Jessica Simpson Celebrates July 4th with Family

07/06/2012 at 08:30 AM ET
Courtesy Jessica Simpson

Baby’s first Independence Day!

Nine-week-old Maxwell Drew helped America celebrate its 236th birthday Wednesday, alongside parents Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson.

In a photo new mom Simpson Tweeted Thursday night, Maxwell manages to upstage the fireworks display with an adorable  onesie (but no flowery headband).

“Hope everyone had a great 4th!” wrote Simpson, 31, also dressed in an appropriately patriotic ensemble.

Since welcoming baby Maxwell, her first child with her fiancé, May 1, Simpson told PEOPLE “life has completely changed.”

“From how I sleep to what I think about,” she told PEOPLE in May, “Maxwell has definitely taken over everything.”

— Alison Schwartz

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kaitlyn on

What a beautiful baby! I can see both of her parents in her.

Lisa on

Why does the article say “but no flowery headband”? Isn’t Maxwell a boy?

Karen on

I wonder how her weight loss is going? This pic is hard to tell, although her husband should join her on her weight loss battle…he just looks like a sloppy tool to me.

Poppy on

Geeezzzz…that baby looks like a toddler already!

Pam on

Lisa- Maxwell is a girl.

Jen DC on

I think she’s an adorable chubby baby! And that she mostly looks like her father – sweet girl. You can def see she gets her SIZE from her dad! Cute cute cute.

Grace on

I try never to judge other people’s parenting decisions, but why oh why is this infant watching fireworks without ear protection? That could seriously damage her tiny ear drums.

Sash on

I’m obsessed with the sweater Jessica is wearing… anyone know where to get it?

Cassie on


Maria on

I give this couple 4 yrs till they split

plus Jessica is putting a lot of pressure on herself to lose weight fast.

first of all she got huge- he breasts are ridiculous- ouch! but to have that 2 month or whatever timeline with weight watchers is dumb plus everyone knows it wont be ww getting her to lose the wieght but the personal trainer

but she should just be relaxing at home with her newborn now not focusing on ww tho she can stand to lose some weight I just don’t like jessica simpson

Milosh on

Sash. She got it at TarpWorld.

Yikes on

That baby looks just her daddy! No denying this baby!!!

Noa on

Sash – the sweater is from Wildfox ($220).

Cute baby!

jas on

I agree–I can’t believe Maxwell doesn’t have something for her ears. I am an adult and I avoid fireworks because they are too loud and unsettling. I can’t imagine a baby being that close to them! And goodness, Maxwell is two months and a week?! She is easily the size of a 6-8 month old! I’m glad she’s healthy though, and that her parents are happy and seem to be engaged in parenting her.

huh on

Looks like freebies all around–Miley and Alessandra Ambrosio were both wearing that same sweater. It looks terrible.

Cassie on

There is no way it will take 2 months to drop the amount of weight she put on. She ate like a gluttonous pig for 9 months and expects to be back to normal so soon … won’t happen. I have a hard time feeling sorry for her when she did this to herself. Being pregnant isn’t a free for all to eat all the junk you want.



Anonymous on

That sure is a popular sweater. Just today, I saw pictures of Jessica, Alessandra Ambrosio and Miley Cyrus wearing it.

Julia on

Usually I do not comment on celebrity babies and I have to say I am really disappointed in the negative responses on this article. I agree with the fact that the baby should be wearing protection on her ears but a lot of the responses have to do with Jessica Simpson’s body and what she is wearing.

I do not care if you hate her, don’t know she is, or just want to be part of the group and jump on the bandwagon but where are all of your manners? Is it really fun to pick apart someone? We are in society with girls struggling with weight and beauty and I have to tell you, Jessica Simpson is beautiful. She may not be your ideal woman and she may not shed her weight in six weeks and be back to a perfect size but can’t you see how happy she is? She has the new mom glow.

It really breaks my heart with all the criticism and just hateful things being said towards her and this has been going on for months. What is the point of that? No one has ever given me an answer. Does it make you feel good about yourself? She may be a celebrity but do you know what else she is? A PERSON. She is bashed for being too skinny and also being too fat and having a baby out of wedlock. And if you do not like what she named her daughter? Get over it. It is her daughter, not yours.

I know it is a cliché but “If you don’t have anything nice to say, please don’t say anything at all”.

Janna on

Julia, that will never work here. The internet hags live for articles like this one.

anon1 on

Julia, i fully agree with you. it unfortunately happens on every article on this site

Sarah on

Man, you ladies are harsh. I still have a good deal of baby weight on me and my guy is almost 9 months already. Glad I’m not friends with the likes of some of you!

Anonymous on

Okay, first of all, how do we even know those are real fireworks in the background? It’s possible that they took the family photo and them photoshopped it on to a 4th of July-themed background (meaning no earplugs neccesary for Maxwell).

And second of all, Maxwell is adorable!

Shannon on

She threw her Christian values out of the window, didn’t she? Then again so did her sister.

Sam and Freya's Mum on

Maxwell looks like a boy to me, sorry, not to sound cruel, just my opinion, not a cutesy little girl – and her name doesn’t help! My 7 year old saw her name in the article and assumed she’s a he of course, with a name like that esp, I can’t blame him. Poor kid. Looks like her dad, & is huge for her age! Glad she’s enjoying motherhood though, just hate her poor girl’s name…!

nicole on

Julia – your opion is not needed.

Cute Family Photo! she is a cutie _ Maxwell

Anonymous on

They look happy. I think that’s all that matters.

Romy on

horrible sweater. baby looks just like eric and will grow into the hugeness.

melissa on

weight watchers is not putting ANY pressure on jessica… and not a 2 month deadline. They told her to take her time.

