Sienna Miller Welcomes Daughter Marlowe

07/09/2012 at 01:30 PM ET
Maurizio La Pira/Splash News Online

Sienna Miller has a new fan.

The actress, 30, welcomed a daughter with boyfriend (and rumored fiancé) Tom Sturridge, 26, over the weekend in London, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

Marlowe I love you,” Miller’s sister Savannah Tweeted Tuesday, reportedly revealing the moniker for the new addition.

So what’s in a name? Of the Old English origin, it means “driftwood,” defined as pieces of wood that float in the water or are washed ashore.

The couple, who were first spotted together last spring, remained mostly mum after news broke of Miller’s pregnancy in January, except for a brief comment to Vogue U.K. in April.

“I’m feeling fine,” she revealed. “It’s all progressing nicely, and it’s very exciting.”

And the new parents seemed to be quite prepared for their little addition: Months after debuting her baby bump in February, Miller was photographed leaving her London baby shower in May.

— Alison Schwartz

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Janice on


Amorie on

Congrats! Does anyone know the child’s name?

Beebop on

LOVE her! Baby’s name is Clementine Pearl! Cute 🙂

Cathleen on

So happy for Sienna! Best of luck to her! I’m sure the baby is just as gorgeous as she is!

Jillian on

Waiting for the 500 posts about how bad it is that she isn’t married. Should help put me to sleep tonight. Same crap, different post.

Congrats to the couple! A marriage doesn’t define a person.


Jenn on

Excuse me Tammy. I have morals and I am due with twins in October and am not married. Maybe you should stop being so judgemental. I am 29, my boyfriend is 33- We will be raising the babies together, under the same roof, without government assistance. We have talked about getting married, but we want to make sure it’s right. I know plenty of people that had kids when married or married because of the kid(s) and they did not stay together. However, the one’s I do know that waited awhile after their kid(s) were born or are not married, are still together. My boys are no less of a blessing, nor are anyone else’s because someone is not married. I’m willing to bet you are not perfect!

Kylene on

Tammy, that is an ignorant comment. It’s 2012 – you don’t need to be married to have a child. The divorce rate is over 50% in our country alone, so Sienna being unmarried with a child does not mean she lacks morals.

Erin on

Another unwed celebrity baby…stellar

nicole on

Congrats to her! I just hate when people say she should get married, Why? Is it hurting anyone that she is not married? As far as I’m concerned, marriage is just a piece of paper. As long as she is happy that’s all that matters.

donna on

Sierra Fan, I believe you might be mistaken on the name of the new baby…Clementine Pearl is the name of Jack Osbourne’s new daughter…

Laura on

I love how people want to “make sure it’s right” before getting married and taking on that commitment, but apparently have no qualms about creating an ENTIRE NEW LIFE and bringing that into their not-sure-enough-to-commit-to-marriage family. Talk about putting yourself first and your kids, well, somewhere down below on the priority list.

Babies are always lovely, but the circumstances into which many babies are born aren’t.

Mia on

Congrats to them! + I think you should know it’s right before you have kids… shouldn’t be the other way around.

Know it’s right – make that commitment by getting married…..then have kids – that is the responsible thing to do.

NeeNee on

If a person is ‘right” enough to have sex with then why are they not right to be married with? Just seems a pity so many kids are raised in this free love crap and still end up miserable…and yes I AM perfect!

kendrajoi on

I don’t care about her not being married, but I do care about the fact that she’s a homewrecker and therefore not a decent human being (and I am putting it NICELY). She only goes after the married ones. Pathetic.

Aleria on

Might want to be careful now that she has a kid. Her BF might get bored and run off with some blond starlet and leave her high and dry. It’s always funny to me when the mistress tries to settle down. Karma can be brutal.

L’s Mom on

Actually, you are NOT perfect. The mere fact that you’re on an internet blog judging another person shows your imperfection. How about a simple “Congratulations!”??? Or is that just too hard? Pity.

Jenn on

Ignorant comments from ignorant people- One who claims to be perfect- I am literally laughing my head off. Apparently people are Jesus now. Who says marriage is a guarantee a child will not be miserable and it’s guaranteed a child with unmarried parents will be miserable? Ridiculous! I’m also willing to bet the same people with these ignorant comments did not wait until marriage to have sex! My children were not planned, but there is no way I am going to not have them because I’m “not married”. They will come first and already are coming first!

