J.R. Martinez: My Girlfriend’s Chest Is For Function, Not Fun

07/11/2012 at 05:00 PM ET

Forget about his own desires. Fatherhood has left J.R. Martinez considering one thing: feeding time!

Following the birth of Lauryn Anabelle, the Dancing With the Stars champion admits when it comes to girlfriend Diana Gonzalez-Jones‘ body — and bust! — hisΒ  “mindset is in a different place” now.

“You’re like, ‘Hey, that’s how we got Belle.’ But now that Belle’s here, one of the ways that I tell people my world has changed [is] it’s like, ‘Pull out the boob! She’s hungry!'” Martinez, 29, joked during a Wednesday appearance on Bethenny.

“It’s not even about me. It’s about her. Feed her! It’s a carton of milk. It’s straight up milk now.”

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Since welcoming his baby girl, the Iraq war veteran — who “never would have predicted, being in the hospital bed in 2003, that I would ultimately” have a daughter — can’t help but question how his own father abandoned him when he was a baby.

“[I was] nine months old. My mom’s been here a couple of times with the baby. And holding Belle one day, I said to my mom, ‘How could my father leave?'” he recalls. “I was seven months older than she is. How can you leave this? That’s so hard.”

Despite any childhood hardships, however, Martinez is amazed at the results.

“My father left … but I tell my mom — and I told my mom this when I was a kid — I said, ‘You know what, Mom? Good thing he left because you’re a strong woman,'” he shares.

— Anya Leon

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Alysssa on

He’s such an inspiration!

Emily on

I know virtually nothing about this man’s acting career and have never seen him in a show – but everything I’ve read about him and every interview he’s ever given lead me to believe he is a wonderful soul. God Bless him and his entire family!

guest on

I love J.R. He seems like such a good person. I’m happy for him.

Clara on

so funny when these so called celebrities –, think they are the only ones who ever had children— woome have been having children for centuries and without all the modern conveniences of todya

Annie on

Love this man!!!!

claire on

clara, why must you be so negative. He is not acting as though other people don’t have children, he went on a talk show and talked about his daughter. Interviews tend to focus on what is important and happening in the life of the celebrity. I was unaware talking about your child/ren and being doting parents means you think you are the first person to have children….

Stacey on

His father, and all the others who walk out on their kids, are MAGGOTS!

Reallove on

Clara he is not a “celebrity” he is a HERO who put his LIFE on the line to protect others and was brutally injured in the process. He is a gorgeous man inside and out. He’s one of the rare ones so don’t you dare use the word celebrity in that tone for a man like him. The word “celebrity” is for greedy and selfcentered brats who have done nothing decent with their lives and done nothing to give back, people like Paris Hilton.

This man on the other hand is a true inspiration and one of the few recognized heros out of the thousands of unsung who get nothing for the good they have done. He is the kind of man who would save your life without a thought about his own even if he didn’t know you and would do so despite the unkind comments you make about him.

So show a little respect and maybe take a second to turn that finger pointing negativity around and ask yourself what brave things you have done for this world? When was the last time you were willing to die to protect complete strangers? Ya I didn’t think so.

mary on

He brings amazing heart felt tears to my eyes every time I read an article about him….I just wish these opportunities for all our veterans were all the same….he is a GREAT soul and a positive MENTOR! He touches my soul!

Shirl on

Well said “Reallove”. I couldn’t have said it any better. JR is a true american hero and I also respect his girlfriend (future wife) Diana for looking past the scars and loving the man inside. Congratulations to them both. They have a beautiful daughter.

MRJ on

Clara you are correct,woome have been having children for centuries and without all the modern conveniences of todya. I’m going to assume you mean women and today. But to most parents, such as JR, and particularly on your first child, it is the most amazing thing in the world to you and it should be. God forbid the day when people stop being amazed by the birth of their children.

Tee Tee on

I’m glad to read about a Dad that respects his partner’s body during nursing!

Rachel on

I long for the days that this issue becomes private again.

meghan on

What’s a todya?

I don’t understand fathers who leave either, J.R. Your dad and mine both lost out big time.

Sandy on

What issue would that be, Rachel?

I love seeing a father talk candidly about breasts being used for their intended purpose, which is feeding babies.

Stackwrapandroll on

Well said Reallove!

Stackwrapandroll on

Rachel… then don’t read the articles!

Shannon on

Now I see why people from other countries laugh at Americans. USA: A nation of adolescents.

Anonymous on

Reallove- I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Manana- Exactly! While first-time parents know they aren’t the first people in the world to have children, they often feel as though they are! πŸ™‚

As for the article, go J.R.!

