993 on

– kitty62862 on July 18th, 2012″

I don’t think that Harper is wearing makeup at all. I think it is just the angle from the way the photo was taken.

Diana on

That poor child. In every photo I have seen when she is with her mom, stupid Victoria is NEVER smiling. Little children see behind the facade.

JMO on

Well first Harper is adorable. Seems like yesterday Victoria jsut gave birth to her now she’s 1 and walking!! Time really does fly!!

Ava – this was not a paparazzi photo it was only made public by someone who snapped it. Suri looks frightened and scared by the photographers and that’s probably why she is carried so often not because they’re babying her but bc they’re protecting her.

Sal – I’ve seen Harper in plenty of clothes that are not black!!

okletstrythisone – perhaps they are shorts? And bent over all skirts and shorts become shorter. I see nothing wrong with them.

Amy on

Cute, cute, cute! She is adorable!!!

Shelby on

This is adorable and a wonderful moment caught. I’m kinda bummed through that someone (non-papparazzi) would take a picture of a lil one and post it, knowing it would be disseminated 😦

However – those legs – amaze!!

icky on

Now that is a good-looking toddler!

Holly Ann on

COME ON! If that doesn’t make Victoria smile NOTHING will.

Anonymous on

Victoria probably can’t stand that her daughter is chubby. Harper is probably already on a diet…

mari on

i absolutely love this family! he goes surfing with his boys, takes them to games, carries his daughter, she does the same, they seem so happy. so nice to see in the Hollywood world!

Jan Parris on

Cute as a button. I love her sooo much. Victoria take good care of that princess. She is just adorable.

Anonymous on

greg- Considering the fact that Victoria has four kids, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that she’s “getting it” plenty at home! πŸ˜‰

VEO and JMO- I agree completely! To add to what you guys said, I’ve noticed that Katie seems to get criticized for carrying Suri far more often than other celebs get criticized for carrying their older children. Why is that? I just don’t get it!

I also want to say that it’s extremely rare for us to see a celebrity baby as young as Harper walking, and I doubt Victoria would have let her do so had this been an outdoor excursion with the paps chasing them!

Anyway, Harper is adorable, and she’s growing up so fast! And to those of you who have said she’s always in black, I’ve seen her in plenty of colors, including pink and purple (muted versions, but still pink and purple!)! πŸ™‚

Tammy on

Awwwww, sweet little thing.

OKLetsTryThisOne on

@JMO – When you bend forward in a skirt / shorts, they would go up in the back and DOWN in the front. Either way, come on I’ve seen bathing suits with a longer cut than that skirt. How is it not inappropriate for her age group to where that? How is it not inappropriate to be anywhere other than poolside with that length skirt?

OKLetsTryThisOne on


Amy on

If that is not the cutest celebrity baby, I don’t know who is! I can’t wait to see what she grows up to look like.
And, I love this family. I didn’t think they would get this far, especially after Spain but so happy to see them! Hope it last forever!

anon1 on

Sal, would you call them out if Harper was only wearing pink? I mean, it is just a color not anything that is harming the baby.

lovely123 on

Someone looks like their daddy!! Super Cute!!

anonymous on

Honestly, if I were Victoria Beckham and had to listen to all of you rant about her body and her demeanor, I wouldn’t smile either. I think the fact that she’s still happily married with four kids and is always photographed with her husband and children proves that maybe, behind the paparazzi and cameras, she does smile.

She may be skinny, but she clearly cares about how she looks, and who in the fashion industry doesn’t? She’s extremely successful and talented and has produced an absolutely stunning family. Just because she doesn’t smile for the ever pushy and nagging paparazzi doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to laugh. Get a grip and get a life.

As for Harper, she is absolutely beautiful, and is so fortunate to grow up in such a loving environment.

suzy diamond on

She’s SO adorable! BUT, why such a dark dress on such a little girl?

Sam on

So adooorable Baby Harper! Can’t take my eyes off from this pix!

Jen on

Adorable, she walks better than 6 yr old Suri Cruise does!

Marky on

I am so tired of hearing about Victoria being thin and never smiling. IF you can read, you know why she doesn’t smile in photos, but I have certainly seen her smiling and laughing when playing with her boys! She looks great! She is not too thin for her height and for her bone structure. I am starting to think fat women with food issues are the ones who complain about her look because they can’t put their own forks down. Not everyone is overweight (although far too many are), and fat is not a great look.

Harper is adorable and always looks terrific in everything her mom puts her in. Her cheeks are rosy just like my Brit granddaughters’ are. There is not one thing I’ve ever heard of Victoria doing that would make me think she would not take great care of all her children This couple seems to truly enjoy and love their children and I think any hate at all is just ridiculous.

NickyAngel on

too liefies πŸ™‚

KC on

@Sal… She’s in a BLUE dress, not a black dress which it says in the article. You may want to brush up on your reading skills.

Ann on

Babies learning to walk is so cute. Could Victoria’s dress get any shorter……to be in fashion she needs to dress a little better and bring that hem line down….

DeeJorge on

OMG she looks just like her daddy, God bless she is beautiful, I can not believe a year already, Time sure does fly when your having fun

anabel on

Sweet potatoe!

Emma on

Soooo cutee!!!! Love this family πŸ™‚ Harper is gorgeous

Accalia on

That is one cute baby! Adorable photo of mommy and her baby.

I have seen so many pictures where Suri is walking but certain websites always post those where she is being carried. The paparazzi is crazy when her parents are around and if you have ever seen a video of how scared and uncomfortable Suri is with so many strangers following them around to snap pictures, you would probably understand why they carry her so much. I’m sure Suri loves walking but if the paparazzi was invading my family’s privacy to that extreme, following them literally everywhere, I would carry my child safely in my arms. Period.