Indira on

They named the baby karma no?

Stacey on

Funny how people comment that they do not want to get married unless “it’s” right, but they do not think that same about having a baby and pop them out like pez with baby mommas and daddy’s all over the place. If the person you have a baby with isn’t good enough for you to marry, you might want to think about what it says about you AND that person when you just go ahead and have a baby.

Sam and Freya's Mum on

I’m fairly sure Jack O’s daughter is Pearl Clementine, not Clementine Pearl?!! Anyhow, congrats to the new parents on birth of their little girl, look forward to hearing her name…

guest on

I am a little weary of the “must be married” argument. My brother’s actual marriage lasted less than a year. He does not believe a piece of paper proves your love. Shortly after his divorce, he met the woman who is still very much a part of his life. They have been together for over 15 years. They refer themselves as husband and wife, they have two beautiful, well-adjusted children, and she is still my sister-in-law. She is wonderful individual and perfect for my brother.

I wish Sienna and all the other couples in love, the very best whether or not they choose to get married. It is a choice and a value system. I respect that.

Dana on


Congrats on your twins. Although I appreciate what you are saying, I bet “if he put a ring on it” you would be happy..?!? The fact that you “want to make sure it’s right” is kind of sad…and the fact that you are lashing out at other posters further affirms my thoughts that you wish you didn’t have to defend your actions.


I applaud this comment!!!! Good on you for saying what lots of us think!!!

“but apparently have no qualms about creating an ENTIRE NEW LIFE and bringing that into their not-sure-enough-to-commit-to-marriage family. Talk about putting yourself first and your kids, well, somewhere down below on the priority list.”

Cdyana on

“Two thumbs up for Jenn”….who says marriage is a guarantee that the couple won’t be miserable?

People need to mind their own flippin business because what’s right for them is not right for everyone else.

Jurnee on

Who hasn’t this woman slept with? Including married men. Yikes! Hopefully, this baby will calm her down and get her to straighten her life out.

Kara on

Why buy the cow when the milk is free?!? Ever hear of that one? I’d be mortified if I had a baby before marriage.

I agree with Erin, Dana and Laura.

Where have all the morals gone????

Cdyana on

Congrats on your twins Jenn…you’re gonna be one busy mamma.

I agree wholeheartedly with your comment.

It’s nice that they’re getting married, however if they chose not to, people should still be happy at stop judging them.

What works for some doesn’t work for all and that is what people need to get through their thick skulls.

Jenn on

@ Dana- LOL
I am defending anyone who is not married who doesn’t need to hear negative comments because they choose not to get married. He has asked me to marry him- I have a problem doing that just for my kids sake- again, it’s a piece of paper and a promise that can be easily broken. My mother was married when she had my brothers and I and the divorce was devastating for us children. She then was with her boyfriend years later and got pregnant with my sister, and they decided to get married. They were divorced in less than a year. My sister is a happy well adjusted teenager now- not miserable, maybe a little spoiled. I have spoken to a marriage counselor in Sacramento about my plans to evaluate the relationship and she advises there is nothing wrong with having children outside of wedlock even though many percieve it to be “ideal”. She has advised that we make it to the five year mark before making that decision. “Defend my actions”? I was on birth control when I got pregnant- it happens. I had not planned on bringing children into the world without marriage, but it happens. I sure as heck would not abort my child because I wasn’t married though. I’m just informing all the people criticizing others that aren’t married and have kids, that the child is not doomed nor less than a blessing. So I guess yes, in that respect I am defending my children and all children born out of wedlock! I guess I am just not judgemental about others situations I know nothing about. There is no point to put anyone down is what I am getting at.

Jenn on

Oh also- Did all of you that believe in marriage first wait until after you were married to have sex? Just curious… LOL

Anonymous on

Sam and Freya’s Mum- Jack O’s daughter is indeed Pearl Clementine. That being said, as private as Sienna and Tom have been about the entire pregnancy and birth, I doubt that anyone but them, their families, and maybe a few close friends (those they can trust to keep their mouths shut!) know the baby’s actual name at this point.

Also, while I’d love to know the baby’s name, I wouldn’t be surprised if they never reveal it.

