Matthew & Camila McConaughey Expecting Third Child

07/04/2012 at 07:30 PM ET
Andreas Rentz/Getty

Baby makes five!

A month after marrying, Matthew and Camila Alves McConaughey are set to expand their family once again, the couple announced via Twitter Wednesday.

“Happy birthday America, more good news, Camila and I are expecting our 3rd child,” the actor, 42, Tweeted. “God bless, just keep livin.”

His wife, 29, Tweeted the same message just 20 minutes before. The couple, who wed June 9 at their home in Texas, are already parents to daughter Vida, 2ยฝ, and son Levi, who turns 4 this week.

Asked on their wedding weekend about their dreams for the future, the couple told PEOPLE: “More of the same — and more family!”

Looks like they got their wish.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard

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mamato3littles on

Wow! That was unexpected. Congratulations to them all!

Ashley on

Great news!! I love this family so Congratulations on a third child for them! I cannot wait to see Matthew in Magic Mike soon either. So happy to hear of another adorable baby to join Levi and Vida!!

Anonymous on


Jamie Graham on


Fabulous on


Lau on

Oh wow, congrats!

For some odd reason I had a feeling that they were going to stay at two kids. Hope all goes well with the new baby!

Crystal on

Okay NOW I see why he married her. She just keeps getting pregnant. Reminds me of Rhea Durham Walberg. “I’m going to continue to have children until you make me a Mrs.” Guess it’s worked for them. Slippery slope! :/

Michelle on

WOW!!! Congrats to the proud family. There is a lot of love in that home, you can just see it. Lots of luck to them!

Michelle on

CRYSTAL: Why so judgemental??? Not all women think like that. What an ignorant thing to say. Shame on you!

Miriam Poulsen on

@Crystal: Judgmental much? Congrats to them!

Bree on

@Crystal or maybe they just decided to have a third child?? He did propose to her in December and she DEFINITELY was not six months pregnant when they got married.

Why do people always have to think the worst??

Congrats to them!! They are one of my favorite celeb families!! Can’t wait to here what they name the new little one and see pictures. Levi and Vida are such cutie pies, I am sure this new baby is going to be just as adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

Julie on

Congratulations Matthew and Camila!

Noodles! on

Crystal – your comments are so bitter! Camilla had famously rejected his marriage proposals, even before Vida was born. What’s more, since she’s given him children, and since he started dating her really, he exudes a maturity and energy he didn’t have when he was single. Maybe…just maybe…he actually loves her because she has helped teach him more about living his life to the fullest, and for him, that includes children. I have read many interviews about him where he talks a lot about his family (his father and mother and the love they shared) and perhaps he has found that with Camilla. Sheesh!

lizzy on

crystal, jealous much? the fact that something like that crossed your mind makes me wonder what kind of person you are. what kind of life do you live and what kind of people are in your life that would make you even think such a thing? who in their right mind has children just to try and get someone to marry them? its not like she’s some desperate loser who can’t get any man she wants. you need to get a life and stop judging other peoples intentions.

lizzy on

good luck to them

lola on


Martina on

Wow, awesome! They seem very happy together, and that’s all that counts.

Crystal on

Long engagements are the norm in Hollywood. Mark Wahlberg told People Magazine Oct 2008 that he and Rhea were getting married in Aug 2009. Rhea wasn’t pregnant then. However, she STILL got pregnant before the wedding. An “extra incentive” just in case he changed his mind.

Camila McConaughey obviously did the same thing. Rhea hasn’t had another baby since she got married and I’m willing to bet neither will Camila. Engagement means nothing. However, having multiple children until he marries you seems to get the end result to work out the way you want it. Married!

Shannon on

Wow Camila is quite the lady!

Julie on

Wonder if it’s a honeymoon baby?

Crystal on

Lizzy-You should stop wondering about MY life and tend to your own. Get a life? Ummmmm are you 15??? No adult I know speaks like that. I guess that separates the educated from the uneducated. Or maybe people who pick up a dictionary versus people who obviously do not. How about you use big girl words instead of words a junior high student would use.

