Uma Thurman Welcomes a Daughter

07/16/2012 at 11:45 AM ET
Donald Traill/AP

She’s a mom — for the third time!

Uma Thurman delivered a baby girl on Sunday, July 15, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. “Mom and baby are doing well,” the rep says.

This is the Thurman’s first child with financier Arpad Busson; Thurman, 42, is already mom to daughter Maya, 14, and son Levon, 10, with ex-husband Ethan Hawke.

She and Busson, 49, began dating in 2007 and, after a brief split in 2009, have been together since.

Busson is already dad to sons Flynn, 14, and Cy, 9½, with ex-fiancée Elle MacPherson.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard

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Congrats Uma!! 🙂

Lilly on

Congrats, Uma!

Lilly on

Babies are blessings!

Alissa on

congrats! can’t wait to hear the name…between her and Arpad, the name should be really unique but lovely!

pollyhanaha on

Lucky little girl. Hope she looks just like her momma…

stef24 on

Congratulations. I hope the baby doesn’t have any kind of health problems, seeing as Uma smoked during her pregnancy.

Gina on

Congrats Uma! Luv ya..

Dawn on

MEALTICKET for an aging actress !

Why not call the kid what it really is.

Marcia on

Since Arpad already has two boys I am sure he is so thrilled to have a girl finally. Congrats to Uma by the way.

Lady on

Dawn – you are a disgusting person….please run along & find your life. No need for your negative nasty comments on someone you dont even know, take that elsewhere. I certainly hope you dont have children.

Congrats to the happy family!

josie on


Jillian on


Please don’t flood this post with comments to Dawn. Try and ignore her instead of giving her what she wants.


Barbi on

Dawn, I’m sure they’re calling the kid what it really is: a blessing from the Lord! You need prayers first and a psychiatrist next. What an ugly soul to attempt to curse a newborn!

Uma, congratulations on the birth of your baby.

Julianna on

Wow. I swear it feels she announced she was expecting just the other day. Anyways. Congratulations, Uma, Arpad and family, on the birth of your baby girl! Can’t wait to hear her name!

Anonymous on

I am looking forward to find out the name. Both Uma’s and Arpad’s kids have very nice names.

Shannon on

She smoked during her pregnancy? Wow not cool. She already had risks with her advanced maternal age, why push the envelope? Selfish woman!

Marky on

I think this woman has been through plenty, and it isn’t our place to be judgmental, people. If you want to be a jerk, then heads-up! Most of us think we can do without the loser attitude. Smoking isn’t great, but it generally affects the weight of the baby, depending on how much you smoke. My sis smoked and her child weighed 6 lbs, but as an adult is extremely smart (getting a PhD.) and has no health issues, other than ADD, which affects one of my children and I didn’t smoke. I don’t recommend smoking while pregnant, but I think we could all use some toning down in the “criticize all other mothers if you can find just anything to gripe about” department. Sheesh! It’s out of control……

Ariel on

Did she say anything that alluded to her smoking while pregnant or pictures? Or are people just assuming she was, since she’s a known smoker?

With the media and news outlets glorifying/criticizing everything a celebrity does or doesn’t, you would imagine a story like this being news for days. Maybe I missed something.

Anyways, Congratulations to them. I can’t wait to hear what they’ve named her.

Anonymous on

Ariel, I googled her name and tried to find pictures of her smoking and could not find one picture. I have no clue what people are talking about. I hope they are not assuming cause that is crappy.

soph on

– Lady”

Simply hilarious.
Lady, please run along and find a dictionary…then look up the word “hypocrite,” sweetie.

Lori on

Dawn…. one of the most beautiful portraits of Mother Nature. Unfortunately, your mother made a huge mistake when naming you. There is not beauty in your dark soul!

As for the rest of you ladies who have already blasted her… I am right there with you.

Karma will take care of her!


janet on

Wow to go from Elle to Uma. Must be depressing for him to view that nose every day.

maxi on

I can’t stand this woman. She looks like a washed out horse. Not only that, she should have had a boy.