Anon- Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe Tom was married when Sienna hooked up with him. So there goes your theory that she only runs after the married ones! Also, funny how it’s the “other woman” who’s at fault when a married man leaves his wife for someone else, but when a woman leaves her husband for another man, it’s she, not the “other man”, that’s at fault. When will people learn that men are just as responsible for marriage break-ups as women?!

All of that being said, congrats to Sienna and Tom!

Anonymous on

I also wanted to say that, as private as Sienna and Tom are, they could very well be married for all we know!

Mia on

@Guest – I will argue that by saying I don’t think your brother’s 1 year marriage and/or 2nd marriage (or “marriage” if they are not actually married) is based upon being legally married vs. not….It’s the due fact that he happened to find somebody he is more compatible with the 2nd time around….being legally married wouldn’t change that – it’s the people that make the relationship work – marriage isn’t a sudden curse that causes relationships to fail. It’s a symbol of commitment. Not just a piece of paper.

Anonymous on

E! is reporting that the baby’s name is Marlow.

Jane on

Marriage gives children stability and if a man loves you enough, he would not want anyone else to have you; therefore, he should put a ring on it to make sure.

Fabulous on

Dana you are an idiot if you believe what you just wrote…. JENN did not lash out… She gave her thoughts and opinions on the issue… I AM lashing out at you for even remotely thinking that some one puts their kids somewhere down the priority list… I have been with my love for over 30years (since high school) 2 kids… A house… And a pretty darn good life we are STILL TOGETHER…. Not married…. And my kids have the their mom and dad who love them very very much…. We don’t need a piece of paper… The only papers that we have that matter is our WILLS or Life Insurance and our Childrens Trust funds….. S fnd the nearst EXIT and haul AZZ outta hee!!!!!! OAN: congratsvt this couple and their new baby

Anonymous on

Jane- Not always. I’ve known of a few cases where a couple has gotten married because they were having a baby and then the husband decided he wasn’t interested in being a daddy and left. I wouldn’t call that giving kids stability!

Mia on

@Jenn – how is breaking up when not married any less devastating to kids? – anyone avoiding getting married just to avoid divorce obviously doesn’t have very good logical thinking skills.

It’s clear you’re unsure about your relationship – you should make a decision before bringing 2 children into the world for the sake of your relationship and kids in the future. People should be sure about the commitment they are making with their partner before having kids.

Jenn on

All I’m saying is I support kids being brought into the world married or not, as long as both parents love their children and respect each other, which we do. I’m also making a point that no one is perfect, and things happen. I’m making the best of my situation and I just think judgement is ugly! I’m definitely not “mortified” that I’m having a baby (babies) before getting married. And nowadays- yes, marriage is pretty much a piece of paper. He has asked me to marry him- I am fine where I am- I trust him and am secure enough in myself and in him to not rush into marriage or need the ring. It’s “clear” that I would like to focus my finances on my children and not stress myself with a wedding (therefore placing stress on my children)for now. I’d like to have a decent wedding- not just some “let’s go to Reno” just so I can say we’re married. And @ fabulous thank you for doing what’s right for you and showing others you can still be happy, have a family and make it work- with or without marriage for a longer perios than most that are married 😉 And Mia, I think I will trust my counselor on the subject- she’s pretty logical and agreed with my logic. I never said a “break-up” would be any less devastating- please don’t put words in my mouth. Thank you very much. Again- can any of you that don’t agree with babies before marriage say you waited until marriage to have sex? I bet it’s a small percentage…

Leslie on

Those who think marriage is just a piece of paper should ask their children what they think about that sentiment.

Anon on

Baby’s name is Marlow, according to

meghan on

Leslie, kids don’t know the difference until someone like you passes judgement.