Anonymous on

Awww, congrats to them! I’m guessing she’s around three months along, since she certainly didn’t look pregnant in their wedding pictures, most celebs tend to announce around that “mark”, and that’s how far along she was with her last pregnancy when they announced it. And if that IS indeed the case, then this baby will be born right around Vida’s third birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Crystal- I had no idea that children and marriage magically make guys stick around! Who knew that was the magic bullet?!

Julie- Probably not. If it was, then it would be awfully early for them to announce it (and most likely they wouldn’t even know about the pregnancy themselves yet)!

L ANN on

I am not a judgemental person but I can see why Crystal put that comment.

It was posted EVERYWHERE before their marriage that she refused to have more children until he married her. I think if the news did not report such things…it would not put ideas into people’s heads.

I too wish them a big CONGRATS. Their two kids are just darling and I’m sure baby # 3 will be as cute. They do look very happy. That’s what we all want in life and they sure are getting just that. : )

Anonymous on

Crystal- I also meant to say that, like another poster said, Matthew had proposed to Camila a few times prior to December but she refused. Doesn’t sound like the behavior of someone desperate to get her guy to marry her to me!

LPW on

@ Bree: Thanks for setting the record straight. I love this couple, too. Many congrats to them!

LPW on

@ Crystal: Enough already!

jess on

@ Crystal.

You speak about how Lizzy lacks in education and yet here you are pretty much doing the same thing. If you are trying to be intelligent, then maybe you should pick up a book or two and read up on the proper why to actually speak. You really do not have the right to criticize anyone for how they make speak. It only shows just how much you lack and just how much you do not know.

Go back to school dear, and maybe take a class in English. I think it will help.

tracker on

@crystal..Lizzy is right on point…and only an uneducated fool such as yourself would make such a juvenile rebuke !![you understand that word crystal???

Brittany on

Congrats to them!

@Crystal, and as for Mark & Rhea- they’ve said they want more kid and probably will soon. And both Camila and Matt have said they wanted more. Doesn’t mean the women will stop just because they finally got married.

Sandy on

Crystal….you just plain suck you miserable and bitter bat!

BlueSkidoo on

“Lizzy-You should stop wondering about MY life and tend to your own.”

Wow Crystal, take your own advice. Stop wondering about the McConaugheys’ and Wahlbergs’ lives and tend to your own. Pot, kettle, and all that jazz.

I think it’s wonderful, and I congratulate them. They have the most adorable children, they obviously love each other to a great degree, and what a blessing this is for them.

NM on

Well, at least this child will be legitimate!

Joan on

They are probably one of the few couples that will end up in divorce. They just seem so happy and what a beautiful family.

SHar on

What the he** are you talking about Crystal. And why so bitter. Do you know for a fact that what you are spouting is indeed fact? Or is it just your assumption that ALL women have children to try and get their man to marry them. Why not just be happy that they are happy and are happily awaiting the arrival of their third child?

They seem like a very loving family – the children are adorable and Matthew has changed a great deal since meeting this woman and having children. You really have to lighten up and not assume that you know everything about everyone. And no I am not 11 years old – I have grandchildren – one was born before my daughter married the father – but he is the biggest blessing we have ever received.

Congrats to Matthew and Camila on the news that you are expecting your third child. Cant wait to see pictures!!!

NM on

Why do people always think other’s are jealous, when all they are doing is voicing their opinions? WHAT is there to be jealous of??? Nothing!

Crystal on

@Jess- Your whole response contradicts itself. An English class? In what universe did I not use proper etiquette? Did I misspell something? I think you are the one who needs to take an English class. Maybe an upper level one (if you can handle it).

@Tracker- You aren’t even on my level so I refuse to even acknowlege you any more than me writing this. Enough said.

Indira on

I’m not that big of a fan of Matthew but, I watch this mom blog that Camila does and, she seems like a intelligent and normal lady who knows what she’s doing as a mom. Congrats to them!

Brianne on

Congrats, Matthew and Camila!!!