Sarah K, on

Were you watching her eat? A gluttonous pig – are you kidding me?

Jillian on

We attending fireworks and couldn’t even hear the first show. It was weird and disappointing. The second part we could hear but it wasn’t super loud. Regardless, how does anyone know that she didn’t wear headphones and take them off for the picture?


RKF on

I am appalled they do not have baby headphones on their two month old. I’m not perfect, nor would I ever claim to be, but I wouldn’t want my baby to have eardrum damage or be fearful by taking her to an excessively loud fireworks show without covered ears. And before anyone becomes abusive, this is *my* opinion, which no one has to agree with.

I don’t feel sympathy for her weight loss problems either. She repeatedly bragged about how unhealthy she ate throughout her pregnancy (buttered pop tarts, brownies, fried chicken, mac and cheese, etc…) and said, “I’ll eat what I want, and deal with it later.” She made the decision to be unhealthy during pregnancy, thus now she is paying the consequences. This could have been avoided. End of story.

martina on

Jessica’s weight gain came well before she got pregnant. Pregnancy was just an excuse. I feel a lot of sympathy for women with medical conditions that gain weight and then struggle to lose it. Or just regular mommies that have a hard time losing the pounds. Somebody who’s proud of her horrible pregnancy diet (unhealthy for both her and the baby) – while having every opportunity to do the right things for herself, ain’t one of them.

MAH on

Thank goodness this is a internet blog site and not a glass house. There would be a lot of broken glass and rocks laying around…

ecl on

Cannot for the life of me understand why anyone cares what she ate during her pregnancy. Did she force feed YOU while she was at it? I could care less what she ate, how much she gained, or, even, how she is losing the weight and how quickly. But I am glad to see she is happy and enjoyed motherhood. As for the fireworks, they might not have been very loud. Ours weren’t at all. The problem is that haters look for something to hate on. I can’t say that I’m a fan, but at least that just means I don’t care enough to rip her apart for any little non-thing I can find.

Julia on

To Nicole: I don’t know why you think your “opinion” matters more and you spelled it wrong but I wish nothing more than the best for Jessica Simpson. Her baby is adorable and she looks happy.

Why are you bashing me for sticking up for her? You are not saying anything to all of the the negative comments above. Maybe your “opinion” is not needed.

stacey on

I like Jessica and think she has an awesome personality. Who cares how much weight she gained while pregnant. I ate whatever I wanted with all 6 of my pregancies, and lost ALL of the weight every single time. It’s defintely not impossible.

ClaireSamsmom on

Maxwell looks just like her daddy! Not a fan of that sweater…it reminds me of the ‘teacher’ look I used to have when I taught school years ago….like ‘themed’ sweaters…snowmen for winter, scarecrows for fall….yeah, it was bad. Sold all of those lovely fashions at a yard sale!

Anonymous on

Mary and ecl- Excellent point about the fireworks. The noise level really depends on how close you are to where they’re shooting them off. If you’re close enough by that the fireworks are literally going off directly above your head (which is the with one of the most popular spots to watch fireworks in my town), then of course they’re going to be extremely loud. But if you’re relatively far away, they aren’t nearly as loud.

It also depends on WHERE you’re watching the fireworks. If you’re watching them through your house or car’s closed windows, they probably won’t be nearly as loud (but again, that depends on how close you are to where they’re shooting them off) as if you’re outdoors watching them (or watching them through an OPEN window).

Amanda on

some of you seriously need to calm your tits. it’s just jessica simpson for christ sake…hopefully that same energy is thrown into something productive when you aren’t trolling on the web! lol

C&CsMommy on

Give me a break!! are you “ladies” serious??? She just gave birth 9 weeks ago so she has an excuse to still have a gut, most of the people on this site criticizing her weight are 2x bigger than her and have NO excuse to look that way or still use the excuse that you gave birth a yr ago, so get it together and then talk about the next person!!!

Amanda on

First off ~ Jessica does not give a f*&^ about your opinion and

Second ~ none of you would ever say this shit to her face. You would be little awe struck bitches that were speechless.

Face facts. Get over yourselves.

Thanks : )

Maria on

Wow Maxwell is big, my daughter is 4.5 months old and isn’t even close to as big as her, she will be a big girl for sure.

They look happy x

anon on

Jessica looks so pretty and her daughter is adorable! First off, I have to say you people and the media are very harsh oin her and let alone any other pregnant celeb who does not lose the baby weught in a heartbeat. I am very similar to Jessica and am 5 ft 3 and gained so much more weight this pregnancy (2nd) and my issue is I gave into my intense cravings my 1st trimester. It was as if someone took over my body and forced me to eat! I could not help it. Anyhow, now that I have moved on and am 30 wks I am still gaining and I swear to you…I am not giving into cravings, just eating normal and when hungry and very healthily. I am now 173 pounds! Ouch! I was VERY upset about it and now I am trying to relax and make sure I continue to watch what i eat, but know that I am carrying a baby and being that much older this pregnancy…I have gained more. My first baby was 9 pounds and I think she will be similar. Anyhow, point being…give the woman a break for gods sake! I got to 168 my last pregnancy and lost it all within about 9 months. I was small againa nd fitting into my size 2 jeans. So ladies…sometimes it happens to some of us! My best friend is so gorgeous and got up to 185 (she is 5’6) and ws so upset she gained so much the 2nd pregnancy and now 11 months after..with lots of hard STUNNING again and tiny, back into her size 2 or 4 jeans! I just think sometimes our bodies take over and you do gain…lots of it is water and you dont have to pick out on tubs of ice cream to gain during pregnancy…your body does what it must for the baby. I think Jessica looks gorgeous! Yoiu watch, she will be back and more lovely than ever! She is glowing! Go Jessica!