Vanessa Lachey: Why I Thought I Was Having a Girl

07/07/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

In March, Vanessa Lachey Tweeted her hope of having a boy, but truth be told, she had a reason for leaning that way.

“I already knew then that it was a boy, so it was pretty easy for me to say I’ve always hoped for a boy first,” Lachey, 31, admits to PEOPLE. “[But] when it happened, I was over the moon and beyond excited.”

Since then, she’s come clean with her fans, revealing the baby’s sex in June, but if it weren’t for modern technology, the Wipeout host says she would have guessed otherwise.

“I would swear to you that it’s a girl because everything girly now is just clicking with me. When I see little girls, I melt; and when I see girly things, I can’t wait to play with them or buy them,” she shares.

“It was so funny because before I was pregnant, it was the complete opposite for me, everything boy was awesome. It’s interesting how your hormones and your mind and everything changes.”

With two trimesters behind her, the mom-to-be is now gearing up for baby boy’s September arrival, including picking out a name.

“I tell everybody we’ve been yelling it around the house. Nick and I love it,” she says. “We’re going to tell him first, and then introduce him to the world after he knows his name.”

Another aspect of her preparatory process has included swapping stories with friends, family and even her Twitter followers on all things motherhood, which is why she’s working with Pampers Wipes to help fellow moms-to-be stock up on the essentials.

“You go into any store, and you’re completely overwhelmed at all the different things that you can do and brands and styles and colors,” Lachey explains. “It’s kind of been like a little journey for me to share with other women what I’ve learned.”

— Kiran Hefa

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Lynn on

OMG get over yourself….all of the rest of the world has been having kids forever…ur a celebrity n need to know none of us real people can relate to u. We don’t have nanny’s, we don’t have housekeepers, we don’t have drivers, we don’t have cooks, n we don’t have workout people to get us in shape to wear a bikini 2 weeks after birth….oh I forgot rite after u give birth a plastic surgeon will make sure ur belly has no stretch marks….Please this is soooo assaulting to all of us everyday people!!!

Nia on

I agree with you Lynn except add that us normal people cannot go into various stores and purchase whatever we want either!!

lovely123 on

Lynn, my goodness. Can’t a new mom-to-be enjoy her pending arrival? You have so much negativity. If you consider yourself a “everyday people” than I am sorry for those in your everyday life. Lighten up, life is too short.

Amanda on

If celebrities bother you so much then this isn’t the site for you.

They are going to have one gorgeous baby. I can’t wait to see pics and hear what they name him.

Sharon on

It is so exciting to be pregnant for the first time, you can feel how excited she is and just can’t help, but be happy for them both. Their baby boy is going to be so loved.

Sharon on

It is so nice to see their excitment for their baby boy, their baby is going to be so loved. I am so happy for them.

anon1 on

Lynn, who said vannessa has a driver or will hire a nanny or get plastic surgery? and frankly, if i could hire a nanny i probably would for times i need a few hours to take a break, or if i want to work shortly after having the baby.

kikiandkyle on

I’m pretty sure that if I could have got paid to bore everyone with my mundane baby chatter when I was pregnant I would have done it too. It’s not like she’s overloaded with work – let her earn her cash the only way she can, and click somewhere else if celebrity babies aren’t your thing!

mileysucks on

Awwww, it’s so fun to watch someone’s excitement about their coming child. I am genuinely happy for the Lacheys. I really thought that Jessica had twisted Nick up emotionally but he really found the right girl this time and they seem like they will make great parents.

DarlingGal on

Ohhh Lynn, funny how you are criticizing her, but nothing you ranted about was even said by Vanessa. Also, I had a baby and I’m a size 0 still. Don’t be so bitter because you are feeling sorry for yourself. I happen to highly dislike women who get sloppy after having a baby. There is absolutely no excuse for it. Have a great day!! 🙂

Diana on

Speak for yourself Lynn…I am an “everyday people” and I was the same way that she is…excited, overwhelmed, wanting to read everything I could etc…If you hate her so much then take your fanny elsewhere, you are definitely not wanted here.

MrMonkee on

@Lynn; you must be a glutton for punishment. All this hatred for the lives of celebrities but yet you take the time to read about them and even take time to post. Maybe you should find a blog/rag that better suits your needs. Maybe Readers Digest?