Kara, I don’t like Sienna Miller, but she is not a cow. She is also not property to be bartered with or purchased. Marriage is a construct of an age when women were property of their fathers to be passed on to their husbands. Women are no longer property of the male head of the household, so the ‘buy the cow’ notion is frankly, disgusting.

noam on

as someone whose parents weren’t married when she was born, i can honestly say that it doesn’t matter. they were in a relationship for years before they had kids, and stayed together for years after. when they did split up, they did so after trying to work on their relationship, including counseling. when i asked point blank if they’d be splitting up if they had been legally married, they both said yes. they were no longer right for each other.

really, a kid doesn’t understand marriage. he doesn’t understand the laws or religious history that goes into the tradition. he understands love, he understands presence, he understands that at the end of the day there is someone to tuck him in and in the morning, someone to get him out of bed. if the people who do that have rings on their fingers, good for them. if they are in a relationship with each other, awesome. if they aren’t together romantically, but have the maturity and civility to parent together, more power to them.

it’s when a parent abandons the child, or when the parents stay together but scream and fight and throw things, or when they break up but are so bitter they don’t talk, just honk the horn for the kid to come out of the house and have third parties arrange for which parent can go to the soccer game and piano recital, that the kid suffers. and nothing (NOTHING) about a piece of paper can prevent that from happening. marriage is not the end-all, be-all. it’s great if you can get it to work, but please don’t assume that it equals the only happiness to be had.

Just my 2 cents on

Ive read on a few websites, the baby has been called Marlow

Michelle on

I’m not married. I’m pregnant with twins. I am 38, never met Mr. Right and chose this path on my own after IVF with anonymous donor sperm purchased from a Cryobank.

Judge me, go ahead. Tell me what a bad mother I will be for not being married. I can’t wait to hear this.

Emmy Collins on

it looks like this is the pregnancy season. lots of celebrities are giving birth to their childs. congratulations to Sienna Miller also.

Poppy on

“Another unwed celebrity baby…stellar

– Erin on July 9th, 2012 ”

I think you mean unwed celebrity mother. If you meant unwed baby, then you have issues much more serious than being overly judgmental.

The baby will have two loving parents which is surely the most important factor.

Sophia on

For some reason I had it in my head that they’d announced it was a boy months ago? Odd. How sweet that they have a little girl though! Marlow is a gorgeous name 🙂 As for the unmarried comments…. seriously? Still? It’s 2012, that argument is so outdated it’s not even funny. Congratulations to Tom and Sienna.

Brit on

I love how so many are giving examples of “My parents divorced” or “50% of marraiges end in divorce.” So are you saying that if your examples didn’t get married they would’ve never broken up? You have a dumb arguement.

They should “know its right” before they have a child. So the person is ok to create a life with but not ok to marry? That’s a sad excuse. Just say you got knocked up by accident, never intended for this to happen, am embarassed, so I’m going to “wait until I’m ready” to save face.

Shannon on

Jude dodged a bullet!

tia on

Her name is Marlow.

kirsty on

I hate the argument marriage is just a piece of paper. No its not we made a commitment in front of God and our friends and family that we will stick this out no matter what. I think too many people take those vows lightly, but to say its a piece of paper is insulting. I think it is best for those people that feel that to not get married, because they dont truly understand what marriage is.

Shay on

I’m neither for or against marriage; to each their own, but….

Seems to me that if I make the huge decision to have a child with someone, marriage would an easy step.

noam on

@kristy–marriage is a legal agreement. you may have made religious vows, but the only thing that makes you married in any official capacity is the multipage form you filed for and signed in front of two witnesses and a notary. i’m not trying to diminish your marriage at all, i’m just saying your ceremony was religious, your institution is legal.

Jenn on

“I love how so many are giving examples of “My parents divorced” or “50% of marraiges end in divorce.” So are you saying that if your examples didn’t get married they would’ve never broken up? You have a dumb arguement.

They should “know its right” before they have a child. So the person is ok to create a life with but not ok to marry? That’s a sad excuse. Just say you got knocked up by accident, never intended for this to happen, am embarassed, so I’m going to “wait until I’m ready” to save face.”

I wouldn’t comment on dumb honey- learn to spell argument and marriages and we’ll talk. I did get “knocked up” by accident- But sure as heck am not “embarrased” especially by the opinion of people like you! If you read what I said- yes, it would have been in my plans to be married first but it didn’t end up that way. It must be sad to be a judgemental person with ugly comments. @ Noam- Thank you. Prime example of what I’m getting at! I think you said that beautifully. @Michelle- congrats on your twins! I can’t wait for mine! And who cares how you are getting them? I’m sure the love you have and will have for them wouldn’t be changed if you were with someone or not. I do not think you are a bad mother- I think every woman should have the chance to be a mother- whether with someone or not. It’s a personal decision and anyone that judges you should take a long look in the mirror. AGAIN- I’m sure most of us would have loved to have been married, but it doesn’t work out that way for everyone.

