It’ll Be a Girl for A.J. McLean

07/04/2012 at 12:00 PM ET
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

The latest Backstreet baby will be a girl — and have the same initials as her proud papa.

A.J. McLean and wife Rochelle shared their excitement over the sex of their first child, due in November.

“[We] feel like kids on Christmas Eve!!! Doctors appointment tomorrow to have an ultrasound and hopefully find out the sex!!” Rochelle wrote Tuesday morning.

Later in the day, the couple were back with a video sharing the good news. “It’s crazy — the first Backstreet girl,” A.J. announced, adding that the baby will be named Ava Jaymes McLean.

“Just want to thank EVERYONE for all the amazing wishes!!” Rochelle said Wednesday. “So much love for little Ava Jaymes and she’s not even here yet.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Alexandra on

I really don’t get the “James” trend for girls. It will never be a girl’s name. I do love the name Ava though!

Jennifer R. on

Congrats AJ and Rochelle!! Finally a Backstreet girl!!! So happy for you guys!!

Meg on

Lovely name — congratulations!

Rebecca on

She’ll have the same initials as her dad…A.J.

Jessica on

Congrats to them! LOVE the name!!

MK on

I like the name they picked.

Allyson on

A mom who has ink all over her arms. WOW. Impressive. Ava will be jumping for joy when she realizes how trashy her mother looks.

Guest on

So women with tattoos aren’t allowed to have children? That doesn’t make her trashy at all. Get a grip on life. She very well may be a loving and devoted mommy. Who cares about her ink?

ErinTippin on

Was that comment really necessary, Allyson?

Emily on

There is an actress by the name of James King, she now goes by Jamie King, but back in the day she was known as James. She plays Lemon on Hart of Dixie.

cece on

@Allyson- hopefully they will teach their daughter to be open minded, polite, respectful and (gasp) a nice person unlike you. Then their daughter will be too well rounded to care about unimportant things- like the way someone looks.

Shannon on


OMG please nooooooooooo!

Shannon on

Pink has tattoos and no one seems to comment on that. Interesting!

Susana on

A woman with ink is allowed to be a mommy! She never will look like a trashy… I am so happy for AJ and Rochelle!!! Both are gonna be the coolest parents ever… =D

Ariel on

James is his middle name, probably something he wanted to pass on regardless of sex. Ava Jaymes McLean sounds lovely. Congratulations to them!

backstreetfan on

@allyson-Rochelle is a very sweet, down to earth woman who has helped AJ change his life for the better-The last time I checked the amount of ink a person had didn’t automatically make them a bad parent! I was always taught if you don’t have anything nice to say, then you shouldn’t say anything at all -maybe you should take that into consideration before you decide to post next time!

Aunu1 on

I love the name. And happy for the expectant couple. Congrats to you both, and guess she’ll be spoiled being the only girl.

Cdyana on

Not a huge fan of a lot of tatts on anyone, male or female, but it’s so common to see nowadays. To call her trashy was a tad bit harsh.

Tamara on

Ava is a great name… i have a two year old daughter name Ava Grace…. Congrats on their baby girl….

Tamara on

Ava is a great name…i have a two year daughter name Ava… got love that name…. Congrats to AJ & Rochelle….

stacey on

LOVELY, LOVELY lady. Yep, definetly low class…..the tattoos,the hair color. Him too…the unbuttoned shirt, the chain hanging from his belt. Feel sorry for their little girl. Hope they don’t send her to an upper class school-gonna have a hard time keeping friends when the other parents get a load of these two.

Guest on

James is his middle name, so they are using it as hers in honour of her daddy. I wish them the very best with the pregnancy and her arrival!

Marianne on

God I remember being 9 and in love with AJ….

Ava is cute but extremely popular now. Not a big fan of James or Jaymes being used for a girl. I like it better as a boy’s name…but it’s not uncommon. Kristen Stewart’s middle name is Jaymes.

ang on

My daughter’s name is Stella James. After her deceased grandfather. Either spelling, it is a beautiful name for a girl.

Crystal on

OMG I have never heard so many judgemental comments, tattoos and piercings are not bad, and for you to judge based on someones looks is totally wrong. I am totally disgusted some people need to get off their high horses and accept people for who they are and not what they look like.

Anonymous on

Cool news! As for the tattoo issue, I’m not a fan of them and would never get one myself, but I don’t think they make a person trashy!

jJester on

How about LT – Lil’ Tattoo??? Okay, I know…bad. 🙂

Tiffany on

My daughter’s name is Ava 🙂

Anonymous on

Who cares if they have tattoos, they going to be great parents who love their child.

I like the name. Congrats on their little girl.

elisabeth on

To me Rochelle is a very beautiful person inside and out and I’m so glad their married and are expecting a sweet little girl. As for the harsh comments you don’t know her and how sick is it to judge a person based on their looks (or judge someone at all for that matter?)

Congrats to them!

