Spotted: Jason Segel and Matilda Step Right Up

07/12/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Splash News Online

Hand in hand!

Jason Segel bonds with girlfriend Michelle Williams‘s daughter Matilda Rose during a Wednesday stroll in New York City.

The 6½-year-old is the Oscar-nominated actress‘s only child with Heath Ledger, who passed away in 2008. Williams, 31, began stepping out with How I Met Your Mother‘s Segel, 32, in March.

“I really wanted, and I really expected or imagined, that Matilda would have siblings that were close to her age,” she said recently.

“But I couldn’t make that happen. And now that she’s six that isn’t even a possibility anymore.”

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cannat on

This picture just makes my heart happy. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Michelle on

Love love love……she is so adorable and looks happy.

Stella Bella on

Jason and Michelle must be pretty serious!

Anne on

This picture is so sweet and I hope Matilda is happy. Michelle seems to have picked a good and kind man to have in her life and in Matilda’s. I hope the very best for them.

Megan on

This picture just touches my heart…Michelle and Matilda have been through so much and come out of it with such grace and class and they deserve NOTHING but happiness…Michelle seems like an absolutely amazing mom:) Jason and Matilda are so stinkin cute

bre on

he seems like he really cares for Matilda, what a sweet picture.

Jen on

I Had my Son when my daughter was 6 – They are BEST FRIENDS!!!

kathy on

This really makes me smile…. they both deserve the happiness… LOVE them both

Cathy on

Good for them. When you’re a single parent, the person you love has to love your kid, too, and he looks like he’s pretty happy as well. He seems like a pretty goofy guy, so I’ll bet she has fun with him.

And if she’s only six and a half, she looks like she’s pretty tall for her age. Jason’s 6’4″.

boston on

There’s always been something so likable about him. Either he’s just an amazing actor or a really good guy. For Michelle and Matildha’s sake (and I suspect), I hope it’s the latter!

Samantha on

Such a pretty little girl. 🙂 I know her daddy smiles down on her every day. I hope that Jason and Michelle can make it work since Matilda seems to be forming some sort of relationship with him as well. As long as everyone is happy, it’s all okay with me. 😀

maryhelenc on

She’s such a pretty little girl. Kudos to Michelle for managing to keep her largely out of the harsh spotlight.

Jason Segel seems quite besotted with her and obviously with Matilda, which is very heartwarming. He seems to be revelling in the stepfather role, which is lovely. This is one celeb pairing I hope works out.

Shaindy on

What a lovely picture. I wish all of them true happiness with one another.

And my only sibling is nearly 11 years younger than me and we’re very close. Age doesn’t have to matter – it’s how they’re raised. 🙂

ellie on

Looks just like her Daddy!

Karen on

So cute. Glad he’s a father figure/friend to matilda.

klutzy_girl on

I love Jason and Michelle as a couple so much, and I really hope they last. This is adorable beyond belief! (And the fact that Michelle trusts Jason with Matilda when she’s out of town – The nanny’s there, too, but still – speaks volumes about their relationship.)

Emma on

I love, love, love this man, and love that he’s with Michelle Williams, she deserves so much happiness. I hope they have babies together 🙂

Melissa on

Wow she looks just like Heath! What a sweet picture 🙂

fanofboardwalkempire on

Hurry up Michelle and Jason and have a baby right away!

You two are perfect for each other. Time is slipping by.

Get serious and get on with this new life together!

red on

She’s still the spitting image of Heath Ledger. I think she’s so cute. I’m glad Michelle has found someone who can be a part of their lives.

soleil on

What a beautiful photo! I wish them all the happiness. This photo made me soooo happy!

sarah on

I just love everyone’s positive comments today. Usually these boards are filled with hate!

I’m sure that this is not how Michelle intented for her life to go, but if she has another child, I’m sure Matilda would be a wonderful older sister. It’s just a different kind of sibling relationship than two kids close in age. Best of luck to Michelle and Jason!

Annie on

I read the article where she talked about siblings and I think she means that she always imagined having more kids with Heath Ledger and giving Matilda siblings that way…I’m not sure, but that’s the way I understood it.