Amanda on

WOW Lynn….. Talk about some hate in your post…. I really don’t think all of them have the things you mentioned.. and if they do who cares?? She is excited about having her first baby! How do you know that there aren’t every day people out there who can’t relate to her?? I am VERY happy for her and i enjoy reading stories like this! Better then someone getting locked up or going to rehab! I think you need to find a different website.. This is def not the one for you! 🙂 Vanessa and Nick, im very excited for you guys and congrats on your new bundle of joy!!! 🙂

MJ on

Old wives tale moment: I was told that if little girls suddenly adored you when you were pregnant, if you gravitated toward all things girly, pink, and ruffly – you were having a boy (and vice versa). The quasi logic is the little boy child inside you caused the infatuation with the opposite sex.

pata48 on

Who cares ?

pata48 on


Deb on

This is a Celebrity Baby site. Why are you on here if people like Vanessa make you mad? And either you were reading a different article than me or you sure made a lot of assumptions about her life. Sounds like you have a lot of anger about your own life and are taking it out on someone else you don’t even know. By the way your email was written with all the incorrectly spelled words, etc. I wonder if you aren’t a kid rather than adult and just trying to get a rise out of people.

MJ on

@Lynn….I think u meant insulting not assaulting!!

Lia on

RIDICULOUS her and her failed husband …. trying to get some publicity… both loosers… nobody cares what they are going to name their kid!!

Her Mother on

Why can she choose a normal name like Krishna, Egypt, Paraguay, Antigua, Bell House, Sheena, France, Denmark, Syria, Pakistan, or Demi Lovato?

Cinder Lou on

It’s funny how every post on this board is in response to Lynn. Actually, I agree with Lynn. If I didn’t know better, by the way she talks I’d think Vanessa was the first woman to have ever been expecting a baby.

m on

I think Vanessa carries her pregnancy very well. She looks gorgeous! I’m sure she and Nick will be great parents. First pregnancy is always very exciting specially if it’s a welcome and wanted pregnancy. Some people just can NOT be happy for other people.

Y on

Darling gal, you highly dislike women who look sloppy after having a baby? Wow you sound incredibly shallow, not to mention cruel..some women are more concerned with spending time with their new babies and nursing then to care about fitting into their size 0 pants..get a life

claire on

My word some of you people need to get over yourselves… No where did Vanessa Lachey claim this is a unique experience to her. This is a baby-celebrity blog in which celebrities who are expecting or have children blog about their experiences. If you don’t want to read about Vanessa than don’t- I, for one, find it endearing to see this side of celebrities. So often we read about the trouble they are in, broken marriages, partying adventures, etc. It is so refreshing to just read about “every day things”, such as excitement from a first time mom-to-be…

Jenny on

People have been having kids forever… but this is her first time, so everything is new for her.. of course its extra exciting. Leave her alone.

Alexandra on

LOVE THE LACHEYS!! Vanessa is a class act and I think they are a great couple. Their baby boy will be HANDSOME!!! And I love that they want to tell the baby what his name is before telling the world, how sweet. I wish nothing but the best for the Lachey family! CONGRATULATIONS

Kylen on

Funny thing is that Lynne managed to make this whole article post about her and what makes it the most ridiculous is that Vanessa didn’t mention anything even related to the items listed in Lynne’s ignorant comment.

Not only does she sound bitter, but she just sounds plain simple considering this is a celebrity website. As a “normal / regular” person, I am able to enjoy many fine things because I work hard for them. Many celebrities go back to being fit because they are fit prior to having a baby.

I am very excited for Vanessa and Nick’s baby; he is going to be gorgeous and have a humble home to be raised in. I love how she says they are going to tell him his name first and then introduce him to the world. That is wonderful!

K.W. on

I hate how every celebrity feels the need to share what they’ve learned with us – esp. those who are having their first child….how can I relate to them when I work 3rd shift and have four’s not like we’re living parallel lives or anything here..ridiculous..

Vermont on

Lynn, you sound pretty jealous.. Go get a job so you can buy what you want and stop being a hater..