Sharon on

Leslie – that’s so true. Even Brad Pitt said his kids were putting pressure on him and Angelina to get married. Kids instinctually want stability and security! They can sense that marriage between their parents is a long term committment and decision to keep their families intact!

shirabee on

According to justjared, E! and others the new baby is named Marlow not clementine pearl.

congrats on your baby girl!

sandy on

no, marriage doesn’t define a person, which is a ridiculous comment. Marriage makes a child legitimatae. No marriage makes a child illegitimate. It’s pretty simple, really.

meghan on

Sharon, Brad Pitt is full of it. If Pitt and Jolie cared at all about their children’s stability, they would have a home base that they actually spent time at, instead of constant travel. I think that is worse than not being married.

Anonymous on

how many people murder babies because they want to married first now thats scary

Moudsie on

OMG–again — have all the sex you want–but to get pregant without marriage — to me–is just stupid — it’s saying you’re okay to sleep with, but I don’t want any commitments. And, as for “just a piece of paper.” Okay, so one of you (like the one who is either having twins with her bf or has had them (and gee, they live together and will raise them) until probably one of them finds someone else — so, you or the bf — provided you are still together — has a medical emergency — the other one has no say — they (he or she) are not the next of kin — and cannot sign anything or say what they want for treatment — how’s that working for you?

Jenn on

AGAIN- can any of you judgemental people answer my question- do you have sex even though you aren’t married? Did you wait to do so before you got married (if you are)? Because no one is STUPID to get pregnant if they are having sex just because they aren’t married. If you are having sex, the potential to get pregnant is there I was on birth control (pill). I’m not agreeing that I personally live like this —-> “it’s saying you’re okay to sleep with, but I don’t want any commitments” but who cares if someone wants to have sex with no commitment? If it’s not you, don’t worry about it. And to Moudsie: Um yeah we do live together and are still together and will raise them together- your “gee” comment just makes you look like an ugly person which I’m sure you are. Guess I’d better go run out and get married becaused that guarantees my kids will be happy and well-adjusted and the marriage won’t end in divorce! Not sure where you live but my kids will have him on the birth certificate (obviously) when they are born and are under his insurance so um yeah, he has say in any treatment- how is it working for us? Um, really don’t know seeing as they aren’t here but from what our insurance and doctors tell us, it should work fine as again, we both have say. If he wasn’t going to be listed on the birth certificate maybe he wouldn’t- but that is not the case. Just because we aren’t married doesn’t mean they won’t consider his the father and he doesn’t have rights.

Jenn on

“how many people murder babies because they want to married first now thats scary”

My thoughts exactly! Thank you anonymous! I guess being a murderer rather than an unwed mother is better to some of these people!

Michelle on

Thanks Jenn!

Ursula on

It’s amazing how a simple announcement about a celebrity having a baby can turn into the third degree and so many people getting judged. Peopla re ALL entitled to their opinions, right or wrong. Maybe we don’t agree with them or share their values, but it doesn’t make opinions any less important. If you don’t like what people are saying, don’t comment on it, and keep the ignorance to yourselves. No one is perfect, and we are not here to judge anyone else. I say, congrats to the new parents and hoping their baby is healthy and happy. That’s what should matter, not a piece of paper signed by both of them.

quinn on

I think Clementine Pearl is the name of Jack Osbourne’s baby.