Alexia on

This is such a cute picture! And they must be very serious. Michelle seems like she has a good head on her shoulders, so she’s unlikely to let a guy into Matilda’s life–especially since Matilda lost her own father–unless she really trusts this guy and it’s serious.

kikiandkyle on

It is possible, she could adopt one of the many older kids that need a family. But yes it is hard to realize that it’s too late to have your kids close in age, mine are 6 years apart and while they get on, they’ll never be best friends.

MollyF on

Oh this is such a great picture. I love Jason and Michelle. Matilda looks so happy. Jason definitely seems to love that little girl. Just look at his face. ❤

kaemicha on

I love everything about this story/couple/family! I hope that they can make it work and be happy forever!!!

Alissa on

Just breaks my heart to read Michelle’s comments about wanting a sibling for Matilda- I can only imagine the years of pain and grief she has endured since Heath’s death. Every interview I read from her makes me think she has a very kind and gentle heart, she just seems lovely. I hope this relationship continues for all of them, they just seem so happy, and as one reader pointed out that her children are 6 years apart and best friends,there is hope that one day Michelle’s second child will be best friends with Matilda, regardless of their distance in years!

Donna on

So, adopt a child or children around Matilda’s age – perfect solution!

Jess79 on

I love both Michelle and Jason they seem good for each other. As a single mom, you can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats your kid(s). And Jason definitely looks like a keeper!!!

Lisa on

Is it just me or was the last quote from Michelle Williams just really depressing?

antskip2 on

That is the sweetest picture I have seen in forever! It made my day!

maof2boys on

Look at how he is holding her hand- tight. That is a true connection. LOVE it. Happy for all 3 of them.

Kat on

Cathy, I was thinking the same thing! She is getting close to her mom’s height!

I love Segal, I’m glad to see them both so happy. He is just too adorable!

Matilda really does look like her daddy, it is wonderful all she has to do to remember his face is look in a mirror.

michele on

What a cute photo. I hope they are all happy.

LC on

So adorable! I hope Jason and Michelle work out and have some siblings for Matilda – they are precious together.

Catca on

While I do believe Michelle and Heath loved each other and Michelle was very much a part of Heath’s life and was loved and respected by Heath’s family as well at the time of his death, but you all do realize that Michelle and Heath had broken up before he died, right? It’s just the comments, lovely as they are, seem to be talking as if Heath and Michelle were still a couple and they weren’t. Michelle was a single mom at that time as well.

I do agree with everyone that Matilda looks like both her parents and is a beautiful little girl and Michelle seems to be doing a wonderful job raising her.

I also think Jason Segal does look like a great guy and kudos to him for be willing to be involved. Many men do not want the responsibility of another man’s child even if no financial responsibility is requested of him, just a father figure role. To see a man bonding with his girlfriends daughter like this is really nice to see.

Dina on

Matilda should hook up with Suri Cruise. They are close in age, and Suri could use a good friend right now. Then the whole Dawson’s Creek cast can have a reunion party and reminisce about the old days when life was simple and the problems were about whether Joey should love Dawson or Pacey.

Janine on

I’ve always like Jason & Michelle separately, but together I love them. And the photo of Jason & Matilda is just the sweetest thing. I just hope that everything works out for them.

BL on

LOVE Jason and Michelle – what an awesome couple!

gagirl on

My brother is 6 1/2 years younger than me and we couldn’t be any closer. But we were raised to be that way. Our parents always made sure we were good to each other because one day it will just be the two of us.

Ladybug on

Sweet photo. Matilda looks a lot like her father.

Heather on

She looks like her daddy!!! I hope matilda and Michelle are happy!!

El on

i too love this picture & I am also really appreciating all of the positive comments. Not only do I adore & respect Michelle Williams, but Jason Segel is one of my all-time-favorite actors/people. I too, feel that the connection Michelle & Jason must be rather serious, if she is letting him spend one-on-one time with her daughter. Michelle has been appropriately protective of her little girl, especially after the heartbreak the two of them have already endured.

The other connection Michelle & Jason share, is each of them were independently close friends with Busy Philipps, which not only is awesome, but shows they have similar thoughts & lifestyles.

