BumpWatch: Camila McConaughey Debuts Her Belly

07/11/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Solarpix/PR Photos

Check out that baby bump!

A week after announcing that their third child is on the way, Matthew McConaughey‘s wife Camila debuted quite the belly at Magic Mike‘s London premiere, held Tuesday evening.

Sporting a leopard-print strapless dress and red lipstick, the model, 29, struck a pose with her husband, whom she wed June 9 at their home in Texas.

Already parents to daughter Vida, 2½, and son Levi, 4, the actor says they’ll be keeping the sex of this baby under wraps as well.

“We didn’t [find out] with the other two,” McConaughey, 42, explains. “It’s a wonderful surprise.”

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Tee Tee on

Matthew and Camila really come across as being great parents. I’m excited that they are expecting their third child!

meghan on

She looks like a knocked up hooker. Not a good dress.

Anonymous on

Some people just do not think, they keep producing.

There should be some brain involved. She definitely doesn’t look having one.

Denise on

Best Wishes with your new arrival.

Amber on

She looks the best I’ve seen here. Gorgeous!

Jordan ! on

Congrats to them!! I don’t like the dress!! not flattering at all to her. She looks fat not pregnant in that dress! Yes your pregnant and want to be sexy, but there are other ways to be sext and that aint it!

Anonymous on

It is awesome, that they waited to find out sex of their children.

amy on

Ugh..will the term baby “bump” EVER go away????

Tracy Martinez on

Not a fan of her dress. Did they finally buy a house or are they still living in the trailer???

my perspective on

If you are pregnant 3 times by the age of 29 years old…..what kind of model are you? Did she really hve a career as a model? Nothing wrong with just being a mom and wife. Why is she listed as a “model”?

Anonymous on

She can keep on shooting babies out like a log ride if she wants. He has the money to support them. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal, though. She’s been pregnant practically ever since she met him. However, I don’t know why we’re wasting space printing her name in the headline. She’s virtually an unknown–and wouldn’t be known at all without marrying him. Refer to her as what she is: “Matthew McConaughey‘s wife.” That’s all she’ll ever be.


Anonymous- your last sentence didn’t make sense. Some people, mainly you, should just stop speaking.

Maria on

Damm, this bump was overnight…when was the Wedding? She did not look a hint of even being pregnant at her wedding…

boohoobytch on

she’s gorgeous

Lady on

Wow such negativity….guess some people forgot to take their happy pills this morning!!!

Not a huge fan of the dress, but she looks gorgeous nonetheless…congrats to them!

NatesMama on

Wow, Anonymous….jealous much? LOL

Barbi on

Some of you people SERIOUSLY need therapy! Congratulations to this couple.

Anonymous on

She is gorgeous but I agree, not a very good choice in dress…

chelsea on

That picture is funny. They both have very different weird looking expressions on their face.

Ms. Whoever on

@Meghan you say she looks like a knocked up hooker really, what do you look like

leslye on

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of the term BABY BUMP OMG so tired of it!!! Plus watching every new version of it in an outfit way too tight for their condition just so it can show more. Mind you I think a pregnant body is beautiful but the dress that are up to their rears already is not necessary WE GOT IT your pregnant GOT IT!!! CONGRADS ON THAT BUT YOU DON”T HAVE TO BE AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR IT WITH EVERY OUTFIT….

cme on

Anonymous-I believe you mentioned something about a brain…take your own advice!

meghan on

I don’t look like a knocked up hooker, that much I know. You, Ms.Whoever?

JDK on

This picture is not flattering to either one of them – they are a great looking couple but not in this frame. Wow!!

Emry on

They are my favorite hollywood couple!!! Soo excited to see pictures of their new little addition.

kitty62862 on

Godd luck and God bless!

Camila, you lucky &&%$^!! 🙂

Elisa on

I don’t think that Meghan said she’s a hooker just that she looked like one… those are totally different! unfortunately I kind of agree with her…the red lipstick didn’t help either… she has dressed herself so fine in many other times… besides in this particular picture she looks like she’s bored, doesn’t she? she is a beautiful woman who has the means to dress better!

florence on

OMG such terribly nasty mean comments about this woman…do you guys look at what your writing about someone you dont even know? I like that family and I wish them all the very best and al the happiness in the world.

Devon on

Christ. Why is everyone just a cranky pants this morning? I saw another photo of Camila at this event, with Jenna Dewan, and she looked amazing. I think it’s just the angle and the way she’s standing. She does NOT look like a pregnant hooker. People need to let this kind of crap go!

TM on

Camila looks stunning in this photo!

Cassie on

Awww they are so friggin’ cute together! Congrats again!!!

And all of you up in arms -You might as well get over the term baby bump, I doubt it’s going anywhere soon.

Why get so irritated by it though? I mean, really, if that is your biggest gripe of the day consider yourselves lucky!

kaitlyn on

At first I thought Matthew was posing with hooker, this pic doesn’t look like her at all.