Katrina on

I just want to weigh in on the marriage/having a baby talk thing here and say one really good reason TO get married is for potential legal ramifications. I was with a man for over 12 years but we split up for awhile, kept in touch daily while trying to iron out issues between us. Then he got sick. Very sick. I immediately went to be with him. TO make a lonnnggg story short, when he had a stroke (after suffering with lung cancer), I was disallowed from going into the ER to see him and disallowed from going into the hospital to spend time with him in his last hours on this earth. Why? Because I was not married to him and therefore, had no rights over what his family wanted…and that was me NOT around him, tho I KNOW he would’ve wanted me there. I did sneak into the ER to see him but by then, he was in a very bad state. It’s been over a year and I am still sooo angry and hurt that I couldn’t be with him. That “just a piece of marriage paper” could’ve given me the POWER and RIGHT to be with him, no matter what anyone said. I would’ve respected his parents’ right to have time alone with him, OF course. Don’t ask me why they turned on me. We always got along before. So…don’t pussyfoot around b/c while you’re young, it all looks damn rosy.But wait til u are my age, “youngish” sixties…and life will look a whole lot different. Marriage IS a good thing and I do believe living together is a good idea first. But having children together…IDK…seems like it should happen after marriage but if the child is loved and both parents are involved, it’s not a bad thing. BUT keep in mind, once you have a child with someone, you are FOREVER linked to that person and their family b/c you share a common thing…a baby that “belongs” to you AND him, his family, too. So…some food for thought for all you modern, hip people. You don’t want to do through what I did. I cry almost every night and am filled with anger at his parents for denying me time with him. That only a piece of paper would’ve helped. He would’ve married me in the end but then he got too sick. Like i said, it’s a long story. Just get married and have the baby, make it legal. Know each other and don’t expect someone to change to be what YOU want. Take them or leave them as they are. It works both ways. No one is perfect…and never will be. If it isn’t one thing with one mate, it’ll be another thing with the next one. Trust me.

aeromel78 on

I think that people who say marriage doesn’t matter fail to think long term. My father had two failed marriages behind him when he met my now step-mother and swore he would never get married again. They were together 12 years and living together for 10 when Dad found out he had cancer. Before undergoing surgery, he wanted to make sure my step-mom would be taken care of if something went wrong.

What he found was that his job would not allow her to collect on his pension because they weren’t married nor would she be allowed to collect Social Security survivor’s benefits. As a veteran, my dad is entitled to have a flag draped on his coffin when he passes but it would have been presented to his children since as a girlfriend she wasn’t his next of kin. My dad considered all of this and realized he loved her enough to want to make sure she was provided for so he broke his own rule and they married one month before he went in for surgery.

That was 6 years ago and Dad is now cancer free, but the point is if you have your life permanently tied to someone else you have to consider what that means long-term. Maybe at 25 or 35 you don’t think about things like this but it WILL matter someday and in some way. Realistically, no one here is Sienna Miller. It might not matter one iota to her if she gets survivor’s benefits but it very well could to some of you. Now I’m not saying you should rush to get married to someone you don’t love just because you’re pregnant, but I am saying that to most folks, marriage is more than just “a piece of paper.”

sara on

@Jenn, I think Moudsie meant that if you or your boyfriend had a medical emergency you wouldn’t be the next of kin for each other.

Mia on

@Michelle – your situation is a little different.

It’s just not logical…..not want to rush into marriage – but yet have kids without being sure how you feel about a future with someone. Having kids is the biggest life commitment – but marriage is the biggest commitment to your partner. period.

@Jenn – if your boyfriend asked you to marry him……what’s the fear in doing so?

kelsey on

do the people on here that don’t believe in marriage think that their relationship has a better chance of lasting by not getting married? 50% of marriages last. what are the stats on unwed parents? breaking up whether its with your boyfriend/father of your child or husband/father of your child is going to be hard on your child. if you are committed to a person for life than why not get married? if you’re not sure than don’t. if you’re not sure, it would be wise to avoid getting pregnant at all costs.

taylor on

i think that the people judging her and the other people commenting on here for not being married and having a baby is ridiculous. the majority of the people judging sienna and other commenters are probably religious which in a way means there hipocrites because god doesnt believe in judgeing people…just saying…they may be breaking gods law or whatever by being unmarried and having a baby but your judging someone so your no better

mimi on

@jane – marriage is a commitment, but it’s not a guarantee. be realistic.

Donna on

It’s a sad world when so many of you think that marriage is “just a piece of paper”…..a comment obviously made by those of you who are unmarried and clueless.

Cassie on

Oh the world is so cynical.

Why is it that everyone is so quick to say “Well, 50% of marriages end in divorce anyway”? Why automatically go to the negative? Why not view it as “50% of marriages are actually successful”. It seems like you already have one foot out the door before even getting engaged.

Most people just do not want to work hard in their lives. Marriage is tough and takes work but it’s an amazing commitment when you find the one that is willing to work at it with you. It’s much more than “just a piece of paper”.

Julianna on

Congratulations to Sienna and Tom!