Anonymous on

Pampers Wipes should be illegal.

And if she is feeling like buying frilly clothes and girly things, why not do it? The child might like them. You can’t decide anything based on genitals.

librababe on

Um, I’m pretty sure all the statements she’s making are answers to questions she was asked. And even if she’s just telling PEOPLE because she feels like it — she has every right to be excited and bewildered. She’s a mama now, what’s more life changing than that?

Anyhoo, I have to wonder if publicists and stuff tell celebrities to say “over the moon” — because literally every celeb says that when it comes to babies! :o)

Susan Albert on

My only comment is I hope the name they have picked for their son is a normal one and not some ridiculous one like Sparrow or Bear.

Shannon on

They should name him Maxwell Drew. lmao

Daphne on

I like how they are going to tell the baby his name first and then let the rest of the world know.

JustMe on

I think she is cute, and its good to see a new mom be excited, no matter who she is or how much money she has. We also practiced yelling our kids names beforehand because face it – when they are older you WILL be yelling at them at one point or another (even if its calling them for dinner) and you want to make sure the full name sounds good, lol.

jc on

Maxwell is a good name for a boy!

Marcia on

I never thought about her one way or another, but she did a guest spot on 30 Rock awhile back and she was very funny. She should try to get some TV comedy work.

elisabeth on

Lynn seriously GROW UP your post sounded like a 12 year old wrote it how ignorant can you be? If you don’t like this and reading about this makes you so hateful and angry why are you here? Check yourself back into the mental hospital so they can get you back on your much needed meds. I seriously hope your not a parent if you are I feel so sorry for your kids. Get a job get a life.

Karen on

It would be a nice change to give this poor kid a decent and nice name.What ever happened to John,Michael and even Patrick.

notsosure on

Nick sure likes brain dead broads. I never knew she was the host of Wipeout, and in fact, just watched that show for the first time ever this past week. Talk about a dumb woman! Her antics and dialogue were so pathetic. And I’m not so sure it was all for the show. What talent does she have, other than parading around in a bikini and looking pretty. Not much!

Anonymous on

@ Her Mother,

Krishna is a “normal” name for those of Indian decent. Just because people in Hollywood appropriate names from other cultures does not make the names odd or weird.

Hmm on

Interesting how she wants to share what she’s learned … and the baby isn’t here yet. Motherhood can turn everything you thought you knew upside down. I would advise her to wait until the baby is here to dispense her wisdom.

Other than that, very happy for them and I love they’re telling the name to their son first then the world. As it should be.

Yikes on

Sheesh.. Who cares anymore?

stef24 on

Um, ‘darling gal’ you do realize this story isn’t about you or how much weight Vanessa has gained/will lose during her pregnancy? Kind of sad how you look down on everyone who isn’t a ‘size 0’ such as yourself…

Leslie on

Pampers seems to be paying all these celebs to mention their diaper products in interviews lately. The celebs that do it come off as tacky… especially the photo shoot that Allesandra Ambrosio did where she introduced her son and had the pampers boxes scattered in the background.

kimberleeannephoto on

Wow Lynn, you really have no class! For me who has not had children but has friends who are having babies want to know what she thinks is great products and what she likes cuz just maybe I might want to get these things for my friends who are expecting. Not all celebrities do or have the things you THINK they have. Sure they all have personal trainers but as an “everday people” as you like to call us. I HAVE a personal trainer too, who works my fanny off. Just because shes a celebrity doens mean shes any different from any other mom to be!

On a personal comment to Vanessa, oh how cute will her baby be. I cant wait to hear what his name will be and I cant wait to find out what she feels is the must have things for a new mom. Every one has different preferences and likes different products and like I said above I have friends who are expecting and many baby showers to go to!


Really, leave Lynn alone, is a free world and i totally agree w her, for what they will probably split in 3 years because her face wont be inn, or because he is such a douchebag, or who knows, maybe she will blindside him w divorce, or he will cheat on her w her best friend, people stop admiring so much this retards, they are just FANCY WHITE TRASH!!!