Valarie on

Anyone else think Matthew is starting to look a lot like Patrick Swayze the year before he died? He is either sick or lost a pile of weight and had very bad plasic surgery

Anonymous on

NM- Actually, there are plenty of things for people to be jealous about when it comes to Matthew and Camila. For one thing, Camila has a body that a lot of women probably wish they had. For another, some women probably wish that THEY were married to Matthew. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that I suspect some women might be jealous that Matthew is having babies with Camila and not with them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

NK on

Wrap it up OR adopt! jeeeez

Anonymous on

Valerie- If it’s anything, it’s probably the second thing you listed. If he were in the same situation Patrick were in the year before he died, I doubt he and Camila would be having another baby (at least I HOPE they wouldn’t be. That would be extremely irresponsible!).

NK on

@crystal good for you! you ARE entitled to your OWN opinion. People don’t have to agree. It’s called free speech on 4th of july AMERICA.

MRJ on

Crystal you say “Lizzy-You should stop wondering about MY life and tend to your own.” Yet you have repeatedly wondered and speculated about MM and CM’s marriage. A bit hypocritical don’t you think?

Congrats to the McConaughey’s

Pamela on

Pshhhh haters gunna hate, I say congrats to the McConaugheys ๐Ÿ™‚

(and for Crystal with your emphasis on ‘educated’ people, I have a BA and an MS.Ed)

Misty on

Awwww, they seem to be a very happy couple and I hope they can live a long happy life together with their little family. It’s easy to be cynical about H-wood couples, but I hope they make it anyway!

Beth on

Good for them. He was smart…he found himself a woman who is NOT in the business (or at least until she got with him).

Anonymous on

There are too many people in the world, people need to stop having so many children! Although, I’m sure their babies will be gorgeous. Let’s hope they will use their money and power to make up for all of the pollution having a baby can produce.

av on


Beautiful family.

Edie on

Now this is a cute family…marriage and everything! Congrats to two very seemingly wonderful parents.

Mia on

Wow – that was quick!

Anonymous on

Hillbillies! They do not know what protection is!

Janey on

Congrats! They seem like a lovely couple who enjoy their family ๐Ÿ™‚

t on


meghan on

NK, why should they adopt? They are able to have children. If they did adopt you’d be the first person saying “Oh, she’s so shallow! She doesn’t want to ruin her figure!”

Anonymous, three is hardly “so many children”. Pull your head out of your nether region.

egio on

Yeah!!!We had three children and it was and is amazing as they are know all “adults”

Ann on

Don’t pay people like Crystal any attention. Misery loves company.

jess on

@ Crystal.

I am aware of my mistakes in my post. English is not my first Language. I happen to be full blooded Romanian. So excuse me if I might mess up a few English words. Second of all, I happen to have my Doctor’s degree in Psychology. So I can a sure you that I am able speak properly. Unlike you who uses such words as *Ummmmm.* Now that type of word shows just how uneducated you are.

Now here is a few words for you in my native tongue.

Nimeni nu ar trebui sฤƒ vorbeascฤƒ cu voce tare, รฎn cazul รฎn care numai ignoranลฃa iese.

Trans: One should never speak out loud, if only ignorance comes out.

J on

Best wishes to them.

I’m inviting the haters here, but I’ll say that anyone who thinks that women don’t still get pregnant in order to force a man into marriage are just kidding themselves. It’s the oldest trick in the book, and it still works. I certainly don’t know these two and I’m not implying that that’s what’s going on here, but all this hate for Crystal is absolutely unwarranted.

Katie on

Congrats to Matthew and Camila McConaughey, they are sure having a great couple of months. I think that is awesome, plus they making beautiful babies together, and seems to be an amazing dad. Congrats to them, and good luck for everything that comes in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tee on

Not sure how far alng she is but since they chose the 4th of July to announce it, they should think about naming the baby a patriotic name like Liberty, or America or maybe Indie (for Independence). They seem to have named the first two with names more towards her nationality/countrys style. Congrats though!

Shocked on

Am I the only one who felt like Crystal’s first comment was light harded, not mean like the attacks that took place after? Wow! A person connot express an opinion opposite to others without the claws coming out!

Spare me your vicious attacks. I’m just calling it as I see it.