Desiree on

Congrats to AJ and Rochelle!! I think Ava Jaymes is a really cute name for a baby girl.

as far as the tattoos are concerned as the saying goes “Dont judge a book by its cover” Helen Mirren has a tattoo would you consider her trashy?

jess on


That is a horrible thing to say. There is nothing wrong with tattoos. It is a part of art. Some show it by painting or building and some show it with their bodies. I am a mother and I have tattoos and my children love them. It is all about being a good parent, not what you might look like. Children do not care about what is on their parents bodies, but how much they love them.

Kasee on

Stacey, maybe they don’t want their daughter to have friends whose parents are raising them to be that superficial!

Holly on

Wow.. thought we’d progressed past the whole “tattoos make a person automatically trashy” stereotype. I have 4 and i’m definitely not “trashy”. AJ and Ro are perfect together and she has changed him for the better 🙂 SO happy for them, I hope the rest of her pregnancy goes well, and wish them absolutely nothing but the best! Cheers to them 🙂

monica on

wow tatoos or no tatoos..really..does it matter they will welcome a beautilful baby girl with a beautiful name…i didnt realize that having a tatoo made you a bad parent..guess that makes me guilty of bein a bad parent hmmmmmmm.congrats to the happy couple who im sure will make exellent parents :):)

meghan on

Be more vapid, stacy.

Tanya on

Congratulation to AJ McLean and Rochelle for their comming babygirl! Ava Jaymes is a great name, but I guess she`ll go by just Ava It`s great that after three Backstreet baby boys, there finally is a baby backstreet girl! I guess Baylee, Mason, James and Ava will go along great in the future.

I found out that AJ would be a dad first when I read the back of his shirt at a concert: “Daddy to be” A great way to introduce the happy news.

Rachel on

Some people are clueless. It’s sad that anyone could honestly think that you can look at a man and/or woman and know what kind of parent they’re gonna be. I work with children every single day (3-5 year olds) and they all have one thing in common – they come from at risk homes. They live in poverty. Many of them come from a history of drugs and abuse. Many of them aren’t even being raised by their parents. You learn REALLY quickly in my position that judging someone by the way they look doesn’t fly.

I have kids who come into my classroom on a daily basis who wear clothes that are filthy, they curse like sailors, they talk about running from the PO-leece and know things no child should ever know… and then in walk their parents, clean cut with their iphones sticking out of their hands. They’re driving around posh cars and have $200 phones, but they can’t afford to bathe their kids. Then I have parents who are covered in tattoos and look rough (and by rough I mean like they haven’t showered in weeks), but their kiddos are ALWAYS clean. They wear nice clothes – not necessarily expensive, but nice. These parents kiss them goodbye and tell them they’ll see them in a while. They encourage their child to speak kindly to their teachers and the kid genuinely seems happy. Some of these parents have drug and alcohol abuse in their pasts just as the others do, but the difference is they’re TRYING to make their lives better.

So come on now. You can’t judge what kind of parent someone is gonna be because they have a few tattoos. And if you do, then I hope you don’t have a child and try to teach them to be respectful of others… that would be awfully hypocritical.

anm on

Eh. Jaymes, isn’t a girls name. They shouldnt try to make it. :/

Hea on

Grow up people. We’re all individuals with different ways of expressing ourselves. We have our own interests and belong to different cultures in society. I don’t have tattoos but as a metal music fan and avid explorer of different that culture, most of my close friends and family do have body art. Because they want to and like it and if anyone want to judge them for it then it’s up to the judges to be that tacky. I bet they don’t hold a candle to my beloved friends and I hope they feel like good upstanding citizens or whatever for judging.

Hea on

@ stacey – So what you’re saying is that many students in posh schools have parents who are prejudice idiots? Nice.

AmandaK on

Congrats to them! I don’t understand why people tell the name before the baby is born though. Personally I think it’s more fun to let others be surprised by the name but that’s just my choice. They seem like a nice couple to me. I love tattoos and whatever type of body art a person chooses has no bearing on their parenting abilities. Whomever said otherwise is a closeminded and misinformed person.

April Gosa on

If you do not know Rochelle then do not talk about her or AJ they are very good People he is so excited over this baby he gets a chance to be the daddy he didnt have AJ has struggled so much this is the best news for us BSB Fans we are so happy for and Proud of him

April Gosa on

as for her tattoos and his they are beautifully done I have seen some that look horribly done However that still didnt make those people bad and it doesn’t make anybody a bad person

Anonymous on

To many Ava’s now.

Melissa on

OMG Allyson,
where do you get that having tattoos is trashy?! I have several tats and I get comments all the time on them, GOOD comments! I haave had several men and women say how they would like to get them and that it looks sexy! Just beacause your a mom does not mean you cant have them. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one but unfortunately yours stinks!

Vanessa on

I love her name, and wish them the best of luck! At least her name isn’t Apple, or some of the stuipd names these hollywood actors are giving there kids. I love AJ and so proud of the turn around he has made for himself. So, glad a little girl is coming into the mix.

Julianna on

Love the name! So happy for AJ!

Anonymous on

Aj and rocollo conlation of your baby ava