Baby No. 2 on the Way for Cam Gigandet

07/05/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Pacific Coast News

Red, white and baby!

Cam Gigandet and longtime love Dominique Geisendorff are expecting their second child, confirms.

The couple, who were spotted strolling on the beach in Malibu, Calif. on Wednesday, are already parents to daughter Everleigh Ray, 3.

Gigandet, 29, can next be seen in the film Free Ride, costarring Anna Paquin, and will soon appear in Red Sky and Code Name: Geronimo as well.

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Pacific Coast News

— Sarah Michaud

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cait on

EEP! So excited for this! Love, love, love them!!

Kristal on

Love him! Would love to see more of him in films! Happy for them!

Ronnie on

He should have been in Magic Mike..Yum!

Kacie on

Hes so hot. Shes one lucky girl.

Shannon on

longtime love = baby mama

Same thing.

Cdyana on

Well she is one lucky “baby mama”.

Marriage isn’t for everyone.

BlueSkidoo on

Cue all the people whining about couples who dare to not marry. Congrats to Cam and Dominique! They have a beautiful family.

Jen DC on

Oh, Everleigh got soooo biiiiiig! What a pretty girl. Daddy is definitely handsome and Dominique is quite pretty – totally looking like a quintessential California girl in these pix.

Shannon, you must realize that going from report to report, granting “baby mama” and “baby daddy” status says more about you than it does about the people to whom you are referring. Really, what does the status of their relationship have to do with you such that you MUST be disrespectful of it?

Kara on

Baby Mama is just a dirty name some people use, most of the time thats all they are, their “baby daddies” don’t give two craps about them. These two are in love and a family, They are boyfriend and girlfriend, not simply baby mama, which is just a cheap name to try and put couples who don’t need a paper and ring to have a family and be in love. Get off your high horses and worry about your pathetic lives instead of a happy family because they aren’t doing what you “think” is “right”.

Kara on

Baby Mama is just a shitty name black people came up with for people who only make babies and could careless about eachother and don’t want to be committed. Obviously not this couple who are in love and committed, not some ghetto couple.

Cdyana on

Is curious as to how Kara knows baby mama was invented by black people when so many of my white friends use it?

misstrinia on

I wish people would open up their narrow minds and let a little additional knowledge and intelligence in… why you so proud to have a narrow mind and why is the constant topic of conversation here about someone’s relationship status…. this is a baby blog… and it always seems like women get on here and talk down… where is the congrats, and advise… is this no longer the place for that, is this the negative, disrespectful, let’s see who can say the most nastiest comments blog now? FYI Black people are not the only people that uses the phrase baby momma. If you are an adult act like one, and stop putting yourselves out there like immature children.

Amey on

@Kara I’m not sure why you made it a racial issue but the term “baby mama” was not made up by black people. It was made up by the media and perpetuated by all. It not only applies to “ghetto people” whom I presume also equals black people but alot of Hollywood are “baby mamas”. They just have a publicity machine that makes it seem more acceptable.

Cassie on

Aww, that’s great!! He seems like an amazing father 🙂

I totally wouldn’t be hurt if he was cast as Christian Grey..YUM!

Anonymous on

mistrinia- Kara never said that only black people use the term “baby mama”, just that they “invented” it. Whether true or not, however, I DO agree that she shouldn’t have said that. Even if her intent wasn’t to be racisist, it still comes off that way!

On a lighter note, congrats to Cam and his girlfriend! Oh, and am I the only one who can’t see this so-called “baby bump” that Just Jared claims is visable under her dress? 😉 Really, it makes me chuckle the way the media always seems to be able to spot a “bump” the second a celeb announces a pregnancy!

mari on racist Bitch!


moderator, please remove kara’s comment.

she’s a racist pig.

Indira on

“Baby Mama is just a shitty name black people came up with for people who only make babies and could careless about eachother and don’t want to be committed. Obviously not this couple who are in love and committed, not some ghetto couple.