Lizzie on

Amanda is right on point re: ole Lynn, you’re a CORN FLAKE, JEALOUS & ENVIOUS!! NICK & VANESSA’S baby is going sooooo CUTE & dimpleS
4 sure!! VANESSA has style & grace AND IS NOT A HIPPO, need I name
names…????!! NICK is grr88888 on Live w/ Kelly!!!! BlessingS all
around to them & their baby!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Lisa on

Every woman experiencing her first pregnancy feels like the first woman to ever be pregnant. Let her enjoy it and bask! I would rather read about someone gushing than complaining about every tiny bit of it. They are going to be sweet parents.

Catca on

I thought Vanessa’s thought that she and Nick would tell her son his name first and then introduce him to the world is really sweet. Never much cared for Nick and Vanessa but this quote from Vanessa won me over a tad. 🙂

WhyNot on

I think this is why I really love Jessica Simpson. She has mega millions, but she is losing the weight the same way the rest of us do, one week at a time, one pound at a time. I respect that she is following Nature and her body, and doing it through food control and exercise.

gandy on

Maybe they’ll name him Maxine and pretend it’s a masculine name.

Anonymous on

WhyNot- This post isn’t about Jessica, it’s about Vanessa…who hasn’t said one word about how she plans to lose her baby weight (and therefore, for all we know, she may be planning to take a gradual approach, too!)!

Really, I feel bad for Nick and Vanessa (and Jessica and Eric, for that matter). Nick and Jessica have been divorced for what, six or seven years now (if I’m remembering correctly, it was around 2005/2006 that they split) and people STILL bring them up on each other’s posts, compare their choices, etc.

They are two different people who haven’t been in each other’s lives for years. It’s time to let the past stay in the past!

Anonymous on

WhyNot- I meant to say in my last post that only the first paragraph is directed at you. The rest is a general commented in response to EVERYONE who brings up Jessica on Nick posts and vice-versa. I didn’t want you to think I was singling you out. 🙂

Anyway, to finally comment on the actual post…I love how excited Vanessa sounds, and that she and Nick are going to tell the baby his name first.

SuziQ on

Yikes! Why all the hateful comments? Can’t a person…even a celebrity…go on and on about their baby? Especially when it’s their first baby? Just because you’re anonymous doesn’t mean you should spew such awful venom about someone. Try being polite…look it up in the dictionary if you don’t know what it means. Or how about good old “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!” You go right ahead and ramble on about your baby, Vanessa. If they don’t like what you’re saying, they should feel free to avoid reading the article.

tm on

Why in the world do people like Lynne, Cinder Lou, KW and Lilou write in and complain because people in this article talk about their baby. You morons, this is about celebrity babies … what do you think they are going to talk about, earthworms?????????????? Grow up and get a live ……. better yet crawl back under your rocks and mold away.

teri c on

people need to stop being haters!! vanessa is a lovely down to earth person who got the man of her dreams. why does everyone hate? just cause his first marriage didnt work dont hate jessica either. they have moved on and try to live their lives. so what they have money GET OVER IT!!! we wouldn’t have a gossip magazine if famous people did not exsist!!! she works hard like most of us, shes pregnant and the negative people who hate her cared enough to read this article so what now?

kjc on

I love that they will meet their new baby, let him know his name then introduce him to the world. We did the same thing with our baby. We wouldn’t even tell our doctor or labor nurses when they asked during labor (which ended in a c-section). …

Although truth be told, we didn’t have our boys names narrowed down at all, but we wouldn’t even give the list.
Can’t wait for their baby to be born. I believe they’ll make great patents.

ace11 on

Its EXTREMELY dissapointing that Nick married this women

She is nothing but a selfish gold digger

But he is 40..and he acts like 20

2 really selfshih people and it’s sad they are having a child

boheme19 on

I don’t know why people even waste their time with caring what their baby is going to be! The truth is, when you have that baby, it is the most incredible child in the world to you! And what sex it is, is absolutely mute. Like everything else about the baby, what sex it is, feels absolutely right!

francesca on

The child will be gay, that is why she is thinking all girly thoughts. Bless her heart. It takes alot of guts to admit your going to give birth to a homosexual.

amy on

Awwww, so sweet!! I love you two together and it makes me smile when other couples are happy!! We had a boy first and it’s so amazing!! Now he’s a big brother and I love having a girl! Regardless, children change your lives in endless ways and knowing now what a true miracle they are makes it all more sweet!! Enjoy every minute of this experience!! You two will be amazing parents!!