Leslee on

Not too shocked by this one and I wouldn’t be surprised to see baby #4 at some point. I don’t know how far along she is but she looked fantastic in that gown!

rhonda on

Funny how no one looks down on THEIR age difference. Why do we condemn some and not others??

Harley on

Congrats to them!

Courtney on

I just went and saw “Magic Mike” this afternoon, and Matt is so awesome in that movie!! Camila, you’ve got yourself one smokin’ hot hubby…lol!!
Congratulations on your great news!! I wish you all the best!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Paige on

Was a bit surprised to hear this news but I’m thrilled for them. They’re a beautiful couple with beautiful children.

Congratulations and best wishes! ๐Ÿ™‚

Marky on

All right, Jess!! Crystal has issues she needs real help for, and unfortunately, she has a huge desire to seem superior to others. Sad to say, she can only “seem” superior, not actually “be” superior. Hostility does not demonstrate superiority, and if Crystal was as amazing as she wants us to think she is, she wouldn’t behave the way she does.

NM, illegitimate? Really?? Do you have any idea how painful that word can be, and how unnecessary? I have a family member who’s parents were not only not married, but dad left as soon as mom found out she was pregnant. (Yes, she was on the shot, and using condoms) I have seen the absolute agony that word has caused when some thoughtless, uncaring loser like yourself used that word. I have watched that child curl up in a ball and weep, saying, “It hurt so bad!” after a person like you (who should know better) called a child that name. One thing, Matthew has been there for both Camilla and his children since day one; better than some “legitimate” fathers!

Some of you posters really need a swift kick and a boot to maturity!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I’ve been suspecting she was pregnant in recent candids, and glad to be proven right!

Kris on

Three kids under 5, they are going to have their hands full! Congrats to the whole family. Wishing her a happy pregnancy.

beebee on

Congrats! They aren’t going to be together forever. They just seem that way. Matthew’s a Scorpio they protect the family. Don’t know what Camilla is but Matthew’s mother says she was born to be a a mother.

They live in Austin and are low key and normal.

Crytal: STHU.

Marky on

It is NOT “just stating an opinion” when you post something hateful, rude and just plain judgmental against others. That’s not “freedom of speech”, it’s immature and cruel. When you want to give an opinion, you do it without feeling the burning need to cause pain or sadness to others who have not hurt you. There are plenty of celebs who have commented that they do read many of these comments and they have feelings the same as anyone else.

Congratulations to this couple, and at least they want and love the children they have now and in the future. Why shouldn’t they be able to have children as freely as those who live in 3rd world countries and raise their children in shanties?

Annie on

I remember reading about him years ago and thinking he would never get married or have kids. Guess this just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover. Congratulations ๐Ÿ™‚

gayle on

Love this couple, always admire and like Matthew. He is a very private person that does not have his name out in the news with a lot mess that Hollywood spits out. Congradulations n Hope your Baby is born healthy & wise. God Bless.

Kelly on

Um, instead of accusing these women of getting preggers behind these mens backs, has anyone stopped and considered that maybe AS A UNITED COUPLE that they have been trying and planning TOGETHER to get pregnant, that the men want more kids as well, and that these women dont have to be sneaky at all??? None of you actually KNOW these celebrities yet you judge them and make poor accusations about these peoples lives. Why cant people just be frigging HAPPY and celebrate love and all the good stuff?

Lane on

8 billion, here we come

Kayla on

SO excited for them!! They are such a beautiful family and I kind of had an idea this was coming!

KGurley on

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Crystal on

@Jess- The “Ummmmmm” was for emphasis. I can’t believe someone whose first language is NOT English has the nerve to try and correct the way I speak. I’m seriously appalled. Why don’t you stick with your native language and I’ll stick to mine (it’s English just in case you don’t get the correlation).

@Marky-You must be an old shriveled up hag!

Rilla on

Congrats to a beautiful couple and a gorgeous growing family!

And it has to be said @Crystal, the bitchiest comments always come from the women LEAST likely to be married by the likes of Matthew McConaughey.

Wow…maybe THAT’S how Camila did it! Genuinely lovely personality!

Crystal is an idiot on

@Crystal, you are a dumb idiot.