I am black and yeah it a term I’m fairly certain that was coined in the black community but, it’s really just a way of saying the couple isn’t married. All that other stuff is just a personal spin. When someone says “thats my baby mama” to some folks thats really an upgrade…thats more than a gf, thats the mother of your child. So it really varies from relationship to relationship…but yeah dominique is a baby mama at the moment.

Ariel on

I thought they got married? At least that’s what the last article posted about them said. Anyways, congratulations to them. I remember seeing photos of him baby wearing Everleigh when she was baby, nothing cuter than a daddy with a baby sling!

mari on

According to Kara, ghetto couples cant be in a commited relationship. Racist cant either, she is the epítome of whats wrong with the world. Calling her a Racist is the nicest thing I can say about this bigot.

tie on

Got to lo\ve it….ACTOR AND GIRLFRIEND WELCOME 2ND BABY… are on two now…dont you think its time to take the relationship to the next level?

LisaT on

I am happy for them but if he loved her so so much he’d marry her. Why buy the milk when you can have the cow?! He gets to have his cake and ice cream too.

Bev on

One person posted on here that marriage for everyone. If you are going to have children it certainly is unless you have low morals and low standards and want to bring that low morality to the next generation. If they loved each other they wouldnt be afraid to get married. They just are not a committed couple.

Bev on

I just did a lot of research on the term baby mama and it seems it came from a lot of rap groups and yes it is primarily a black term.

Tracy on

Kara is a ignorant troll. Ignore her foolishness.

Kelly on

As long as he’s truly liberal and he can honestly say that he wouldnt mind if if his daughter grew up to be unwed and a mother…..its all good.

LK on

He should play Christian in 50 Shades of Grey!!

mari on

Bev, since its known that alot of black communities use slang, it can be easy translated to the mother of my child. I cannot stand when other races come down on the afro american race for the way they speak or their music.Other races have their own less than great terms-including whites.Everyone talks about rap and its contents, listen to rock, a whole bunch of devil worshipping suicidal mess. And this is what children are listening to. All im saying is-dont make comments about other races if your own is doing the samething. And this is directed to kara the coward.

meghan on

lisaT, Dominique is a woman, not a cow. Let’s hope Cam shows her more respect then you do, acting like she’s chattel.

MArion on

She is not thinking. Those poor kids are born out of wed lock. after he uses her up and toss her aside, her family will have to step in and do what he should be doing. No legal ties mean no child support, no wife support because she is not a wife. This is not love.

Chloe on

They’re actually engaged and have been for well over two years. Moreover, HE refers to her as his wife. In all of his interviews, if Dominique comes up, he says “I have a wife.” Marriage is more than just a piece of paper you send to the government. Not everyone is religious and considers marriage to be important in that way. Marriage is an institutionalization of the government and religion. To assume that he doesn’t respect her because he hasn’t married her yet is ridiculously offensive. Did you ever stop to think that she has a say in their relationship as well?

I’m so sick of this holier than thou commenters on all these posts lately spewing BS about marriage. I don’t get why people can’t understand that some people don’t believe in marriage for logical reasons that have nothing to do with their love or commitment to each other.

Anonymous on

poor guy, another gorgeous man trapped by a woman popping out kid after kid. Can’t she hold off, the poor guy is trying to make a name for himself! Geez when are men going to wise up?! If i were i guy i’d get fixed.

It’s even worse that she is such a plain jane, and now he has to stay with her and share genetics with her, ugh.

Sasha on

Who cares if this couple is unmarried, we 99%ers look at a mere milisecond of these people’s lives and they don’t owe us anything. If anything, we contribute to their lack of privacy, which is a priceless commodity. People Magazine knows they will get more site traffic by stirring the proverbial pot. Think about how their click-counters are laughing all the while…

Cdyana on

@Bev…In a perfect world, yes, they would be married BUT this world is far from being perfect and it’s time for people like you, who readily shove your views of what’s right & wrong down the throats of everyone else realize this.

Life is loaded with choices so people can choose to get married or they can choose not to. People can choose to have children or they can choose not to. The list goes on and on.