Jealous Much? on

@ Ace11- Hey Ace, that is the most idiotic statement that I have ever read. Seriously, People need to make a separate page where stupid, jealous, envious, dumb and bipolar people can go and post their comments that make no sense.

Vanessa has 100% more class and intelligence in one finger than Jessica has in her whole head. At least Vanessa knows the difference between Chicken of the Sea and also that buffalo wings are not made from buffalo.

I think that Vanessa and Nick are great together and I have never seen Nick happier since he got with her. You can clearly see it. He started seeing her right after his separation and only her, Jessica on the other hand has been with an army of men and finally is with Eric because he knocked her up, but its she’s not with him for his brains because hes been tackled one too many times, I also think he thinks buffalo wings comes from the buffalo too…. Poor Maxwell, she’s got 2 doorknobs for parents.

Anonymous on

Holy Crap!! how old are you people!! really? im sure everyone here who had a child felt excited the same way she does, cut the woman some slack for christ sake!

Lol on

Lol at people here hating on Jessica and Eric. Are you forgetting Eric finished Harvard? Yeah, he’s such a doorknob, Jealous Much. I think you’re the one jealous here. And quite frankly, half of people here complaining about ‘hate’ on Vanessa and Nick are the one who call Maxwell ugly and other disgusting names. The hypocrisy of Nick and Vanessa’s fans will never cease to amaze me. Not a fan of either of them, but good luck to them and hopefully the baby is healthy and happy. Who the hell cares about the rest?

Melissa on

I agree with those who are sick of celebrities and their stories. We need to STOP buying magazines and looking at tabloid and reality TV. Enjoy the talent they have to offer but no need to be involved or know about their personal lives. Celebrities really are overrated on that issue its as if they DO EVERYTHING BETTER Than the next person..

Anonymous on

Who cares if Vanessa has her head in the clouds, some first time mothers do. Let her enjoy it, they both going to love their son & that all that matters.

Looking forward to hearing what they name him and seeing what their new bundle of joy looks like.

gcl79 on

are you a little bitter Lynn? if you are mot interested in celebrities you might want to stop reading

Joyful on

Happiness is loving your life and the excitement of your firstborn! Blessings to Vanessa and Nick. I enjoy her sharing her personal feelings about this awesome time in their life! I love this blog and hope to encourage be happy for the happiness of others!

sph on

Best wishes to them, I think they will both will be great parents.

Shawna on

They want to tell the baby first before they tell everyone else? LOL Yes, I’m sure the baby will know exactly what they mean. What a ridiculous comment. Sure, no big deal, you don’t want to share the name yet but to say it’s because you want to tell the baby first? How ridiculous.


Good Lord! Does she really have so much expertise that she feels the need to share what she’s learned with other mothers? I know she’s excited but she really does need to get over herself a bit.

Shannon on

Well she allegedly used to be friendly with Jessica and encouraged her to leave Nick. Wonder why? bwah

DJ on

Lynn, it is insulting not assaulting, you complete joke of a human being!

Meg on

Nick definitely upgraded; I’m sure he is thankful he dodged a bullet and found someone he can have an intelligent conversation with that isn’t stupid and vulgar like Jessica. Vanessa also hasn’t blown up like the Goodyear blimp in her pregnancy like Jessica did. She is so much better in looks, intelligence, and class than Jessica could ever hope to be.

DarlingGal on

@Y I’ve been a size 0 my whole life. I wasn’t trying to be negative. Nor was I being boastful. I was simply saying having a baby does not mean it’s the end of the world for the mother. I agree, the baby comes first. Always. But, I don’t think it is an excuse to ‘let yourself go.’ I’m not just talking about weight, it also applies to your attitude towards other women, mothers. My main reason for commenting in the first place was in response to Lynn who was going on and on about Vanessa. Most woman, all over the world, since the beginning of time, have raved about their pregnancy. It’s without a doubt the most amazing thing to experience. Who cares if someone is rich or poor, skinny for big. There is no reason for a poor attitude towards someone who is excited about having a baby. Don’t begrudge someone else because you are feeling bad about your own situation.