A bitter woman who obviously has never had a man really care about you in your life.

Stop making negative and judgmental statements about celebrities you don’t know.

Ever heard the expression, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep you stupid moronic mouth shut”.


iluvmychis on

Congratulations to them both! Very happy news. ๐Ÿ™‚

Linda on

Congratulations, I can just see all 5 of them hanging at the beach surfing. I love the way this family looks at life, and lives it. It’s more laid back than other celebrities.

anon1 on

wow, people you don’t have to reply to an opinion that seems to be attacking camilla and matthew by attacking that commenter personally. like crystal doesn’t know camilla and matthew, we don’t know crystal. There are women who do use pregnancy to try and keep men, that doesn’t mean camilla did so. While i don’t agree with crystal’s comments, i feel many posters’ responses were just as bad if not worse than her initial comment.

Mattie on

They look so happy together and I hope that they have as many kids as they want. He seems like a great man and father and they are a hot couple.

Annonymous on

It’s just funny to me how so many people judge celebs and make such negative remarks towards them. If the tables were turned and you were the celeb, how would you take reading some of the negative comments that have been written on here?

Congrats to them on another little blessing!

Shannon on

LOL it’s not like she has to work. Hopefully they will have lots of gorgeous babies! At least five! Yeah!

Sandra on

It just cracks me up to read some of these posts-“She keeps getting pregnant”, well last time I checked it takes two to make one so she isn’t doing this by immaculate conception.

“Well, at least this child will be legitimate!”, Really, all children are legitimate gifts from God, its just that the recipients of these gifts are not always worthy.

Me on

@ Indira- aren’t you the same person who commented on Nia Long about having two “baby daddies”? Wasn’t Matthew Mcconaughey a baby daddy before he got married a month ago. I don’t see you commenting on him!

SoNotHollywood on

These are two beautiful people with a beautiful family. Such loving parents and a couple, you can see all the love in their eyes. Congrats to you both!

mattlover on

No wonder!! Has anyone seen Magic Mike! Whoooooo
You still got it Matthew! ๐Ÿ™‚

boohoobytch on

congrats to them

Lady on

@Crystal – the fact that you keep coming back on here responding to each person that thinks your a loon is quite pathetic…..i’m an adult & very happy to tell you to get a life.

Anywho….Congrats to their beautiful family!!

Jen DC on

Aw, how sweet! A “honeymoon” baby.

There is no such thing as an “illegitimate” child. There are children with unmarried parents, but “illegitimacy” is no longer a correct name to apply to people who have every legal right available from both parents. Besides, I’d be an illegitimate kid of MM’s any day! Cute and rich? Hand it over.

Second, isn’t it up to him to decide whether he’s been duped or not? That is, doesn’t he get to decide whether he’s happy with whatever “deal” you people are presuming he made to get into this marriage? Even if CM had refused him more children without a wedding ring (I’d be interested to see links to these alleged “news stories” about this), they already had two and seemed perfectly happy… So if he wanted more kids and that was the deal, he still had options. #1, marry her (which he did) to get more children; #2, maintain the status quo; or #3, break up with her completely and, since it is Texas, likely use all the cash at his disposal to keep custody and shut her out AND go out and find another paramour to bear him additional kids. I mean, he *is* MM. Except for the hair plugs, he’s a beautiful man. (Even with the hair plugs he’s a beautiful man. I’d take him.)

You speak of MM as if you know him, as if you have some inside info into his decision-making which, unless you’re living in their house, I sincerely doubt you have. Further, what possible difference could it make? If it isn’t jealousy… why then be so vicious? I don’t honestly care, I’m just posing the question to point out how illogical your (NK’s, Crystal’s, whoevers’) arguments are.

Catca on

For some reason I also thought they were stopping at 2 kids but I have no basis for having ever thought that. They do seem like a really happy family and I can’t believe Vida is already 2 1/2! But this is wonderful news! Congratulations to the McConaughey family!

Carrie on

I love Matt and Camilla and their cute family. But I have to say that Matt needs to moisturize and use sunscreen more often. He’s starting to look very leathery in the face.

