Spotted: Alessandra Ambrósio and Anja’s Shore Thing

07/09/2012 at 07:00 AM ET

What a pretty pair of waverunners!

Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrósio gets a good grip on Anja Louise as the mother-daughter duo frolic in the surf during a bit of fun in the sun in Malibu on Sunday.

After running along the sandy shore with her model mama, the 3½-year-old had a high-flying time with dad Jamie Mazur as he gave her a good toss — and plenty of air time! — during a volleyball break.

Although 8-week-old Noah Phoenix wasn’t along for the seaside adventure, he did make a (sleepy!) appearance during the family’s fourth of July festivities.

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Dale on

What a lovely family.

MGM on

Anja got her mom’s legs..

mary on

great family photos- Lovely to see a happy family life out and about at the beach-thanks for sharing with us

Brooke on

Wow, Dad can really toss her up high!

HealthyPregancy on

Way to go! Congratulations! Just like Miranda Kerr, showing that lard-ass humonguous whale of Jennifer Simpson how things are done!! Oh, Wait Miranda and Alessandra had healthy pregnancies and gain pounds in a control manner not like that jelly whale that overindulged like a pig of Jennife Simpson just because she was pregnant and got a contract to shed the lard off; her brain arteries are clogged that is why she is not smart

anna on

Lol, the kid’s thighs just might be bigger than her mom’s…

Hannah on

Jessica Simpson… Her name is Jessica. Every woman’s body changes differently with pregnancy. Why do you care if she gained a more weight and lost it slower than a supermodel?

Smiley on

@HealthyPregancy. I think you ran out of fat cells to burn you started attacking your brain cells… If you want to insult someone, AT LEAST get their name right!

meghan on

Shut up Tammy.

teresa on

healthypregnancy you need medication. strong stuff…

Anonymous on

Tammy- You have no idea why they aren’t married. Maybe SHE doesn’t want to get married (and if that’s the case, why should he force her to?!). Or maybe there’s a reason they can’t get married at the moment (she’s a Brazillian citizen while he’s an American citizen, and on other threads about her people have mentioned that this may be a factor in why they aren’t married). Or maybe they ARE married and just haven’t shared that fact with the public!

Anyway, Anja is a cutie!

Julianna on

Tammy, Alessandra’s Brazilian and under Brazilian law, she’s already considered Jamie’s wife. They’ve been together for close to five years now, and Alessandra and the kids have all their rights assured by law.

I love Alessandra, and Anja’s looking more and more with her each day. They’re an adorable family.

jenny on

Who the hell is Jennifer Simpson? LMAO!!!