DarlingGal on

@stef24 my comment was in response to Lynn. Way to focus on the lesser issue. You obviously didn’t read the whole thing.

UGH on

And to the little chickie you may want to check out Vanessa on Google or maybe try NIck on google & then spout off about Jessica being with men.. Yeah have a look.. Vanessa & Nick pool sex.. Nick with underage girls with Leinart.. Vaness has some great pics of knife to Lohans head .. maybe google if you want to trash one make sure you know who your trashing her against. NIck is a very well known womanizer & Vaness doesn’t do bad herself. Lets get real here. Its interesting how Vanessa only has 71 comments here & really doesn’t have as much interest from others where as Jessica is well over 800 so lets see who gets attention be it good or bad she gets it & Vanessa tries hard. I would never say anything about babies I think there all beautiful & all parents shoudl be allowed to show there joy but to try to paint someone as perfect is bullshit. Now go & have a look & lets see if you know what your talking about.

smileforonce on

Lynn, do you even know all those things? Just because shes a celebrity doesnt mean she has all of those fancy things. Im sure shes had hard times too. Cant you just be happy for her and her baby boy?

iantoad on

Lynn, she has every right to be excited, brag, and yell out to the world how she’s preparing for her baby. I think it’s great, and all parents should be thrilled to have a baby. If they don’t brag and flitter about, I would say that the baby wasn’t wanted. Yell off the rooftops if she wants, congrats!

4L150N on


Before you try to insult ANYONE on a message board: A – Learn to properly spell the insult (“LOOSER”) and – make sure you know what proper word to use! (I’m not sure how someone can diagnose bipolar through a message board).

Also, if the people who come to this site have no interest in the lives of celebrities and people in the news in general then WHY in the world would you even be here? What is the point in going on and on about how much better their lives are than yours and they think they’re so special. It’s called living vicariously, and if you can’t be happy for them, then log off the internet and go enjoy YOUR life.

Spewing hatred and hostility to someone who is never going to read it and couldn’t possibly care less what you think is not only a waste of time, but it makes you look bad and it brings unnecessary hate into YOUR life.

Bev on

Folks always get on here and post negative comments but the bottom line, whether you like them or not, Nick and Vanessa are celebrities. And as long as you post a comment whether it’s negative or positive, it’s still newsworthy because you took the time to post. With that being said, I see nothing wrong with her being excited about her pregnancy and impending parenthood. I for one, am happy for them.

Marky on

“Y”–Really? You can’t pay attention to your baby, nurse them, and love them dearly without being fat? I did all of the above, and took care of my other children at the same time, and I weighed 110 when I came home from the hospital. If I had come home needing to lose 50 lbs, like my sister did, I would have paid attention to what I ate, and lost the weight, while I took care of my children, nursed my baby, and took caare of my home. Being overweight doesn’t help your child get better nourishment, for pity’s sake! All it does is make you miserable, and it’s not a positive in your life or your family’s. If you want to be overweight, or don’t mind it, then just say that–don’t act as if you can’t take good care of your child and lose weight at the same time. And I didn’t have help or a trainer, either; most people don’t. Good for those who do, why should we be angry about someone else having more than we do? They didn’t steal it from us, you know……..

Anonymous on

Everyone has a right to post whatever stupid comment they want to on here, whether it be to criticize or praise Vanessa, Lynn, or the man in the moon. Breathe in, breathe out, move on.

Karen on

Happy for Vanessa and Nick. Nick picked the right one to settle down with. Baby Lachey will be so cute with both vanessa and nick’s looks. Congrats again!

Carrie23 on

AWWWWW…all first time moms think the world revolves around them… their excitement is contagious (and I am infertile and adopted children — so I never traveled that path). Yes, she will have it easier–i would have died to have a nanny/nurse the first month (or even a helpful mother in law!)

Y on

I didn’t say you can’t take care of yourself and the baby at the same time..I was telling Darling Gal that there was no need to say she “highly dislikes” women who let themselves go…why would that even bother you??
Good for you for weighing 110 coming home from the hospital, I see you are very proud of that..for some of us it takes a bit longer..there is no need to brag about how thin you are..
You women are pathetic!!