Lynn on

To those of you who are unable to read and have no comprehension skills whatsoever, the title of the article states that the name is “Marlowe.” If you continue to read the article, it mentions a tweet made by Sienna’s sister stating that she loves “Marlowe.” The name Clementine Pearl or Pearl Clementine isn’t even mentioned in this article. I’m not sure where some of you live but comprehension is usually started as a first grade skill. Good grief!

Anja on

@Lynn– Reading comprehension is a first grade skill; reading into the future is not. This article was posted yesterday, before the name was revealed. Therefore, readers had no way of knowing. Maybe you should have considered this possibility before assuming that everyone here is illiterate and that you are the only one on this board with “first grade comprehension” skills. Have a good day.

Kay on

@Lynn –

The ‘Clementine Pearl’ comment was made when the article was first posted on 7/9 announcing the birth. The article was updated w/ the name Marlowe as of 7/11. Calling someone out for lack of comprehension falls a bit flat given the situation …

Marny on

It’s called fornicating…even the government recognizes children born to married people as legitimate and children born to unmarried people as illegitimate. There is a negative connotation “illegitimate” children are saddled with. Think about that before you spread your legs. Hollywood morals are an infectious disease that have blurred the lines between right and wrong. Get your moral lessions from your Grandma rather than the pages of Cosmo and your life will be far less complicated.

PAT on

The only way I remember Sienna Miller is nude in a boat with Balthazar Getty. She was hanging around his neck and his wife was hanging around at home with their children!!!!!!!! Poor little Marlowe.

Trish on

I don’t really care if she is married or not. I am sure her baby is beautiful and sweet – I just don’t care for the woman. She sleeps with everyone’s husband, has no regard for anyone and thinks it is acceptable to come to America and trash talk cities. Furthermore, she is about as ‘Brit trash’ as you can get – no offense to the great Brits out there.

Really? on

I don’t know that Jude dodged a bullet – I’m willing to bet that she wanted a family and he just wasn’t willing to father more children (which would be quite responsible to admit). They clearly had deep feelings for each other; it seems that after they gave it a second run and it didn’t work, she turned around and snagged the first guy willing to have a child with her. I don’t think they will get married, will in fact break up this year, and she’ll raise the child alone – which she probably feels is the second best option if she can’t parent with Jude. Although, I wonder if they will end up back together…that would be an interesting twist…

Gigi on

Like the name. Marlowe is different without being weird.

Jenn on

“It’s called fornicating…even the government recognizes children born to married people as legitimate and children born to unmarried people as illegitimate.”

And the government is just so on top of things aren’t they Marny? You may label my children with your “negative connotation” of being illegitimate, but they are loved, and will be loved no less. My life is not complicated, I am pretty damn happy. Ok I “fornicated”. AGAIN, anyone care to share that they were a virgin until marriage? If you have sex, there is NO way to 100% prevent pregnancy. It could happen to anyone.

@ Taylor- perfectly worded comment. I fully agree with you. If God is who we are taught he is, there is no judgement and if so, a human being has no right to judge for him.

@ Mia I never said I wouldn’t get married, or didn’t believe in it, we plan on it, but we want to wait.

@ DMac- unmarried and clueless? Just being realisitc, not idealistic. Look at statistics- 50% of marriages end in divorce. I’d love to believe it’s not just a piece of paper, but in this world nowadays, it pretty much is.

Jill on

Maybe the kid will grow up and run off with a married man and then be dumped by the married man after a few months of fun…..

Gina on

I agree with you Leslie. The flippant attitude by some towards marriage is driving this country to hell..

Tammy on

My “husband” and I were loyally together for 18 years before we decided to have a baby. We have never wed and really don’t feel the need to – I already feel that he is my husband. We have a beautiful daughter, a house, and eachother. We will be celebrating our 20th year together this October, having out-lasted both of our parents’ marriages (and many of yours!!). I don’t know how anyone could sincerely say that I was immoral or uncommitted by not being married when we decided to have our daughter.

Lisa on

My question: To all of you uber pro-marriage people, why in the world does it matter to you whether or not someone else gets married?

Secondly, official marriage IS just a piece of paper, and that IS a legitimate argument.