Lastly, as others have posted, while I understand Michelle’s desire to have had all of her children close together in age, allowing them to grow up together, I honestly don’t believe age has much to do with the likelihood of children being close, but rather how you are raised. I have two younger siblings, a sister 2 years younger and a brother 7 years younger and there have been times in my life where I have been closer to my brother and other times I’ve been closer with my sister. While my sister and I have more shared memories, my brother and I tend to think and act more the sane way.

I just hope Michelle, Matilda and Jason are able to find their happily ever afters!

ava on

What a sweet photo! It must be bittersweet for Michelle for Matilda to look so much like Heath. I can relate to her dream of how the future should turn out, but life is just totally unpredictable sometimes. I hope it works out with Jason because he seems like a great guy!

Annie on

That is adorable

Sue on

Cute picture of Jason and Matilda. Jason seems like a really nice guy. Matilda is the spitting image of Heath. Still miss him so much. I can’t imagine the hearache that the Ledger’s and Matilda live with. I have not seen any photos of Matilda and Heath’s family lately, I hope that they are able to see each other as often as possible even though they live quite a distance apart. RIP Heath, you will never be forgotten

Momof3girls on

What a sweet picture!!!

I made my daughter a big sister 3 weeks before she turned 14 years old!!! I did it again when she was 15 1/2. She adores her little sisters and I’ve never had a single problem with them. It absolutely warms my heart to see the love they all have for each other 🙂

merry on

I am so happy for Michelle and Jason, they seem to be really nice couple and pretty serious, too. Wish them the best. And I love all those lovely comments, for a change.

Kim on

I really hope Michelle has a sibling soon for Matilda so she doesn’t have to grow up as a “lonely only”…and before everybody bashes me for saying me it’s true!!

Dee on

I loved this picture the minute I saw it. Wishing them much happiness!

Julie on

It appears she is just chatting away and he’s just taking it all in… precious!!!!!

Rue LaRoche on

It sort of breaks my heart to see that Matilda looks so much like Heath. How bittersweet. On the plus side, though, Jason seems like such a nice, caring man; I think they’re so good for each other.

mickeyg123 on

It looks like they are having a somewhat funny conversation. This is cute.

tracey on

Matilda was so young when her father passed that I often wonder what her memories are of him because when I look at this child, Heath’s memory lives on in her. She’s the spitting of him.

A very, very, heartwarming photo.

Cass on

Like most others…this picture made me feel good inside. Michelle just seems like a sweet lady and Jason seems like a gentleman and seeing this pic makes me believe that even more. So nice to see 🙂

Frances on

Kudos to all of you who posted…so positive…really good to read.

Thanks for making the story EVEN better w/your cool comments!

Amanda K on

There’s something so attractive about a man who is good with kids and he appears to be one of them. Good for all of them to have found some happiness!

Brooke on

This pic makes my heart so happy. Poor little Matilda will not remember her daddy, and I would love to see her have a good guy in her life.

Isabel on

Kim, while that may have been the case for you, I’ve never had a problem growing up as an only child. I had plenty of friends and family so I never felt like I was lonely or missing out. I never understand why those who choose to have one child are always judged so harshly for it. I understand that’s not the case for Michelle but I’m speaking in general.

Lyoness on

I like Jason, Michelle and Matilda together. They seem like a very sweet little family. He seems like a good, genuine, hardworking man. Can’t beat that.

Michelle on

Such a cute photo. I love Jason and Michelle. Matilda looks like she is just talking up a storm and Jason is right there with her.

I applaud Michelle for not bringing a lot of different men into Matilda’s life (ahem, Kate Hudson). I think other than her long-term relationship with Spike Jonze this is the only other man we have seen with Matilda.

Sadly, because Matilda was so young when Heath passed away, she probably has no real memories of him. I know from experience. I am sure she has memories, but they are based on photos and stories other people tell her, not her actual memories. My niece and nephews were 5 when my brother passed away. 4 years later, they have no real memories left – only photos and stories other people tell them. It breaks my heart.

Amber on

I agree with Frances. It is refreshing to see positivity on the board. I saw 58 comments and shuddered. Love this photo!