Y on

Marky, you obviously feel like like a you need a big pat on the back lol, so good for you! I’m glad you feel so special 🙂

Meghan on

honestly, why is she obsessing over the fact that she’s having a boy so much. it’s a little weird.. who cares! you should be happy for a healthy baby

Just Me on

Lynn, stop spewing your jealousy and hatred. Not everyone is full of venom as you seem to be. Some of us may actually wish Vanessa, Nick, and their little one happiness. Try to be happy with your life, maybe others in your world would actually like you. Also, learn to write before you make the rest of us try to deciper what you’re attempting to say.

Just Me on

Wow, what a bunch of uneducated and nasty people here today. A few words of advice:
Lia – please take a class on grammar and spelling before posting anything more
Cinder Lou – are you still directing the anger over your stupid name toward random strangers?
K.W. – two words for you: Birth Control
Not So Sure – jealous much?
Lilou – please heed the advice to Lia
Why Not – what does Jessica Simpson have to do with this article?
ace11 – I’m sad you chose to go off your medications, please go directly to your physician in the morning to rectify that situation
Whew, can’t stand it anymore, this is exhausting.

missy-e on

To be honest, I have never written on this site before but I got to agree with you lovey123, life is way to short.

And I can’t help but reach out for Lynn.

Lynn, have you thought of therapy for your negativity and issues. How about exercise? There’s so much help out there for you. Clearly you need help. Seek it and you shall be free.

Allison on

I like reading about babies and I like Nick Lachey but his wife does drive me crazy. I think she is about as interesting as a toothpick but I like him and that he is devoted to his wife. Bless his heart!!!

Ashley on

Vanessa enjoys cooking. I have seen so many pictures of her and/or Nick grocery shopping. There is no housekeeper in the Lachey home. She does go to the gym and has a trainer but then so do I. Big deal. When I go to the airport I have a driver. Big deal. Very happy for first time mom Vanessa. Can’t wait to see the pictures of little baby by Lachey. Vanessa please continue to keep us informed of your experience.

Shan on

Nowadays it seems like everyone finds out the sex. And then they keep the name a secret just to keep everyone interested because they already ruined the gender surprise. So stupid. The surprise is supposed to be the gender, not the name.

Grace on

My, my how some of you women can be so negative and bitter. Why so bitter? Nick and Vanessa seem very low key as compared to some other celebrities. I read a previous post calling her “dumb.” She did win Miss Teen USA a few years back, so I’m going to assume that you’d need brains to answer such questions and compete. Obviously, she’s done something right to get where she is now. She wasn’t born with a silver spoon. People who put down happy people are just negative nelly’s in the world. So what if she can afford a personal trainer. Maybe if Lynn’s fat ass got off her butt and even gave the gym a try she wouldn’t be so angry or bitter. Instead of hating on one’s happiness, people, start focusing on your life and why you sound so hateful and angry? There is obviously a lack of confidence within yourselves that you must be so hateful. As a working mother to 3 children 3 years and under there is nothing wrong with not looking “sloppy.” And it doesn’t make me any less of a mother to my children. Try it sometime, it’s called multitasking and caring about who YOU are as an individual.

geezLAweez on

Is she ever going to give birth? She has been pregnant and annoying since forever!

LM on

Marky, I get your comment, but not everybody loses weight easily after child birth. I was a size 2 when I got pregnant. My son is now 3 years old, I run 5 times a week (marathon training), I eat well and I’m stuck at a size 6. I’ve only recently come to grips with the fact that I’ll never have my pre-pregnancy body. Just because someone is overweight after child birth doesn’t mean they don’t care about their health.

Marie on

I like them both & happy for them.

Debbe on

I don’t know if it was being psychic or what but I always knew I would have one son. (From the time I was about 17 years old, I just knew I would have one son.) When I became pregnant I knew it was a son. I never questioned it, wondered, nothing. So when I went into the ultrasound to see the baby, I already knew I was walking in to see my son, so when they said it was a boy, I knew…..I was busy just trying to see what he looked like and was doing in there, (sucking his thumb) but I think it is possible for some women to just know, and to be right about it. I knew 10 years before he was born that I would have him.