Marky on

I’m sure when J.R. was on fire in that vehicle, yes Clara, I said “on fire!” and all those months when he was recovering in the military hospital after being bombed while fighting in our army, he probably wondered if he would ever have the opportunity to hold and love his own daughter.

Not only is he grateful to have his own daughter, he is with a woman who seems to see what an amazing man he is, in spite of all the burns and the horror that goes along with being burned. You should be ashamed for even making that accusation!!

The wonderful thing is how he is so happy and grateful for this tremendous miracle in his life, and most who know his story are very happy for him, too.

mrsw on

Clara: Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool then to open it and prove that you are.

bh on


Reina on

Thanks DADDY!
This article remids me of father…I still miss him even after 10 years.
Go JR ….you are a great father and a good man
May God Bless You and your beautiful family!

J on

Oh for Pete’s sake, poor Clara. All the nasty comments back to her are worse then her own, grow up people.

Shannon, the replies to Clara prove your point. πŸ™‚

Jen on

Yeah, Leon. If you are lucky enough to have babies someday and their mother nurses them, yeah, they become “cartons of milk”. It does not take deep thinking to comprehend that. Congrats to JR, MaMa and baby, he has served his country well and been rewarded with a beautiful daughter. Enjoy her!

christa on

JR is a Hero and in my book, one of the heroes that count. People who are not happy for that little family have to be real bitter.

Sara on

Those are two lucky ladies to have J.R. in their lives!

Julianna on

I have no idea who JR is (I’m Brazilian and I live in Brazil), but I’ve come to admire and respect him because of posts like this where he talks about his family. He sounds so deeply in love with his little girl, it makes my heart melt.

lily on

awwe i love him πŸ™‚ the baby is very cute πŸ™‚

Bella on

Haters for JR? Are you serious???

How can you not be in total awe of this guy? It doesnt matter celebrity or NOT those are real heartfelt feelings!
“Belle” is a very lucky little girl.

Sandy on

If she’s good enough to have your BABY then she should be good enough to marry and make your wife.

As far as the “milk carton” comment- it’s more like she should make him buy the cow before giving the milk away for free.

Marli on



meghan on

Sandy, you dumb bitch, Diana is a woman, not a cow. She’s not property that needs purchasing. If they choose to marry, great, but they will be a married couple, not owner and chattel. Grow the hell up.

Marli, hate is a strong word. and lay off the caps lock.

Em on

@Clara- Your comment has nothing to do with this story. What modern conveniences are you talking about? J.R. had nothing but positive things to say. You must be a very unhappy person if you found a way to make a negative comment on this article.

ZoeSquare.com on

I guess I’m another one that thinks his comments on breastfeeding were a little odd to say the least. I’ve not heard of his story but from what everyone is saying about him, he sounds like a nice man. (Haven’t had a chance to watch the video yet.) But milk cartons? Really? I don’t think so. And maybe he did step up to the plate and ask his girlfriend to marry him and she said, “No.” Not much he can do after that.

ZoeSquare.com on

Scratch that “carton of milk” comment. Just watched the video and it was Bethanny that made that silly reference.

Anonymous on

ZoeSquare- Thank you for pointing out that SHE may very well be the one who doesn’t want to get married. When it comes to unmarried couples, people always seem to assume it’s the guy that won’t commit, and that drives me nuts! Women are just as capable of not wanting marriage as men are!

Anyway, regardless of who it was that made the “cartons of milk” comment, what’s so bad about? I mean, when you think of it, breasts DO basically become cartons of milk when they’re being used for their intended purpose!

guest on

Wonderful man,

lovely123 on

If more people thought a boob was “just a carton of milk” breast feeding in public wouldn’t be such a big deal.

lovely123 on

My sister didn’t want to marry her boyfriend until 10 years down the road. She said she wasn’t sure he was the “right one”. Of course, this was after four kids. Whatever!

Jillian on

I think he is a huge inspiration. I loved him All My Children and LOVED him on DWTS. He was the best and I am so happy he won. It cracks me up that people always blame the guy when a couple are not married. There are many woman who want to wait to get married. In this case, she didn’t want to get married while pregnant and wants to wait….he said so. Having a child before saying I do, doesn’t change how you are parent.

I don’t understand why people get worked up over people not being married and having children, calling people names, saying it in caps, refusing to support them. It is brought up on every post where it can be. Everyone has reasons for the way they live their life and they don’t share all of them with everyone, including everyone posting here.

And I think you have buried Clara in the ground. I also don’t understand that one. Why waste time responding to negative posts (which hers wasn’t that bad, she just stated an opinion) telling them they are wrong, horrible, mean and calling them names? Just comment about how awesome JR is and keep the posts positive πŸ™‚