My sister and her husband didn’t officially get married, because they didn’t feel the need to stand up in front of people and say how much they love each other. (Objectively, how weird are weddings right? haha)

Anyway they privately promised each other that they would stay together forever. They have been together 25 years, and they call each other husband and wife, because really, what’s the difference? They also have 2 healthy, beautiful children, and what else really matters?

PS they did buy each other wedding rings after a couple years though, more as a way to save time in explaining to interested people why they themselves were not interested back.

Point is, what matters is committment, not necessarily marriage, but committing to each other whole heartedly. If that means getting marriage, fine, if it’s not, that’s fine too.

Everyone would be a lot happier in this world if we stopped judging each other.

Okay. Yikes. Long post. That’s all I have to say and now I shall go.

Congratulations to Sienna and Tom on the baby

Lisa on

That was odd. Change my “Congratulations to Sienna and Tom on the baby” to “Congratulations to Sienna and Tom”.

“Congratulations on the baby” sounds a little weird to me haha.

Pamela on

I was raised in a heterosexual, christian, nuclear family home. It fits all the “moral” criteria that the ignorant people commenting here would glorify. It was also an abusive and cruel home. I would much rather be rather in a LOVING home, than the MORAL home I was raised in.

Liz on

Good point, Pamela. Also, keep abortion safe and legal. I love babies, and I also live women’s basic civil rights.

Maria on

Another horrible name for a girl. Do people think they are being trendy for giving girls these names? some examples of celeb girls recently: Harlow, marlowe, maxwell, harper, all terrible names for girls in my opinion.

Jenn on

@ Zoe- you really should check yourself. Legal marriage is a piece of paper- if Tammy has been with him as long as she has and on a spiritual level wants to call him her husband, I say she should be able to do so. And yes, she has outlasted many marriages. Pull your head out of your butt.

@ Lisa- thank you. Very true. Judgement is ugly.

@ Pamela- my heart goes out to you. I believe that love is all that matters as well- I’ve known plenty of people that grew up in homes where the parents would not divorce until their kids left, but were miserable and the kids could sense it.

@Liz- abortion is definitely not for me personally, but I agree that it should be an option for sure.

kelsey on

I think it is really funny that all these people that are against marriage still want to call their significant other their “husband” and still exchange rings. Obviously those symbols mean something to you so why would you not get married? If you want to act like you are married than actually get married. If you want to act like you’re above it and marriage is just a piece of paper then quit pretending you are.

kelsey on

For the record I don’t care if Sienna Miller gets married. I just think its strange that people act like marriage is pointless and then treat their long-term boyfriend like their husband.

Hea on

“Marriage gives children stability and if a man loves you enough, he would not want anyone else to have you; therefore, he should put a ring on it to make sure.- Jane on July 9th, 2012”

To make sure what exactly? People cheat, jewelry and papers or no. There are no guarantees and that is why everyone should have the right to decide for themselves how they want to live their lives.

Tanya on

Full name of Sienna’s daughter is Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge.

Stacey on

Funny how these people don’t want to get married but they refer to the other as their husband/wife. Sorry, that term is reserved for people who actually get married. You cannot play in that world just because YOU think it’s ok. Just remember, when something happens and you both have no legal rights, people told you so!

lovely123 on

Ladies, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

Colleen on

what bothers me more is the fact that there are so many children in this world who go to bed hungry not wanted and not ever feeling loved. What is important is this child that she has will never want for anything and has 2 parents…In this day and age that is alot.

jess on

@ Beebop

The baby’s name is not Clementine Pearl. It is Marlowe Ottoline.

Jessica on

Here we go again with the Bitter Women of people…. Seriously, do you not realize that we as women tend to be each others worst enemy! You do not know one another and yet you are willing to judge and criticize each others choices because, why? Is there not enough hate in the world around us that we have to put someone down for the way they live their life? Are you not busy living your life and taking care of your family? (whether it be you and a pug. you and your kids or you, your husband and kids.) Everybody needs to stop putting others down for how they live life and just start living. In the wake of the tragedy in Colorado have known of you realized how truly blessed you are, whether that includes a marriage and kids or not? Giving birth to my child gave me pride in being a woman, you hateful disrespectful people on here make it disgraceful to be one! Stop hating each other and start supporting one another. Did you ever think that women went from standing up to “the man” and burning bras in protest together just so years and years down the road they would have to fight each other?…..