LE on

I think it’s great that she’s so excited to be having her first baby. I also think it’s kind of cute that they want to tell the baby first what his or her name is. Did you ever stop to think that it’s their way of having a bit of privacy?

I cannot understand why people feel they are entitled to such disrespectful comments about a person they only know as their celebrity side. I am actually glad there are so many reality shows for celebrities–some of them show what their life is like and you get to see they are people too–they just happen to have a different lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with that, just like there is nothing wrong with someone wanting to choose to be a lawyer or a dr or a prison ward or a psychiatric nurse or whatever.

Carolyn on

Simply fascinating.

lovely123 on

“Just Me”, why are you freaking out on what others comment. Take a chill-pill, and enjoy the article.

Sandy on

Baby’s don’t need much! If we consumers would get off the ingnorant buying wagon of everything the media tells us we need- we’d all have a lot more money in our savings accounts. A baby needs to eat (a lot cheaper if you can breast feed) and have it’s diaper changed. Aside from some onesies and blankets- you can keep it simple. I told my family to get me clothes for the baby to wear starting around age two. Of course a car seat and stroller are needed at some point but you do not have to go in to a Baby’s R Us and get overwhelmed- not in the beginning any way. All a newborn needs is lots of love and care. Age one is when the needs & wants start.

Sandy on

There are a lot of women who need a mother’s little helper from the top shelf!!! Calm down women- geez!!

Anonymous on

I really like Vanessa Lachey, and I just think that she’s very excited about her pregnancy. Which she should be! I find it strange though that she was playing so coy about the sex of the baby when she clearly knew very early on. She made it seem through the media like she had always wanted a boy, and had always hoped for a boy….when she already knew she was having a boy. Regardless, this will be one very loved child, which is all the really matters.

Anonymous on

um if shes not due until september how did she know the baby’s sex in march (3 months pregnant)? congrats tho..

Kelli on

Debbe – Let me get this straight. I’m gathering that you ‘knew’ you were having a boy, right? I’m only assuming that because, in your paragraph, you said it 6 times.

Curious on

I agree, Lovely123. She is a first-time mommy-to-be and a celebrity. At least give Vanessa and Nick credit for doing it RIGHT(love, marriage, baby carriage…lol). She even took on his LAST name. She has the right to be happy and excited, and I feel they are going to be hands-on parents. If you remember, Nick was never much for the overspending and more of a do-it-yourselfer. Congratulations to them both.

Naomi on

The only thing I want to clarify is just because you get pregnant doesn’t always mean you will get stretch marks. I had 2 kids, 13 months apart and didn’t get any!

Rudy on

Researching the gender of a fetus.

To this day, in many foreign societies, men are killing their wives and female offspring…blaming the woman for not bearing a son for them. Well, the truth of the matter is… the man determines the sex of the baby…so these men should kill themselves for not being able to produce a male offspring.

Second, ALL fetuses are FEMALE to begin life (Males have nipples and breasts), and in the months following, hormones will change the female fetus to a Male.

shanon hyatt on

Wow! I just have too say there’s no place in this world for haters-and It sounds like Lynn and a few others are just that “Haters” along with other things like Jealous,bitter and immature. I love to see when 1st time mothers are expecting-It brings back memories of when I had my 1st. Lynn you outta be ashamed of yourself and carrying around so much hatred only hurts you and the ones that come into your path-lighten up girl; being happy for someone only takes a minute out of your time- but hatred you’ll carry a life time. Congratulations too Vanessa & Nick the proud parents too be. Vanessa your a beautiful woman and your happiness is a inspiration to others.

scrappy on

I think she got pregnant so fast to hold onto Nick he dumped her once. A baby will not keep a man with you if he chooses not to be there

Peri on

My advice would be to not ask for his help unesls you are going to truly treasure his answer. Personally, I’ve learned not to ask my husband anything that I really don’t want the answer to. (paint color, tile samples, kids issues, etc.) because the minute he gives an opinion, I hate it do my own thing anyhow. Pick a name YOU love don’t worry about it. Save your battle for who’s going to get up in the middle of the night feed change the baby. Bigger fish to fry my dear! Good luck! Was this answer helpful?

kristy on