Macie on

“lonely only” is a terrible thing to say. There are people who go through childhood as only children and they live a happy, normal life with many friends and they aren’t lonely. Just so you know my only child is happy, has many friends, is in all kinds of activities, and is doing very well in school. Would I like another child so my six year old has a sibling? Of course, but my husband is passed away. I can relate to Michelle. It sucks and it’s hard. Sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them to or hope they would have. But, you put your child first. Unless you are an only child and can vouch for that, then don’t go there…

sally on

It’s a good thing that she has a father figure in her life! She is so cute!

Doreen on

LOVE Jason!! Michelle is one lucky girl!! Matilda def still looks very much like her Daddy. Cutie pie! Just such a tragic loss of Heath. 😦 He wasn’t looking well towards the end, I knew something was going to happen to him. 😦

amy on

Very sweet picture. She sure is her daddy’s clone!

Liz on

That poor girl looks manly. So sad. First negative comment on here I suppose. Oh well. 🙂

Charlene M. on

I am rooting for this couple! I hope that the paparazzi respects their privacy.

Carmel on

wow does Matilda look like Heath?! image of him! adorbs pic

moonwalker14 on

Oh my word, this picture is so wonderful, it puts such a big smile on my heart haha. It is SO difficult for a child to find herself a father figure who she feels bonded with after their biological father is no longer there. So I’m really glad that she gets along with Jason, and you can tell that Jason genuinely cares about her. I’m watching How I Met Your Mother right now, and enjoying the Marshall character even more now! Love Jason Segel, and glad that cute little matilda gets along with him 🙂

bluesabriel on

I really hope it works out for them. I imagine Jason Segel would be a fabulous dad and both Matilda and Michelle deserve all the happiness in the world.

Tina on

Love the picture – my kids are 20, 6 and 2-3/4. Not a problem. Families are all different.

tomfool on

Holy moly, has she ever grown up since last I’ve seen pictures of her!

I’m so happy that Michelle Williams has found a guy who makes her so happy. And Jason just seems like the nicest, most fun guy to be around. It makes me happy every time I see something about them. (but it’s also nice that I haven’t heard about them -that- often. Every couple deserves some privacy. :))

Someone You Know on

Matilda is Heath’s twin…adorable!

Otis on

She has her daddy’s looks.

Shannon on

She looks like Heath but I can see Michelle in there too.

Anonymous on

Catca- I definitely see your point, but I can also see where the people making the comments you mentioned are coming from. Not long after Heath died (I don’t think it had even been a year yet), Michelle made several comments indicating that she had really hoped for a reconcillation with Heath (presumably after he had conquered his addictions, which, from what I understand, is a big part of the reason they split in the first place).

In otherwords, Michelle and Heath may not have been a couple when he died, but Michelle hadn’t neccesarily expected that arrangement to be permenant!

Anyway, this is a adorable picture!

Katie on

Love all 3 of them together. I think that’s great how well Jason and Michelle work so great together. And Matilda looks just like Heath I think. Miss him as an actor so much! But I wish all the happiness to them, Michelle deserves it and so does Matilda after going through so much.

Amy on

I know exactly how Michelle feels – my son is now 5 and I had always wanted children to be close in age and feel bad now that, that isn’t going to happen. BUT someone I know has 3 children and they are either 6 or 7 yrs apart and very close. So, maybe it’s not too late.

I have always loved Michelle and am so glad she is happy and Matilda is just beautiful!

Veronica on

I’m happy for Michelle and Matilda, but the only reason there isn’t negative comments is because this is the boyfriend with his girlfiend’s child.

If this was a girlfriend/fiancee’/wife with her boyfriend/fiancee’/husband’s child, then you would hear

-“She’s overstepping her role”
-“Why are they alone? Why isn’t the father with them?”
-“She’s trying to steal “so and so’s” son/daughter!”
-“If the father isn’t going to spend time with his child(ren), then the child(ren) should be sent back to their mother!”
-Why is SHE holding his/her/ hand?”

A ton of negativity and vitriol directed at the girlfriend/fiancee’/wife with her boyfriend/fiancee’/husband’s child(her stepchild(ren).

There is a double standard.

Jason, Matilda, and Matilda’s nanny are taking a stroll through NYC while Michelle is in LA.

Image the negativity and vicious of the comments if that situation was in the reverse.