Anonymous on

Congratulations. I have my 3rd child when my older 2 were 13 and 10. They are very close. I wish you the best can’t wait to hear the name.

meghan on

I’m sure you are a real hottie, janet.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them, and I can’t wait to hear the baby’s name and see pictures of her! As a sidenote, I wonder how Levon feels about being surronded by sisters (he and Maya also have two half-sisters from their dad and his wife Ryan)? 😉

Selfenchanted on

The best to the family!

notsosure on

SO many children in Hollywood these days, living on child support. None of these people remain committed to their lovers, and split up, all the while spitting out babies without commitment. Here’s another one for the legal system. Good lord!

coastalbreeze on

Name the baby Beatrix…

Ashley on

People leave the rudest comments here. What a cruel world we live in. Commenting on her nose? I’m sure Janet has the best, prettiest looking nose we’ve ever seen! People are beyond juvenile on this website. Congrats Uma.

Isabel on

Notsosure, because marriage fixes all problems? What a joke.

Marky on

Maxi, what are you saying? She should have had a boy?? Why should she have had a boy? Girls are just as good as boys, unless you are some kind of nut or living in China. Sheesh, will people quit saying other people aren’t pretty enough? it’s like being in a 4 yr. old’s preschool class…..

Congratulations to Uma, her partner, Arpad, and all their children, on their new baby girl! Girls are fantastic, and can’t wait to hear her name!

Anonymous on

congrats to Uma! can’t wait to hear the name as I love both Levon’s and Maya’s names 🙂

Susan Albert on

Why can’t some people just be happy when something is as beautiful as having a child is born? So many ugly things are happining in the world that when a child is born it’s time for celebration. The negative and nasty comments that were made are disgusting. Shame on you who made them. Well, anyway congrats to the family.

Alissa on

@coastalbreeze…that is the best name suggestion ever. It would be great if she went with Beatrix!

Dee on

I’m so happy for Uma, Arpad and Family w/the birth of their Daughter!! As for the criticizing comments. It is a cruel world!! We need more positive energy, love & gratitude amongst us. God created everyone in his own image. Therefore, no one is ugly. However, ugly does exist on the inside. It’s called, Misery Loves Company. On that note, w/ugliness in the World and how cruel it can be, my classmate in Ohio was told yesterday by the Medical Examiner that the body recovered in North Carolina over the wkend is that of her 33 y.o. Daughter who leaves behind a 3 y.o. & a 13 y.o. autistic daughter. So let’s leave our negative comments to ourselves. Express Congrats and move on! No one is perfect, unless one is God. So before one decides to post a negative comment, look in the mirror. Think before one speaks….

Bugs on

I wonder about the age of some people posting comments here. Quit watching MTV and Twilight please.

Congrats to Uma. 🙂

liz on

Kindness is everything. Congrats to Uma, love her.

Anonymous on

– coastalbreeze YES!!! That should be the name lol

Becky on

I don’t know that much about Uma or her fiancee, but wish them all the best on the new baby..

Leslie on

Congrats on the healthy baby! Beautiful mama and undoubtedly a beautiful little girl.

Anonymous on

Becky- They WERE in engaged before, but then they split up and got back together. They haven’t announced since then (at least to my knowledge) whether or not they’ve gotten re-engaged. That being said, I completely agree with you!

notsosure- I actually wouldn’t count out Uma and Arpad’s union just yet. They split once before and got back together, so obviously they’re actually committed to working through their issues, unlike most of the other people in Hollywood! Like Pink and her husband, I’m hoping the second time is the charm for them! 🙂

I also want to point out that there ARE unmarried couples in Hollywood have stayed together. One example would be Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. They’re not married (and have one son together in addition to Kate and Oliver, Kate’s-now grown, of course-two children from her previous marriage), yet they’ve been together for over thirty years, if memory serves.

And as other people have said, marriage is no guarantee a couple will stay together, especially in Hollywood. Look at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, for example. They were married for five and a half years (an eternity when it comes to Hollywood relationships!), yet just recently divorced.

Bottomline: Celebs don’t have a good track record of staying in relationships period, and children born to unwed parents aren’t any less special than those born to married parents!

wiki on

Uma no beauty compared to elle!!!!

Heidi on

I picture her baby being called something classic such as Rose.

Angela on