Maybe you feel like your morals and standards would be low without marriage but there are plenty who feel the exact opposite. Some people in committed relationships like their lives, its fine the way it is and more power to them.

Jenzo on

Never heard of either of them…

GREAT news…

Emily on

Oh, I hope it’s a boy… this guy needs to pass on some of his hot-ness. I want him to play Christian in the Fifty Shades of Gray movie!!

jen on

IMO, I hope he never marries her!! He is way too hot to be anything but technically single lol!!

And I totally thought the same thing about Christian Gray!! Him or Bradley Cooper should get the part.

Anonymous on

lisaT- How on Earth do you know that SHE’S not the one who’s refusing to get married?!

Anonymous on

Ariel- You were got me curious, and I found this article, which lists Dominique as Cam’s wife:

However, every other article I’ve found about them (including ones more recent than the above post) lists them as boyfriend and girlfriend. So I guess whoever wrote the December article made a mistake.

burrrobson on

What about loving your kids enough to show respect for one another and legally cement a family? I’m sick of these skanks. They are hurting our culture.

randy on

life and love always finds away into our lives

jenny on

This man is way too hot to ever get married!! Unless of course its to me:)

Lily on

OMG! Everleigh can’t possibly be three years old already! She was just born yesterday!

Guest on

So excited to see what they will name their second child, I absolutely love the name of their 3 year old daughter…Everleigh Rae is probably one of the cutest girls names I have ever heard…Plus Cam is so hot!!!

I remember watching him on The Roommate like it was yesterday!

Anyways, Congrats!

Veronica on

I’ve heard baby mama be used to describe women of all races. It isn’t restricted to African Americans at all.

Halle Berry, Bridget Moynahan, Linda Evangelista, (Rhea Durham/Nicole Richie/Salma Hayek prior to their marriages), and a ton of other celebrity women have been referred to as a “Gabriel/Tom/Francois’s baby mama”. I’ve seen Angelina Jolie referred to as Brad’s baby mama.

The first three women have been referenced as “bitter baby mama” in magazines and websites.

The term baby mama usually is referenced in a negative way.

This is a combined general definition from other websites-

A “baby mama” is viewed as a woman who is a bitter, possessive, controlling, and jealous ex who has child(ren) with a man she isn’t currently in a relationship with.

She may think she has some sort of postion or leverage in the man’s life because she had a child(ren) with a man. If the man is in a relationship with a woman or woman who has no children, then the “baby mama” may become jealous= baby mama drama. Baby mama drama usually occurs when the ex has a new girlfriend or gets married.

As mentioned before in another definition, most of the time it is used for when it was simply a sexual relationship compared to ex-wife or girlfriend.

Usually this has a negative connotation- lot of baby mamas are seen as desperate, gold digging, emotionally starved, and shady women who had a baby out of spite or to keep a man.

The term mother of my child/son/daughter implies a more positive co-parenting relationship or both parties are still in a relationship together.

Christy on

I agree with ignoring the ignorant troll Kara! They do need to remove her ugly comments.

On a lighter note, yes he would have been yummy in Magic Mike. And I vote for Cam or Bradley Cooper as well to play Christian Grey! 🙂

Congratulations to the happy couple and big sister!

TT on

Cue all the people whining about couples who dare to not marry.

I would replace “dare” with “scared”.

…if Dominique comes up, he says “I have a wife.”

If you’re too scared to marry or don’t believe in it for legal or religious reasons or whatever, don’t use the word “wife” or “husband” or you are using it in those connotations.

Personally, I don’t care what these 2 people are doing as long as they are good parents, married or not. Just call it like it is–you’re boyfriend or girlfriend and one or both of you has marital commitment issues. Until you’ve gone through hell planning a wedding and then stay married for longer than 72 days, you’re being just as nasty to long-time married couples as religious zealots are too those who aren’t married and having babies.

gabe on

You guys are all crazy and institutionalized by the media. All of you are bitch made.