Alicia Keys Is ‘a Natural Mom,’ Says Husband Swizz Beatz

07/12/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
James Devaney/WireImage

Not quite two years into motherhood, Alicia Keys is already a pro.

That’s according to her husband, Swizz Beatz, who told PEOPLE Wednesday at the ESPY Awards that his wife doesn’t need any advice at all about how to be a great mother to their son, 21-month-old Egypt Daoud.

“She’s just a natural mom,” he said. “She even surprised my mom, who wanted to give her tips but was like, ‘What tips can I give her?! She’s already ahead of the game.'”

The DJ and rapper, 33, added that he and Keys, 31, do plan on having more kids. “God willing, yes,” he said. “Everything just has to flow.”

Asked if “God willing” might also mean “Alicia willing,” he laughed and said, “That too!”

The couple were married in July 2010, three months before Egypt was born. “We have a lot of fun and we’re very family oriented,” Swizz Beatz says of married life with Keys.

Asked what’s the most surprisingly thing about his new life, he replied: “That you can really be married to your best friend.”

— Tim Nudd

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Despite what people say this couple actually seems solid. I love that quote about being married to your best friend, I hope to have that someday. Anyway good luck and much love to them and their entire family.

Annie on

Such a great couple. I always loved Alicia’s music and style and I’m glad she’s happy! Wish them the best!

Letty on

Wow, any one can be a natural mom with maids and nannies.

starterwife on

judging by the amount of kids he’s had by different women i guess you could say he’s a natural “bio-dad.”

Gina on

This coming from a man who has fathered four children with four different women. I can’t see what beautiful Alicia sees in this cheating/ugly man.

Honest on

The best marriages are with your very best friend. Alicia and Swizz are a very loving, creative and beautiful couple.

guest on

Alicia Keys is summed up with one word “grace”. She is beautiful inside and out and was blessed with so many talents they can’t even be listed here, not to mention an amazing voice. Everyone has a past whether good or bad and if she can look past the past her husband has and still be happy. I love it, I do believe they are best friends and I do believe they are in love they way they interact with each other is all telling. So forget the haters Alicia and keep singing your pretty little out heart.

Shannon on

And he’s a natural baby daddy. whatever.

Anita on

I never had a doubt that Alicia would be a great mother. She’s a beautiful, loving and caring person. Egypt is a very lucky little guy to have her for a mom. 🙂

@Letty, Some people sterotype, like you. Just because some celebrities have nannies and maids around their children all the time, doesn’t mean all of them do. If you knew anything at all about Alicia you would know how much she cares about that little boy and how much she loves being with him (herself).

rolanda on

He is sickening; if I ruled the world, vasectomy PRONTO (and no anesthesia). He has too many kids. And no, lovers shouldn’t be best friends. Friends are friends; lovers are something else. My best friend is “like” me; my life partner is a counterpart and an ally, not a bookend.

Were those other baby mamas his “friends” too?

rolanda on

He is sickening. If I ruled the world he would get a vasectomy TOMORROW (and no anesthesia). Were the other baby mamas his “friends” too? Gawk.

akaye23 on

He is a very handsome little boy!

Anita on

Of course she’s a great mother. I’ve read how much she misses Egypt when she has to leave him, so for anyone to suggest it’s easy to be a mother when there are nannies and maids, you’re wrong. Some celebrities are really just like normal people, you know? They love being with their children and actually miss them. They would rather leave them with family when need be. I think Alicia is one of these celebrities.

Lotus on

@Letty, how many maids and nannies does she have?

Shannon on

lol @ rolanda

Wow no anesthesia? Ouch! Tough crowd.

bama prisca on

it is good but you are in the illuminati club it is not good try to change bcause the devel is using all of you.give your heard and your sourl to JESUShe is alife and he loves you you have a baby nown try to thing alicia thing it very well JESUSloves all of you.

bama prisca on

it is good . but you are in the illuminati it is not good for your child and for you the lucifer is using you and all the reste for not thing or isit for money .please try to thing very well and change it will be very difficult but try to now that GOD loves and give him your heart and your soul.please try on it even if you can continue but please your child give his soul to GOD ALICIA change please for your child i m a very good fan thank you.

Jen on

ALL women have to be natural moms. there is no manual that comes with the kid. Cracks me up when people act like they are the only ones to experience parenthood, get a clue.

Request on

good for u guys may GOD b wt u and th whole family!!!

bLuNt on

Who really cares….What difference does it make if they truly happy or not? If it doesnt work they will just move to the NEXT as anyone would….No one knows what happened with his past Baby Mama’s and no one knows how GREAT of a mother Alicia is??? Its what we READ People! Do you know them personally? Stop Judging and just keep reading for exactly what it’s meant for-SHEER entertainment!

Shiv on

I always come to this site to read the comments. And usually laugh hysterically at how angry some of you are. So he’s got a few kids by different women. It happens! Often. Now if he fathered one of your kids I could understand the hate. But I’m guessing he didn’t. And if he did, well I apologize. Hate on!

Honest on

I love hearing that Alicia is Swizz best friend because it is important to be able to communicate and share your feelings with the person you love.

They bring out the best in each other as well. I love them together and wish them more beautiful healthy babies and a nice long, long, happy marriage.

Anita on

@Jen, Sorry but all women are not natural mothers. To some it doesn’t come nearly as easy. Yes, you can be a mom and have no natural instincts when it comes to your child. It’s a pity but some children in that case would be better off with a nanny. Much better than the millions of children who are abused and neglected by their parents.

Traxie on

Yeah, she’s a natural mom. That’s why the kid has a pacifier at his age – and obviously not just for nighttime.

Swizz Beatz is so revoltingly ugly too, I can’t believe he found 4 women who would have sex with him, let alone 4 women he could impregnate.

Lynn on

It is so sad to see how judgemental some of you people are. This couple appears to be happy so leave them the hell alone. The could care less about what you say or think so be quiet! #ignorant#

Lorraine on

God bless them 3. They found each other, good for those 2. Beautiful child. A lot of kids suck pacifiers, So what, thats Not bad parenting. Duh!

Anyway No one is perfect or good Everyone and Everyone on this post got bagage or Skeletins in their closets. Stop hateing. Grow Up.

If you are Sooo perfect why you aint in Heaven Already, Saint Holy than Thou!

Keys and Beatz still Rich living ther lives and your Sill a Bitter Hateful Jealous person. So Sad for you.

Congradulations Keys, Beatz, baby Egypt:-)

April on

Everyone is there own person n makes there own decision. Not you! What she does is on her. She is a financially fit person n has life where we all want it. Her baby is so cute n I don’t see nor hear anything bad coming from her life. I just wanted to c her baby n all I read about are haters. Trust me, if everyone’s life were to b put on blast I bet the paparazzi would make anyone look bad. Luv her for her talents, cuz that’s why you know her anyways.