Jen DC on

Why so concerned with VB’s clothes and weight? Obviously if she can carry four kids to term – if she can get pregnant AT ALL – her weight is sufficient to sustain both her and the fetus’ life just fine, which gives evidence to the fact that she’s not underweight. The chick is just thin, ok? Her boys seem healthy and well-fed, and her husband is obviously a world-renown athlete, so I doubt anything untoward is going on at home. Even one of the boys – I forget which one – has always looked thin to me and I assumed he got his body type from his mother.

Who cares about the length of her skirt? If I had legs like hers at her age, I’d wear short skirts, too. Plus if I were a CLOTHING DESIGNER and were acting as my own model, or if it were part of my job to, I don’t know, BE STYLISH, I’d probably wear clothes more suited for my actual professional positions than what someone not in my position would wear. You know, just as a point of logic.

Also, putting a baby in dark clothes isn’t a crime. If anything, it’s a blessing. Covers up stains. But much like Shiloh Jolie Pitt, if y’all want to start a crusade about how the Beckhams are torturing their daughter with inappropriate clothes, now is as good a time as any to start.

Suri Cruise, at six years old, has really come to fear, hate and seemingly resent the attention of the cameramen, and that’s why they carry her. Look at the various expressions on her face: At best, she’s uncomfortable. At worst, she’s thrown tantrums at the doorways of places they are leaving when she sees the cameras there, as she has this past week since the announcement of her parents’ divorce.

If at any time my child became frightened of strangers, I would not hesitate to carry him/her if our sizes allowed it. Why is it such a concern that they carry her? And you do realize that you only see them carrying her when a picture is taken and that pictures AREN’T taken of them 24 hrs a day, right? Fools.

dudette on

I’m thinking that Suri is terrified of all the papparrzi following her around, and that’s wwy Katie carries her.

heather on

nice headline stating they’re her first steps, then saying they’re her first public steps. well which? just because someone snapped a photo doesn’t mean they’re her first steps or even her first public steps.

Christine on

While Harper is very cute, Mommy could have picked a less slutty outfit for this mother / daughter outing

Jay on

A less slutty outfit? Is that the best you can come up with?

I agree with @JenDC @Marky completely…nothing is wrong with her being thin at all! She is at an appropriate weight for her height! Now if she gained 70 lbs like Jessica Simpson would this even be something to discuss? Probably with all of these naysayers they would ask why wasn’t skinnier. These celebrities can’t win, can they?

lovely123 on

I have two girls and a boy and I always thought different colors on girls were cute. My oldest son and daughter choose her outfits, and sometimes it is a green shirt and blue jeans. I think it looks cute. I do not think just because you have a girl you should dress her in head-to-toe pink. It reminds me of the pink strollers you see people use – yuk!

Anonymous on

Jen DC- Those are my thoughts exactly about Suri! Also, just yesterday I was reading a few recent stories about Suri and her parents on the main PEOPLE site, and I have to say that it’s no wonder that Katie (and Tom) carries Suri so much, and that Suri is so frightened of the paps. The first one, which mentions that Katie’s and Suri’s vehicle was hit by a pap’s (lightly and with no resulting injuries, thank goodness!) while they were leaving FAO Schwartz last Friday (if memory serves), is bad enough.

But the second one, which happened just yesterday, is downright scary! According to it, the paparazzi were chasing Tom and Suri’s car while they were heading to catch a helicopter. Not only that, but in order to avoid the paps, the driver of Tom and Suri’s car had to go quite a bit over the speed limit in order to avoid them.

The saddest part of all, however, is that pictures of Tom and Suri show Suri clinging to Tom and burying her head in his chest while he clearly tries to soothe her. My heart just broke for them when I heard about the chase and saw the “after” pictures. Here father and daughter have just been reunited after several weeks apart, and instead of allowing them to enjoy it, the paps have to go and ruthlessly pursue them!

Anyway, my point is that considering all the pap craziness they have to deal with, it’s no wonder they carry Suri!

Daisy on

Harper is adorable.

People talking about Suri being carried around – search on YouTube for videos of Suri Cruise & the paparazzi. You’ll see why she’s carried.

Bugsmama on

Such a sweetie!! She’s the same age as my wee girl who just took her first steps the other night. I love how her parents choose to dress her, very classic. Mine gets mistaken for a boy often because I rarely dress her in pink and she is usually in pants.

She really is a beautiful child.

cara on

Well that photo got her loads of column inches all around the world ! How else would her collection launch, in Brown Thomas, Dublin, Ireland, get that amount of publicity, EVEN if they paid for the PR guys to promote the launch !! Roll out the baby and all the media will pick it up !!!! she comes across as being such a selfish two faced person.

You don’t see Stella McCartney showing up with her kids to London Fashion week or parading her kids to promote her business.

Her little girl is very adorable!

lovely123 on

All I want to know is if she asked her daughter, “Here pull my finger”!! ha ha ha!!

Anonymous on

cara- I don’t think Victoria is “parading” Harper around for publicity. If you go back and look at other photos of the Beckhams, you’ll see that Victoria and David take Harper with them when they travel all the time, not just during events like Fashion Week. Victoria also said once that if she had her way, the boys would go everywhere with her too, but they have school and are also involved in various extracurricular activites (sports, for one. We’ve seen pictures of the boys playing on soccer and other teams) that they prefer not to miss.

So basically, I think Victoria just likes being with her kids as much as possible. πŸ™‚

dina on

Oh my goshhh she is sooo cute. hahaha her little chubby cheeks:)