Britney Spears Takes Her Boys to Hawaii

07/05/2012 at 08:00 AM ET

She’s been working hard and traveling the country in her latest role as X Factor judge – but on July 4th, Britney Spears enjoyed some much-needed R&R.

The singer decamped to Hawaii for a vacation with fiancé Jason Trawick and her boys, Preston, 6½, and Jayden, 5½.

“Happy 4th of July from the Aloha State,” she Tweeted early Thursday morning, along with the sweet family photo.

Courtesy Britney Spears

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crescentmoon on

I didn’t care for her the first how many years. But ever since her breakdown, I have a respect for her. She and I are in somewhat similar situations. We are the same age, both have 2 kids, and are divorced. I just hope some day I can be as happy as she is. I’m glad her life is where it’s supposed to be. She always was and is an excellent mother.

Lisa on

This picture makes me smile thinking of how life changes. I am so happy to see her look so happy and those boys so happy. Cute Picture!

stacey on

Those two boys have always been ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! SO happy for her!!!!

Lola on

Love her, she seems soooo happy & relaxed lately….which is a. Wonderful thing! Jason & those boys have really been a blessing in her life. Can’t wait to see her this fall on X-Factor!!

Anonymous on

Gorgeous boys! It’s heartwarming to see how far Britney has come! 🙂

Maria on

Britney looks happy and her boys look well. BUT, that guy she is with creeps me out. And also= what does it mean that he is or is becoming her conservator? whatever that means? does this mean he controls her choices, her money? why would she ave him do that- creepy- what if they break up or fight- why would she give her fiance that control over her life? And something feels fake about their relationship- he is unatractive and old and I am not buying it! I Think they are faking it for some legal reasons or something.

melissa on

@maria Her dad has control over her money, etc… but so does her fiance. He doesn’t look old at all – it’s just the way the sun is hitting his head.

Nikki on

@maria Jason doesn’t have control over her money, her dad and an attorney control that. Jason just helps make choices regarding her medical health stuff. That’s all. Britney and her attorneys were the ones who requested that he be a conservator. I saw him in the audience of xfactor auditions and her recent tour and he’s actually a lot more attractive in person than pictures. Lol you sound young, 40 isn’t old and he looks great for his age.

Great picture, they look great.

carla on

Maria, you don’t have to “buy it.” He is Britney’s fiance, not yours. Anyway, I am so glad that she and the boys look happy and relaxed.

Anonymous on

I thought her oldest son was named Sean Preston. I think people messed up there.

mary on

I wonder if she is knocked up, her boobs look ginormous!

Anonymous on

Maria- Maybe, just maybe, Britney is marrying Jason for who he is on the inside and not for his looks. Did you ever think of that?

Sam on

Wow Britney, hug Sean much? Would it have hurt to put an arm around your other baby boy too? This is not a great family photo at all.

Anonymous on

Sam- Maybe Preston *gasp* DIDN’T WANT Britney to hug him or touch him. Not all kids are the “huggy” or “touchy” type. Also, there are ways to give kids “equal” attention without giving them the exact same TYPE of attention. I’m glad Britney seems to realize that! 🙂

Anonymous on

Anon- His name IS Sean Preston, but Britney and Kevin call him Preston in interviews, which is why PEOPLE refers to him as such (they do that with other celeb babies, too. For example, Marion Broderick’s parents also call her by her middle name- Loretta- so PEOPLE does as well).

Anonymous on

mary- I doubt it. There are pictures of her in a bikini over at PopSugar, and she looks as toned and fit as ever (incidentally, her breasts don’t look quite as big in those pictures, either), which is especially apparent in this picture:

AmandaK on

Nice pic! Her boys have really grown into handsome little guys.