Anna Paquin Thanks Fans for Twin Wishes

07/16/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Pacific Coast News

True Blood fans got to congratulate Anna Paquin on her pregnancy in person Saturday, as the actress — and her baby bump — made an appearance at a panel for the show at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Paquin, 29, was the last member of the cast to be called out on stage. She rubbed her belly while smiling at the audience as she took her seat next to husband Stephen Moyer.

“Congratulations on the babies!” someone in the audience cried out — as Paquin is expecting twins. “Thank you!” she replied.

Throughout the panel, Paquin and Moyer, 42, traded smiles and affectionate glances and touches. At one point, they could be seen holding hands under the table.

When Moyer talked about his experience directing an episode of the HBO vampire series, currently in its fifth season, she showed her support by rubbing his leg.

When the moderator asked Paquin how she thought Moyer did, she replied, “I mean, all kidding aside, he was great.”

— Jessica Wedemeyer

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Lolz on

Her expression is like, “Mmm, yes, children in my belly, mmm, tasty children.” Bad timing on the part of the photographer, she looks psychotic. Cute article though.

Melissa on

Congrats Anna and Stephen. I know they will be amazing parents. I am so happy for the couple. I ❤ True Blood.

Sadie G on

Well, I’d like to see her go somewhere WITHOUT her baby bump.

Chloe on

‘Anna Paquin Takes Her Baby Bump to Comic-Con’

really? I thought she might have decided to leave it at home -.- what a silly heading…

cute article thought :3

Jordan on

Dear People Headline writer….
Her belly is not a purse nor detachable. It’s her body and goes where she goes. She doesn’t leave it at home when she feels like it. Therefore, saying she ‘took’ it anywhere makes you sound like an idiot.

Peoplearenuts on

Some of you people really need to lighten up!! They didnt mean “bringing the baby bump” literally!! They were just trying to be playful. Gosh people relax!!! You probably give yourselves headaches taking yourselves so seriously!! YIKES!

Blanca J. on

I think it’s great. they make a very cute couple. Congratulations ON THEIR LITTLE BLESSINGS. THEY WILL BE GREAT PARENTS. TRUE BLOOD 4EVER!

notsosure on

Hopefully the baby will look like Daddy. She is not pretty.

Jordan on

@ peoplearenuts

We are relaxed (I know I am) and they (the headline writer) still sound like idiots for this gem.

Sorry we can’t be all perfect like you, but oh well….

Stupify on

This article heading seems more fitting for a Beyonce baby bump story!

ro90045 on


mrs.phan on

Seriously, lighten up people! The author of this article knows that her bump isn’t something that can be left at home, its just an expression! Take that stick out of your behind and chill out.

Mimi on

Anna and Stephen are an awesome couple! Bet those babies will be adorable,for sure they will have two loving parents. Awwww

Ashley Jourige on

so happy for her and Stephen Moyer. sorry, but I never found Anna Paquin attractive. not even the slightest. hope the baby favors the dad….lol

Bob Stanton on

Does anyone out there in TV land think that “baby bump” is sooooo 5 minutes ago. Let’s think up something else stupid.

Brooke on

I think Anna looks absolutely beautiful in this pic.

Laura on

Stupidest title ever. Like she has a choice as to whether she can bring her ‘baby bump’ as you idiots call it with her or not. I hate the term baby bump as much as baby daddy, makes people sound like iliterate a-holes.

meghan on

You mean you can’t leave your ‘bump’ at home?

'Lish on

Anna is beautiful. Gotta love jealous people:) We don’t see any of you with your own tv show, do we??

meghan on

You are trying way too hard to sound creative.

M on

Oh boy,
Anna ‘took her baby bump’ to Comic-Con, as if she had any other choice in the matter. People Magazine, she has to take her ‘bump’ with her, it’s not something that she can very well leave at home. I really wish you People would stop with the ridiculous sounding headlines. SMH

kimmie on

Only because someone commented on “leaving baby bump at home”, you don’t have to post the same thing over and over again trying to be funny. this is not the first article with similar title/issue.

J on

Jordan, peoplearenuts never said they were perfect, where did you get that idea from their comment?

‘Lish, can you point out the jealous people you are speaking of? that makes no sense.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Ana looks great expecting twins and it is a very exciting time for this young family- they will just be wonderful parents and I enjoy their TV show- TRue Blood- both of them are very beleivable in their roles on this show- COngratulations to you both on the Twins being on the way!

trina on

Thank you everyone! As a new mommy, I would have left my “baby bump” at home if I could have. My back and feet would love me more today. Baby bump just sounds silly. I feel bad for some of these people that are constantly under scrutiny for everything they do! She is a gifted actress; not an attention seeking fame whore like the Kartrashian monsters or some of the others that we are bombarded with.

Nichole on

I am so happy for Anna and Stephen! I was the same age when I had my first baby as Anna. It’s so much better to have children a little later in life. I know I would have been a wreck to have a child in my early 20’s. Stephen is just about the same age as my husband was, as well, which is a pretty cool similarity.

Anna & Stephen, I wish you the best of luck with your babies. Enjoy them while they are young. They grow up so fast. Congratulations!!!

Romy on

I agree, that headline would have been hilarious for Beyonce

Julianna on

Aw! It’s awesome that they’re having twins. They seem a very sweet couple, so in love.

Jen on

Hate her. She’s horrible.

Jen on

Twins rule! Congrats to Anna and Stephen.

carla on

Ashley Jourige,

Why would it matter if find Anna attractive? What does that have to do with her having twins or thanking her fans with being kind? Statements like that are always such silly non sequiturs. Title reads, “Anna Paquin is having twins.” Comment reads, “OMG I don’t find her attractive at all.”

Bri on

OMG! I am so excited for Anna and Stephen!! This will be the second set of twins on True Blood as Sam recently had twin boys too! What a blessing for them. Anna looks very pretty naturally. Both babies will be beautiful. She is beaming with love and joy and it shows!

gen on

i wounder how it feels to have sex with moyer

Aunu1 on

I am so thrilled for Anna and Stephan. I have been a big fan of hers since she did the Piano. Have followed her since. Congratulations to them both.

Anonymous on

Wow, twins! I wasn’t expecting that (ugh, excuse the awful pun!)! I wonder if these babies will be a set of potential girlfriends for Sam Trammell’s boys? 😉 All joking aside, congrats to Anna and Stephen on getting double the joy!

Anonymous on

gen- That’s no one’s business but Anna’s. 😉

boohoobytch on