Rachel on

Blessings and good health to you and your expanding family!

Kate on

Crystal: wow you got a lot to say about people you don’t even know. Perhaps your comments reflect more about you than about them, is that what you did to get your man? I doubt a successful model needed to go to such lengths to get a man to marry her, but with your attitude I’m thinking you may have. Good luck in your future, I hope you can get past your bitterness and jealousy.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Kate on

@ Crystal

I just copied/pasted your statement into Microsoft Word and checked both your spelling and grammar – it says you write at a grade 6.8 level. I had the program ignore incomplete sentences and mis-spellings and you still write at a grade 6 level.

Sometimes it’s better if you don’t have anything nice to say, to say nothing at all.

lizzy on

crystal, my point to you was this. only ghetto trash woman use babies to get and keep a man. the fact that you think that way tells me you are “GHETTO TRASH” that a big enough word for you. as far as being uneducated, guess you are wrong there. i have been a social worker for 15 years so i know a thing or two about trashy woman like you. how may baby daddies do you have, bet you couldn’t keep one of them cause you sound like a bitter, miserable person. now i’m done here, gotta go to work. what are you doing today, cleanin up the trailer and watching maury find your baby daddies.

anon1 on

lady, how would you feel if people weren’t just attacking your opinion but attacking you on a personal level. I do feel that crystal could handle this better and could have been less judgemental in her first comment but i don’t think i would appreciate people calling me pathetic, uneducated, etc. Crystal could definitely respond to people in a way she would want to be spoken to instead of attacking back but i think she is entitle to be angry about the way people are attacking her instead of arguing against her opinion.

Mary on

Good for them, they make gorgeous babies.

Jane on

This is such a BS phoney marriage. It is like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. If you stay with me for this many years and give me kids I will give you 10 million dollars of your own. It is a contract because most of these Hollywood men are more gay then straight. Camila was a desperate black hispanic woman from Brazil who wanted to become an American. She went on the hunt and planted herself at a rich bar where the Hollywood elite go. She never would marry Mathew unless he had millions. Also in Brazil if you are black brazilian portuguese they look down on you and you cannot get a good career. I saw a special on that. So in 5 years from now she probably will divorce this Mathew but be richer and have a few kids. How convenient.

Jenn on

Ugh I am so tired of people pulling the “illegitimate children” card. I am expecting twins this October and my boyfriend and I are not married. If we choose to do so, which we probably will, it is no one’s business but our own. I do not and will not be collecting welfare or anything so keep your comments to yourselves. We will provide for our children just the same as a married couple. Because we are not married does not mean we love our children any less, and it makes them no less of children of God and gifts from God. Personally, I think God probably doesn’t like judgement or unloving, unsupportive comments from the peanut gallery. Obviously it doesn’t matter if they are married anyway- married or not, there is still the topic of “They weren’t married when they had their first two” from you people. Congratulations to Camilla and Matthew as well as Vida and Levi. Oh and why would adding one more child to another or a few more “seal the deal” more than it already was? Stupid comments!

Kayleigh on

Ugh! To read all the comments posted here is totally disheartening, and really shows how the human race is failing. Yes, in America, we have freedom of speech, but weren’t we always taught “If you can’t say something nice, than don’t say anything at all.”?? Who honestly cares if Matthew and Camila are having another baby? I know that they choose to be in the public eye, but that is NOT making a choice to have their family life be thrown under fire.

Its also amusing to see how worked up some of you get in the back and forth comments. Why do you let someone on the internet bully you (which is exactly what you are doing, @Crystal)? Do you get bullied in life, so you have to take it out on strangers over the web?

doreen on

Congratulations! And all the best to them,luv me some Matthew!They always
look so happy together.Please people cut Crystal some slack.It AIN’T THAT SERIOUS!
Yeah I meant to say,AIN’T. LOL…….

Gina on

Both of them have inspired me to start working out…

Gina on

JANE – if your comments are true regarding Camila, she is indeed a SMART woman. Why marry someone poor if you are beautiful inside and out like her?

cris on

OMG congrats to the family….

cinderellawasdelusional on

Ok, Crystal et al. Turn off the computer and go outside. You are arguing about people you don’t even know! Go get some fresh air. ๐Ÿ™‚

J on

Kayleigh, I wouldn’t lose faith in others just because of some ignorance you read online when people talk big behind a screen.

