Pink: Willow Is Still Breastfeeding (And Not Biting!)

07/09/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Splash News Online

Leave it to a new mom to be a master at multitasking!

Pink, whose daughter Willow Sage with husband Carey Hart is 13 months old, called in to Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS FM radio show Monday morning … while breastfeeding.

“She’s got six teeth,” Pink said of her little one, but “she’s not a biter.”

The singer, who released her new tune “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” on Monday, told the radio host that she had just switched sides and revealed, “My left is a lot more talented than my right.”

In addition to promoting her new song (which will be on an album due Sept. 18) and her participation in the I Heart Radio Music Festival on Sept. 21 and 22 in Las Vegas, Pink said motherhood so far has been “amazing.”

But fans shouldn’t worry about her music: Pink said being a mom hasn’t made her soft.

“Some people are worried [my new album]’s going to be a bunch of lullabies. It’s definitely not,” she said. “I’m more aware of the cursing. It didn’t stop me but I’m aware of it. It’s a very, fun, dance-y, rock-and-roll record.”

As for Willow, who’s already walking and dancing, Pink says she “has her Daddy’s looks and my attitude. She’s going to rule the world.”

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ej on

i love her!

Tee Tee on

I have to admit that I don’t know anything about the type of music that Pink sings. That’s just not the style of music I listen to, you know? But I so enjoy hearing her talk about her daughter! She really does seem very happy to be a Mom to her sweet little girl!

Ashley on

Good for her for PROUDLY talking about still breastfeeding! I have a 14 month old that still nurses and so many people think once they turn one you’re just supposed to stop breastfeeding. Not true!

Katelyn on

i freaking love pink

Anonymous on

I nursed my second son till he was 3. People would ask me all the time…doesn’t he bite you?? Uh, no. The first time he tried out of curiosity I pulled him off and he got the picture. His teeth were never a problem. I think it’s pretty darn cool for anyone to make it past a year nursing. I have friends who didn’t nurse and some who only nursed for 2 weeks and that’s cool too.

D on

You go PINK!!! What a great thing you are doing for your little girl, and for the world of breastfeeding by not being embarassed about it (there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when nursing, it is natural and beautiful). I nursed my son until he was 18 months old, and aside from some experimental bites when he was tiny (even before teeth, I think) biting was really not an issue. It is a mom’s jon to set limits, and not biting is just one of them, and it is totally possible to nurse with a full set of teeth and not bite.

blessedwithboys on

Gosh, I love Pink! This story almost made me tear up a bit. 🙂

My boys are almost grown now, but I can still remember the nursing days. Ds1 went to 24 mos and ds2 went all the way to 60 mos, both self-weaned. Time really flies…my oldest is now driving and my baby is almost ready for junior high. The days pass so swiftly, why would anyone want to cut a phase short? Mamas of the world, nurse your babies as long as you can bc before you know it, they will be all grown! sniff, sniff haha

EEK on

Just curious, why would you say 60 months instead of 5 years? It wouldn’t be because you now realize that breastfeeding a 5 year old may be taking self-weaning a little too far, and trying to make it sound a little less weird, would it?

Just sayin’

Cassie on

@EEK was wondering the exact same thing. No one refers to their 5 year old as “60 months”….

Cassie on

Hmmm “Blessedwithboys” that last line in your sentence is very telling. Perhaps it was you that had a hard time letting go of breastfeeding and not them….

Mya on

She is awesome 🙂

I’m still nursing my 2 1/2 yr old and only got bit one or two times and that was when he was teething.

Haha my left side is my better side too

Mya on

EEK 5 yrs is the natural age a child weans

Karen on

60 months or 5 years – Why do you care? Geez, she wasn’t nursing her 60 month old on your couch.

Kait on

Mya, I don’t think that was the point she was making. If blessedwithboys just said 5 years old maybe people would find it more or less strange but straight up saying your 60 month old still breastfeeds is ridiculous in the sense that no one would refer to a child over 24 months or 2 years old as such an age in months when they are clearly not babies or toddlers but children.

Shannon on

Why do mothers recite their breastfeeding habits? No one cares but you.

ClaireSamsmom on

I don’t think 13 mo. is too extreme to still be breastfeeding. I don’t think I would nurse till 2 or 3, though. I was ready to encourage my children to move on…and we had our close bonding time (still do) cuddling, reading books, talking and being together. They are now 6 & 3. But, don’t go hating on Pink….she might kick some a** if she got pushed into a corner about this…she is one tough girl! 🙂 I love hearing about her and her daughter…she seems like such a great Mommy!