Ceci on

– Anonymous on July 11th, 2012

Someone forgot their medication today! It’s not that serious, chill out. I’m sure she doesn’t care what you think, since you’re unknown and nothing to her.

snarkette65 on

I know one couple where she wanted to know the sex of the baby and he didn’t. So he’d break down and ask, and she’d say it was a girl. Next time, a boy. By the end, he was thoroughly confused and got his original wish, that he not know the gender of the baby!

Just My Opinion on

Haters, no need to comment!

Ms. Whoever on

@Meghan you sure???????????

Crystal on

Matt Looks high as a kite here, but Congrats! LOL

way annonymous on

She is obviously pregnant months away…even before wedding. Her bump is ahead of Matt’s news 😀

RI on

Some of you are crazy! I want to be fat like her! Geez!

merce4u on

Why dont they get married before having children?? Just a thought.

karen on

Is it just me? They don’t look very happy in that picture…


Some people LIKE TO HAVE KIDS! Maybe she wants them all to be super close in age, my mom had 3 kids by 25. Let people live and stop judging them sheesh wonder how you would feel if I knew SOME OF YOUR LIFE and started talking shxt about you! Congrats Matthew & Camila!

Jo on

I agree that this isn’t the most attractive photo of them, but she IS pregnant & chasing around a toddler & preschooler. That’s enough to wear anyone out!!

And as someone said: they can afford the cost of raising their kids, so who cares how many they have!?! Apparently, some people can’t just be happy for others.

Manal from Jordan on

what is wrong with her dress!! i love it! she looks beautiful! but he looks weird! he looks like a candle or something…

Catca on

I know I’m tired of people constantly complaining about the term “baby bump”. It’s become part of pop culture jargon – let it go!

The only hookers I’ve ever seen looking like that are ones that are very high end that are supposed to look discrete and blend in. That is certainly not a dress that street hookers wear. I walk down the street everyday and see many young girls dressed far more like street hookers than Camilla here. I also don’t see how someone who is showing no fat anywhere on her body except her abs could be called fat looking by some of he blog posters on here. Unreal! Personally I think Camilla looks absolutely gorgeous (even though the dress is not my personal taste as I’m not a fan of animal prints)

ELC on

Looks like she’s carrying a boy…an old wives tale. She’s all in the front. It looks like she didn’t spread in the butt which would be a girl. I could be wrong?Anyhow, congrats to the couple. Have a Healthy Baby no matter what the sex. The have one of each anyhow. This one is an added blessing.

Elisa on

Victoria and David have 4 children and no one says anything! seriously if they wanted to have 10 I’d still say congratulations! they can feed them all and even send them to good universities! so there’s no problem in having more kids… it’s great to be raised with siblings! people are just too selfish and think 1 is enough…

Vanessa on

How the heck did she hide that belly at the wedding only one month ago? I saw the wedding pics and there was no belly at all.

Ellarae on

She’s beautiful, he’s gorgeous and they have a beautiful family. None of that matters. What matters is they seem to love each other deeply, enjoy life to it’s fullest and seem to be hands on parents to those adorable little tots. Congratulations on the third and keep up the wonderful positive attitudes!

kelly on

About how far along is she would you guess?

Allison on

My nephew just lost two guys in his unit in Iraq. Why is it that their names are not in the headlines somewhere? The more we “feed” these articles, the more they will print them.

Kelly on

I agree with Meghan…knocked up hooker is about right and Matthew looks like he just came from Madame Tussauds wax museum. And as for my comment and everyone else’s good or bad…these people are in the public eye because they are paid to be, they make their living because they want people to watch them, read about them or listen and look at them. If they go out to a movie opening where they want people to look at them and they look ridiculous, we have every right to make a comment as well as if they had looked fabulous.

Jeanette on

Her Baby Bump likely looks huge since the dress looks a bit tight

lissa on

She is gorgeous but dress not so much… he looks so thin… they make cute babies, sweet.

Teltech544 on

Love those baby bumps.

ForThePeople on

Give the ole vagina a break, eh?! Good grief. 3 under 3, ewwww!!!

Crystal on

She looks to be about 4-5 months. Which brings me to my next point…… I stand by what I said when they first made the announcement. She was just going to keep getting pregnant until he made her a Mrs. She was not pregnant when he asked her to marry him and she accepted but she sure as hell got pregnant right after. SMH. Some women have no self respect. Camila is definitely one of them.

Jada on

Lmao! Do they ever use protection? But I have to admit, he is REALLY HOT! So….😘

Lia on

They are both very ugly but she came out looking good in this picture…

shrimperdan on

This site needs a moderator. Some of the comments are just horrible and mean spirited.

Tigerlee on

He was just going to just keep impregnating her until she agreed to marry him. I stand by what I say.

meghan on

Allison, you are on a baby blog. You are not going to hear about Iraq here.

Kimberly on

I would certainly love to see what some of you look like who are calling her ugly. She is a gorgeous pregnant woman. It is so easy to criticize people from behind a keyboard. I am not a huge fan of her or anything, but I just can’t believe how awful and critical some of you are. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Jean on

He is not aging well…

Anonymous on

I think they both look high as kites, but he is still my fav forever.