Amy on

In response to anonymous, really? Use protection? What if they WANTED to have another baby?…just a thought? Married or not, they were in a loving relationship when this baby was conceived, why would you comment about using protection? It’s not like their life is an episode of 16 and Pregnant…ever think it was a planned pregnancy???

sherrie on

This is America Crystal has the right to say what she wants,Leave her alone, everyone has their own opinion ……..

Meriah on

Jesus there are some weird people on this site. Sorry Matt and Camilla can’t hear you over the sounds of their family’s laughter (oh, and their multi-millions). Say whatever you want about them. They don’t give two s*****

jess on


Could you be any more rude. You are now going to target me just because I don’t speak English. That is very racist. I may not be American and I may not speak your language. Just because I am from anther Country and I speak another language, does not make me stupid.

Daisy on

Crystal good for you. Say whatever you want last time I check this is america and we can say whatever we want. The others who attack ppl on here for saying whatever they want get a life. We live in a free coutry well until BAMA gets his way of social country until then shut the heck up. Now why couldn’t Matt find a american to have kids with???? Maybe he doesn’t love her and he wanted kids and she wanted to be a american. People do it all the time.

gagirl on

Crystal’s comments reflect the way she feels about herself. Period.

maddie on

this is exciting news! Congratulations to the McConaughey’s. NM saying ‘at least this child will be legitimate’ is beyond rude. So is Crystal’s comments – you don’t know these people so how does it effect you? They are living the life they want and it makes them happy. End of story.

Mimi on

Wow! So much bitterness from different posters over such a happy announcement. Too much time spent behind a keyboard instead of out actually doing something. I can’t believe all of the negativity and unrelated comments to what should be nothing but congratulations to the happy couple. This is about a baby, people; an innocent, beautiful new life!! Unbelievable!

Congratulations to Matthew and Camila on your very special news. May you live long, happy lives together, filled with love & many blessings, enjoying each other and your beautiful children.

Cynthia Thomas on

Why is everyone jumping on Crystal for her comments? She can think and say what she wants just like you can. I for one don’t think marriage means much to people anymore period and they are just another example of that. People go on and on about personal decisions and such but it just doesn’t make sense that if you were willing to have children with someone but didn’t want to get married, that now you do. Yeah, it may happen that way for a few people, people do change/grow – whatever you want to call it. However, this is now the norm. I am not just pointing this out about them I mean people in general.

Monica on

I don’t remember when exactly but I definitely remember reading an article (I think on People) from one of them saying that they were definitely done at 2 kids, especially since they had 1 of each. So this is a pleasant surprise. Good for them. Congrats.

Catca on


You do realize that Camilla was a brazilian supermodel before meeting MM. There is discrimination in the U.S. against certain groups of people as well but many people from those groups still manage to have very successful careers. Camilla also founded a successful fashion line of purses. Financially she can just fine without having to marry MM for money. These two have been together for a long time – on any objective level it’s hard to make an argument that they married for any reason other than love.

meghan on

Daisy, go lick a wall socket.

Shannon on

Someone seems jealous. *coughjanecough*

Angela on

Congratulations to them!

Mary on

congratulations to both of them!!!!!

soph on

“Some of you posters really need a swift kick and a boot to maturity!”

Marky, sweetie…are you implying that you’re already there? Because I think this statement says otherwise.

“@Crystal, you are a dumb idiot. A bitter woman who obviously has never had a man really care about you in your life. Stop making negative and judgmental statements about celebrities you donโ€™t know.
Ever heard the expression, โ€œIf you donโ€™t have anything nice to say, keep you stupid moronic mouth shutโ€. Peace!”

Oh hon…why don’t you read over what you wrote and try to figure out what about it is, well, hilarious. I’ll wait.

“how would you feel if people werenโ€™t just attacking your opinion but attacking you on a personal level.”

