Spotted: Alyson Hannigan’s Cradle of Love

07/09/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Kaminski/Splash News Online

It’s Keeva Jane Denisof!

Proud parents Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof have nothing but looks of love for their newest daughter during a Monday morning visit to Will Rogers State Park in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Snuggled in a blanket — and flashing an adorable smile! — it is the 6-week-old’s first public appearance since her May 23 birth.

“I think by Hollywood standards I’m supposed to be in bikini shape now that my baby is 4 weeks old,” the How I Met Your Mother actress, 38, recently Tweeted.

The couple are also parents to daughter Satyana Marie, 3.

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klutzy_girl on

Awww, so cute!

Amy on

They look so happy and the baby looks adorable!

Jillian on

What a precious picture!!


Heidi on

I love this family! I’m sure Satyana is thrilled with her baby sister.

Clare on

When I see a beautiful picture like this one, I wonder if celebrities ever get copies of pictures of themselves from the paparazzi. There was one of Amy Adams and her daughter on the beach that was absolutely gorgeous. Moms are so busy taking the pictures that we don’t make it into that many.

denise on

just beautiful!!!!!!!

momto3 on

the baby looks cute, but look at the way her husband is looking at her! love that!

Millie on

I love Alison and glad she is a celebrity that believes in homebirth. Not so crazy about her daughter’s names, however.

ccaidan on

This is an adorable picture but what melts my heart is the look on her husbands face when he looks at her. She has eyes for her baby like all Momma’s do but he’s looking at her like she hung the moon (sigh) I hope they continue to be happy, lovely family.

boston on

This family just oozes cuteness. Just love the photo!

Bella on

Beautiful picture of a beautiful family! =)

Meg on

I love how he’s looking at her! Sweet baby too!

swack on

Congrats!! What a beautiful daughter.

tomfool on

gosh, she looks like her daddy from that angle. so cute!

NW Mama on

What a beautiful family, they all look so happy and in love with one another, they have such cute girl’s. I have 2 daughter’s as well and they are such a joy to have around, enjoy them being children for as long as you can, because they grow up so very fast, mine are 24 and 19 now, and I miss them being little.

Marianne on

@Clare : The Paparazzi don’t give them pictures…but celebs are free to google them if they wish.

Lisa on

What a sweet, beautiful picture!

Jurnee on

They look like such a sweet and loving family!!

Ari on

I don’t know which is better, the way Alyson is looking at Keeva or the way Alexis is looking at Alyson! She’s a lucky woman!

Donna on

So sweet!

Alexia on

Both of their daughters are just so adorable!

Weezee on

Such a beautiful photo of this adorable family. My daughter met them last year when they came into her store. She said they are such lovely people – very nice to everyone. Great pic!

amy on

Such a darling family picture.

Cathleen on

What a great picture, and what a gorgeous family! I absolutely LOVE the name Keeva. My sister’s name is Caoimhe, an Irish name pronounced the same way, and I have always loved the way it sounds. The name itself is known to mean “gentle, beautiful, precious.”

guest on

what a stupid name can’t these stars give there kids normal names

Sandra on

What an absolutely adoring picture this is! Mom is looking at baby adoringly and seeing her husband looking at her smiling at the baby is so beautiful. Only if all Daddy’s would look at their wife so lovingly like him! Lucky woman for sure and lucky Daddy too! She is beautiful with her little smile. Congratulations!

Anonymous on

Gorgeous picture!

Tee Tee on

Ach, that is an amazing photo! Mom is in love with baby and Dad is in love with Mom! Satyana is one of my favorite celeb kids to watch through pictures and I’m sure it will be just as fun to watch little Keeva grow up!

Erin on

@guest: You do realize that your definition of normal isn’t the same as that of every other person on this earth, right? As it’s been stated before, the baby’s name is a traditional Gaelic (Celtic) name, just with a different spelling. It seems to me that Alyson Hannigan has Irish ancestry, which means that the baby’s name is “normal” to her. Saying that it’s not normal is rude and ignorant. Go ahead and say that the name isn’t to your taste, but don’t say it’s not normal.

Daniella on

@guest, that totally depends on your definition of normal. Alyson’s daughter has a traditional Gaelic name, just with a slightly easier & different spelling than the usual (in Ireland, it’s usually in the top ten girl’s names) Caoimhe. In my own family, names like these are considered “normal” since three of my grandparents are Irish-born & came from areas where Gaelic was a spoken language. To us, the more unique Irish & less-seen-in-America names like Aoife, Kieran, Rowan, Finnian, Callum, Aislin, Kathel, Saoirse, Riona, Seamus, Eithne, and Muirin are “normal” considering our family’s cultural background.

ang on

I absolutely LOVE the way he is looking at his wife! True adoration, sigh.

NickyAngel on

The look of love 🙂

Lea on

Love the picture 🙂 Such a cute family!

But quite honestly I’m not a big fan of the name…

mimi on

they are the sweetest family. so cute!

KJo on

What a happy little portrait! Ms. Hannigan looks especially beautiful with that special “mommy glow” 🙂

Kristin on

I forgot how gorgeous her husband was. I love that picture of him smiling at her as she smiles at the baby.

Julianna on

The look in Alexis’ face as he looks at his wife is just heartwarming, and Keeva is an adorable baby.

Amy on

Beautiful picture! I love the name and I think it’s great that she is honoring her roots.

tracy on

Cute but both her daughters have ugly, stupid names.