Christopher on

Good for you PINK!
I wish you and your family many more children
Christopher 🙂

J on

I agree, Shannon.

EEK on

Thank you, Kait, you got my point exactly.

Karen – the point is that 60 months and 5 years are technically the same, but nobody says “my 60 month old child” instead of “my 5 year old child” unless they are trying to infantilize their child for some reason.

Blessedwithboys, I have to wonder how this is all going to work when your baby boys are old enough to date/marry. Just be careful it doesn’t turn into this mess:

Sus on

Pink’s daughter is ADORABLE!

deb on

I love P!nk, she is fab and everything so far suggests that she is a great Mum too!

Anonymous on

I love reading articles about Pink. She seems like a great mom! I’m glad she’s still nursing and I hope Willow wasn’t too upset when she (Pink, not Willow) had to go into the hospital last month and therefore the nursing had to stop for a bit!

Also, I’m glad Pink seems to be well on the road to recovery after what appears to be quite the complicated gallbladder surgery (I say “complicated”, because she had to stay in the hospital for a few days, which suggests that she needed the classic “open” version of the operation. When people have their gallbladder out laproscopically, they’re generally allowed to go home the same day).

Clairesamsmom on

EEK…. Just read that article! Omg! That was something else! I would be livid!!!!

Acorr on

Shannon, this was an article about breastfeeding…with a comment section. Some people enjoy talking about their experiences, some do not.

Acorr on

EEK, grow up

JMO on

I love P!nk always have! I hope she tours soon!!

But I havae to say I feel like any post anymore is about how long someone breastfeeds. Really? Who cares? I’m kind of tired of hearing about attachment parenting and how long you should or shouldn’t nurse and the back and forth arguing over when to stop or what’s best for your child.

If you breastfeed…great! If you don’t breastfeed…that’s cool too. If you want to nurse a 5 year old…well fine (but don’t give me a look when I give you a look if your doing it still in public). You child, your business but please lets stop throwing it in everyone’s face all the time!

Sam on

Uh no. GROSS.

Jazzy on

I have never heard of a 5 year old called. 60 month old. I thought when one is over 2 we call then by their number age not months. I am in the us. Is this the custom of another country?

Acorr on

EEK, not all breast feeding women are sexual predators…as referenced in that article. You are grabbing at straws and embarrassing yourself with your futile attempts at demeaning breastfeeding. Again…grow up

jesse on

pink continues to prove how flippin awesome she is! it’s so wonderful that she’s clearly enjoying every part of motherhood! rock on pretty lady!!!

Anonymous on

JMO- Why should people who practice attachment parenting have to hide it?! Other people get to discuss their parenting experiences, so why shouldn’t they?!

If someone who pratices attachment parenting or extending breastfeeding truly does “throw it everyone’s face all the time”, that’s one thing. No one deserves to have other people’s beliefs shoved down their throat. But I don’t see what’s wrong with someone simply sharing their experiences with attachment parenting or extended breastfeeding!

Anonymous on

Sam- How sad that you find feeding a baby in the way nature intended as gross!

JMO on

Anonymous – people don’t have to hide it but it just seems like recently it’s been shoved down everyone’s throats. I see it in so many articles, blogs, even tv now!

Do what you want to do in your family but nobody says every bit of how you choose to raise your child needs to be overly published.

Anonymous on

I didn’t find Blessedwithboys’s comment strange, I think a lot of women measure their breastfeeding time in months and not years. While I wouldn’t personally go that long, I don’t find anything wrong with her choice. I don’t see why anyone feels it is their right to call her out on it.

Charleen on

Who cares who some mom refer to the age of the child (i.e. months vs years). The fact is that I know a lot of extended BF’ing moms who use months rather then years even past 2 y.o. and while I never though to aks the reason why, I’m pretty sure it’s not to hide the fact their nursing an older child as it always was when discussing the subject withg other extended BF’rs.

To Shannon: Giving all the comments to this article and to many other BF articles, blog posts, and BF and parenting message boards, it’s pretty cleatr many people do wish to hear about others experiences with it. If you don’t want to hear about it then ignore such article, comment threads, message boards, etc. It’s not like your forced to read other people BF stories.

Jillian on

Where did you get the information that ” 5 yrs is the natural age a child weans?” This may be your opinion, but this is not a fact.


Amanda on


Actually, it’s not just Mya’s opinion that the natural age to wean is five years. Recent research by doctors at Texas A&M shows that the natural age of weaning is almost always close to five years. Look up Katherine Dettwyler and her research before making more uneducated comments. Here – I’ll even give you a link.