Ex: Megan Fox and Kassius Green/Anna Paquin and her stepchildren/Alicia Keys and her stepchildren/Khloe Kardashian taking a stroll through LA while Brian Austin Green/Stephen Moyer/Swiss Beatz/Lamar Odom are out of town.

They would be called every name but a child of God.

It’s always interesting how poster slam some male celeb’s girlfriend/fiancee’/wife for being photographed with his child(ren), but coo and gush when it’s in the opposite order.

Celebrity male stepparents can refer to their children as “my daughter or son” ala Matt Damon, Kurt Sutter (writer and creator of Sons of Anarchy), but a female celebrity would be ripped to shreds.

Katie Holmes was ripped to shreds when she said that Connor and Bella Cruise call her “Mom”.

The standards should be kept the same for each gender.

If you gush and coo for men, then do the same for women.

Lady on

This picture made me smile & tear up at the same time… sweet & looks very genuine. Matilda has grown soooo much!!

Carolyn on

My son is an only and has certainly never been lonely. He is extremely outgoing, has tons of friends, and is in college now doing very well. He enjoys his alone time too and is never at a loss to occupy himself. Not every only is lonely!

meghan on

Veronica, every example you stated has two parents that are still alive. Heath is gone and I think people are happy that Matilda can have a man in her life that will hopefully love her like Heath did and do the things that a young girl does with her dad. Jason can’t overstep when Heath isn’t around to do what a father does.

boohoobytch on

adorable picture…I see one person had to ruin it for this post so I’ll say this: if you’re not yet a parent – beware of YOUR future kids’ face, words often come back to slap you in the mouth…Matilda is a cutie and looks like her dad, B-F-D…after seeing this picture, I sincerely hope they stay together since she trusted/loves him enough to introduce him to her child (and go out alone)

boohoobytch on

ps – only children rule…we don’t feel the need to be up someone’s @$$ 24/7, quite independent and enjoy OURSELVES…it’s the people with siblings that call me 16 times a day b/c they can’t THINK for themselves and need an opinion for everything…we’re privileged

MichaelaQ on

What a sweet picture. They look like they are having a fun conversation :). She sure looks like her daddy. I would imagine that Michelle would be both happy and sad about that, as I’m sure it makes her miss Heath even more. Michelle seems like she is doing a wonderful job with Matilda.

To Kim – many of us, like in Michelle’s situation, do not choose to have an only. I have a 10 year old, and have lost many babies trying to have another. It was not my choice for my child not to have siblings. It is just the way life worked out for me.

anonymous on

i’ve never commented before on any of these stories, but as a woman whose partner is a widower with a young child, whom i am helping to raise… this just makes my heart happy.

i agree with the commenter who voiced her opinion that there are different standards for men and women- i can be ripped to shreds for having a girls day with my partner’s daughter- but what matters at the end of it all is that these children are loved and that they can feel the love of their parent who died too soon.

i know my little girl feels the love of all three of her parents- and my wish is the same for little matilda. everything else is just the small stuff.

Veronica on

@ Meghan- Your missing the point. People are only gushing and cooing because it’s the boyfriend spending the day with his girlfriend’s daughter. There was going to gushing whether Heath was alive or not.

Anytime some male celeb is with his significant other’s child, then he applauded and exhalted.

Anytime some female celeb is with her significant other’s child, then she is villainized and torn down.

If it was Megan Fox, Alicia Keys, or any other celebrity stepmother or girlfriend/fiancee’/wife spending the day with their significant other’s child or children, then they would be ripped to shreds.

The hypocrisy and double standards for genders are amazing.

I’m sure you same posters gushing would have been doing a happy dance if People posted the pics of Oliver Martinez kissing Nahla on the lips at the beach.

@ anonymous got my point perfectly.

Lauren on

Whoever said that this poor girl looks manly should honestly slap themselves, shame on you. What kind of person are you?

Best of luck to Jason and Michelle and their happiness. They seem to really have something special.

meghan on

Veronica, I got your point. I think you are wrong. People’s reactions have everything to do with Matilda not having her dad.

“There was going to gushing whether Heath was alive or not.” Are you psychic? I’m impressed.

“I’m sure you same posters gushing would have been doing a happy dance if People posted the pics of Oliver Martinez kissing Nahla on the lips at the beach.” Seeing as he is encouraging Halle’s efforts to take Nahla away from her Dad, no I would not be doing a happy dance.

