Alisan Porter Welcomes Son Mason Blaise

07/17/2012 at 11:00 PM ET
Jesse Weiner Photography

It’s a boy for Alisan Porter!

The star of ’90s hit Curly Sue and husband Brian Autenrieth welcomed a son, Mason Blaise Autenrieth, on Tuesday, July 17 in the Los Angeles area, the couple confirm exclusively to PEOPLE.

Mason arrived at 5:20 p.m., weighed in at 7 lbs. and is 20 inches long. “We are all very in love,” Porter Tweets, sharing a photo of her husband’s daughter Cassy holding her new baby brother.

The singer-songwriter and actress, 31, got ready for her little bundle of joy with a baby shower last month in Agoura Hills, Calif.

“It was a perfect day,” Porter told PEOPLE at the time. “I couldn’t have imagined anything more beautiful. There was so much love.”

She married Autenreith, 34, in March in an intimate ceremony at a historic ranch nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Courtesy Alisan Porter
Jesse Weiner Photography

— Jennifer Garcia

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Paula on

Congrats to Alisan & Brian! ♥

beedee on

ahh, explains the position of the flowers in the wedding photo. Have seen pregnant brides do that before.

NYC79 on

Congrats! I wish them well.

Blaise is the “secret” – uncommon iddle name I am naming my son!!!! Oh, no – I hope it doesn’t get popular now!!!

Asa on

HOW in the world is this girl getting all of her personal news in People? Is she related to one of the editors? It’s very nice for her that she had a baby, but she was in one movie 20 years ago. It’s very strange to me how certain “celebrities” can maintain or regain some fame just by having a baby.

nee on

Opps baby

HM on

My middle name is Blaise !!!!!!

Never hear that anyone ever uses that name.

Glad to hear you did !!!

nee on

Talk about “oops baby”

HM on

To NYC 79

Use the name Blaise !!!

I am 71 and I have only heard the name used three times once for a Priest and twice for a female

St Blaise is saints day Feb 2nd FYI!!!

Pippi on

I know a Blaise William! His grandfathers name was Blaise. Definitely not a name you see very often!!

Congrats. Cute name!

meghan on

nee, piss off.

JR on

One of my sons chose Blaise as his confirmation name about 8 years ago. It had to be the name of a saint and, after some research, he decided on this name. I met a guy about 20 years before that with the name Blaise and I thought it was cool.

I like the name Mason, too.

msfaye2u on

if you gotta call people to tell em you had a kid a few hours after it is born tells me you were not even on the people radar. so many of these people i have never heard of before are having the latest accesory (a baby) hoping someone will follow them around to see the latest accesory and take pictures of them and put the pictures in magazines and hopefully someone will remember them and offer them a job.

jasmineflowerr on

Congratuations! When I was a little girl, I liked her in Curly Sue!

So many mean-spirited people on this site…it’s like you know her personally or something. Grow up.

ss on

“the couple confirm exclusively to PEOPLE.” did the baby pop up while the couple had People on hold? what priorities… oh, and the word is CONFIRMED

Sweetcinna on

My husband’s name is Blaze and he gets so many compliments on it. I love it as well! It’s unique and it suits him.

Tee Tee on

Mason is a cutie! Congratulations to the family!

Alissa on

Congrats! Love the name! Who cares if she was pregnant before she was married? It’s not like everyone else was a virgin on their wedding day! Women REALLY have to stop judging other women. Pregnant before marriage, epidurals, c-sections, formula feeding, returning to work after giving birth, divorce, infertility, miscarriages, cheating spouses, etc. Women have to stop hating other women for living a life different from their own. Be happy in your own life and stop hating others.

Regina on

My Aunt’s father, brother and nephew are all named Blaise.

Shannon on

Mason is a nice name.

But…another shotgun wedding eh? Shocker. Miley and Liam are next. Wait for it.

Emily on

Awww! Congrats to them both.

boohoobytch on

she made me hate pasta for a few yrs, congrats

NYC79 on

To HM:

Thanks, I definitely will 🙂 I am using too, becuase of St. Blaise!

Shannon on

His daughter Cassie is beautiful.

JMO on

I went to school with a Blaze. Mason I know too many of them though.

sandra on

i wish them all the best and happiness. she will always be that smart mouthed curly haired cutie me and cousins grew up watching. 🙂

Laney on

I’m not sure why People never includes her band or anything to do the music she makes/writes with other people. She’s also been involved in theater. So strange.

Anonymous on

meghan- Exactly! I will never understand why so many people don’t seem to get that some couples get married after the woman gets pregnant not because they feel they need to do a shot-gun wedding, but because the wedding was already in the works BEFORE the pregnancy!

Anyway, congrats to Alisan, Brian, and Cassie! I wonder how old Cassie is? I’m guessing maybe around five or so.

Linda on

ASA, in response to your question “how does she keep getting pubic attention because she’s only been in 1 movie?”

That’s not very accurate. First off, as a child she was on several hit movies and shows, not one. “ParentHood”, “Curly Sue” (of course),”Pee Wee’s Playhouse”.

But beyond that, Alisan has a good following of fans for her music. She has a lot of fans who follow her indie music career. She is also signed with Randy Jackson (from American Idol) who put her in a band and was managing her career for a while (The Canyons). To top it off she is Adam Lamberts BFF and she has been featured on many tv shows speaking about Adam.

So basically she was a child star who now has a very successful indie music career. I discovered her about 5 years ago on Youtube and became a massive fan of her vocal talent and music. She has a lot of connections to the biz, she just isn’t a huge star.

Kat on

Beautiful Family – Congratulations!

Teena on

Too late, the name has been popular for about 15 yrs!!!!! Especially where Im from besides the other unique name, Gage!

Sharon P. E. on

Wow! I just watched Alisan in “I Love You to Death”, adored her barf scene in “Parenthood” & envied her on “The Golden Girls”. It’s nice to see her all grown up, happy & a new mom, too. MAZEL TOV! With Love & PEACE to Alisan & her family ~ Luv, Sharon