Oh, the “ladies” on here have got that down to an art. Scary to think most (I’m assuming) are mothers, isn’t it?

seila on

she’s sooooooooooo ugly.

stacey on

LOVE Matthew! Congratulations!!!!!!!

Jessica on

I use to love reading the articles in people magazine, then they came online..everything came online. That is when the downfall of civilization actually occurred! First of all you don’t know these people, none of you do. Contract marriage or married for love, who cares! They are celebrating the creation of another life, they share with you the happy news. If their happiness is real or not, don’t criticize the decision they made. It won’t affect them for the most part but it could one day impact their child who sees the world looks at them as “illegitimate”. There is enough hate in our world without people having to go online and deal cold hearted comments from the comfort of your computer chair. Realize that while you think your words have no impact on someone they actually do. I know if someone were to say half of the mean spirited things I read in here today I would be pissed off beyond belief. No child should be subjected to the verbal lashings of another let alone people that claim to be adults. You are suppose to be teaching the future the skills needed to be happy healthy individuals. How can you teach them that when you don’t see to have the skills yourself? People wonder why there is gay bashing and kids killing themselves because of bullies……look what we as adults teach our children!!!! The only thing I want to thank people magazine for these days is a better understanding of why the internet is not needed in my child’s life!

Marky on

Thank you, Jessica, for saying what I said, perhaps even better, It is so frustrating when people get on here saying they are just giving their opinion, but it is so hate-filled, rude- and full of cruelty. When the child in my suffered so greatly for something that wasn’t his choice, nor was it anything he could change, it was heart-breaking to me. Now that child is getting ready to go to college, and still carries the pain of the insults from alleged adults like Crystal, NM, and others.

Why do you people ever have the idea that is the purpose of “free speech”? That was posed to allow the speakers to challenge the government regarding politics, not so you could insult and cause pain to children and their parents who may have done nothing to deserve it, except live. I can’t imagine being rude in a way that could get back to a child, and, like I say–at least MM is there !00% for his children and for his wife!

MollyF on

People have a right to their opinions, but there are consequences with their opinions, especially if they’re hateful. If you’re going to state something hateful or hurtful, be aware you’re going to have it come back at you in abundance.
I’m very happy for Matthew & Camilla. ๐Ÿ™‚

anon1 on

MollyF, So because someone says something hateful it is ok to attack them with hate right back? so if someone killed another person does that make it right for someone else to kill that person (outside the law)? anyone can spew out hate, but is it really necessary to reply to hate with hate? why not take the high road and be kind in return, maybe that would actually have more of an impact on commenters that are hateful.

Anonymous on

ANOTHER ONE? Geez women these days, just keep popping them out eh? How about you do something constructive with your time instead of leeching off your husband camilla?

Anonymous on

Are they Catholic?

Anonymous on

Gosh people are so hateful. Can’t be just be happy for the couple without all this negativity.

AmandaK on

Congrats to them. They seem like a well matched pair and their kids are adorable. I’m sure their new baby will be too! I saw Magic Mike today and thought it was entertaining. Camilla is a lucky lady in my book!

Jen on

Looks like Magic Mike has got some magic sperm!!

Gh on

@ Crystal, I can see why so many women answer in an angry way, when we use freedom of speech to judge a person in a negative way. And that person on top of everything else is loved by most people, well you get all the answers you get.

@ Lizzy, this is really problematic here, if any woman is willing to any other woman as GHETTO TRASH, this is really sad. Your sense of compassion is not only broken but maybe you were born without it, as a social worker you should be the first to understand and appeal to other’s compassion not to judge other women. As far as I know, there are many women from many different social and economic levels who are willing to get pregnant to try and have the man commit to a relationship; most of the times this doesn’t work anyway, but it is not something only an uneducated or poor woman would do.

All ladies comments about ‘get a life’ or ‘mind your own business’ Let’s not be fools ladies, we are all here at people magazine being nosy about celebritie’s lives. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any comments under this growing family article.

Brazilian on


You are so wrong about the Brazilians and how they live… I am Proud to be Brazilian and suggest you to try to learn a bit more before judge us.

tanya on

It’s a girl!