Just Me on

He looks stoned and she looks like she’s trying to be seductive, in a tramp dress with red lipstick, pregnant. Whatever, you folks who want to love them all you want. I don’t “hate” them…but I certainly am entitled to not love and adore them like you do…get over yourselves! Glad they finally truly committed nearly 3 kids in…hope it lasts as they seem to be truly in love, and that above all, is a good thing.

Anonymous on

Matthew McConaughey does not look well – too thin. I sincerely hope he is okay.

Terry French on

Oh my gosh; did she really wear that dress? Wow!

And she calls herself a model. Can anyone believe that she showed up in that rag and we have to be subjected to a visual atom bomb. For petes sake, this is what people are commenting on, her dress? She is a person, more than her dress, more than a wife of an actor. Living her own life, the best happiest time of her life. Pick your battles.

Tee Tee on

Wow, I agree with Shrimperdan. This site needs a moderator in the worst way! I really enjoying reading the articles here but it might be time for me to stop reading the comments. It hurts my heart to hear people being so ugly towards this woman and her family!

Allison, I’m so sorry to hear that your nephew lost two of his men in the war. My prayers with be with both their families. But I don’t quite understand why you’re thinking that should be discussed on a celebrity baby blog? I completely agree that it’s worthy of headlines but only on the appropriate site. CBB/People really isn’t that site.

Shannon on

Poor Camila. She looks exhausted.

Shannon on

The dress looks okay but would be better 3 inches longer.

I can’t tell whether the ladies posting are jealous that she’s his wife, jealous that she’s having his children, or jealous that they’ll never look like her. bwahhhhhh

Anonymous on

ForThePeople- Read the article. Levi is four, so they’ll have three under four, not three.

As for how far along she is, I’m guessing about four months, which would make her due around December. Maybe they’ll have a Christmas baby! 🙂

Brianne on

Great picture! Everyone who’s hating: shut up! They can have as many kids as they want, after all! I say the more the merrier!!!

Anonymous on

NYCGIRLXO- You may very well be right about her wanting all the kids close in age. I remember Matthew saying just a few months after either Levi or Vida was born (I forget which), that Camila was already talking about wanting another one and he was like, “We just had one! Slow down!”

Also, to everyone complaining about them popping out children right and left, who says this was a planned pregnancy? This could have been a surprise baby for all we know!

Anonymous on

Shannon- Probably all three! 😉

sat on

These people are celebrating a major point in an actor’s career, and the most intimate and personal of moments as well. I hope they have thick skins to weather the public eye.

lawinz on

one more month and the wedding dress would have given it away!!!!

CLM on

My,My……Who does she think she is?? Awful, unbecoming dress!!!

Nancy on

The last “frontier” of the unknown was the sex of your unborn child . . . until modern technology ruined that like a lot of other surprises. Soon-to-be parents needn’t know whether they’re having a boy or a girl; their wish should be a healthy child regardless. Knowing the sex so you can decorate the nursery accordingly, or whatever excuse they give, is the lamest excuse I have ever heard . . .

icky on

She is so pretty and she looks so happy, as does her gorgeous hubby. Congratulations.

Nicole on

Who cares that THEY (not she, like lots of comments say) are having babies so close together?

They seem like good parents, and they certainly can afford to raise more than just one child.

Gosh, if they waited 5 or 10 years between them, you guys would be saying that she is too old or asking why they waited so long between babies!

You also have to take into consideration that Matthew is 42, he probably doesn’t want to be having newborns as he gets closer to 50.

Ashley on

I’m with you Meghan. Hahahaha

AmandaC on

How exciting! I see them having 4 kids total. He seems to adore his family…best of luck on the new baby.

J on

I don’t understand why people are so upset about how many kids they’re having. It doesn’t effect any of you. People have the right to have as many kids as they choose to, so long as they can love and support them. Why don’t you go get outraged at the people who don’t have the money and continue to procreate? That does effect all of you…if you have a job that is. Anyway, congrats to the parents, they make beautiful babies together.

Erica on

this is the best I have every seen this woman look; ordinarilly not so much… and before anyone wastes their time saying I am jealous, STOP. i give credit where credit is due and this woman is not a looker. sorry! now, Charlize Theron, Catherine Zeta Jones, Ashley Judd, Nikki Taylor… that’s beauty.

Julianna on

She doesn’t look good at this picture 😦 Maybe it’s the angle it was taken?

johanna on

He is way too thin, he needs to fatten up to re gain his looks, Camilla however looks better than ever – bagged her man!

AmandaK on

Wow. I think she looks great! I’m due in Sept and feel very unattractive at this point. Those of you insulting her, I’d like to see what you look like!

anonymous on

To Tracy Martinez asking if they still live in the trailer — they moved out of the trailer in 2007…he bought a $7 million Malibu home and then moved to Austin this year and lives in a $4 million 10,000 sq ft mansion where they got married…pay attention girl 🙂

Shannon on

Matthew needs some more weight on him. His face is too thin.

FC on

Wow, I didn’t even know they were expecting another one. Best wishes to them on their upcoming child. I still want to take their first two, Levi and Vida home with me.