Veronica on

@ Meghan- I’m just going by the history of posters on this site.

Fawning over and gushing over male celebs with SO’s children while ripping to shreds female celebs with SO’s children.

Happens here all the time. It’s done even more on the main People board.

I have yet to come across a post here going back to the old days when People didn’t own this blog that didn’t find something wrong with a pic of a female celeb with her SO’s child(ren). The same can’t be said when it’s male celeb with his SO’s child(ren). Posters will post comments acting as though that male celeb is the best thing since sliced bread.

There are always double standards based upon the gender of the adult and their ties to the child they’re photographed with.

I doubt given the history of posters that they would be as courteous if you reversed the genders, and put in Michelle and Jason in opposite positions. If they did, then there would be backhanded compliments.

You just said yourself the only way you wouldn’t be doing a happy dance is because you view Oliver as helping Halle’s efforts to keep Nahla from Gabriel.

At no point did you say it was inappropriate for a boyfriend to be kissing their SO’s child on the lips.

I say if posters are going to rip pics of female celebs with their SO’s child(ren), then they should use the same standards when it’s a pic of a male celeb.

meghan on

“You just said yourself the only way you wouldn’t be doing a happy dance is because you view Oliver as helping Halle’s efforts to keep Nahla from Gabriel.”

Veronica, don’t put words in my mouth. That’s not the only instance that would offend me. That’s just the example that you used and it is one that happens to particularly offend me.

“At no point did you say it was inappropriate for a boyfriend to be kissing their SO’s child on the lips.”

I thought it went without saying that is inappropriate. I didn’t realize you need things spelled out for you. This was a nice thread until you turned up.

Sarah on

she could always adopt a child who is close to her daughter’s age. they don’t have to be blood siblings to be siblings

Julianna on

Veronica and Meghan just ended the stream of positivity in this post, even though I get both of their points and agree with them both.

Yes, women stepping out with their children are ripped and criticized (like Gisele Bundchen when she said she felt Tom’s son with Bridget Moynahan is her son too). But in this case Meghan is also correct. Matilda lost her father, a man who adored and doted on her, when she was very young, so she has no real recollections of him. She has no real paternal figure in her life.

Michelle always seemed like a protective mother, keeping her daughter from her relationships. That she feels secure enough in her bond with Jason to allow him to take Matilda out while she’s across the country working, is proof of just how close they are and how much she trusts him with the most important person of her life – which isn’t a surprise, considering they were friends for quite some time before they started dating.

Matilda is so much like her daddy it makes me want to cry.

MeredithM on

That’s adorable, I’m glad they get along so well. I love him, he’s hilarious!

Indira on

I don’t think there’s a double standard, none of the examples listed have dead parent who for obvious reasons isn’t in the picture. At the very least provide an example that is similar to this situation here.

Women tend to gush over men who are tender and caring towards children period. Look at the comments about usher with his kids (bio and not), hugh jackman and the latest favorite dad Chris Hemsworth.

JMO on

I can understand her quotes. I think children do tend to be closer and have more in common if they are less then 4 years apart in age. The older a child gets the less they have in common with the sibling however it doesn’t mean they can’t be close. If anything I think MAtilda would be a great big sister and protector of a little sibling.

Matilda is beautiful and this picture is even more beautiful. After everything they have been through they deserve such happiness. I lost my dad young too but certainly not as young as matilda so I cannot even fathom what it must be like for her. I think Michelle is doing a wonderful job!

JM on

Veronica is 100% correct. I hate the disgusting double standard. stepdads are saints, stepmums are evil witches. sad but true for so many people on this blog. when the reality should be that the more people who love a child the better.

anyway, this is a sweet photo, i hope all three of them are very happy and that matilda gets to have a lovely stable family.

mari on

Our oldest is 8.5+ years older than our third. She is very close to him. In fact while away in college she calls home regularly to speak just to him and asks about his school days and sporting events. So anything is possible.
This photo of them is cute. Can’t help but root for them .

gabbi on

gosh, she had grown up soooo much since that famous pic on her daddy’s shoulders….

Anonymous on

She looks so much like her dad…it’s adorable ❤