Eric Winter: Sebella Is an ‘Amazing’ Traveler

07/11/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Courtesy Sánchez-Winter Family

Sebella Rose: World traveler?

Taking to the skies for the first time at only two months old, the daughter of actors Eric Winter and Roselyn Sánchez is already racking up the pages in her passport.

“We went to Bogotá, Colombia where my wife was shooting a miniseries. We were very nervous because the flight was long and it was the first time traveling with Sebella, but she did amazing!” the proud father, 35, tells PEOPLE. “She slept pretty much the entire time.”

With Winter recently wrapping his new film, Fire with Fire, and Sánchez, 39, currently working on Devious Maids, the new dad admits they are still learning to juggle their professional lives with parenthood.

“We are adjusting the best we can. Our work is unpredictable and requires a lot of traveling and [relocating], so we just take one day at a time,” he says. “[We] make every decision with the well-being of our daughter as priority.”

All the air time has allowed the first-time parents to pick up a few tricks along the way, including healthy habits and a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family.

“We always carry Vitamin C with us and take some (Sebella, too!) before takeoff,” Winter explains. “We [also] never leave home without our T-Mobile HTC One S. It’s the perfect way to share photos of Sebella while we are away.”

According to Winter, the phone allows those back home to never miss a milestone — and lately, the 6-month-old baby girl has had much to celebrate!

“She’s always smiling and giggling. She recently discovered her voice, so she’s constantly trying to have a conversation,” the doting dad shares. “When she wants attention from us she has a specific scream that she does to get our attention. We are blessed that she is healthy and a very happy baby!”

— Anya Leon

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Amanda on

That baby looks JUST like her dad.

He’s gorgeous, and I’m sure she will be, so right now we’ll say she’s very unique!

Kelly on

Isn’t she just a cutie pie! I love her little grin 🙂

blessedwithboys on

Ugh, I HATE these advertisements masquerading as blogs!

Emily on

Well blessedwithboys, how do you think these interviews come about? Of course the celebrity is promoting a project or a product. I see one unintrusive mention here, a cute photo and some quotes about parenthood.

PS – if it’s an bought and paid advertisement, it must be disclosed. See the ad above this comment box or Elisabeth Rohm’s last blog. Advertising 101.

Agree this baby looks just like dad! What a happy little girl.

Shannon on

Look at that face!

chelsea on

She’d be a lot cuter if she took that silly headband off.

Leslie on

“We [also] never leave home without our T-Mobile HTC One S. It’s the perfect way to share photos of Sebella while we are away.”

TACKY. And Emily, you are wrong… it’s doesn’t have to be disclosed. Hidden product placement has been happening more and more in movies, tv, and online. The reason is because advertisers have found it’s more effective if people don’t realize they are being advertized to, and it is just slipped in there. It’s creepy.

Julianna on

Sebella is adorable! She has mommy’s eyes!

Emily on

Leslie – It does have to be disclosed online when it is a bought and paid advertisement on – therefore this is not. These stories come about when a product or project has a celeb attached to it and the magazine or website is offered a chance to chat. In exchange for access to the celeb, the item is mentioned.

I worked in advertising and PR for years – just left last year when I had my son – and wanted to clear up blessedwithboys comment. I want people to understand how the game is played – you don’t mention the whole reason you got the interview, you don’t get any original content for your site.

Leslie on

Emily, I work in tv and am familiar with how product placement works too. It does not need to be disclosed. If this was just a simple case of “I really love my Tmobile phone!” how do you explain the link, in pink, that takes you directly to the Tmobile website? And why would a celebrity just pop that quote in there randomly in the middle of an interview. It’s not natural, and someone is definitely getting paid.

Emily on

Right, I’m sure Eric or Roselyn are being paid for their work with T-mobile, not PEOPLE – that was my point. On PEOPLE, it is disclosed with a line saying so, like in Elisabeth Rohm’s last blog post, or with ADVERTISEMENT in grey lettering above the ad.

I’m saying the deal was most likely T-mobile coming to PEOPLE and saying – “hey, we’re working with this couple, we’d like to offer you an interview with them and exclusive photo in exchange for a product mention and link. You don’t agree to that, you don’t get the interview.”

I admit I am not familiar with the way TV advertising functions – only magazines and digital properties – so can’t speak to that at all, but you must be aware of the way celebrity interviews/promotions work if you’re also in the industry, no?

Shannon on

“We [also] never leave home without our T-Mobile HTC One S.”

Wow. How dumb do they think people are? Nobody actually talks like that.

cn tower on

Leslie, ITA – you’ve made several valid points.

Hopefully there are others on the site who are also able to see through this kind of thing. It’s a little insulting to think that the site assumes everyone is gullible and naive.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Very Cute story about the great traveling the baby is doing.

What a lovely family!

jennifer on

sebella sounds like salmonella. Not a pretty name.

lilly on

What a beautiful family picture. God has blessed them with a beautiful ,healthy daughter. I think, right now that little girl looks just like her daddy. I would love to see more of them.

Carolyn on

I agree about the headband or whatever it is. Just silly looking.

McBelle on

They’re a good-looking couple and that baby is smiling. Looks happy. I hope I see him in more movies and shows 🙂

rosanna on

Does she have a head injury? And the strap supports the soft skull or something?

It would seem that the child’s comfort would be important to them too–soft clothes made of natural fibers (or no clothes!) and nothing constricting anywhere. Babies aren’t for decorating. They are people.

Paige on

What a horrible name.

Anonymous on

who cares? They aren’t very famous anyway.

Lisa d. on

I really didn’t enjoy this T mobile HTC One advertisement!

LM on

I was thinking what a cute article until the blatant advertising bit. Very tacky for a blog about your daughter. I guess that’s the world we live in today.

Cait on

THAT’S MY COUSIN!! CONGRATS ERIC!! Aunt Kay and Uncle Stan would be proud!!

LazySunday on

Beautiful happy family.

Nice product placement in the article.